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As may be expected of a show that's run for over thirty seasons over more than fifty years, there are plenty of characters here.

For an index of the actors and actresses of the Whoniverse who have their own page on this wiki, see here.

Note that almost all spoilers on the subpages up to and including Series 9 have been unmarked, and even images on some pages contain spoilers.

These are for the main TV series (Doctor Who, obviously):

  • The TARDIS
  • Companions and Supporting Cast
    • Classic Series Companionsnote 
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    • Revival Series Companionsnote 
    • Other Supporting Castnote 
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    • UNIT Staff note 
  • Villainsnote 
  • Aliens and Monstersnote 
    • Daleksnote 
    • Cybermennote 
    • Robotsnote 
    • The Silencenote 
    • Silurians
    • Sontarans
    • Time Lordsnote 
    • Weeping Angels
    • Slitheen
For the Whoniverse spinoffs:

Expanded Universely speaking:

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