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Here be spoilers.

    Hooded Figure (Prisoners of Time) 
The villain in Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time. Actually Adam Mitchell in disguise.
  • Big Bad
  • The Bus Came Back
  • Death by Adaptation
  • Death Equals Redemption: After Adam gives his life to save the Doctor's incarnations and their companions, they bury him and erect a memorial gravestone in the shape of the TARDIS that reads: "Adam Mitchell: A Companion True".
  • Evil Former Friend: For a given definition of "friend".
  • Face–Heel Turn/Heel–Face Turn: Enraged because the Ninth Doctor kicked him out of the TARDIS for stealing information about future technology that could have saved his dying mother from illness. However, he was at fault for being dishonest with the Doctor, who could have arranged something to stop this death from coming to pass (as he would later do for Miranda Cleaves). Later discovers that the Master is so insane that he would willingly wipe out the universe, which causes a change of heart.
  • Go Out with a Smile: After the Doctor tells him he could have been a companion.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The older Adam has a change of heart when the Master attempts to finish out their evil plan and allows himself to be killed to stop it.
  • Walking Spoiler

Alternative Title(s): Doctor Who Prisoners Of Time


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