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The flashing advertisement to the left slowly etched into my retinas like a dry pen carving circles through a piece of paper in a futile attempt to get the ink flowing again. The stark white background permeating the entire page brought out the veins and blood in my eyes, and my jaw decided it was too much work to keep closed in a situation like this. The time had come to accept it, no matter what faint protests my brain might attempt to file, only to be swept away among petitions to clean my house and go outside. No use denying it, I was a Troper.

Another slice of the life of Trigger Loaded, webhead and all-around geek. Got a job in the trades, an interest in Pencil and Paper RPGs, and many many classic video games. I had been sulking around the site for a long time now. Looked like it was time to make myself known among all the other people who give their John Hancocks a page and description. I've certainly contributed a few pages here and there.

Ahh, yes. My contributions. I took a look at the files. It's been a while, so I don't even remember what I contributed anymore. Maybe as time goes on, a faint memory that hasn't been drowned out with 90's cartoon intros and Weird Al songs will resurface, and I'll update the files. But until then...

SUBJECT: Trigger Loaded

FOCUS: Video Games, Pencil and Paper Role Playing Games