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I'm just another guy with too much time on his hands. Blah blah blah, I don't know what to write here that doesn't make me feel embarrassed when I link to my page.

Pages I thought we needed: Final Fantasy III
Tak And The Power Of Juju
Dokapon Kingdom.
Press Start
Level Up!

And they exist now, sweet. Now turn your attentions to MÄR! It Needs More Love!

Pages I launched:
The Power of the Sun
Impossible Leavening

I'm gonna keep 3DS Friendcodes for people on TV Tropes here. That way, I can just direct people here instead of us always hunting them down.

  • Abrick (gameguy) 2895-6486-0709
  • Alfric: 5370-0621-8008
  • Aiko Heiwa: 3566-1651-0881
  • Azure Seas: 2277-6804-4207
  • Beorc: 0216-0966-0082
  • burnspy: 0989-1841-6110
  • Dawnwing: 5155-2999-2904
  • Diurnal Broccili: 2492-4469-5607
  • Electivirus: 5412-9983-8497
  • Enlong: 3609-1520-2469
  • Evi L Paladin: 5327-0947-3315 *Evii, Kyle
  • Folt: 2191-7627-2246
  • Giant Robots: 0989-1976-6051
  • Jaryl: 1977-0183-0883 *pm
  • i-kun: 4253-3938-6203
  • Inari 2600: 0130-1840-4492
  • kct 43: 3437-3170-2657
  • Lightflame: 2277-7112-3245
  • Matic: 0001-3338-0697
  • Meophist: 1977-0157-3304
  • Mr. Dolomite: 1504-6255-1294
  • Mr. W: 5284-1609-6080
  • nomuru2d: 0259-0435-4987
  • occono: 3050-7562-3560
  • SapphireBlue: 2062-9374-8116
  • Spooky Mask: 2535-3615-8856 *pm
  • Sterok: 5112-3515-7277
  • Strawberry Flavored: 3652-0696-2669
  • Swampertrox: 0301-9802-1642
  • Talby: 3093-7108-0498
  • Thomas Kun: 4296-3461-6773
  • Tracer Bullet: 0344-9337-5183
  • Totoro: 3823-8530-7583
  • Xiphoniii: 5241-1942-2731 *Tyler
  • Zelenal: 4511-0501-8100

I've made a Homestuck version of the Tarot deck. So far, I have completed the Major Arcana, using edited panels. Each of the four kids and the 12 trolls appear at least once. I have also completed a face-down card. I'm using this page as a gallery for the completed cards. Keep an eye on this page, because who knows? I may go completely insane and try to make the Minor Arcana as well.

Go ahead and vandalize the page, if you feel like.

I'M UR PAGE. EDITING.- Andromache

You are scary when you want to be, Enlong. - Gilphon.

You think I use "brick'd" too much, huh? Okay, then, what if I'm the one doing the bricking? - Caped Luigis Yoshi

All Your Base Are Belong to Us. —CATS

You helped me out. Now I'm all up in your page. You've committed a grave mistake. That'll teach you to be nice to people. Mwahahaha. I'm fairly certain I'm kidding but I can never be sure. -IPunchWithMyFists

MÄR really does need more love. I'm with you on that one. - MsieurLapin

You don't know me, but your sister is one of my homies. That is all. -Lina

Why hello there...Lunch. - Deathonabun

Hey Chucklehead, what smells like mint? - OrangeSpider

Finally, I know how to mess with this page. colinispower

Added my Firendcode here myself, hope you don't mind. ABRICK.

Vandalizing the burning dragon! Can't believe I haven't done it yet. Wanderlust Warrior