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From the depths of the eternally frozen canadian wastes (actually the northeastern suburbs of Montreal), this proud Québécois frog has decided to hop a bit more in the spotlight instead of just lurking. Cynicism and sarcasm having been useful character traits in his life, he fully intends to use them to the fullest here. He is certain that almost all the problems of american Superhero Comics of the last 20 years are due to a combination of too-long runs and the "too many cooks" syndrome. Considers Nightmare Fuel to be one of the four intellectual food groups (and is an avid collector), and that Everything's Better With Cosmic Horror; considers the shark in Jaws to be the actual protagonist. Just don't be surprised if you occasionally spot him playing with puppies, despite being allergic. Accidental creator of the Complete Monster subpages cleanup thread.

Contributed significantly to the following articles (and more):

Made minor edits to (among others):

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