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Writer, TV geek, hoping to combine the two someday. Well, you know, for money. Fanfic makes the heart grow fonder, but it doesn't pay the rent. Tabby watches way too much TV and thinks way too much about it, and she maintains that time loops are never not funny and virtually every show in history would benefit from a Rashomon episode and/or a musical episode. When she's not losing hours of her life on this site, she's losing hours of her life on the message boards at and Television Without Pity. She enjoys snark and character-driven shows, but do yourself a favor and don't get her started on Firefly. She reads and watches more young adult fiction than is probably healthy for a college grad, and she knits. A lot. She's left-handed, which is apropos of nothing but she likes to mention it occasionally. She doesn't know exactly what possessed her to rewrite this page in the third person, but thinks it looks cleaner this way.


She has a tendency to start discussion threads or offer ideas for new entries, then completely forget about them. Feel free to yell at her if you notice it happening.

She also fully intends to eventually write an entry for every show she's listed that doesn't already have one. Again with the feeling free to yell.

Original author of:

Contributed to naming of:

Currently watching:

Still in love with:

Has written Fan Fic (under a penname she will not reveal) for:

Other fan works include:

  • A handful of FanVids (available at her Youtube account)
  • Customized My Little Ponies based on several characters from the aforementioned shows

Was almost in an episode of: