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"I've got the horrible feeling I'm going to have to kill you. I thought you might appreciate a drink first. I know I would."

Drinking game for Doctor Who:

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    In General 
  • Take a shot every time somebody runs.
    • Double any time a companion twists her ankle.
      • Quadruple any time a companion twists his ankle.
  • Finish your drink any time a companion wanders off. Start a second drink if the Doctor complains about his companions not heeding the rule not to wander off.
  • Take a shot every time someone dies. Say goodbye to brain cells.
  • Take a shot each time someone says "what are you doing here?"
  • Take a drink any time something is "impossible!" or "can't be!", etc.
    • Take two drinks for every one of these during the episode "Midnight".
      • If watching "Midnight" after midnightnote , take four.
    • Also take two for each one in "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit".
  • Take a shot every time a series regular makes a Badass Boast.
    • Or when Donna slaps someone or tells them to shut up. Take two sips if it's the Doctor she slaps or tells him to shut up.
      • Take three if they, most definitely, deserve it.
  • Take a drink any time you hear Arc Words.
  • When watching a Gallifrey-based story, drink every time someone says the name "Rassilon." Good luck if you're listening to Gallifrey.
    • Another sip if it's any item "of Rassilon"; down the glass if the Doctor refuses to take said items seriously.
    • A full glass if it's Rassilon who says "Rassilon".
  • Take a shot whenever the Doctor says "I'll explain later."
    • Take another shot if the episode ends, and he hasn't.
  • Take a shot when somebody shouts "Doctor!"
  • Take a drink any time there is a Title Drop.
    • Take two if they say (or imply or subvert) the question "Doctor Who?"
    • Make sure you have your designated driver nearby when doing this to "Asylum of the Daleks".
    • Watching "The Snowmen"? Better make it sips.
    • Completely ignore this if watching "Time of the Doctor".
  • Take a shot for each reference to the work of a famous author or artist in an episode in which they appear.
  • Take a shot if a well-known historical enigma is accounted for by Aliens Did It.
    • Take a double shot if some well-known historical event which is fully accounted is subjected to Artistic License – History so that Aliens Did It.
  • Take a shot if they split up the group. Take two if there's more than one companion and none of them are in the same place anyway.
  • Take a shot if the set wobbles and you're sure it's not just because you can't see straight at this point.
  • Take a sip every time your ear drums burst from loud screams.
    • Take two if it's Mel or Victoria.
  • Take a shot whenever a telesnap reconstruction of a Missing Episode has to reuse telesnaps from other episodes
    • Take a shot every time Loose Canon use their flickering candle effect
    • A glass of celebratory champagne if missing episodes are confirmed to be found and added to the BBC Archive.
  • Take a shot if you figure someone is just saying something so it can be used for the trailer.
    • Take another if you reach the end of the episode, and a great line from the trailer never happened.
    • Take a sip if a line was completely misrepresented in the trailer, and wound up meaning something else entirely in the episode.note 
  • Take a shot if any companion screams.
  • Take a shot if any set, prop, monster, or actor wobbles ("Creature From the Pit" does not count).
  • Take a shot if you recognise any set, prop or actor from another show.
    • Double for Blake's 7.
    • Triple for Eastenders.
    • Quadruple for Red Dwarf. All you can drink if you catch the TARDIS in the Red Dwarf shuttlebay.
  • Have a drink on the rocks if the BBC Quarry stands in for an alien planet. Have two if the BBC Quarry is an actual quarry in-verse (alien or otherwise).
  • Take a shot if the Doctor or one of their companions says "But we're not spies, we're... travellers!", or any variation.
  • Take a shot if the Doctor or one of their companions says "I don't know. I hate not knowing", or any variation.
  • Take one drink if a character is offered a chance at being the Doctor's companion, another if they don't take it, and a third if it's because they died.
  • Down six entire one and a half litre bottles whenever a version of the Doctor makes a badass speech.
    • Down twelve entire one and a half litre bottles if this is the First Doctor saying this to Susan.
    • Only down one for Eleven. Anything higher and your liver will explode.
  • Take a shot if a character's childhood self appears in a flashback and/or due to time travel.
    • Make it a double if it's a character the Doctor'd actually met when they were a child.
    • Down your drink in "Listen" when it's the Doctor's childhood self.
  • Take a shot every time "two hearts" or "thirteen lives" are mentioned. Take two if they mention some other Time Lord physiology quirk, like having three brainstems or a respiratory bypass system.
  • Take a shot when the Doctor and the Master team up. Down the glass if they get to the end of the episode without the alliance being betrayed.
  • If energy-bolts strike the TARDIS as it whirls through the Time Vortex during the opening credits sequence, take a shot. Down the glass if they play with the credits some other way, like putting up someone else's face, Capaldi playing the theme music, or making the images deliberately glitchy.
  • Take a shot if they do a "base under siege" story.
  • Take a shot if something happens of which Mary Whitehouse would disapprove.


The Doctor

  • Take a shot every time the Doctor says "I'm the Doctor."
  • Finish your drink any time the Doctor picks up a gun.
    • Take a double shot if the Doctor picks up something that only looks like a gun, but identifies it as a non-gun, e.g. a hair dryer.
    • Take a triple shot if he pretends to be holding a weapon, but it's something harmless like a yo-yo, banana, or jammy dodger.
  • Take a shot every time the Doctor insults a previous Doctor's trademark.
    • Take a double shot if a past Doctor insults a later Doctor's trademark in a multi-Doctor episode.
      • Down your whole drink if said later Doctor also badmouths his trademark to avoid admitting it has anything to do with him.
    • Take a triple shot if a past Doctor, by pure chance, insults a future Doctor's trademark that hadn't actually been thought up yet when the episode was written.
  • Take a shot if any Doctor, having been the object of some other character's scolding or threat, shows he hadn't been paying the slightest attention to them.
    • Double shot if he outright admits he hadn't been listening.
  • Take a shot when The Scarf gets mentioned/used after the Tom Baker era.
  • If a newly-regenerated Doctor mistakes an associate's name, take a shot.
    • If the newly-regenerated Doctor keels over unconscious, asleep, and/or delerious, take a double shot.
    • If the keeling-over is accompanied by a goofy sound effect, bolt down the rest of your drink, verbally mimic the same sound effect, and collapse "unconscious" until the Doctor wakes up.
    • If a companion remarks "Here we go again" upon seeing the newly-regenerated Doctor, pour and bolt down a whole new round.
  • Take a shot if The Doctor namedrops a famous historical figure he has met.
    • Double if the meeting took place in an actual episode.
  • Every time Four, Ten, Eleven, or Thirteen say they love something - gift shops, the TARDIS's takeoff noise, the Kerblam! Man, whatever - take a shot.
    • Every time Six or Twelve say they hate something - gardening, carrot juice, etc - take another shot.

  • Take a shot every time the First Doctor says "Hm?"
  • Take a shot every time the Doctor is mistaken for someone else
  • Take a shot whenever William Hartnell blows, mangles or forgets a line, or just giggles, hmphs or coughs.
    • Take two shots every time he tries to correctly pronounce "Chesterton".
  • Take a shot any time the First Doctor refers to someone young as "child", "my boy", "my dear", "girl", or the like.
    • Ignore this if it is Susan, due to their fluffy nature.
  • Finish your drink whenever the First Doctor grumbles.
  • Every time the Doctor has to do something to fix the TARDIS, take a drink.
  • Whenever the First Doctor complains about his toothache in "The Gunfighters", take a shot. Brush your teeth afterwards- you don't want to end up in a saloon listening to a cheesy song-and-dance routine while getting your teeth pulled like him, do you?
  • Also in The Gunfighters, take a sip at every proof that the Whoniverse isn't our timeline.
  • Each time the First Doctor argues or protests at his companions, finish your drink.
  • For every instance the Doctor encounters a Dalek, take a shot.
  • Whenever the First Doctor uses his monocle or signet ring device, take a drink.
  • Only if you can regenerate, take a shot every time he clutches his lapels.
  • Take a shot any time One chews out any of his successors in a multi-Doctor episode.
    • Take another shot if said successors react to his scolding like naughty schoolboys caught out by their teacher.

  • Take a shot whenever the Second Doctor says "Oh, my giddy aunt!" or "Oh dear."
  • Take a shot whenever Two and Jamie cling to each other in fear.
  • Take a shot whenever Patrick Troughton plays his recorder.
  • Any time the Second Doctor and company find themselves in a base under siege, take a full drink for every fifteen minutes spent in the base.
    • Now trying doing this while watching several 'base under siege' episodes in a row. The good news is that when you're done, you'll never have to watch another 'base under siege' again. The bad news is that, when you're done, you'll never be able to watch another 'base under siege' again. Or do much of anything, really...
  • Whenever Patrick Troughton does his trademark jog-run, drink for the duration of the run.
  • If the Second Doctor clowns around and suddenly the act is dropped to reveal he's done something clever or perhaps diabolical, finish two drinks.
  • If watching a reconstruction of Fury from the Deep, take a sip whenever Robson shows that he just doesn't get what's happening.

  • Take a shot when Three snarks off at somebody.
    • If you have a Time Lord's liver, take two if it's the Brigadier.
  • Take a shot when Three uses his Venusian Aikido.
  • Whenever Three reverses or somehow messes with the polarity, drink your glass dry so you can reverse it and slam it on the table.
  • Take a shot any time the Brig and Three don't see eye-to-eye.
  • Take a shot every time a character is revealed to be the Master in disguise, be it in a rubber mask or a pseudonym. If the Doctor deduces his identity, drink three full glasses.
  • Drink every time you see the Doctor wear a new cape or clothing accessory.
  • Take a shot every time Bessie breaks down. Another shot for each time you see the Doctor riding around in Bessie. Yet another if he activates a weird gadget, and another if he has on riding gloves while driving.
    • If the Doctor uses the Whomobile, slow down and savor your drink to the last gulp.
  • Take a shot every time the Doctor or company appear to have escaped capture... then get captured all over again.
  • Take a shot each time Three appears to get his TARDIS fixed... and it or its respective components blow smoke everywhere.
  • Take a shot every time you notice the Third Doctor's bouffant hair has gotten bigger. Easiest to notice with the start of each new season.
  • Take a sip each time the Doctor responds to something or starts a sentence with the words, "Yes", "Of course", "Well", or "Right". Two sips for "No" or "Now, look". Three for "Good grief!" Four when he yells, "HAI!!"
  • Take a drink on the rocks whenever the Doctor faces some corrupt figure of power. Guzzle it if the Doctor starts bashing their intellect.
  • Finish a drink whenever you see the Third Doctor take a drink.
  • Take a double shot if the Doctor says, "Now listen to me".
  • Finish your drink each time one of the Third Doctor's stories involves a calm and controlled leader figure who wants to beat the enemy with a strategy, but also a spunky, pugnacious person who wants to brazenly attack the enemy. Another sip every time that person demands an attack. Another drink if they carry out an attack of their own agenda. And another drink if they make the situation worse for acting without thinking.
  • Take a drink whenever he rubs his chin.

  • Take a shot every time something happens to Four's scarf, whether it's him tripping on it, someone standing on it, or it getting damaged in some way.
  • Take two shots if the scarf gets shut in the TARDIS door.
  • Take a shot when he offers someone a Jelly Baby.
  • Take a shot whenever Four gives a Cheshire Cat Grin.
    • Double when it's in a life-threatening situation.
  • Drink continuously through "The Horns of Nimon", until you're so soused that "Looorrd Nimooon!!!" sounds like good acting. You won't regret it.
    • Or, in reference to Nash, take a shot every time Four says or does something that makes you want to reach into the screen and slap him.
  • Anytime Tom Baker swears in an outtake, take a drink. You will be plastered in no time.
  • Anytime that The Doctor and Romana flirt take a sip...
    • Take two if Romana manages to out-Doctor the Doctor. Be warned - she does this a LOT!
  • Take a shot each time Four's yo-yo appears.
  • Take a taste of your drink each time Four's eyes bulge. Not a sip- a taste- even less than a sip. Lest you wake up on a gurney.
  • Down an entire bottle every time that Four acts like a complete and total idiot... only to reveal that he's actually done a Baldrick and created a "cunning plan" to achieve victory.
  • Take a small sip if the Doctor is in some way rendered unconscious.
    • DO NOT take a full shot or else you too will be rendered unconscious.

  • Take a shot whenever the Doctor employs some cricket equipment.
  • Take a shot every time the Doctor tries to get Tegan back home and fails. Take two if Tegan sourly complains because the Doctor can't get her back to Heathrow Airport.
  • Take a shot whenever Adric praises himself when the Doctor speaks to him. And when "Earthshock" rolls around, drink yourself silly to prepare for the worst...
  • If the Fifth Doctor tries to be noble and sacrifices his well-being for the safety of others, drink a cup of wine with a celery stalk in it as a garnish.
  • Take a shot every time someone asks "Where's Turlough?"
  • Take a shot every time Turlough reaches the end of a corridor, stops, turns his head both ways, and then heads forward.

  • Take a shot whenever Six is mean to somebody.
    • This might kill someone though...
  • Take a shot if Colin Baker repeats something three times.
    • Double if they get progressively louder.
  • Take a shot if Six recoils at the mention of carrot juice or has to drink it.
  • Drink yourself into a stupor before watching The Twin Dilemma. This isn't part of a game, this is basic health and safety.
  • Whenever the Sixth Doctor rubs his cat badge, rub your stomach for good luck as you take six sips of your drink.
  • If you start to get nauseous looking at the Sixth Doctor's coat after drinking, you have our permission to abort the game. You've earned it.
  • Take a shot whenever Six kills someone.
  • In A Fix with Sontarans, take a shot whenever the Fourth Wall implodes.
    • And take a shot when Gareth successfully operates machinery.
    • And take one whenever a character demonstrates knowledge of the future (including the Savile abuse scandal).
  • Take a shot whenever somebody else has a good idea, and Six shamelessly steals it from them.

  • Take a shot whenever Seven rrrrolls his Rs.
  • Take a shot whenever the Big Bads learn how thoroughly they have been played by the Doctor.
  • Take a shot whenever Ace learns how thoroughly she has been played by the Doctor.
    • If he apologizes, take another shot.
  • Take a shot if Seven tries to use an old saying and bungles it, like " A stitch in time... takes up space."
  • If Seven plays the spoons, find the biggest bottle of alcohol you have and drink about a quarter of it.
  • If Seven uses his question mark umbrella in some form, be it cane, life-saving tool, or weapon, have a drink.
  • Take a shot when something mysterious about Seven's past is revealed that may indicate the Doctor is a more significant figure than we know him to be. Take two if he tries to dismiss his past and tells paper-thin lies to cover his rump.

  • Take a shot every time you see a clock in the TV movie.
  • Take a shot when he kisses Grace.
  • In Big Finish Doctor Who take one whenever he loses his memory.
    • Take two whenever he loses his shirt.
      • Take three whenever he's tortured.
  • Take two whenever he mentions Mary Shelley, unless she's in the story.
  • Take a shot whenever he starts a sentence with "You know".
  • If Eight bellows "GET OUT!", leave the room you're drinking in and take a drink elsewhere.
  • If the Eighth Doctor goes into a Tranquil Fury, drink until it doesn't scare you anymore.
  • Whenever the Eighth Doctor is near a clock or his shoes are mentioned, take a shot.

  • Any time the War Doctor proclaims "No more", take a drink. (The graffiti counts.)
  • If the War Doctor is berated for not staying true to the name of "Doctor", or beats himself up about it in guilt, have a drink.
  • Drink every time the War Doctor snarks his younger-at-heart and physically younger-looking selves for acting like children or doing silly things.
  • Take a shot each time the Doctor prepares to use the Moment.
    • Take a double shot if the Moment flirts with or sasses him to deflect his intention to use it.
  • If the War Doctor puts on a Thousand-Yard Stare, finish your drink and gaze off into the distance. Stop drinking if your vision is blurred from alcohol consumption.
  • Take a sip for every individual Dalek killed off by the War Doctor (EXCEPT for the "Gallifrey stands" scene).
  • Take a shot for every person who dies after being associated with him.
  • Take a shot every time Cardinal Ollistra makes his life hell.
  • Take a shot each time the War Doctor swears.

  • Take a drink every time the Ninth Doctor says "fantastic."
  • Take a shot any time Nine defends his Mancunian accent by saying "Lots of planets have a North."
  • Take a shot every time someone makes a comment about Nine's military-style outfit.
  • Take a shot whenever Nine rages at the Daleks.
  • If Nine calls Mickey Smith "Mickey the Idiot", take a shot. Take two if he deliberately calls him "Ricky."
  • Take a shot if Nine calls humans "stupid apes".
  • Drink whenever he mentions that "bananas are good" and/or "an excellent source of potassium". You will be completely plastered by the middle of the episode.
  • Finish your drink if Nine's ears are mentioned.
  • If the Ninth Doctor makes something blow up, or is seen anywhere near an explosion (Krakatoa counts), take a drink.
  • Take two for every Dalek that goes boom.
  • Take a drink every time Nine does a Badass Arm-Fold. Double for the full Rebel Relaxation pose.

  • For the Tenth Doctor, drink every time he puts something in his mouth or licks something.
  • Take a shot each time he says, "I'm sorry."
    • Take two if he follows up with, "I'm so sorry."
      • Three if someone dies immediately or almost immediately afterwards.
  • Take a drink every time Ten says "What?"
    • Take another every time he says "Weeeell..."
  • Take a drink every time he says "Allons-y!"
  • Take a drink every time someone hits on the Doctor.
    • Two if he doesn't notice.
  • Take a shot any time Ten removes his longcoat and flings it onto the nearest object he finds suitable for an improvised coat rack.
    • If it's a companion that he throws it on, take two.
  • Take a shot every time Ten laments over the Time War. (WARNING: this could put you in a coma.)
  • Any time Ten has to tell one of his companions not to do a crappy fake foreign accent.
  • Take a shot whenever the Brainy Specs come out.
    • Take two if it's the 3D glasses instead.
      • Three in the rare case he has/improvises sunglasses.
  • Drink a whole bottle when Ten makes stuff go "boom" or "ding" or "Bwaack!" (Note, the latter is only in the case of chickens!)

Eleven, being such a quirky Doctor, has a very long list, so be warned that it is not for the faint of heart.

  • Take a drink every time Matt Smith says the word "cool."
    • Two if it's in reference to a type of hat or other article of clothing.
      • Three if River Song immediately destroys said article of clothing.
      • Four if Amy helps her.
      • FIVE if The Doctor pouts.
  • Take a drink when Eleven mentions fezzes, Jammie Dodgers, or tea.
  • Take a drink when Eleven starts an analogy, then says "It's nothing like that."
  • Take a shot if Eleven bellows, "GERONIMO!"
  • Take a shot when he says, "Come along, Pond."
    • Take two if he refers to Amy and Rory collectively as the Ponds.
      • Take three if he includes Rory's father, Brian, as a Pond.
  • Take a shot when a villain angers Eleven so much his dark side comes out and he gets medieval with them.
    • Take two if Eleven is so angry that he insinuates their demise.
  • Take a shot any time Eleven spins a full 360 degrees to turn around.
  • If Eleven says something that accentuates how much of an alien he is, take a shot.
  • If Eleven flirts with River, take a drink. Two if she flirts back. Three if he gets slapped instead.
  • If the Doctor kisses another man creature or does something that would make another man think he's hitting on them, when in reality Eleven is just unaware of social customs, take a shot.
  • Any time he gets called "Raggedy Man" or "Raggedy Doctor", take a shot.
    • Take two if it's in "The Eleventh Hour".
  • If the Doctor does the "drunk giraffe", take a shot.
  • Whenever Eleven lies or is ratted out as a liar, take a drink.
    • Take a second drink if Rule #1 ("The Doctor Lies") is mentioned before or afterward.
  • Any time Eleven adjusts his bow-tie, take a drink. If he removes the bow-tie, put the alcohol away and mourn.
  • If Eleven performs an action clumsily, take a drink.
  • If Eleven gives a big Badass Boast, take a shot.
  • Take a drink anytime Eleven shifts his jaw around when upset or puzzled.
  • Take a restrained sip for each individual wild gesture Eleven makes with his hands. Any more than that and you will put yourself in the hospital.
  • If Eleven finds himself dealing with the Silence, take a drink.
    • Then take another, because you've forgotten you took the first.

  • Go back, and drink every time you see him in "The Fires of Pompeii" or Torchwood: Children of Earth.
  • Drink every time it looks like Twelve is about to go Malcolm Tucker on someone.
  • Take a shot whenever Twelve's eyebrows are mentioned. Another shot for his Scottish accent.
  • Finish your drink when the issue of Capaldi's multiple roles in the Whoniverse before becoming Twelve is brought up.
  • Take a shot every time the Twelfth Doctor does something dark or unsettling, or he gets compared to a villain.
    • Finish your drink if the Doctor must question his own roots and wonder if he's a good man.
    • Take another shot if Twelve uses his dark, grim, unsettling persona to intimidate the hell out of the opposition.
  • Take a shot whenever Twelve is by a chalkboard or gets a hold of some chalk.
  • Take a drink every time Twelve snarks.
  • Take a sip each time Twelve tells someone to shut up or any variant of shutting up.
  • Take a sip when Twelve gets on the receiving end of a What the Hell, Hero? speech.
  • Take three sips if you see Twelve actually smile.
  • Take very small sips anytime Twelve is rude to anyone.
  • Finish your drink when Twelve doles out Brutal Honesty.
  • Take a shot whenever Twelve asks if something (or someone) has developed a fault.
  • Drink the whole bottle if Twelve abuses Clara.
    • Two if it's accidentally.
      • Three if he apologises.
  • Take a shot every time Twelve gets hugged against his will.
    • Take a double shot if the hugger isn't Clara.
    • Take two shots if the Doctor initiates the hug.
      • Finish the bottle if the person the Doctor initiates the hug with isn't Clara.
    • Take a triple shot if Twelve gets hugged by both Bill and Nardole.
      • Take another shot if Nardole says "cuddle" while hugging them both.
  • Drink continuously when Missy snogs him in "Dark Water", then stop and gasp for air when she turns him loose.
    • Take a little sip of chaser for each kiss on the nose afterwards.
  • If Twelve flashes the red lining of his coat, take a shot. If the theme music draws attention to this flourish, make it a double.
  • Take a shot whenever Twelve plays his guitar. Two if it's the Doctor Who theme song.
  • Take progressively larger drinks each time the Doctor's year count goes up in "Heaven Sent". By the time he reaches two billion, you'll probably need them.
  • Take a small sip every time the Doctor expresses the sentiment "I love you" to Clara without actually using those words. (They have to be small sips otherwise you'll be flat on your back by the end of Series 9.) Clear out your local liquor store's supply of booze if he ever actually says "I love you." To anyone.
  • Take a sip whenever you spot a reference to the Tenth Doctor's run. Any more than that is dangerous for your liver.
  • Take a shot every time he says "Clara".
  • Take a shot every time someone calls him an idiot. Finish your drink if he owns up to it or admits it himself, a double if he declares it proudly.
  • Take a shot every time Twelve shamelessly trolls Bill, e.g. claiming that "your friend Pete" just got erased from their timeline. Take a double shot if Nardole plays along with the trolling.

  • Take a shot every time Thirteen says something will/should/may "be fine". Take another shot if she immediately follows this up with "Probably" or "I think".
  • Take a shot every time Thirteen scrunches her nose.
  • Take another shot whenever she refers to a stranger as her "friend".
  • Take a tiny sip whenever the Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver. Previous incarnations already used it a lot, but in this regeneration it's almost ridiculous. On that note, take a sip any time the Sonic Screwdriver fails to do something.
  • Take a shot every time she mentions how much she doesn't like guns.
  • Take a shot every time she mentions a Noodle Incident.
  • Take a shot whenever she remarks that she's not used to being a "she".
  • Take a shot if Thirteen addresses a companion's relative by their relationship to that companion (e.g. Yaz's mum, Ryan's dad) rather than by their actual name.
  • Take a shot if Thirteen awards someone points for making a good suggestion or getting something right.


    The TARDIS 
  • Take a shot when the TARDIS materializes/dematerializes.
    • Take another if it appears at the right planet and time, but in the wrong place.
    • A third shot, if it's the wrong time or planet.
    • A fourth if it's both.
    • Finish the bottle if it's not even the right universe.
  • Take a shot if the TARDIS materializes in a crowd of people and no-one notices.
  • Take a shot if the Doctor and/or companions return to where they'd parked the TARDIS, only to discover that it's not there anymore.
    • Take a double shot if a companion freaks out at the realization that their ride is missing.
    • Take a triple shot if it's the Doctor who freaks out.
  • Take a shot every time someone mentions the TARDIS being bigger on the inside than the outside.
    • Also take a shot for every alternative explanation Bill comes up with for its layout before finally catching on.
    • Down a glass if it's Clara and she says it's smaller on the outside.
    • Take a shot for every line Twelve says when he finally gets to do it.
  • Take a shot each time the Doctor loses control of the TARDIS. Two if it was captured by the episode's antagonist.
  • Down a glass if the Cloister Bell starts tolling. DO NOT try a shot for each individual clang; that is suicidal.
  • Take a shot if the broken chameleon circuit is mentioned: two if the Doctor tries to fix it.
    • Take a double shot if the Doctor's TARDIS is shown in any form other than the usual police box. (Yes, being miniaturized or reduced to just the console count for this purpose.)
  • Take a shot for every instance of funny-business with the interior doors.
  • Take a shot if the TARDIS runs into a camera-shake vortex.
  • Take a double shot every time the TARDIS console room's desktop changes or an earlier version appears. Reduce this to sips if it's a multi-Doctor episode, else the Stock Footage hologram images from "Day of the Doctor" may put you in hospital.
  • If the Doctor's TARDIS and another TARDIS wind up occupying the same physical space, causing a Recursive Reality snafu, fill two glasses and take turns sipping from one or the other each time the episode's perspective shifts between their respective console rooms.
  • Take a shot if the TARDIS survives its apparent destruction because the Doctor remembered to set the HADS.
    • Take a double shot if the companion freaks out because they don't know about the HADS and thinks their ride has been destroyed.
    • Also take a double shot if the Doctor didn't set the HADS, and scolds himself for not doing so when the TARDIS comes under threat.
  • If the TARDIS is shown spinning crazily through the Time Vortex, swirl your drink around a few times and then take a shot.
  • Every time the TARDIS makes funny noises, and the Doctor replies as if he clearly understood her, make bubbly noises into your drink immitating what she said, then take a shot.

    The Doctor's tools 
  • A shot for whenever he uses the sonic screwdriver.
    • Two shots if the sonic screwdriver is used to do something that's realistically impossible to do with sound waves.
    • Two shots if the sonic screwdriver conveniently breaks down just long enough to cause a cliff-hanger.
    • Drain your glass if the fact it's called a "screwdriver" is made fun of in some way.
    • Finish a whole bottle upon witnessing that miserable moment in "The Visitation" when a Terileptil took a laser to the sonic screwdriver because SOMEONE thought it would benefit the show to take away the Doctor's most iconic tool from the classic series.
    • Finish another bottle and jump for joy when the sonic screwdriver returns in the TV movie under the possession of Seven (and later Eight).
  • Take a shot whenever the psychic paper is used.
    • Two shots if the psychic paper malfunctions, or three if the malfunction is Played for Laughs.
  • If the Doctor wears his orange Sanctuary 6 spacesuit, take a shot.
    • Take a double shot if anyone else does.
    • If the Doctor wears his spacesuit with the fishbowl helmet, toast the Classic series' ever-cheesy prop department with a triple shot.
  • Take a shot if One uses his ring to do something (open the TARDIS, hypnotize someone, control a Zarbi, etc) that rings don't normally do.
    • Take a sip if the ring doesn't do anything special, but provides a useful clue about One's location or identity.
  • Take a shot if Three uses a handheld remote control to direct Bessie or another gadget.
    • If Three remote-controls something that people normally operate via remote-control today (e.g. opening a garage door), and it's played up as impressively "high tech", make it a double.
  • Fifth Doctor era: Take a shot whenever the TARDIS Toolbox appears onscreen.
  • Sixth Doctor era: Take a shot when the Doctor uses the Sonic Lance.
  • Take a shot if Twelve dons his sonic sunglasses.
    • Take a double shot if he dons them just to look cool rather than actually use them.
    • If it's the part of Series 10 when he's blind and hiding it, take a shot every time he takes them off.

    Susan Foreman 
  • Take a shot every time Susan and Ping-cho eye each other lovingly.
  • Any time Susan calls the Doctor "grandfather", take a drink.
  • Take a drink every time Susan freaks out.
  • Take two shots every time Susan twists her ankle, keeping in mind that aforementioned companion ankle twist rule is the second shot.

    Ian and Barbara 
  • Take a sip every time Ian and Barbara touch each other in a way that suggests romantic inklings.
    • If you have a spare liver nearby, drink for the duration of the touching.
  • Take a shot every time Ian or Barbara go into lecture mode about (respectively) science or history, because the show was still trying to pass itself off as semi-educational at the time.

    Jamie McCrimmon 
  • Take a sip every time Jamie looks quizzical and says, "Hmm?"
    • Drink if he says "Aye, that."
  • Sip if Jamie does a Security Cling on the Doctor.
    • Drink if the Doctor clings back. If you dare, keep drinking for as long as they cling to each other.
  • Drink if Jamie says "So you tried to shoot/stab/kill a McCrimmon?"
    • Two when he insults the English.
    • Finish your drink if he shouts "Creag an tuire!"

    Victoria Waterfield 
  • Take a sip whenever Victoria screams.

    Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart 
  • Take a shot any time the Brigadier discredits the Doctor.
    • Two if it's the Third Doctor. Three if the Third Doctor snarks back at him.
  • Take a shot for every Deadpan Snarker moment the Brig has.
  • Take a shot every time the Brig takes a shot—as in shoots something.
    • Two drinks if the Doctor complains and/or objects to his use of guns or violence.
    • Three if his use of guns fails. Four if it works.
    • Finish the glass if shooting actually solves a problem.
  • Take a shot when the Brig mentions Doris.
  • Finish your drink if the Brig does not appear in an episode but is said to be in Geneva or Peru.
  • Take a sip anytime the Brigadier disagrees with the Doctor. (You might want to sew a few tin plates to your liver first)
  • Take two full drinks anytime the Brig blows something up.
  • Take a drink anytime the Brig says, "Sergeant Benton", "Miss Shaw/Grant/Smith", or "Captain Yates."
    • Take another drink if he does so to chew out Miss Shaw/Grant/Smith for putting herself in danger, or Benton/Yates for failure to carry out an order properly.
  • Take a drink if the Brigadier refuses to believe a ludicrous explanation for a strange occurrence.
  • Take five shots rapidly if the words Five Rounds Rapid come up.
  • Whenever the Brigadier feels undermined by the Doctor or actually is undermined by the Doctor, sip your drink.
    • Finish it if the Brigadier gets undermined by someone with more authority than him.
  • If the Brigadier assigns work for the Doctor and he tries to bail on said work, finish your drink.
  • Take a drink whenever the Brig is annoyed by the Second Doctor. Two if the annoyance in question has to do with his recorder.
  • Take a drink anytime the Brig is seen in a military vehicle or commanding a squad of UNIT soldiers.
  • Stop drinking if the Brigadier is out of uniform or has shaved his mustache. He's out of character.
  • If the Brigadier actually says something genuinely nice or gives credit where credit is due, finish your drink and salute him.
  • Take a drink any time the Brig loses his patience with someone.
  • If the Brigadier laughs, which is exceptionally rare, find your best bottle of aged wine and perform a toast to the late Nicholas Courtney for warming our hearts onscreen as the Brigadier.
  • If the Brig captures, slugs and/or shoots the Master, take a shot.
    • If turns out not to be the Master, but a ringer, commiserate with Lethbridge-Stewart's frustration by taking a double shot.
  • Toast the Brig's memory with a shot if his picture appears in the New Who, to remind us all that Kate Stewart still carries on her father's legacy.
  • Take a sip from the other side of your glass whenever a different version of the Brigadier appears (retired, evil twin, cyberized, etc.).

     Captain Yates & Sergeant Benton 
  • Take a shot every time one of them conveniently leaves a room, allowing another character to be attacked in his absence.
    • Take another if he returns just in time to save whoever's being attacked.
  • Take a shot if either one tries to contact the Brig by phone or radio, but the connection fails to go through or is broken mid-conversation.
    • Take another shot if the broken connection gives Benton/Yates the excuse to take some action that the Brig otherwise would have forbidden.
  • If Benton makes coffee or tea, take a shot.
    • If someone praises Benton's coffee or tea, drink coffee or tea as a chaser for the previous shot.
  • If Yates makes cocoa, take a shot of chocolate liqueur.

    Sarah Jane Smith 
This also extends to her spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

  • Take a sip each time she snaps her camera during the Third Doctor years.
  • Take a sip every time she is hypnotised or taken over.
  • Take a drink every time she uses her sonic lipstick.
  • Take a sip every time she inserts a pause in the middle of a sentence.
  • Take a drink every time she says, "Mister Smith, I need you!" Another for Mr. Smith's rousing fanfare boot-up.
  • Take a drink anytime she expressly forbids her teenage friends from revealing her secret life on 13 Bannerman Road. Two if this leads to someone else becoming part of that circle of friends.
  • Take a drink anytime she fondly remembers her time as a companion with the Doctor.
    • Two if it's part of a "but life on Earth is pretty amazing too" speech.
      • Another if her Leitmotif starts playing mid-speech and/or at the end of a story (the really melancholy piano music and vocals).
  • Take a drink anytime you see the number of 13 Bannerman Road change by mistake.
  • Take a drink whenever she hugs Luke.
    • Take two if the hug is because Luke was in danger or they were separated.
  • If Sarah Jane mentions her late Aunt Lavinia from her spin-off K9 and Company that never panned out.
  • Take a drink anytime she corrects Gita Chandra when she calls Sarah Jane just Sarah.
    • Two if the Doctor calls her Sarah, because she knows it's endearing.
  • Take a drink each time Gita gets involved in some weird and totally inaccurate Conspiracy Theorist dealings.
  • Take a drink every time Gita's bouncy Leitmotif follows her appearance on screen.
  • Take a drink if her and the kids get slimed. Take two if the Slitheen are the culprit.
  • Take a drink every time Clyde Langer makes a terrible joke.
    • Take a drink every time Clyde is shown drawing something. Have a sip for each of his individual drawings promoted on screen.
  • Take a drink every time one of the kids' mobile phones gets destroyed, one for each phone ruined.

    Harry Sullivan 
  • Take a shot every time Harry says, "I say." Another for "Right-o."
  • Take a shot every time the Fourth Doctor insults Harry's intelligence. Double for "Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!"
  • Sip your drink when Harry says something old-fashioned.
  • Finish a third of your drink whenever Harry accidentally annoys or insults someone because of his prudish, aforementioned old-fashioned personality.
  • Take a shot for every naval/sailor-related thing Harry says.
  • Go back to watch "Carnival of Monsters" and notice how John Andrews, another seafaring character played by Ian Marter, is like a precursor to Harry Sullivan. A prototype, if you will. Each time you recognize a quality shared between the two of them, take a shot.

  • Take a shot every time Leela attempts to knife something. Two if it's in the neck. Three, if it has no effect.
  • Take a shot for every fish out of water moment Leela has when her savage ways don't mesh well with civilised culture.
  • Take a shot every time Leela mangles some technical term the Doctor just used.

    K- 9 
  • Take a shot every time K-9 says either "Affirmative!", "Negative!", "Mistress!", or "Master!"
  • Take a shot every time the nose-laser comes out. Another for the telescopic eye probe.
    • Take a double shot if K-9 wags his tail-antenna.
  • Take a shot every time he makes that funny "Ooh!" noise (NOTE: this tailed off over time).
  • If K9's rotating ear-probes make a whirring sound as they swivel back and forth (especially so with Mark IV), sip your drink.
  • Toast the franchise prop department every time K-9 gets a model upgrade, whether on Doctor Who or one of the spin-offs.
  • Take a shot if K-9 gets into an electronic conversation with another robot, a computer, and/or the TARDIS.
    • Take a double shot if he insults it.
  • Take a shot if K-9 act smug about his own abilities or intellect.

  • Take a shot if Peri's accent slips.
  • Take a shot if Peri's top slips.
  • Take a sip whenever Peri whines, "But Doctor...."

  • Take a shot each time she offers the Doctor carrot juice.
  • Take a full glass if she screams... because Mel really screams.
    • Take aspirin if your ears hurt afterwards.

  • Take a shot whenever Ace flirts with or visibly crushes on someone. If she flirts with a man and a woman in the same serial, take a third shot.
  • Take a shot if Ace blows something up.
    • Double if the Doctor uses Ace's nitro-9 to blow something up.
      • Triple if the Doctor tells Ace to give him the nitro-9 she is "not carrying" with her.
  • Take a shot if Ace says something Totally Radical.
    • Double shot for "Ace!"
  • Take a shot if Ace calls the Doctor "Professor".

    Grace Holloway 
  • Take a shot every time Grace cynically complains. Another for each time the Doctor tries to open her mind to unexplored possiblities
  • Take a shot each time Grace gives the Doctor a gaga-eyed look.
  • Finish your drink for each kiss that Grace shares with the Doctor.

    Lucie Miller 
  • Take a shot each time Lucie becomes furious at the Doctor.
  • Finish your drink every time Lucie punctuates her sentence with the expletive "bleedin'".

    Rose Tyler 
  • Take a shot every time Rose reacts unfavorably towards another woman in the Doctor's life.
  • Any time Rose is connected to "Bad Wolf", take a drink.
  • If Rose does something heroic, take a drink.
  • If you catch her doing that thing where she grins, pokes her tongue out, and licks her teeth, take a shot.

    Jackie Tyler 
  • Take a shot when Jackie tries to flirt with an older man.
  • Take a shot if Jackie ends up cowering in a corner as the Monster of the Week comes after her.
  • Finish your drink if Jackie gives someone a Death Glare. Two drinks if she slaps someone. Three if her Death Glare is someone putting Rose and Ten in danger.

    Mickey Smith 
  • Take a drink any time the bumbling, early seasons Mickey does something stupid. Two if it's a pratfall.
  • If Mickey's Auton jitters on the words "sugar, sweet, or babe", take a drink.
  • Uncork a champagne and drink a small glass's worth when the Ninth Doctor pops the cork on a bottle of his own and the cork smacks into Auton Mickey's face, making it look incredibly doofy.
  • Sip your drink if Mickey screams like a girl.
  • Take a drink if he mentions the phrase "Defending the Earth".
  • Take a shot if he gripes at Rose for having her sights set on the Doctor.
  • Take a shot every time the Doctor belittles Mickey- double for a use of "Mickey the Idiot". Finish your drink if he gives him due respect.
  • Take a shot whenever Mickey refers to himself as a "tin dog".
    • For every time Mickey has to be reminded, "we are in a car", take a drink.
  • When a post-"Rise of the Cybermen" Mickey does something badass, take a drink.
  • Should Mickey brandish a gun, take a drink. Two if it's a huge one.

    Martha Jones 
  • Take a shot every time Martha bemoans her unrequited love to the Doctor.
    • Take two if someone else does, three if they're commiserating about being in the same boat.
  • Take a shot whenever Martha shows up in some UNIT-related setting.
  • Take a shot when she uses her skills as a doctor or shows how competent she is in a pinch.
  • Take a shot at the end of each episode (including Torchwood) in which she guest stars but accomplishes nothing of significance.

    Donna Noble 
  • Take a shot when Donna mentions her catty friend Nerys.
  • Take a shot when Donna reminisces about her time as a temp in Chiswick.
  • Take a shot when her mother complains about her not being married.
    • Finish your drink when someone confuses Donna and the Doctor as a dating or married couple.
  • Take a shot when Donna slaps the Doctor.
  • Take a shot when Donna starts shouting at people because of her scorching temper.
  • Take a shot when Donna calls the Doctor some form of moron or dumbo.
  • Take a drink each time you hear "Donna Noble is in the Library. Donna Noble has been saved."
  • Drink whenever someone tells Donna there's something on her back.
  • Drink whenever Donna and the Doctor repeat each other. A hot toddy to ease the chills when the Doctor asks her not to do it at the end of "Midnight".
  • Have a shot any time Donna calls the Doctor a Martian or spaceman.
  • Whenever Donna says, "Oi!", finish your drink.
  • Any time Donna has a Missed Him by That Much moment with the Doctor, either before or after (but not during) her tenure as his traveling companion, take a shot.

    Wilfred Mott 
  • Take a shot whenever Wilf wears his reindeer antlers toboggan during the holiday season.
  • Take a shot if he's outside the Noble household viewing stars from his telescope with a cup of coffee to keep himself warm.
  • Take a shot whenever Wilf mentions his time in the Second World War.
  • Take a shot and try not to cry when Wilf is on the verge of Manly Tears.
  • Take a shot every time he shows endearing compassion to someone.
  • Any time Wilf says, "It's them aliens again!" or starts to talk about aliens in some form, finish your drink.

    Captain Jack 
  • Take a drink every time Jack flirts with someone. Take two if all he says is "Hello" and the Doctor stops him there because it's how he hits on people.
    • Take two if he flirts with Ianto.
    • Two again for each past relationship Jack is mentioned to have.
  • Take a drink every time Jack dies, or goes into a situation where a normal person would be dead. Take another drink every time he comes back to life with a great big gasp, "Huuuuuugh!"
  • Take a shot every time Jack holds the Doctor's hand in a jar. Take two if it freaks anybody out.
  • Take a shot if Jack has to make a morally grey choice. If you're watching Torchwood: Children of Earth down a whole bottle and cry.
  • Take a shot every time the Doctor stops Jack from using a gun. Two if it gets replaced with a banana.
  • Take a shot if Jack, in his American accent, says something very British.
  • Whenever Jack is seen at a bar, pub, or nightclub take a shot. If he is drinking, take a drink along with him. Finish that drink if Jack hits on someone in that drinking hole.
  • Any time Jack says the words "four", "one", or "seven", execute Emergency Protocol 417: make a martini with too much vermouth.

    River Song 
  • Take a drink every time River says, "Hello, Sweetie."
    • Two if she says, "Spoilers."
    • A toast to each of them for every "I hate you!" "No, you don't!"
  • If River's TARDIS cover diary appears, take a shot.
  • Any time River is shown to Fling a Light into the Future and/or to have Tricked Out Time just to get the Doctor's attention, take a shot.
  • If River references an episode later in the series as a Call-Forward, take a shot.
    • If the episode River references includes a Call-Back to the episode you're watching, quote that Call-Back line aloud. Then finish your drink to mark the closure of a Stable Time Loop.
  • Down a Tequila Sunrise (for the bright yellow-orange light) every time River/Melody/Mels regenerates.

    Amy Pond 
  • Take a shot every time there's a close up of Amy's hands/nails.
    • Take a shot when every time her nail polish color is different from the previous episode.
      • Take a shot when every time the nail polish changes within an episode.
  • Take a small sip for every shot that features Amy's legs prominently. If that doesn't pickle you, take a shot whenever those legs are discussed.
  • Any time she says "Raggedy Man", take a drink.
  • Any time Amy gripes at her husband for being thick, take a drink. Drink two if it is undeserved and Amy is simply venting.
  • Take a shot when every time you see Karen in The Fires of Pompeii.
    • Down your drink as soon as it hits you that the Ponds were both Ancient Romans.
  • If Amy appears in her Kissogram "police" outfit, take a shot. Take another shot if someone mistakes her for a real policewoman. A third if Rory is also in his Roman garb; a chaser for sympathy if they were clearly...interrupted.

    Rory Williams 
  • Every time Rory dies and comes back to life.
  • Every time he wears his Roman Auton garb just to look awesome. Two if he uses the warrior sword with the clothes.
    • A large sip if it's clear he and Amy are having (or planning to have) fun in the outfit. A shot in sympathy if it's interrupted and they never get the chance.
  • Every time Rory feels like the Doctor is threatening his relationship with Amy and tries to compete.
    • Two sips if Amy says something about Rory that we or Rory at first think meant the Doctor.
  • Any time Rory's time guarding the Pandorica is mentioned, take a shot.
  • Whenever Rory does something badass, take a shot.
    • Take a shot of a mixed drink when he does something badass while wearing his Roman garb.

  • Take a shot any time Strax confuses someone's gender.
    • Take two shots if he confuses someone's basic anatomy despite allegedly being a trained nurse.
  • Take a shot when Strax wants to solve a problem in the most destructive way possible.
  • Take a shot if Strax wants to attack something violently. Two shots if it involves lasers or acid. Take three if attacking something violently actually works.
    • Down an entire bottle if this occurs in "The Crimson Horror".
  • Down half your drink when Strax mentions explosives. All of it if he mentions grenades. Two if he does blow something up.
  • Down your drink if Strax tries to execute something.
  • Finish your drink if Strax declares war on something.
  • If Strax mentions something related to military strategy or battle, take three sips and chant, "Sontar-HA!" in between each sip.
  • Take a shot any time Strax says something that can be considered loony in the middle of a conversation.
  • Take a shot whenever Strax's alien nature is passed off as just being plain ugly while he's skulking around the Victorian Era.
  • Any time Strax rushes into battle like a maniac, repeat the same drinking rules for the "Sontar-HA!" battle cry.
  • Each instance Strax does something socially awkward, take a sip.
  • If Strax saves the day, down a glass. Make it a big one if it helps save the day.

    Oswin Oswald/Clara Oswald 
  • Take shots every time Oswin makes a soufflé.
    • Take a drink whenever Oswin is called "Soufflé Girl". You'll get drunk during "Asylum of the Daleks" if you do this.
      • Even better: During that episode, have a sip every time the WORD "soufflé" is said. Anymore than that and you'll die of alcohol poisoning.
  • Any time the Doctor calls Clara "the Impossible Girl", take a small sip. Make it a large one if he calls her "my Impossible Girl"!
  • If Clara's leaf appears, take a drink.
  • Whenever Clara pecks a kiss on the Doctor's cheek, take a shot.
    • Drain the glass when it's the Twelfth Doctor.
  • Take a shot each time the Doctor repeats her name more than once in quick sucession and/or calls her "my Clara".
  • Every single time Clara says "I don't know where I am!", take a drink.
  • If Clara breaks down into tears for a good reason, take a shot. Be very careful when watching "The Time of the Doctor", "Dark Water" and "Hell Bent".
  • Take a shot each time Clara does the "it's like they inflate!" thing with her eyes.
  • Every time Clara slips into schoolteacher-mode while bossing somebody around, take a shot.
    • Every time Clara slips into Doctor mode while bossing somebody around, take a double shot.
  • Take a shot if she hugs the Doctor despite his protests. Two shots if he hugs her back.
  • Take a shot every time Clara lies to someone other than Danny and the Doctor.
    • Take two shots every time Clara lies to Danny.
    • Take three shots every time Clara lies to the Doctor.
  • Take a shot whenever Clara insults the Doctor, playfully or otherwise.
  • Take a shot whenever Clara and the Doctor display UST. Expect to get drunk during "The Snowmen", "The Bells of Saint John", "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS", "Mummy on the Orient Express" and "Under the Lake."
  • Take two shots whenever Clara strokes the Doctor's face.
  • Take three shots whenever Clara shows her bisexuality.
  • Take a shot whenever Clara's theme music is heard.
    • Take two shots when the scene in question foreshadows the events of "Face the Raven" or "Hell Bent".
  • Take two shots whenever Clara is seen wearing a raven necklace.
  • Take three shots if Clara wears anything in which her legs are bare.
  • Take a shot if Clara recites a literary quote for her pupils. Take a double shot if she reads a passage from a book, inscription, or Christmas cracker aloud.
  • Toast whenever Clara mentions hanging out with Jane Austen. Down your glass if there's heavy implication they're more than friends.

  • Take a shot whenever Nardole mentions a Noodle Incident as part of his Expansion Pack Past.
  • Take a shot every time Nardole snarks off at the Doctor.
  • Take a shot every time Nardole's replacement body is revealed to have something strange included in it, or one or more of the replacement body parts came from some shady place (just throwing one out there for example, the kind where you don't ask questions as to why it has spare body parts- you just take it for face value and pray it's not some butchery).
  • Take a shot whenever Nardole goes into a fit of whining, or a double shot if he's perfectly justified in doing so.

     Bill Potts 
  • Take a shot when Bill subverts expectations by asking an off-the-wall question, e.g. asking to use the TARDIS bathroom.
  • Take a shot if Bill demonstrates Genre Savvy because she's a scifi geek.
  • Take a shot if Bill's jaw drops in astonishment.
  • Take a double shot if Bill smiles when she doesn't understand something.
  • Take a shot every time Bill makes fun of her own sexual orientation or race.
  • Finish your drink every time she has an embrace with Heather.

    Monsters and villains 
  • Take a shot anytime someone blinks/turns away from a Weeping Angel/Silent.
    • Take another shot when the camera cuts or turns away from a Silent, the better to empathize with the characters (because enough alcohol will help you forget it was there).
  • Take a shot every time you see an alien (not counting the Doctor, obviously).
  • Take a shot when a Dalek appears.
    • Alternatively, take a shot anytime you hear the word "EXTERMINATE!"
      • Don't attempt this in "Asylum of the Daleks". Unless you want to wind up dead. The same goes for each individual use of the word in "Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways"- there's thousands of Daleks chanting it at once.
  • Any time a Dalek's actual organic body is revealed, take one sip for every visible tentacle it has. If doing this in Dalek Caan's scenes makes you queasy, rejoice: that's how seeing a Dalek undressed should make people feel.
  • Take a shot every time someone thinks they can play the Daleks or Cybermen.
    • Drain the bottle if they succeed.
      • Drain two extra bottles if it is the Master who plays them. If (s)he doesn't care, drain three.
  • Take a shot whenever Oak and/or Quill does something creepy.
  • Take a shot when the Master uses an alias that translates as "Master."
    • Also take a shot when he uses an Insult Backfire.
    • Take a sip when the Master taps four times.
    • Take four sips every time the Master mentions drums, drums come up in a conversation about the Master, or you hear the four drumbeat cadence in either the Master's head or his Leitmotif.
    • Take two drinks any time the Master attempts to hypnotize someone, either directly or indirectly (Archangel Network counts). Take an additional half shot if the hypnosis attempt fails, or two more if it succeeds.
    • Take a shot if you can't understand what Peter Pratt is saying under his clunky skull mask in "The Deadly Assassin".
    • Take a huge gulp every time the Undercrank-effect kicks in as the Simm-Master gobbles down food.
    • Take a shot every time Missy says something blatantly sarcastic, or any time she giggles.
    • Take a long, smooth gulp of your drink each time the Sacha Dhawan Master seems ready to blow a gasket from excitement. Two if it's because he did something that is meant to deliberately upset Thirteen.
  • Take a shot if the Cyberleader says "Excellent" (Duuuuude!!!!)
  • Take a shot if you can't understand what on Mondas one of the old model Cybermen is saying.
  • Take a shot every time a Pete's World Cyberman says "Delete."
  • Take a shot every time a Sontaran from the new series says, "Sontar-HA!"
    • Take a double shot every time a Sontaran from the classic series correctly identifies somebody's gender on first sight, because that particular Running Gag hadn't been introduced yet.
  • Take a shot whenever a Judoon wants to deliver an execution because it is too stupid to understand much logic beyond blunt force and punishment. Two for every genuine execution.
    • Take a sip for each word a Judoon says in its native language that ends in an "o" sound. ("Mo flo blo sko ro", etc.)
  • Take a shot every time a Slitheen in disguise cuts a fart (poor gas exchange, as they call it).
    • Finish your drink when a Slitheen explodes, two if vinegar is the catalyst of the explosion. You'll get your drinking's worth watching The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • Any time a possessed Ood shows up, swig half your drink. If it's a whole group of possessed Ood, finish your drink. Take an extra shot for each instance an Ood uses their translate sphere to electrocute someone.
  • Take a shot every time an alien with more than three syllables in its species' name appears. If it's more than five syllables, make it a double.


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