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Shoebox is a Canadian bookworm, sometime writer and all-around iconoclast...all of which have combined to give her literary ambitions. While waiting for her first article to be published she discovered this wiki, and soon learned to regard it as a most excellent way to distract herself from emailing her editor every ten seconds or so.

She must state upfront that she has no particular knowledge of, or interest in, Buffy or Avatar the Last Airbender, or for that matter most anime. She does however think the Discworld sounds kinda nifty.

Her particular fields of expertise are mainly literary, historical and TV-related, and she has made a speciality of rescuing/expanding subject pages in those areas, rewriting the headers and cleaning up examples. She has also created the Bob & Ray page and sundry related examples (no prizes for guessing the subject of that published article).

Other pages to which she has contributed heavily include: