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"Describe Be here."


This troper looks damn spiffy in a suit, and loves Haruhi a great big huggy (muggy) bunch. He'd include more, but is at work and so that might not be the smartest idea in the world.

This troper contains examples of:

  • Berserk Button (You still can't spell it without Be. The previous one, people who walk slowly on crowded streets, still applies, but a secondary one has arisen since - parents who let their babies scream their lungs out in public places. I now work in one of those public places and it's a daily plague.)
    • Of course, that's only in the real world. On here, you can raise my ire with wild mass guesses about character X from show Y being a Time Lord or show Y having anything to do with Haruhi, or contributing to one of the many ludicrously self-aggrandising Troper Tales pages.
  • Blind Without 'Em (Unspeakably so. People who don't already know me often ask about my eyesight and sometimes dispute what I say; after a few seconds with my glasses - the thing I need for ostensibly 20/20 vision - on, they aren't arguing any more.)
  • Dreadful Singer (Pretty much what it says. I managed to complete a song or two on Rock Band with a single star, which I originally thought was impossible. Subverted, however, in that I can play the drums.)
  • Drink Order (Pepsi Max. My alcoholic beverages of choice are too varied.)
  • Fetish Fuel (Not me personally (although now I've said that...), but glasses, hair that's any colour except natural and female instrumentalists, which would be pot-holed to the Suzi Quatro Principle, if the page existed any more.)
  • Neutral Good (Ties in with the above. It's more out of a desire to be a Nice Guy than anything else.)
  • Nice Hat (Despite what everybody else thinks, I did not acquire my dark blue trilby out of my love for Yahtzee. Nobody listens)
  • Perverse Sexual Lust (Reposted from the page on Fetish Fuel: Not particularly. Now, studying Soul Calibur and Ninja Gaiden so I can hold my own against Roxanne Richter? Inferiority complex? Rollerskates? Li?l bit of meat on her bones? Ninja HALF-ninja? Gimme.)
  • Stout Strength (As mentioned on the TT page)