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What if I don't want to?

Anywii, Hi, I'm Renagade, or Ren for short. I'm just really another contributer who's been caught in TV Tropes' deadly trap. I like to remain anonymous concerning my personal life and whatnot due to a crippling paranoia that the "Internet Predators" will come and-well, let's not get into that.

However, do note that I am a very experienced and very good Roleplayer. I am relatively well known on other forums which you will probably never visit as a maker of creative and very exciting, story heavy R Ps (No, I'm not stroking my ego, why do you ask?), also, If a join an RP, it's a good sign for that RP. However, of the RPs I've started on the TVTropes forums, they've never really gotten on their feet...


Anyway. I'm also currently developing a Final Fantasy Tabletop Game based off of Ivalice Alliance. It'll include Moogles, Chocobos, D20s, Magick, and possibly some Schedule Slippage. Check it out in the forum. Or you can find it on my Contributions list. [1]


Tropes that Apply to yours truly

  • Brilliant, but Lazy: I'm a fantastic writer, as anyone who knows me will be quick to tell you. Imagination and theatrics are practically my forte, and I could probably learn anything I set my mind to. Now ask any of my friends how many projects I've started, then ask them how many I've finished.
  • Drink Order: On a day to day basis I usually settle for Coke. Pepsi if coke is unavailable, but you can expect me to be rather cross about it. If I happen to be abroad, feeling adventurous, and it's on the menu, I'll take a few shots of Amaretto. On the rocks. For more regular alcoholic fare, I'm a big fan of Hard Cider.
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  • The Insomniac: If you live on the east coast, wake up at 8 AM, hop on Skype and still see me online, don't be alarmed. This is a perfectly normal night for me.
  • Motor Mouth: I can talk quite fast.

Vandalizations and Graffiti

Here, I'll just leave you guys this crate of spray paint and Toilet Paper. Go nuts. -Yours Truly.

What? A troper page that has gone unvandalized? -Smiles whilst drawing a long, katana-like paintbrush-. That's fixed. -Cedi


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