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Continued from Made of Win (Late 2010).

Haven: One to whoever put up the (commented out) edit warnings at the top of Deadliest Warrior. That's some wiki best practices, right there. In a more typical vein for this page, one to whoever straight-facedly declared Black-and-Grey Morality Jossed on Axe Cop.

Le Chuck 4: One Made of Win to the person who added the caption to the page image for East Germany.

Malchus: Seconded. Although, now I'll never be able to see the East German flag without snickering.

Zadia: Thirded.

Specialist290: Fourthed. Wish I could think of something profound to say, but it's left me speechless (and in stitches).

Deuxhero: Fifthed. What is wrong with the history?

RainNormally: Sixthed. * still coughing after having choked on his mouthful of chips*

Dark Hunter: To the unknown troper who put this line at the bottom of Evangelion's High Octane Nightmare Fuel page:

You look a little freaked out there. Does somebody need a hug?

Normally, this would be a comforting thing to read... but to anyone who's seen End of Evangelion...

Prfnoff: To Tannhaeuser, for creating an incredibly detailed page for Ivanhoe. It's so much better written than any works page I could ever create for anything.

  • Tannhäuser: YES! At last! (Although I entirely deny your second sentence.) Thank you!

Schizo Technician: A point to whoever was involved in this conversation about Power Girl in Everybody Remembers the Stripper:
Erkhyan: To, for writing this bit in Fate Of The Jedi that reads almost like it was written by Aaron Allston himself:
  • Wait, they ship Luke and Gavar now? Ew. Isn't Luke like, 60 now?
    Luke: 61.
    Ben: Don't star in slash fics with Gavar, Dad. That'd make me and Ves brother and sister. Sort of.
    Luke: Don't go there.
And yeah, I do agree with the 'ew' bit.
Pykrete: The picture for Church Militant made me laugh for far longer than was healthy. Thank you.

Malchus: Seconded. That picture's always been one of my internet favorites.

Sgt Frog 1: Thirded. I then shouted "HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWESOME!"

Moocow1452: I'm probably a little late to the punch on this one, but MOW to Dragon Quest Z and Mareon2 for their respective picture and caption to Cutting the Knot.
Marcella: Whoever wrote the article for Good Luck Chuck needs a MOW. The entire page consists of a borderline cynical (yet funny) recap:

Dane Cook plays a dentist who is laboring under a romantic curse. When he was thirteen(or thereabouts, my memory of the movie's details is clouded by Mr. Daniels's fine whiskey)he was cursed by a little Goth tweener, possibly because she knew he'd grow up to be Dane Cook.

T-Jack: Seconded, if only for potholing "soccer" to Cast Full of Gay.

Malchus: It's a trope page... with no trope list. * twitches*

Rothul: And now it has one. So there. :-P

Hydro Globus: One point of MOW shared between those inventing Laconic Wiki and those participating in building a wiki walk in the Laconic F. Wiki along Made of Win, Double Entendre, If You Know What I Mean, Captain Obvious, Exactly What It Says on the Tin, Shaped Like Itself, Department of Redundancy Department, Added Alliterative Appeal, Memetic Mutation and finally back to Made of Win. I didn't know this was possible on the Laconic Wiki...

The Painted Maypole: One big MOW to Across The Stars for giving Chris Colfer his own page. That video of him showing off his inner ninja on Jonathon Ross made my day.

Across The Stars: Why thank you, m'dear! The boy certainly deserves it, and I'm inexpressibly happy to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks so! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go sing into my hairbrush whilst I exult over getting my first MOW nomination.

Medinoc: To Fast Eddie for the new history. This context option rocks.

Looney Toons: Seconded. All I could ask for would be to make the troper names live links. Oh, and maybe highlight the specific changes, but that's probably too computationally intensive for the resources of the wiki.

Jordan: Thirded. This makes it so much easier to track edits.

Mr Death: It is a good system. My only real gripe with it is that for ptitles, it has the ptitle coding at the top rather than the name of the trope, which can get confusing sometimes.


Malchus: Ditto. The lower-key edit reasons are welcome as well, since they were too glaringly large in the page history style.

deathsquirrel: Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but whoever changed the link to Homestuck's CMOA page to "Fondly regard coronation" deserves recognition. Truly Made of Win.

Omega Metroid: On New Powers as the Plot Demands, I award a MOW point to whoever added this to the Bleach example:

  • Plotkai is the name of Kubo's Zanpakuto. Its release command is "troll".
  • Holy crap, so what's Plotkai's Bankai, if making up New Powers as the Plot Demands is just its Shikai?
  • Its Bankai is Aizen.

Citizen: Made of fail. Tacking on yet another bullet point on to that awarding a MOW point just makes it worse. Cleaned up.

Insanity Prelude: Still funny...

Madrugada: One bright shiny Made of Win to whoever added the Hottip on the declension of "Genius Loci" to that page's description. Specifically, the last sentence. "Which means the plural is designed to break your mind. For more than one mind of a single place, Genii Loci; for a single mind that covers more than one place, Genius Locorum; for multiple minds, each with its own place, Genii Locorum. Latin is dead because someone took it out and shot it."

Paul A:

"Latin's a Dead Language
It's dead as dead can be
It killed off all the Romans
And now it's killing me."

Shay Guy: Uh..."spirits of the place," "spirit of the places," "spirits of the places"...what's so hard about that?

Insanity Prelude: It looks hard to native English speakers?

Phoenix Fire: I don't know if this has been said already, but whoever put this in the Eagleland article is awesome:

  • Captain America. Type 1. That's basically what he exists for, but Sally Floyd reckons he should be Type 2, because she's an idiot.
Best spoiler tag ever.

Grimace: Yay! Someone else appreciates my woeful attempts at humour! ;) That was added a while back actually, so nice to see it's still around.

BLOODPOUCH: PLATTER approves of 2 + Torture = 5.
  • Hydro Globus: It looks more of a FoRKS name to me...
    • Glidergun: Well, compared to just 2 + 2 = 5, which is what it used to be, it's much more understandable.

BLOODPOUCH: I'm going to get shot for this, but one for everyone who made the new Sonichu page. The deadpan descriptions of all the comic's horrible moments actually make the page more hilarious.

Malchus: That page is nothing to be proud of. It's a Temple of Bile Fascination styled as a Lovecraftian cult, with CWC as the Eldritch Abomination at the core of it all — strange, incomprehensible, and even terrifying; but people cannot help but be drawn to him, whispering the age old devotions of "Ha Ha Chandler F'trollhim!"

Or, y'know, it used to be before it got cleaned and edit-locked.

Madrugada No, you won't get shot, BLOODPOUCH. That new trope list is made of win. Instead of pissing and moaning, or vandalizing other pages in retaliation, a group of tropers got together and figured out how to make it a useful page. The venom-filled page was painful to read; I agree that the new one is funny because it's so deadpan.

betaalpha Agreed - well done those Tropers who took the great pains to filter out the criticism of CWC himself and retain the (richly deserved) criticism of his work, despite how inextricably linked the two were. The ad homineming of Chris kinda tarnished TV Tropes.

HerBN: For this conversation in the recap page for Dr. Who episode 'The Eleventh Hour':

If it takes one battleship 20 minutes to charge up enough to blow up the world, and the Atraxi have a good-size fleet, why don't they all just charge up for a minute apiece and kill Earth with a thousand cuts?

  • You can't have a baby in a month by impregnating nine women.
  • I accept your challenge.

ROBRAM 89: My favorite part of that is actually the perfectly reasonable and succinct explanation of why there's a problem with the original idea. Reminds me of something out of an XKCD comic.

Meta Four: It was nominated several times in ykttw, but it deserves mentioning here as well: Paul A. We Didn't Start The Führer. Best Title Ever.

Citizen: I believe it's already been nominated here...

T-Jack: Give him a break, don't you know how hard it is to spot an entry on the top of the list?

Renagade: It's quite hard.

Doug S Machina: To Paul A, for the a trope title that's both appropriate and comedy gold: We Didn't Start The Führer.

Excel-2010. The current image on It's Not Porn, It's Art. Why exactly would a supposed pervert sit on a chair and intently watch someone be nude in the middle of the forest?

Rothul: I'll take the win for putting the image there. Don't remember where I got it, though.

Stormtroper: Raidouthe21st for putting the most effort into salvaging what could be salvaged from the Sonichu page.

Madrugada: Seconded, enthusiastically.

Nausicaa: One to whoever linked to that fantastic Les Murray poem on the Manly Tears page. Fracking gorgeous.
Robin Zimm: One for Anonymous Troper for adding to Who Would Be Stupid Enough?...
Now you may ask yourself "Who would be stupid enough to ask questions like that?" There's your answer.

Glowsquid: One to Banana Fort for his amusing potholing on the Gaming In The Clinton Years page:

Muzozavr: One for the troper that changed the caption for the picture at the HONF page for Higurashi to the "Oooooh, ketchup!" The Pot Hole is what does it. I haven't laughed this hard in ages.
  • DRoy: Oh, thanks man! I added that caption because I found that scene to be so Narmy, but I didn't think that it would make anyone laugh. :D

Malchus: Suddenly, I have this weird craving for a large order of fries...

Metalitia: I'd like to give a MoW to whoever started the process of date-separating the examples (starting with WWE) in the Professional Wrestling Crowning Moment Of Awesome page. Excellent stuff, and I was even thinking about doing that myself. :)

^Graff: One for the troper who created a Screw Yourself page in Troper Tales and the opening quote:

  • No, there aren't any examples in Real Life. Admit it, though, you got excited when you saw this page was here.

Latia: A MOV to the troper who added Sokka's epic speech to the Disorganized Outline Speech page and then Pot Hole'd every part of it. You made my day.

Me. It required some effort. Grazie.

DimentioRules: A MOW to whoever put the trope page on Darker and Edgier.

thatother1dude: What?

Silver1881: A Made Of Win to whoever made this exchange on the High Octane Nightmare Fuel Film page:
  • The American version, Quarantine, has some traumatic scares of its own, specifically, the freaking Thin Man.
    • ...William Powell?

SpiriTsunami: A HUGE Made of Win to Lanthorn for his Pot Hole-ridden WMG about why Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" was written from the viewpoint of Shinji Ikari. Loved highlighting every pot hole, and it really was perfect.

Shay Guy: Courtesy link.

ROBRAM89: Dark Side of the Moon fits him pretty well (you have to take out "Money," but I already do).

Madrugada: One shiny Made Of Win to shimaspawn for adding the source work or series to every single entry on Color Character; making the page much more useful.
Shoebox: Thank you random IP number, whomever you are, for adding the perfect capper to this Mythbusters WMG:

Adam and Jamie sold their souls in exchange for the greatest job ever. Mythbusters is the result.

  • As punishment for making a Deal with the Devil, once the show stops airing they will relive each Buster.

Kriegsmesser: One to everyone responsible for this exchange in Sonichu:
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: According to Chris, "it was fortold [sic] unto me in multiple dreams" that he would one day be the father of Crystal Weston Chandler, lending divine credence to his Love Quest. He has also been told by God/Jesus that several of his internet girlfriends were the future mother of Crystal, which caused him to look like even more of an ass when they revealed themselves as (mostly male) trolls.
    • That also could mean that even Jesus is trolling him.

I lolled. Hard.

macroscopic: Wow, seconding. I wasn't expecting that.

reaperangelique: Would be prepared to bet good money this is already in an archive, but I'm pressed for time- whoever added this to the Neon Genesis Evangelion It Just Bugs Me! page is a rare and glorious breed of genius:
  • I doubt these things COULD form a strategy with each other even if they wanted to. How do you have a conference between a computer virus, a giant eye-meteor, a fetal pterodactyl, a giant whale, and a gay 14-year-old albino? You can't.

Summed up the discussion pretty nicely. ;)

Zagreus: This is even funnier considering that this actually happens in Nobody Dies.

Fyrewyre: (Checked, did not see this mentioned) To whoever added the text-based RPG bits to the beginning and end of the Cube page, I love you and hate you at the same time. You Magnificent Bastard.

Dante 668: Thank you very much for the MOW - it was just a moment of inspiration when I originally wrote it, and it seemed to fit. It was tough to do it in all Asscaps, though.

vicnog: A MOW to Will for adding Keith Richards to the Our Zombies Are Different trope page. Tip of the hat to you, fellow troper.
Aver: A very well-deserved MoW for whoever added this at the Doctor Who with Spoilers section of Wild Mass Guessing(it's spoilered because... well...)

After the Events of Victory of the Daleks.....
...The Dalek Rangers threw the most awesome victory party the universe has ever seen, in celebration of finally pulling one over on the Doctor. I only bring this up because the idea of the Daleks OF ALL RACES doing your typical wild party antics with those screeching voices of theirs amuses me.

I laughed very, very hard.

ROBRAM 89: I'm not sure I'd want to go to a Dalek victory party.

T-Jack: Don't worry, you won't.

JK Roo: Oh, really? Well, that's comforting!

Zander Schubert: A point for whoever described the first Eleventh-Doctor season of Doctor Who as "series 5/31/1/11.1/Fnarg" in its character page.
  • That one was actually coined by The Grand Moff himself while lampshading the confusing series numbers.

Pykrete: One for whoever trope-paged Thirty Hs and actually put its sheer mind-numbing absurdity into words.
SpiriTsunami: Two. The first goes to whoever put the picture on CMoH/Real Life. The second is for the very existence of the Troper Tales: Real Life page, which contains but a single tale:

  • This Troper once had to deal with real life. But then he found TV Tropes.

SpiriTsunami: Actually, just about every page regarding Real Life—especially the Main page, which is hilarious.

Dr Namgge: To a troper lost in the history, this line on Cunning Linguist, discussing Daniel Jackson's replacement, made me laugh.

It's the Pot Holes that make it what it is.

thatother1dude: Nominated a very long time ago, and isn't even accurate now that Jonas Quinn was renamed.

  • The Jonas Quinn trope has now been Jonas Quinned itself, appropriate in a way.

Jordan: Two of them:

First, I love all of the snark against The Wicker Man remake, but especially this line:

Also, was amused by the description of Darker Than Black on the X Meets Y page:

Phoenix Fire: Why thank you. Glad to be of service.

DragonQuestZ: To Fast Eddie for finally making the "related to" system track wicks from redirects. Now tracking total wicks will be a lot more convenient.
  • Does that mean he has Infinity Plus One points now?

thatother1dude: HELL YEAH!

Shay Guy: Agreed. Though aleph-null plus one is actually aleph-null. ("Aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall...")

BLOODPOUCH: One for this comeback in So Okay Its Average:

  • Flaming Hot Cheetos. This troper could stand to lose the flaming hotness.

Newton the Newt: Hilariously deadpan, not to mention that he was practically asking for it...a true MOW.

BritBllt: Tropers/Triassicranger for splitting and organizing all the Star Trek Just Bugs Me's into individual series and movie pages. That must've been a nightmare to sort out!
williamthebloody: Whoever added this to the Life On Mars page:
  • Odd Couple: Sam and Gene (he's by the book, he's BYOB)
Schrau: Pretty sure that was the official marketing spiel from the BBC, but yeah, it's worth adding.
HighOctaneAwesome: One to whoever added "A Hat" on the Absurdity Ascendant page.

ROBRAM 89: The picture is what does it.

Vifetoile: On the Characters page for Classical Mythology, whoever gave Hestia the trope What Kind Of Lame Power Is Hearth Anyway?, you are my hero.

J Bridge: One to whoever named the image for Fantastic Arousal. Groan.

Japanese Teeth: That was me. We were considering naming the trope that, but it expanded beyond tails. But I had to use that pun somewhere...

Fuzzy Alien: The Real Life entry on Incorruptible Pure Pureness, reading in its entirety, "Yeah, good luck with that."

Tyrekecorrea Whoever potholed Magnificent Bastard as Maleficent Bitch on the Sleeping Beauty page did a great job!
Nola: Found this on You Need To Get Laid:
The night before motions in limine were due for a trial, this troper was supposed to have an eventful night with a girl I know. I ended up getting stood up. Since I suddenly had some time on my hands and was in a real mood, I ended up filing 40 additional motions, pretty much just to mess with opposing counsel. The general consensus by everyone, including my co-counsel was "You need to get laid!"

It almost sounds like a joke. A pretty good joke at that.

Deuxhero: To Freakier Than Thou for pointing out in Clueless Aesop that Citizen Soldier works well as a song about Batman

Haven: ROBRAM 89 and whoever else is responsible for the Strawman Has a Point entry in Plan Nine From Outer Space:

  • Strawman Has A Point: Well, he does. We're warlike and stupid and want the doomsday element.
    • Now you just hold on, buster! I'm not gonna take that from you!
      • No, YOU hold on!

ROBRAM 89: Wow, I only added that response a few days ago. I almost felt like it was set up just for that.

shiro_okami: Whoever wrote the response to this exchange.

  • Amaterasu, the wolf protagonist of Okami, can learn the moves Yellow Fury and Brown Rage. The former involves Ammy cocking a leg and peeing on her enemy, while the latter involves Ammy throwing her poop at them.
    • Exploding poop. Literal Holy S*** t.

Silver1881: Huge MOW to Oracle for the pictures and captions on the Mass Effect character page, especially Morinth's. Actually, for just about anything s/he's ever written about Mass Effect, including edit reasons.
Game Guru GG: The whole thing about about CBN decaying into ABC Family on Network Decay culminating in this line: "Tonight on ABC Family, Satan's School for Girls, followed by The 700 Club."
I Love Dogs: You know on the That Guy With The Glasses page under Crowning Moment Of Funny, it says "Too many to list. And yet we did."? They did the same for the Kickassia page. Thank you, troper. It was one of the first pages I looked up on here, so I am now overwhelmed with nostalgia.
ROBRAM 89: Whoever added Generalissimo Fransisco Franco to the Live-Action TV section of Killed Off for Real.
randomguy9: One to Muramasan 13 for the Laconic entry on EmptyRoomPsych.
SgtFrog1: On the Video Game Cruelty Potential page, someone posted a video link about a LIVE ACTION KATAMARI!. Oddly, it was about Travelers Insurance...
Katsuhagi: Probably been MOWed before, but the image on No Yay makes me shriek a little every time I see it, perfectly capturing the spirit of the trope.
Tropers/ACW: A plus-1 to whoever had this line under Coitus Ensues for Twenty Four: "[Jack]'s going to defuse [Renee's] nuke using the preferred Jack Bauer method and tool set." I laughed.
CallsignEcho: MOW to whoever wrote this line on the Mildly Military page: "The key here is that special forces are, for all practical purposes, Ninja..." That made me LOL IRL. It's hilarious and oddly...really accurate.
Tyrekecorrea Love to whoever is responsible for the Blessed with Suck and The Merch entries for Barack Obama. Not only did you hit the nail on the head, but the entries are absolutely hysterical! Lol on sight!
Katsuhagi: Just spotted this on the last part of the Driven to Suicide page:
  • For any tropers who feel this way...You Are Not Alone
    • HOPEline Crisis Hotline 1-800-442-HOPE begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-442-HOPE end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-442-HOPE end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-442-HOPE end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-442-HOPE end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-442-HOPE end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-442-HOPE end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-442-HOPE end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    • 1-877-VET-2-VET Veterans peer support line
    • 1-800-SUICIDA Spanish speaking suicide hotline
    • 1-877-YOUTHLINE teen to teen peer counseling hotline
    • 1-800-GRADHLP Grad student hotline
    • 1-800-PPD-MOMS Post partum depression hotline
    • Http:// - Stories of hope, love, and compassion.

That's just... wow, you guys. I don't think I've been this touched by something on the internet in a long time. Big Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming to everyone who contributed to that.

The Politicians page, whose alphabetical listing happens to place Sarah Palin in between Adolf Hitler and Dan Quayle. Yeah, that's about right.

ROBRAM 89: ...okay. Who the hell wrote that Sarah Palin page? That...needs some work.

bluepenguin: Wow, no kidding. Last time I looked at it, it had a decided leftward (or at least anti-Palin) slant; now it's swung wildly back in the other direction. I know that we're not Wikipedia, but we should probably try to stay neutral on politics instead of all trying to push our agendas. There are plenty of places on the internet to do that.

Geoduck: OK, I made an effort to create something a little more even-handed. Anyone doesn't think I did "your" section justice, step up now..

Mr Death: And I went ahead and got rid of Hitler on that page. As it notes, The Chancellors Of Germany have their own page, and he happens to be one of them. Also, I personally object to "HAHA Palin is like Hitler" being a MOW. I wonder how that original poster would feel about someone saying, "Yeah, Obama is next to Hitler. That's about right."

Orignial Poster: They do say that.

Mr Death: And I imagine you don't think it's Made Of Win material, do you? But it is if it's Sarah Palin?

Original Poster: Even if I didn't think so, I respect their right to think so.

Rothul: Sigh...

Bat1701 : Heh, MOW for Rothul.

Malchus: How can anyone calm down with those dead, soul-less eyes staring right at you? I swear, those kittens are evil. And they have a plan.

pagad: I really don't think that she should have a pros and cons page, it's a bit pointless given no other pages do.

Geoduck: If you or anyone else has a better way to head off endless editing wars, go for it.

Rothul: I reiterate my earlier "better way" proposal...

Hydro Globus: Come on, people! Less worthy one-liners and coincidences were given MoWs (regretfully), and Palin's page is indeed sub-par. But does she need one? I know There Is No Such Thing As Notability, but do we really need a trope page for a Vice President nominee?

Real Slim Shadowen: She's more a media figure like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore than a politician these days.

Catfish42: Whoever added the Sniper's quote to Private Military Contractors, great job for using that line, said in a not so serious manner, in a serious context. And using it well.
Haven: One for everyone asking and answering 'Why is Mel Brooks still allowed to work in Hollywood?' Except maybe the guy who said "IT'S A MOVIE!!!"
Irothtin: One for Sweet Madness, for the caption on You Can't Fight Fate.

Deuxhero: OK, that made me lol even though I'm not a big fan of the game (I've played it but...).

Cidolfas: For everyone who contributed to this YKTTW. Only in TV Tropes Land, my friend.

thatother1dude: Didn't the YKTTW for Dada Comics do this exact same thing like three years ago?

DorianMode: NOHAMOTYO, I'm afraid. I'm calling it a win.

Silent Hunter: For all those who helped me get the David Cameron article up.

Deuxhero: I don't understand how the British use "Private" and "Public" school. Does that bit at the end mean he went to a government operation, or a private sector operation.

ROBRAM 89: Uhh...yeah.

szaleniec1000: Made Of Win to you and the others for getting the David Cameron article up so promptly.

Doug S Machina: Agreed. And there's already one for Nick Clegg.

Silent Hunter: Thank you.

Wild Knight: Whoever set up the redirect for Yourself . It may be because it's late and I'm exhausted, but I giggled like a moron.

Zadia: Seconded. That's just hilarious.

Mr Death: That was me, thanks!

Hydro Globus: Fwahahaha! Seriously, one of the best redirects I've seen lately. Awesome!

Zfish9: Made of win to Wild Knight for giving a link to the made of win! (Made of epic win Mr Death!)

Enlong: One point to whoever put this in It Got Worse:Like, I just knew what that pothole was going to be. Was not disappointed. Good show.

Hydro Globus: Seconded! My favourite "game" on TVTropes is guessing what PotHoles might link to. My second favourite is, by the way, the one you just lost.

Cryptic Mirror: Okay, a made of win for Hydro Globus for that last statement.

Tactician1016: Whoever put the page picture for Deader Than Disco, brilliant.
Ramidel: Whoever did this one in Robotic Spouse (Real Life section):
  • You only say that because you don't know me like I do.
Had me in stitches for at least five minutes, and I had to go soak my head to keep from breaking out again.

ROBRAM 89: That is just brilliant.

alliterator: One for whoever wrote this awesome example in Our Vampires Are Different:
  • Tragically few details are given about the specifics vampiric nature of Count von Count, but he is known to have the obsessive-compulsive bit and is suggested to have control of the weather. Uniquely, he also has purple skin, although if this is a result of vampirism, puppet-ism, or the combination of the two is unknown. He has been seen in the sun, although, again, his lack of actual skin brings into question whether other vampires of his world are similarly immune or if it is a puppet advantage.

Malchus: Well, whatever the case may be, you do not mess with the Count. Ever.

Curtmack: One to Drow Lord for beautifully crossing the line twice on Tsukihime:

Zadia: A Made Of Win to whoever put this last line after the list of tropes to compare with on Schmuck Bait- it made me laugh.
neogeo: Having just discovered depressing tropes I decided to browse through it. As the index describes, I began to feel depressed, then I reached the bottom of Driven to Suicide. The list of suicide hotline numbers there hit me like a solid gold beam of light made of diamonds set on wide burst hurling through the warmest most pleasant place imaginable with the force and speed of the sun. It is magnificent, highlighting Human ingenuity in the face of something as hopeless as self-driven death. My words do no justice; go forth and read it
Tyrekecorrea: Whoever came up with the words for the hypothetical Operation: SOMETHING on the Codename: Kids Next Door page has earned my respect forever. I mean, it's just GENIUS. I had to link it to here.

Malchus: That would be me. Backronym formation is fun, and I had to take that challenge.

notreallyatroper: To whoever put this in the Romeo And Juliet Just Bugs Me page, THANK YOU!!:

All the tropers beating the rest of us over the head with "IT'S NOT A ROMANCE!"
Okay, we get it. You're so much smarter than everyone else in the world because you interpreted Romeo And Juilet correctly. But from the popular mis-interpretation, the songs have been written, the movies have been made, and the sitcom episodes involving the School Play have been aired. You can't change that, and frankly I think everyone has the right to their Alternate Character Interpretations as they please. I doubt Shakespeare even cares at this point. He's dead. (But if the spirit world does exist, I still don't think he'd really give a toss. Seriously, ghost Shakespeare would have better things to do than bitch about how teenagers and pop culture interpret one play out of the 37 he wrote.)

Lurkerbunny: * blush* That would be me, thank you. It took me a while to even get the guts to say that and I also had to phrase it in the least angry way possible. Unfortunately I still managed to get at least one troper mad at me for it, as if I were defending people ignoring some important political issue. Romeo And Juliet. Serious Business.

ZarbiNerada: This line on Androcles' Lion, on The Story of King Fur-Rocious (where El-ahrairah hides allies in his ears):
  • My question: How big are his ears, anyway?!

Morgan Wick: The last line of this on DragonForce:
  • No human could possibly drink that fast... could they?
    • By the end of it there'd be accusations of people digitally speeding up their drinking in the studio.
This was the first time I'd even heard of the band and I found it hilarious.
SgtFrog1: Whoever wrote this Incredibly Lame Awesome Pun from the Facepalm Troper Tales: "This troper has reached such a level of anger at idiocy that he has created a new gesture. Facebook. You may join in at any time."
Tangent 128: to moocow1452 for the phrase "even Justier In Time" on Stargate Universe.
Mr Death: to Chowder for this from Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti:

  • This troper reckons the skunk-ape is just an elderly sasquatch. No, it makes sense: It smells funny and it lives in Florida.

SgtFrog1: Whoever wrote this gem on Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue... deserves a MoW.

Roses are red,
Violets are purple,
Sugar is sweet,
And so's maple syrple.

Dark Sasami: That's one to Roger Miller, then. (Dunno who added it to the page.)

Rogue 7: I think I remember that one from Animaniacs.

Dark Sasami: No, the one from Animaniacs is different, and is on the Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue... page already.

Sal Fish Fin: That came (presumably not originally) from an episode of Cat Dog.

Doug S Machina: Whoever made (or at least added) the page image for Fanfic Chop Suey deserves a prize.

Dante668 - I nominate the individual(s) responsible for the following discussion on Fridge Horror regarding whether or not it is cannibalism for Miss Piggy to order a Denny's Grand Slam:
  • To be fair, Miss Piggy is made out of felt.
    • To be fair, so is the food at Denny's.

Rothul: I claim half-credit for the first line. Erwin gets the other half for the second.

Dialga X - Thank you to Ye Olde Luke for launching and populating the Darwin's Soldiers page. Thank you to Pykrete for populating the page for Latias' Journey.

DalesKaine: In It Just Bugs Me! page for Bleach, one of the tropers opinion on a recent Ass Pull made me crack.

"He ends up accidently creating an artifact capable of fucking warping reality, AND DOESN'T EVEN REALIZE. How do you even do that? That would be like me going out with a pen-knife and a piece of wood in order to carve myself a baseball bat, but the knife slips a bit when I'm carving and I end up with a pulse-rifle-rocket-launcher-flamethrower combination gun that looks like a baseball bat as a cunning disguise. "

Zadia: Heh. That's awesome.

Inkki Bookman: A Win coupon for whomever typed in the image caption for Fluffy the Terrible, it gave me a small case of the giggles when I read it.

Madrugada: Thank you. I'm glad I made your day a bit brighter.

Zadia: To everyone who helped create the following on The Thing That Goes Doink:

Inkki Bookman: That is pretty awesome.

Grimace: [genuine, impressed applause]

Metalitia: I can't be the only one who read that out loud in a Stephen Fry or Eric Idle voice, and then chuckled right after that.

Shoebox: No, you aren't. The above is one of the loveliest bits of inspired nonsense I've seen on this site, and that's saying something.

notreallyatroper: (rolling around laughing)

The Tall One: To Belle-Mage for their contribution to the Troper Tales page for True Art Is Angsty. If what they say is true, they deserve some sort of award.
T-Jack: Unknown Doug S Machina should definitely get a free Internet for the G La DOS page.

Doug S Machina: Thank you very much, though Octane should get the credit too. I started the page, he made it fly.

ROBRAM 89: The caption on Cartoon Bomb is just absolutely perfect.
SpiriTsunami: To whoever first described Zero as a washer-dryer combo. I lol'd.

Mullon: I did that. Filled out the last of those crossed out blue links too.

Feo Takahari: On "18/Oct/09 at 01:34 PM," according to the page history, added a Fridge Brilliance entry to John Ridley that I just now discovered. He or she noticed a single offhand line about a background character in Those Who Walk in Darkness, extrapolated a parallel from it, and completely changed my understanding of the book. Thank you.
notreallyatroper: Whoever put the Real Life folder in the Visual Effects Of Awesome page gets a Made Of Win from me. It was so damn funny!
Chabal 2: I wish to nominate this line for Beware the Nice Ones on the Tintin page concerning Professor Calculus: "He lifts and hangs on a coat rack a guard twice his size and built out of fury in Destination Moon, for crying out loud!" No doubt the original troper meant "twice his size and build", but I now have this image of weedy Calculus manhandling a giant construct of burning rage and living hatred given human form permanently affixed in my brain. Fanart welcome.
Silent Hunter: Nightsky, for the icons in Doctor Who.
Wheezy: I don't know if this has been nominated, but the first two paragraphs of No Longer with Us deserve an honor, just for the pure LOLWUT-ness of it all.
MOW for whoever responsible for the picture of Total Party Kill. Made me laugh for a while.
vicnog: I'd like to give Happy Mask Man a MOW for the pothole to Little Old Lady Investigates in the Inspector Lestrade image caption. That was pretty clever.
Korodzik: This bit from I Thought It Meant:
  • Gag Boobs is not about (...) a pair of fake breasts that work like those surprise snake cans when you try to remove the bra.
Had me giggling like a complete idiot for half a minute. Then again, maybe I'm sleep deprived.

Citizen: But sometimes... it is!

thatother1dude: This bit from the Image Boards article:

Generic Troper: On the Supernatural page, whoever wrote the line: "Super Natural: where even the Angels have daddy issues".
huMI: Whoever potholed the last word of "Oppressive forces outside their control have undermined their plans." on the The Man Is Keeping Us Down page to Schoolgirl Lesbians, after all the other ones are to villains.

Shay Guy: I suspect that might be a Call-Back to a similar joke that used to be on You Should Know This Already, itself long since MoWed:

The Left Behind series deals with a (very) loosely interpreted version of the Rapture and the Armageddon, culminating with a battle between Christ and the Antichrist. Merely knowing what the books are about is enough to figure out the ending.

Cryptic Mirror: A MoW hug to whomever came up with the pic and caption on Your Vampires Suck.

Grev: Thank you for my half! (The caption half.)

Moviepyr0: This exchange on the Rock Band page:

  • Fan Hater: There is the view that people playing with plastic guitars should go out and get a life by learning to play for real. So does that mean Call Of Duty fans should join the CIA to gun down passengers at airports?

Best. Analogy. Ever.

Hydro Globus: It could have been a little better with Carmageddon or GTA, but it's worth the MoW anyway. Seconded!

Sapphire Blue: Whoever put that picture on the Iron Woobie page deserves this. Not only do you not need knowledge of the series to get the joke, it also shows a character who fits the trope perfectly. Incredibly Lame Pun it may be, but I thought it was funny.

Vifetoile: Plus the facial expression, of ever so slightly annoyed endurance.

  • Sadly not up there anymore. I'm assuming it was of Alphonse Elric?

SapphireBlue: Yeah, it was.

sgrunt: Everyone responsible for the hilariously in-character Dr Doom.

Grimace: I am loving this recent glut of in-character character pages - so far I've seen The Joker, Darkseid, now Dr Doom. Such a simple idea that's so damn funny.

Earnest: One to Emperor Steele for the Thief: Deadly Shadows entry to Empty Room Psych.

Geoduck: Thanks to any and all involved in the creation of the Troper Works category. Nice to have a place to plug your own work without feeling like a total glory-hogging sell-out.

SpiriTsunami: Seconded, if only because I've got so much to pimp.

LadyNorbert: Thirded.

Katsuhagi: This exchange on Kudzu Plot never fails to make me laugh:

  • This trope used to be called the Claremont Coefficient, in honor of the truly epic number of dangling plot threads Chris Claremont amassed as the writer of X-Men. Summed up hilariously in X-Men: The End, an Alternate Continuity miniseries written by (of all people) Claremont himself that attempted, in one stroke, to resolve every dangling plot thread ever introduced in the entire X-Men meta-saga (many of which Claremont had created). As one might expect, the story grows exponentially more incomprehensible with every issue, culminating with a duel between Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova for control of the Phoenix Force. This editor's memory of the events is unapologetically hazy, but he believes the entire universe was destroyed at least six times.

Haven: That second bit was me. It just seemed like it was crying for the reference.

Jadey: Not sure if it's on here, but whoever did Taylor Swift's Pretty Cool Guy gets a big MoW. And i quote:

  • I think Taylor Swift is a pretty cool gal. seh makes music videos and doesn't afraid of—
    • Yo, troper! I'm happy for ya, and imma let ya finish, but Kanye West is the pretty coolest guy of all time! eh THE PRETTY COOLEST GUY OF ALL TIME! and doesn't afraid of Talyor Swift.

ROBRAM 89: Oh, look, our most annoying meme had a baby with the most overused one on the internet.

Rothul: Dude, if you're looking for a community that doesn't giggle at annoying things overused in media, you're in the wrong place.

Shadow Of The Sun: Rothul thar gets 1/pi of a made of win for that comment.

Shay Guy: Wait, one of those memes is ours?

Haven: The only thing that's ours in there is the word troper.

Latia: And furthermore, how is babby formed?

RainKrystal: Magic?

Zadia: A Made of Win to whoever changed the folders on the Matrix Raining Code page. It's brilliant.

Haven: Heh, Arutema followed through on that idea below I see. Good goin'.

Arutema: Told you I'd do it. Also MOW to negaknight for linking the tool to generate it.

SpiriTsunami: I've seen this fact about the Seven/Chakotay pairing mentioned before, but the wording used on the Strangled by the Red String page is great:

  • This was due to behind-the-scenes politicking; Robert Beltran was complaining, correctly, that his character had become irrelevant, so they shut his mouth by slipping Jeri Ryan's tongue into it. As consolation prizes go, that's pretty darn consoling.

Haven: There's a good chance it's going to get cutlisted, but either way, I'd like to take the opportunity to give out a Made Of Win to whoever's responsible for the Zalgo page.

Arutema: If it does get cutlisted, we totally have to steal that markup and make Matrix Raining Code a Self-Demonstrating Article.

Medinoc: Too late, apparently.

Zadia: Damn, since that page was epic.

Shay Guy: What was it?

Paul A: If you're still interested in the markup, Zalgo Discussion has a link to the tool used.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: The Zalgo page has been restored just like it was. (The page got blanked, not cut; once it was saved, someone unblanked it.)

Mr Death: Was reading the Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming Real Life page as a pick me up, and felt the last example was just the perfect way to cap things off:
  • The plaque of the Apollo 11 moon mission reads: "Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind". For all mankind. I don't think that requires any further explanation.

ZarbiNerada: One MoW to EcliptorCalrissian for the following Shout-Out on Identical Stranger:
  • Four Romanas? I can't tell you what I'm thinking right now.

Vifetoile: The creator is sadly lost to history, but I award a certificate of Pure Win to whoever snuck this gem into History Marches On, regarding the Dark Ages:

  • Even the phrase "Middle Ages" is going out of style: it was invented by the same scholars to emphasize the glory of the ancient world and the nobility of the scholars who reached for it, in comparison to the ignorant fools who laughed at their theories, yes, laughed, but they'll show them, they'll show them all.

Kizor: Why, that's me. Thanks! Mad scientists might rampage, but vexed historians will mess up your head and those of twenty generations of your line.

Tropers/Voidwalker: Ahem, could Real Slim Shadowen please come down to the front desk to pick up your Made Of Win. Awarded for your hilariously recursive MST 3 K/Muppets pic on the Crossover Index page. The caption is what got me to LOL.

Real Slim Shadowen: A-thank-yew. I did not make the picture, but I am happy you liked its placement.

Kizor: The folder titles in Gratuitous Japanese have already been commended, so let my give particular thanks for Taberu Toppu Geemu (Lagann). No doubt not for the first time.

SpiriTsunami: Seconded, but the real question is, what are the Cheetos for?

Haven: Why thanks. :3 And Cheetos are just one of those stereotypical gamer snacks. I've never understood why—they'd stain the character sheets and stuff—but there you go.

Meta Four: The first Real Life example of The Worf Effect, specifically this exchange at the end:
  • I'm pretty sure TV Tropes is the only wiki where you can look at a page about Star Trek and discover prison-survival advice.
    • Tropers are fucking hardcore, okay? Never ask a Troper where he got a specific piece of knowledge: The cost may be your life.

Bronzethumb: This one goes to Foamer, who added potholes to the Eleventh Doctor's line at the top of the Doctor Who page. It was a badass line before, but it's a Crowning Moment Of Funny now.EDIT: Okay, SOMEONE decided to take it down, but I'm preserving it here for posterity.

Zeppelin: A belated MOW to lemoncurry for defending Aspies and autistics against the assertion that"While autistics are capable of forming attachments to certain people, especially women, they don't really have the level of emotional depth or empathy required to understand or experience what anyone would call "love"."

Vifetoile: A link, please?

Paul A: Hollywood Psych.

Doug S Machina: Looking at the Edit Reasons, I nomimate Camacan for editing all the links for renamed tropes.

Haven: Seconded. He even got to some very obscure entries. I was going to say I thought we had a bot for this sort of thing, but then I realized that changing every instance of Green Lantern Corps to The Chosen Many would cause problems.

Tropers/Deuxhero: I'd like to point out that Fast Eddie at least does have some form of "replace all" (He used it to rename Deadpan Loli, after deleting the discussion of the rename) which does cause exactly that sort of issue (like on my user page where I note work on changing The Ruri to Deadpan Loli, via manual changes, becomes moving The Ruri to Little Miss Snarker). So I third it.

Mr Death: I guess I'm the only person who didn't like that trope-name-changing campaign, then. I mean, was that really necessary? Why even have redirects?

Medinoc: Didn't like it either. But what bugs me more is that the discussion was deleted. Orwellian Retcon much?

Grev: To whoever changed the Darth Wiki markup to make it 1,000x more readable, my eyes salute you.

Hydro Globus: Finally! Thank you, Whoever!

Thinks Too Much: Tardily thirded.

Oracle: One Made of Win to the Unknown Troper who added the hilarious 'what-Paranoia-Agent-seems-to-be-telling-its-audience' bit over on Space Whale Aesop. I wasn't able to determine who added it precisely, but he/she deserves the Win nonetheless.
Deuxhero: Made of Win to kotaronomura for Laconic/StrangeJourney.
Zadia: A Made of Win to A-l-e-x-99 for adding the following to the Divinyls page rather than something like 'This duo and their works have shown examples of the following tropes':'I don't want anybody else. When I think about you, I use these tropes.' That is absolutely brilliant and I take my hat off to you.

Tabby: One to LoopyChew, for the six consecutive links in Mark Sheppard's Hey Its That Guy link on the Chuck page. And a MOW to Mark Sheppard himself, as long as I'm here.

Blatch: Whoever added those Mondegreenish translation videos to the Nightwish page, I salute you. Particularly This one. Super Price gets me luaghing every time.

Zadia: Seconded.

iamdatroper: Whoever added "TV Tropes the Flamethrowah" to the Just for Fun index. Pure genius. XD

whitetigah: One to Unknown Troper @, for the following addition in Doing In the Wizard, especially the last sentence:

Made me laugh out loud. Good job, Unknown Troper.

The Wanderer: This is probably very old and has been given Made of Wins a thousand times already, but whoever did the order for the tropes used for the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny song just made my night.

Deuxhero: * crawls out from the darkness and snatches Made Of Win* No it hasn't been. I started the article with tropes in order of appearance at the start, but (like every article) people added to it.

Taeraresh: Seconding the MoW. That is truly epic.

SpiriTsunami: A simultaneous Made Of Win and Made Of Lose for this erroneous line on the work page for Detective Conan:

  • Love Makes You Evil: Many, many murderers have this as their leitmotives, since their Asshole Victims are generally people who crapped out big time on the killers's girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, siblings, children, etc.

The error is downright egregious, yet the mental image of a "leitmotive" is just too hilarious. I'm just picturing the killer's motive being given in song, like some deranged musical. I'm going to correct it now, but I wanted it to be recognized before I did.

Fred Foobar: To whoever came up with this line describing Voodoo Shark:

For example: Let's imagine you (figuratively) pull a gun out of your ass at the end of a play. That would be an Ass Pull. Let's say you have the gun on the mantelpiece from the beginning. That would be Chekhov's Gun. Let's say you literally pull a gun out of your ass, put it on the mantelpiece, and then it's used at the end of a play. That would be this trope. The detail is introduced, but it's still out of nowhere.

DragonQuestZ: That was me.

Irothtin: One to whoever made the running gag of ridiculous adjectives adverbs for each Final Fantasy page.

Falcon Pain: If you're referring to the ________ly popular Final Fantasy series, surely those would be ridiculous adverbs?

ROBRAM 89: That's just intestine-crunchingly pedantic.

Malchus: One to for the follwing Conan The Barbarian-based quote summarizing the latest bit of Ship Tease in Mahou Sensei Negima:

"What is best in life? To defeat befriend your enemies, see them kneel before you, and hear the Squee of their women!" —- Attributed to nobody yet, but this would probably fits Negi well

Fishsicles: ActionZero, for his AWESOME response to the Animation Age Ghetto here.

Malchus: For those of us who have trouble digging through the Wall of Text with that page's particularly eye-melting shade of background colour, would you mind quoting it?

Polly Nim: I believe he's referring to this one:

• This troper had one of his housemates telling him that all anime was kiddy. He wordlessly responded by going up to his room to grab his DVD of End of Evangelion, then played the scene in Asuka's hospital room on the TV.

ROBRAM 89: Oh, you mean the guy who took a group of people who thought anime was for kids and made them presumably conclude that it's actually made for art snobs and perverts. Yeah, thanks for that. You've been an enormous help.

Mr Death: You shouldn't condemn someone's actions based on nothing more than a presumption that what he did worked out in the worst possible way.

T-Jack: T-bone61 for his awesome nickname exhaustive work on The Gmod Idiot Box page.
Doug S Machina: Between the news-like graphics and the text, the image for Flame War makes me laugh.
Katsuhagi: To whoever put the picture on Extreme Doormat for making me laugh out loud.
Earnest: To Sackett, for the innovative use of pictures to illustrate Kuudere.
Nits: To Phrederic for reviewing Adolf Hitler. Made me laugh.
Master Hand: The "You Just Made Me Laugh Out Loud" award goes to whoever put "Contrast Citizen Kane" on the Plan 9 From Outer Space article.
Dorsk e+2i: One MoW to whoever found the image for Spoiler.

Dor: Seconded, so hard. That is pure genius.

Zadia: Thirded. It's brilliant.


Doug S Machina: Brilliant, Just brilliant.

Shay Guy: ...Though come to think of it, Spaceballs did a similar joke first.

Johnny E: * salutes* Major Spoiler!

Malchus: But what if he gets promoted?

Specialist290: Unfortunately I can't give full credit for this one myself, since the guy's uniform is totally wrong. However, I like the concept.

Dion Shmion: Thanks. (How long ago was it I uploaded that, anyway?)

Nightsky: To Ronka87, for splitting the tropes on the Shakespeare page into pages for each individual play, including the boring lesser-known plays. Bill the Bard's page now loads an estimated 17% faster!

Ronka87: Bit late to the party, but thanks for that. :)

Pykrete: Hot on the heels of people teaching us how to write an é for the Pokémon pages, a MOW gets split between everyone who chipped in to clean up after the server barfed and turned all the "é"s into "é". Unfortunately, it wasn't just a find-and-replace job on the one page — it was a lot of pages, and alt titles had to be fixed to clean up redlinks too.

TheOneWhoTropes: But we all deserve a Made of Lose too, because the pages rebroke when we went from the UTF-8 encoding back to our normal ISO-8859-1.

Pykrete: In any case, it's an ongoing effort. If anyone sees it messed up and replaced with nonsense characters like above, the correct character is Alt-130.

SpiriTsunami: This one on Future Loser. The made of win is for the line I added bold to; the other lines are included to provide context.

  • Saved by the Bell had this happen as a dream to Slater (not a jerk, but definitely a jock), seeing himself as a beer bellied drunk in a class reunion, forcing him to rethink his life and his "comfort zone" as a jock.
    • At one point, Screech even points out the trope in a tape intended for future students at Bayside:
      Screech: And remember, be nice to us nerds; in twenty years, we'll be the ones with all the money!
    • The irony is not lost.

Deuxhero: I'm guessing this is an actor thing? Can anyone explain it to me.

Geoduck: Yes, it's an actor thing. If you must have all the gory details, go look up "Dustin Diamond" on Wikipedia.

Rothul: Long story short, Slater's actor, Mario Lopez, currently has one of the healthiest post-Saved By The Bell careers of the cast and has steady reality TV and game show gigs for the forseeable future. Screech's actor, Dustin Diamond, is best known for his appearance in Celebrity Boxing II, a sex tape featuring Shock Site level of material, and 2001's Direct to Video special Dustin Diamond Teaches Chess. Have to give this battle to the jocks.

ThePaintedMaypole: A big Made of Win to everyone who's contributed to Intentionally Awkward Title, especially this section:

Sceptre: Whoever came up with the title of Clasp Your Hands If You Deceive.

Hydro Globus: Seconded so much! A PLATTER Pin anyone? :)

DragonQuestZ: TJ for the suggesting the title for Our Gargoyles Rock.
Inkblot: <3 the Major General Song page.
  • Tannhäuser: Can I get, like, one-sixteenth of that for writing the verse at the beginning?

SonicGTR: A Made of Win to whoever wrote this in Pot Hole:
Hitting a Plot Hole at high speed can damage your Suspension of Disbelief.

notreallyatroper: I give a Made Of Win to whoever made the fourth alternate title for Twilight Edward Oedipus Gayfish Cullen. That made me laugh.

Zadia: Glad to see that you liked it.

Sikon: Sceptre for putting the caption under the picture in The Backwards Я.

Looney Toons: Just out of curiosity, what's it supposed to transliterate to?

Shale: Exactly what it looks like: "All Hail Marx (and) Lennon".

thatother1dude: Actually, it's the opposite: the caption is showing what the fake Cyrillic in the picture would make the words if you replace them with what they would be properly romanized as.

Shotgun Ninja: One to whoever wrote the One Piece entry in General Failure, for making me realize how much funnier that scene is out of context.
Deuxhero:99.9% it wasn't intended, but whoever used the line "hyped to oblivion" in Americans Hate Tingle.

L: How does the straight meaning of that phrase work? Hyped so much that it vanished from all knowledge?

Arutema: "Hyped exactly as much as The Elder Scrolls IV"?

Deuxhero: Yes.

SAMAS : To whoever was responsible for the following exchange in Dance Battler:

  • Eldar Harlequins from Warhammer 40000: space elf psycho ninja Monster Clowns who kill their enemies with the power of interpretive dance.
    • This troper would like to point out that the Harlequins' interpretative dance involves monomolecular blades and heavy weapons.
      • No one said it was particularly hard to interpret.

Thnikkafan: One to whoever added the picture on Death of a Thousand Cuts.
Mr Death: One to Earnest for this line in Weak-Willed:

Earnest: I can't take credit for that one, Pteryx is the one who supplied the pic and caption. It was just so good that after a page pic change was decided it seemed like a shame to lose it, so into the imagelinks page it went. ^_^

macroscopic: There was a reference to Kain having -1 Will save in Captain SNES; I wonder if he thought the same thing independantly?

Jordan: To Also Sprach Odin for his explanation for deleting Code Geass natter on the Villain Protagonist page. "The natter terrified me, so I did like any terrified dumb animal and tore it's face off."
Aster Selene: On the Axis Powers Hetalia page, whoever put:
There used to be a lot of Korea in the anime...
... and when the protests started the studio chopped out his scenes and replaced them with previews for Cleaning Out the Storage.

Also, Daisanji for the Chibi Miku-san page.

Aminatep: To whoever chose the page picture. Descriptive yet makes me snicker every time.

macroscopic: Another to the apparantly self-aware indexing software for Self-Demonstrating Article at the bottom of BRIAN BLESSED and …But He Sounds Handsome, where Broken Record is listed as BrokenRecordBrokenRecordBrokenRecordBrokenRecordBrokenRecord.

Shay Guy: How's that a MOW for the software? Shouldn't it go to whoever listed it like that on Self-Demonstrating Article?

macroscopic: Spaz! How did I not think to look there? I thought it listed them based on the actual title, so all I did was check if it was a redirect. I take it back 'cause it's not spooky anymore.

Be: On the same subject, whoever had the bright idea of making BRIANBLESSED into a Self-Demonstrating Article. My head thinks it was genius. My eyes...disagree.

Reflextion: One Made of Win to Unknown Troper, for converting Mordin Solus' entry on the Mass Effect Character Sheet into a Self Demonstrating Section.
Medinoc: One MoW to Smapti, for adding the multiple dates of Skynet's attack in the Grand Unified Timeline.
L: According to the index at the bottom of Fight Woosh, the trope formerly known as News Travels Fast has apparantly been renamed to "you can go there immediately and they know to let you through, even though you just got permission a minute ago". Frankly, I think the latter rolls off the tongue so much better.

ROBRAM 89: I know the Ad Server took on a life of its own a while back, but I think we may be looking at sapient indexing software. That's, like, the second or third point it's collected so far.

Shay Guy: Should The RPG Cliches Game really be marked as an index?

SpiriTsunami: To whoever put up this limerick about The Stand in Deus ex Machina:

Oh, the Superflu caused so much pain, oh!
And with evil a raging volcano
Flagg's triumph seemed certain
Until King rang the curtain
By pulling a Deus ex ano!

Callsignecho: Point, Game, Set, Match to DragonQuestZ for the picture and caption of Age-Inappropriate Dress. GENIUS.

DragonQuestZ: Honestly, I was just looking for a trope as an excuse to put that picture up. I just eventually thought up one it fit.

SpiriTsunami: Then in that case, you get another Made Of Win

Krieg: One to whoever put up the new picture for Nothing Is Scarier. I stared at it for a minute before realizing that it's a darkened close-up of a cat's eye and it became less frightening. Great way to illustrate the trope.

Newton the Newt: That's awesome! It's like the equivalent of a Spoiler for images. It took about four seconds for my eyes to adjust to the contrast.

Madrugada The page image has been changed. Here is the one that got this MOW, for the record.

Deuxhero: Enlong for adding the Foil example to The World Ends With You.

Enlong: Yay, my first point! It should be noted that I only added to it. I saw the fact that the game had examples of Foil, and I realized that it needed more Minamimoto.

Whomever made the Decontruction page about Marvel: This Troper is making a thread about it as we speak.~ S.exe

  • Link please?

sgrunt}}: buh6173 for the picture at You Can't Fight Fate.

Pykrete: The Pok?n page has had a recent edit war concerning that damn ? Thanks to homogenized, the rest of us now know how to type it on a standard keyboard. A Mad?f Win to you, sir.
  • Ugh...and just putting it in curly braces doesn't link right. Yay!

Malchus: "Mah-day" of Win? Or "May-day" of Win?

Hydro Globus: What's so hard in typing é?

whitetigah: I dunno, really. é and other accented letters are clearly part of a standard keyboard layout, after all.

Médinoc Well, hopefully we can use 'é'...

Medinoc Well, we can't. It's converted back into a 'é' when one edits the page again...

StarManta, for the Spanish Inquisition line in the intro of The Great Politics Mess Up
Malchus: A Made Of Win to A Freddy for nipping a Flame War in the Evil Versus Evil discussion page. A flame war I was shamefully part of. I've always had trouble control my temper on certain topics, and I appreciate his level-headed calling out of my GIFT tendencies. I also apologize to the board at large for said tendencies and will try to control my assholish temper in the future.

Trigger Loaded: Well, I've seen worse behaviour, so don't be too hard on yourself, Malchus. And BT Isaac was being rather stubborn and ignorant that entire debate. Especially if he started taking it outside of TV Tropes, that's just jerk behaviour. All in all, I'd say he was far more guilty than you were. But still, props to A Freddy.

To whoever put the Allegory category into Cargo Ship, and its contents. My brain hurts, but kind of in a good way.

St Fan: I added the category during a sorting, though the content was already on the page. Scratched my head for a while as to where to put it.

Zadia: To whomever put the following on the Just Bugs Me page for Twilight: You are awesome.

"How the fuck did Edward Sparklepants go 108 years without even a single sexual thought until Bella showed up? Vampire or no, he was turned when he was seventeen — If he's really "never felt anything but a mother's love before," by that age, he's either neutered or named Oedipus Rex."

Sparkysharps: That would be me

Excel-2010. The current page image for Ragequit.

ROBRAM 89: Possibly the most needlessly epic Rage Quit ever, but this has already been nominated.


Grev: This entry on Never Live It Down...the chuckle has nothing to do with the actual person involved and everything to do with the football vs. soccer syntax wars:

  • Ronaldo was known for many things, including being one of the greatest soccer players footballers of his generation, marrying to a few supermodels, and being a little overweight. But then an incident with transsexuals went in the media. He claims he though they were women, but still became the "transvestite-loving-player". Thankfully he resurrected himself to football play soccer with Corinthians, and now this incident is kind of forgotten.

macroscopic: From our page on Uncyclopedia, whoever listed AAAAAAAAA! as a Self-Demonstrating Article gets a point from me.
Katsuhagi: For some reason the picture and caption on Space Whale Tear Jerker make me giggle. Maybe I'm just a horrible person.
Neep: One for whoever is responsible for the caption on Ate His Gun. Quite possibly the best case of Crosses the Line Twice I've ever seen. Even knowing the context and the trope ... oh Gods, I've been laughing for the last five minutes.

Johnny E: Looks like it was Goat Boy. There's not many times you experience literally doubling up with laughter.

Spy Hunter 29: don, for the picture and caption on Power Stone, which happens to be a page I started. Of course, being the n00b I am, I'm always glad when some of the Wiki Magic comes my way, but this is Up To Eleven!
Specialist290: I'm sure it's been pointed out before, but props to whoever put the redirect for the Know-Nothing Know-It-All Troper Tales page to go to the Brilliant, but Lazy Troper Tales page. Best Take That! I've ever seen on This Very Wiki.

Whoever put this on Yuri Fan: "This term of Yuri does not refer to fans of Lowenthal, Lowell, Sakazaki, Volte Hyuuga, that creepy fellow who failed to take over the Soviet Union by mind control back in the '70s, The first man in space, or a 3WA Trouble Consultant..."

SAMAS: I can only claim partial credit. Some of that is definitely mine, but I know I didn't do all of it.

Japanese Teeth: I normally don't care much for sex jokes, but the picture and caption on Uke made me crack up.

macroscopic: Seconded.

Katsuhagi: Thirded.

Earnest: One to whoever is behind IP, for the second bullet in the following contribution to the Alien entry in Hive Queen:

  • To be fair, this was after Ripley had torched half her eggs, so she had every right to be peeved.
    • This was the warped, inhuman mirror darkly version of Ripley's mommy instincts. Somewhere squamous bechitined things sit in a dark theatre watching a horror film called Ripley III: The Return.

Newton the Newt: From the Pretty Cool Guy page:

Notice how (s)he's not only (intentionally) mistaken a rapper for a Pokemon, (s)he's also (intentionally) mistaken the evolution order of said Pokemon. Memetic Mutation at its best.

Malchus: And a MOW to Newton the Newt for defiantly defying Don't Explain The Joke among such a Genre Savvy crowd of tropers. That takes courage, dude.

Newton the Newt: I'm not sure whether to be flattered or scared.

Haven: I thought the joke was that Chamillionaire sounds like it could be a level above Charizard.

macroscopic: He's thinking of Charmeleon.

slvstrChung: an extremely-tardy maybe-thanks for the original entry. I'm not sure if I actually put that up there. All I remember was that, as a prank on That Other Wiki, somebody actually did reformat Chamillionaire's bio-box as if he were a Pokemon (which I thought hilarious), only to have all record of it wiped when The Powers That Be decided not to retain anything funny. So, even if I did put it up, the original prankster on Wikipedia gets at least half the point.

Wild Knight: Related to the Playing With Wiki, I'd like to present itsmeyouidiot with a Made of Win for using the namespace in a very meta manner on the Banjo-Kazooie page, you clever bastard.

Renagade: Seconded, I laughed so hard.

Pykrete: Heh, nice.

Grev: Inkblot says "Stop Having Fun" Guys!

Inkki Bookman: A Win Coupon for whomever came with with the Playing With Wiki concept, it's a great way to explain the difference between a trope being played straight, subverted, justified, inverted and so on.

Luc: Already done. A few times. I'm sort of trapped between "Just as planned!" and "My God, What Have I Done?"

SpiriTsunami: This sequence in Re-Power turns into a Crowning Moment Of Funny:

  • For a time, Spider-Man was upgraded in The Other storyline with Wolverine-like stingers on his wrists. Yes, stingers. Lampshaded, as Peter notes Spiders don't have stingers! Another character tries to Hand Wave this by saying one day spiders might evolve stingers!
    • Granted, they were supposed to be stand ins for the venomous fangs spiders DO have. Why were they on his wrists? Well, if you address THAT, then you have to ask why he has spinnerets on his arms, instead of the location spiders NORMALLY reserve for those organs...

Nurfle: One for whoever put this on the Appliance Defenestration page:
  • Laura Roslin is famous for throwing toasters out the window.

Arutema: Wow, I did that before I Got Known.

Cobra: Frakkin' seconded. Made everyone here at the office stare at me funny. One guy even stood up to look.

Wemmblyhogg: It may have originated elsewhere, but the exchange put up by Oracle in the Mass Effect WMG is the funniest thing I've read in ages. It's near the bottom, under 'The Council knows exactly what's going on'
Krieg: One for whoever's responsible for the "If it moves, shoot it/When it's dead, loot it" rhyme in Kleptomaniac Hero.
Alexduckie: Whoever made the Trixie Belden page. I've been meaning to do that. Thank you!!

Duckay: That was me! The page still needs a lot of love, though.

Phoenix Fire: I know it's been on there for a while, but the picture on You Just Told Me had me laughing for about a minute solid when I first saw it.

thatother1dude: I added that, but found it in someone's fanart folder who's location I've long since forgotten.

Malchus: A big MOW to Koveras for summarizing and organizing the arcs in TV Tropes The Webcomic. It should make Defictionalization much easier. * wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

Koveras: Thank you. ^^ Heh, I somehow knew this doing that would land me here. :D

Nightraid: A Made Of Win to everyone to worked on the My Immortal quote page. It's simply hilarious, with more Shout Outs than you can shake a stick at. Fellow Tropers, I salute you.
  • That is... a work of art. Seconded.

Johnny E: "Stop Having Fun" Guys! Seriously, we might need a page of My Immortal quotes one day. (somebody saved the original to the discussion page, at least)

Thnikkafan: A Made Of Win to whoever made the Endless Eight joke on the Goldfish Scooping Game page.
WWRU: Whoever gave The Joker his own page. And let him write it. Should visit! It'll kill you...
  • batfan: Seconded. That page is awesome. About time, too.

  • Vifetoile: It really is. I especially like the implication that the Joker is a Lilo And Stitch fan.

  • Pykrete: For added win, dub it in your head with Mark Hamill.

  • Grimace: Added win, and a higher liklihood of you shitting your own pants in fear. But yeah, that page is brilliant. Fifthed(?)

  • Cryptic Mirror: I would sixth it, but someone has has decided that it should be cutlisted.

  • Krieg: An additional Made Of Win to everyone who saved it from the cutlist.

Robin Zimm: It's dropped off the edit history, but a belated Made Of Win for whoever added these parentheticals to Woolseyism in the Tintin section:
The English version, as just one example, calls the less-than-competent detectives Thompson ("with a 'P', as in 'Pennsylvania'") and Thomson ("without a 'P', as in 'Venezuela'"), keeping Herge's original intent.

Some Sort Of Troper: The clue should have been the quotation marks- you just gave a Made Of Win to the translator the example is talking about.

Keltena: Made of Win to Thimble for the new page quote at Last Scenario. Perfect fit.
Michael JJ: Made of Win to whoever added the picture to the Crapsaccharine World.

L: Aggngh!! Sacrilege! Blasphemy! Heresy!

Pykrete: Wow. I've been using that as my wallpaper for a while now...

sgrunt: Darth Fanboy for this Pot Hole over at Michael Bay:
  • [...]Bay originally said he wanted a year off to take a break and refine the script, but he has since said that they have a solid story and they are beginning production immediately.

Andrew: I enjoy the fact that our entry on Michael Bay is positively gushing.

Mr Death: Probably has a lot to do with him being so self aware and totally willing to make fun of himself. That sort of thing counts for a lot around here.

Reading Champion: One Made Of Win to whomever listed The Tardis as The Doctors first and longest running Companion in the Doctor Who characters-page.
Haven: Wow. So, apparently this has just been sitting there for months and I didn't notice. This may be a little self-indulgent, but—Made Of Win to the unknown troper at for this line on Jackass Genie:
Even worse is when they grant your wish normally, and then set you on fire "because you didn't say you didn't want to be set on fire."

ROBRAM 89: What the fuck? We launched that? I proposed that as a YKTTW and nobody seemed to want it.

thatother1dude: The pic for My Greatest Failure.

sgrunt: That's hilarious. Oh, and it looks like DragonQuestZ is responsible.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: It is a lovely picture. But — DragonQuestZ, are you pro-Empire?

T-Jack: To whomever is responsible for all "the the"s in Attack Of The The Eye Creatures trope list: You are awesome.

ROBRAM 89: The phrase "Attack of the the Eye Creatures" never fails to make me laugh.

Newtonthenewt: For the the win, indeed.

Johnny E: From the same page, kudos to whoever's responsible for "Look out! It's an anacoluthon!"

sgrunt: for this exchange from from Team Fortress 2:
Zadia: A Made Of Win to whoever put the picture on the My Immortal page. I love that pic so much.

Pykrete: ...and now it's gone.

Shay Guy: Well, considering who did it, I'm not willing to argue.

Citizen: Again? That was a great image.

Inkki Bookman: Maybe if the word 'motherfvckers' in the picture in question was changed to motherf** ker, it would be ok to repost.

thatother1dude: I think you mean "motherf* kers".

Inkki Bookman: It's a shame Fast Eddie won't allow any new images for that page even thou this little trope was going to use this modified piccy with the caption: Censored for YOUR moral protection.. Oh well!

Citizen: Better not tell Tourettes Shitcock Syndrome, then.

Friday: The Laconic Wiki entry for Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves. I had me a great laugh.

Robert Bingham: While the body of the entry (provided by yours truly) is fairly straightforward, the laugh here is provided by User/Weegee's "see unabridged version here" text. And get a load of the "reason" in the page history: "Then we can talk about mercy. Guards, take him away."

macroscopic: A MoW for whomever wrote this bit from the Uwe Boll page:

There are two camps—summarily divided—on this man's work.

One camp is convinced that he is "the only genius in the whole fucking business" - a better filmmaker than George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Quentin Tarantino, Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa, John Huston, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Orson Welles, Billy Wilder, Franco Zeffirelli, Robert Wiene, Sergio Leone, Stanley Kubrick, John Woo, Lars von Trier, Roman Polanski, Pier Paolo Pasolini, F. W. Murnau, Frank Capra, and Ingmar Bergman combined, and that Video Gamers Are Morons. This camp consists of Uwe Boll.

ROBRAM 89: This...sounds familiar. I don't want to say "another one from Cracked," but...

Haven: It's an Overly Long Gag version of a quote from Seanbaby.

Cryptic Mirror: A made of win hug to whoever added the whatever of Rassilon on the recapp page for Doctor Who, The Five Doctors.

Nightsky: That was a bunch of us. I remember changing "Tropes" to "The Tropes of Rassilon" myself, but it sort of snowballed from there.

Newton the Newt: From the Name's The Same page...

  • There is a (female) writer of computer-related books named Robin Williams. No relation.

Much further down the page...

  • There's Raquel Welch the American actress, and then there's Raquel Welch the Australian artist. Who is doing an art show...which is all about how she hates Robin Williams.
    • The computer writer?

ROBRAM 89: I'm slightly stunned by the confluence of unlikely events that had to line up for that joke to happen.

Krieg: I'm seconding this. Perhaps the greatest New Media Brick Joke ever.

Wascally Wabbit: Win to however added the picture to Rage Quit, its brilliant.

jojabar: 'Twas I.


gg: Amazing!

onyhow: Whoever rewrite the I Wanna Be The Guy intro into Self-Demonstrating Article. That is freaking awesome.
Doug S Machina: The latest picture on Freud Was Right. Good God, that's brilliant; I can't believe that's real. (Later: A silencer for a tank?)

Malchus: I'm seconding the MOW for the sheer WTF of a freaking suppressor on a fucking tank. Dear god, I love the Germans.

Hydro Globus: Thirded! I'm tempted to also give one for using "sheer WTF" as an expression.

Specialist290: Technically that's actually a self-propelled artillery vehicle. Military tech pedantry aside, yes, that's very impressive.

DKN117: The picture on Heart Is an Awesome Power literally made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Heart!! WIN
Aminatep: The picture from It Will Never Catch On is my personal favorite. Nothing can be more descriptive.

Hydro Globus: For what, two years?

Rjung: You still think it's a fad, don't you?

SpiriTsunami: For Emperor Palpatine's description in Reasonable Authority Figure—saying things that are all true, and paint him as a good man, while the Pot Holes tell the true story.

Earnest: Thanks for the MOW! My cousin and I have this game where we take Sidious' side and play Devil's Advocate for him during the movies, so when writing Reasonable Authority Figure, the idea naturally popped into my head. ^_^

Inkblot: For this line in Platform Hell:

"But not like this. Not like this."

I thought it was just a throwaway reference, but then I remembered that it was Switch's last words. Very appropriate.

Muramasan 13: To the troper who wrote this gem on the Blob Monster page, D&D examples:"... if it can be sneezed it has a stat block and a challenge rating."
Unknown Troper: To whoever is responsible for this trope's page image, my hat's off to you. [^][^]

Egak: MoW to the fact that the individual "frames" of the image for the Nadia Omake Gekijou page are each exactly on tick of my mouse's scroll wheel high, giving me an impromptu flipbook experience.
Caswin: Who is responsible for the recognition of "Everybody Has Lots of Sex" as a trope? Some Guy? Thank you. Thank you. I award you this award.
batfan: Some Sort Of Troper deserves a MoW for the new page picture and caption for Xanatos Roulette (ps I already added this to the tally at the bottom of the page).
Enlong: Man, I should've done this a while ago, but whoever put this bit of advice for the Star Magician on the Golden Sun page.

"He's not too hard if you concentrate your attacks on his Balls until he has four Thunder Balls"

Enlong: I laugh every time, in spite of myself. Good show.

Pykrete: I think that was me, on a night when I was tired and everything seemed funny. I don't remember if I added the line, or just saw the pothole opportunity and couldn't resist.

SpiriTsunami: The advice sounds like it could've been mine; I'm not sure. The Pot Hole probably wasn't, though.

Killer Clowns: I salute whoever added Christian Weston Chandler's little bit to the Book Dumb Troper Tales, and caught themselves a bucketload of poor saps. I cannot oppose trolling when it is both clever, and a community service. And it was soft enough blow that I'm sure its victims suffered nothing more than the painful light of self-realization shining upon them. Because the best kind of trolling is when you do it by making people discover uncomfortable facts about themselves.

ROBRAM 89: I'm horrified by how well that worked.

Haven: Did that just—did that justdid I just read that?

Shadow Of The Sun: Whoever did that deserves a goddamn fucking medal. There's being an absolute asshole, but there's also being an absolute asshole with style.

gg: It would appear that whoever did this simply edited the page and moved some responses to make it look as if those people were responding to him, which makes it a tiny bit less epic than it might seem, but still a great job.

Cukeman: I had never heard of the guy before half an hour ago... boy do I feel educated.

ROBRAM 89: It does seem much more spiteful now, but...well, so is Chanology, and that didn't stop them from being awesome.

Haven: Oh, is that what happened? I rescind my previous response.

Be: I'm just a little bit disappointed KillerClowns couldn't work a Pot Hole to Not So Different in there somewhere. That's all it would have taken.

High Five: Whoever put the pic on "Everybody Laughs" Ending. Made me burst out laughing.

Beemoh: But at the start, not the end. Averted Trope!

Shay Guy: I thought it was going to be a screenshot from the Paranoia Agent opening.

Koveras: To make it a Self-Demonstrating Article, either the image needs to go to the bottom... or a Statler And Waldorf dialogue should be put down there.

Curtmack: One to buh6173 for the new page image for Go Out with a Smile. (The old one Wasn't Quite His Sled Yet.)

Malchus: While it is funny, it's kinda because Gordon looks more constipated than smiling. Going Out With A Clench?

Pykrete: I guess a clench is better than what usually happens when one dies. Good on him.

Pykrete: And someone took it out. Seriously, someone around here has no sense of humor.

Inkki Bookman: A Made Of Win Coupon to whomever found that awesome pic for Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick.

Zadia: Seconded. I love that picture with all my heart.

Telesam: Many Internets to be won for the Troper who put in this entry in Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics:
  • A survey recently conducted in my cubicle suggests that 100% of humans are me.

Haven: Was that written by the Master?

Schizo Technician: Given that it wasn't written by The Doctor, and James Bond Rassilion and company are too busy to trope, its not like anyone else could have done it, seeing as everyone else is the Master now.

Paul A: On behalf of the not-insignificant number of people in the world who are still waiting for that episode to air in their country, may I say: "Aargh! Spoilers!"

Schizo Technician: Oh. Right then. Not any more. Made Of Lose for me, I suppose.

Paireon: Whoever typed this in Spy Fiction, in the part of the article concerning whether a work is Martini- or Stale Beer-flavored:
Shoebox: One point to whomever at IP added the 'interruption' on the Max Headroom page. I have no idea which is nerdier, that I went there hoping to find reference to that incident, or that I did.

Inkblot: Thanks, though I think it lacks punch. It may have to be revised.

ROBRAM 89: Seconded, to both. It's absolutely perfect in concept but we need something more...eyecatching? Not bare-ass flyswatter spanking catchy, but catchy.

Jordan: This line in response to the notes on the various Berserk Buttons held by the characters of Fullmetal Alchemist: "Y'know what? Just don't even look funny at ANYONE. That's probably the only way to avoid an asskicking."

Earnest: One each to and Crowbar for this bit in Changeling: The Lost:

Blade Tiger: A Made Of Win for Fast Eddie, in recognition of the picture and caption on Department of Redundancy Department.

Haven: He didn't put that there, he just moved it to the right side of the page. Fast Eddie is not a fan of memes.

Petranca: One shiny new intarwebz to Duckluck for the Shameless Self-Promoter page.

thatother1dude: Nominated, forever ago.

Nyperold: This happens so often that I wonder if it might not be a good idea to make Made Of Win a namespace so when you see something MoW-worthy on a page, you go to the Made Of Win version, and:

  • add it if it's not there, or
  • agree, don't say anything, or whatever if it is there.

On the other hand, I wonder if the work involved would be worth it.

DragonQuestZ: The Dethroning Moment of Suck page has an entire sub-section on just one Family Guy episode, "Not all dogs go to heaven". After all the discussion over that (and you should read the whole thing to appreciate this), someone caps it with "I suppose saying that the episode wasn't funny would be a bit redundant at this point, huh?"

thatother1dude: That wasn't funny either.

Noaqiyeum: I know not who added The Stinger to TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, neither do I know nor care whether you have been previously MoWed for it. You, sir, are awesome.

Doug S Machina: Thank you very much.

Jomar: To everyone who contributed to the introduction for The Stars Are Going Out, let this troper tell you that you have created very potent Nightmare Fuel Unleaded.

ROBRAM 89: Fairly certain somebody got that one before.

Grimace: Point to the Unknown Troper ( for this regarding the opening scene on the Dexter main page:

pagad: Point to whoever added the final line referencing the Batman musical in Batman Beyond in Darkness Equals Death:
  • There's a good guy example in Batman Begins in the sequence on the docks, where Batman pulls a mob goon into said dark space.
    • And again in The Dark Knight, when he's interrogating the Joker.
    • Batman in general pretty much acts like a non-lethal horror movie monster to terrify criminals.

Caswin: Their evil schemes all come to naught!

Master Hand: So, to all those who contributed to the Monster Clown entry on the Batman Arkham Asylum page: congratulations, you made me laugh so hard I cried.

Radical Taoist: I think the Joker himself would be laughing at that one. Seconded.

Pykrete: I think that may have already got one late last year.

Shoebox: Yeah, but I think they've added to it since then. The last line really sells it IMHO.

Medinoc: One MoW to Unknown Troper, for this passage in Mushroom Samba:
  • There was some platformer back in the 80's that featured the main character consuming mushrooms; whereupon he would immediately believe himself to have grown gigantic like Alice, or, if it was a green mushroom, that he could survive an additional death! Then there was the dreamlike imagery of winged turtles and walking mushrooms with angry little faces. In fact, there were faces, or at least eyes, on just about everything: mushrooms, stars, clouds; the hills themselves, even, in the sequels I think were made.

Prfnoff: Removed it, because it unfortunately isn't an example of that trope.

macroscopic: Found a home for it in What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome?. I super spoiler-tagged the name of the series to try and stave off the inevitable nattertsunami.

Medinoc: Uhm, I don't see it in What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome?. Not even in its history...

macroscopic: My bad, I had put it in What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs? (where it actually fits), guess I was just tired. I just put it back after some anon nixed it for some reason.

Dorian Mode: Twas I! My first win, thank you!

DragonQuestZ: Don't know if this is on MoW yet, but whoever put up the page image for Chandler's Law. I still chuckle at it.

Malchus: Danke schön. * does Hapsburg bow*

Nyperold: For archival purposes, just in case it gets changed, it's the classic picture of Jesus standing at the door and knocking, but... He's got a gun!

alliterator: One to for this lovely brain-damaging bit in Time-Travel Tense Trouble:
  • Please. Were it to have been inducing your head to explode, it will have, having been doing so precisely when it was being done. Happening, it will have been being ongoing from the moment it was begun, taking as long as it will have been observed to have taken, and, thus concluded, it will not have not been said to have been happening precisely when it was. And it had better have been going to be so doing when it did, or else we run the risk of becoming our own grandfathers.

Madrugada: The truly scary thing about that is that it parses correctly. I don't want to think about how long it took to construct that sentence. I wouldn't try to diagram it for a million dollars.

Flanker66: Whoever added this line on Emergency Weapon: "Often, this weapon is your bare hands, because if you run out of bare hands, you have a whole lot more trouble on your stumps than just limited weaponry." just because it's genuinely amusing. Feel proud, whoever you are, because this is my first Made Of Win, and also the first MOW of 2010!

Cukeman: I'm almost certain that that's been nominated before.

Real Slim Shadowen: It has. It's mine. Thanks, though. (I'm quite proud of the fact that it still tickles people.)

  • MainMainJ: fishsicles for his contribution to the caption for With Great Power Comes Great Insanity (it's gone now):

Now you're dead.

From the Totally Radical page:
"[Homestar Runner's] latest April Fools gag is a Totally Radical revamp of the characters with Xtreme Kool Letterz. They're revamped for the nineties...a decade or two late.

Continued in Made of Win (Late 2009).