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As the name might suggest, I am a huge fan of both Batman and Star Trek. Which Star Trek? All five. Yes, even Enterprise. Yes, even the last few seasons of Voyager. As for Batman, my favorite version of him will always be the animated series by Bruce Timm. However, I also throw out some huge kudos to Christopher Nolan for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He made live-action Batman cool again!


I am the wacko responsible for the Hey, It's That Voice! page. I made it back when I was, ya know, a Clueless Contributor and by sheer luck it managed to avoid deletion! And after floating around for a while, I've also added Pokemon Ranger and Oedipus The King to my page count.

For future reference
1) Batman would totally cream Superman in a fight.
2) Picard would totally cream Kirk in a fight.

And by the by, I happen to be of the feminine persuasion.

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