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In a discussion as to who was the best companion in Doctor Who, there were a surprisingly large number of votes for Ace. When someone asked why, everyone gave the same reason: In "Remembrance of the Daleks", she beat the crap out of a Dalek with a technologically-superpowered baseball bat. Because it called her "small". In fact, Sophie Aldred herself mentioned in a DVD documentary that, after her marriage and her children, the greatest moment of her life was the fact that she beat the crap out of a Dalek using a baseball bat. And she would carve it on her tombstone. Sophie, if you're ever going to read this, we encourage you to do just that. Not that we want you to die any time soon, of course...

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    Expanded Universe 
Past Doctor Adventures
  • The First Doctor looks and acts like he's 60+ years old (he's actually about 400). So when he's challenged to a kung fu duel in The Eleventh Tiger, you expect him to come up with something brilliant and avoid the fight. He doesn't. Instead he physics the arrogant thug into submission. He uses his momentum from an attack to flip him onto his back. To prove he's not a one hit wonder, he does it again. THEN when the thug pulls out his "breaks clay jars, and heads are softer then clay jars" kick, the Doctor stands in classic "bring it on" pose and catches the light with his sapphire ring, temporarily blinding the thug. The kick still connects. With the pole the Doctor was standing in front of. All the Doctor did was tilt his head. He then sets about tending the thug's wounds. Ian and Barbara are stunned into silence. If they weren't paragons of '60s virtue they'd have both said "ohh hell yes." As it is, they eventually respond by reciting the lyrics to Kung Fu Fighting.
  • Illegal Alien (originally a PDA):
    • The Seventh Doctor not only manages to reprogram the Cybermen, but he makes them attack the Nazis that were storing them. That's right, Cybermen. Fighting. Nazis. Guess who won? Bonus points for the Cyber-Leader taking one look at Captain Hartmann, throwing him across the room and later shooting him in the face. They also make a MG42 machine gun explode by simply grabbing the barrel, heat up a Tiger Tank, destroy all the Nazis and generally be badass. To top it all off, unlike what the cover of the Monster Collection edition shows, they're not the "Nightmare in Silver" Cybermen or the Cybus Cybermen - they're the Mondasian offshoots from "The Invasion" and looklike this. And yet they're terrifying enough to make a SS Commander shit his pants.
    • The human characters still have loads of CMOAs, and are all pretty damn badass. The most shining examples are, naturally, Ace, who hits a Cyberman hard enough to make a huge dent in one of its "Handles", Cody McBride, who attacks the Cybermen with a oxycelatene torch and manages to saw off the arm of one of them, Mama the bartender who blasts a Cybermat with a double-barreled shotgun, Colonel Schott, the WWI veteran who decides to keep on fighting the Cybermen (which he isn't scared of at all) with a Luger and a Tiger's main gun while the driver is dead and the arrogant SS Commander is busy crapping his pants, and Colonel George Lazonby, who goes down fighting the Cybermen with a Bren Gun.
    • The fact that the reprogrammed Cyber-Leader scans Ace, George Limb and Captain Hartmann, then decides to ignore the other two completely and attack Hartmann. This, and the subsequent attack on the Nazis, can be interpreted as evidence that even the Cybermen hate Nazis, probably because the Nazis stand for everything the Cybermen don't - the Cybermen convert to survive... the Nazis exterminated millions; even the Cyberman can't stand for that, it's not survival.

BBC New Series Adventures

  • "Winner Takes All": The Ninth Doctor disarms a knife wielding Darren Pye with ease and then stares him down into a retreat.

Puffin eshorts

  • "Something Borrowed": When the guards at the wedding refuse to let Peri in after she asks nicely while trying to explain the situation, the Sixth Doctor just walks up and barges his way in.

The Adventure Games

  • City of the Daleks: The Eleventh Doctor walks through a room full of Daleks who've just been blinded and are spraying gunfire nonstop to save the Daleks exterminating humanity and Amy from being erased from time. And of course then has to run to the top to escape the explosion.
  • In The Gunpowder Plot, Rory, stuck in orbit around Earth within the Houses of Parliament of 1605, armed with an EMP generator and a Dennis the Menace slingshot, takes out as many Rutans and Sontarans as he can. That's right, two species locked in war for millennia can't take down the Lone Centurion. Rory's made more badass with this glitch.

Stage shows

  • In the stage show Doctor Who Live, there was one very awesome moment where the Cybermen and the Daleks have a rematch. Only unlike last time, it's the Cybermen that got the upper-hand. And keep in mind in the context, these Daleks are supposedly a lot more powerful than the ones in "Doomsday" and managed to outwit the Doctor TWICE in a row. Watch the whole battle here.

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