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The username comes from playing as the Balseraphs from Fall From Heaven, for the record. It hasn't really been all that applicable in years, though I still occasionally find myself doing things for no other reason than amusement.

Contributor page. Not much right now. Fan of (among things I can immediately think of) Discworld, Stargate SG 1, A Song of Ice and Fire, most everything by Obsidian Entertainment, No More Heroes, Dwarf Fortress, Mass Effect, Super Smash Bros., Crusader Kings, The Binding of Isaac and various random freeware indie games, because I'm a cheap bastard. Much of the Fall From Heaven page is my doing. I use and abuse Pot Holes and em dashes, listen to Heavy Metal, and have a legion of Guilty Pleasures.

I suppose my alignment teeters between Lawful Neutral and Lawful Good, aforementioned Artifact Title aside. But for the most part, that means "don't be obnoxiously 'zany' or 'special' and we're good." Honest, sincerity, and rationality are virtues. Used to be Chaotic Neutral, with delusions of being Chaotic Good, though that rapidly proved dull and not especially productive.

Never take any criticism I level against you too hard: if I criticize you, it means you strike me as competent enough to be worth sitting down and writing criticism for. And of course, I'm as open to being criticized as I am to give it — flawed human beings can better recognize flaws in one another than themselves, and we all have plenty to learn.

While you're here, do yourself a favor. Read George Orwell's Politics and the English Language. Just trust me.

My current and only writing project is a little Science Fantasy something I'm tentatively calling the Tales of a Starless Sky. To give a painfully oversimplified summary, it involves three families of essentially ordinary people and a crippled, chatty Eldritch Abomination doing their best to outwit and overthrow a fascist memory-eating god-king from another world whose claims of divinity are horrifyingly accurate. There's also an Ambiguously Evil MegaCorp. And Seinfeldian Conversations. I'm not gonna start a trope list or anything, though: when I get published (in some form or another) I'll be able to use a trope page as proof of recognition and a source for feedback.

Not much else to say, really: I'll let my wiki edits and forum posts speak for me.

Feel free to comment/vandalize below.

  • HEYYOOOOO! You don't mind if I just scribble a little here? 'Course you don't. See you around in Writer's Block! - KSPAM

  • D'aww, you make too much of me by praising my plain little half-satirizing thread. But hey, Writer's Block buddies! - Leradny

  • /:^|. Intriguing. — Morgulion I don't even.

  • Hello. I see that you are a Freemason. You must then be associated in some capacity with the Freemasonic conspiracy faction to exert your organization's secret control over America. I am a representative of the United Nations conspiracy faction that seeks to establish a global one-world government in the New World Order. I suspect that our two organizations have much to gain by working together. To that end I wish to arrange talks between the leaders of both our organizations in the hope that we might meet some mutual agreement or alliance. The United Nations hides behind a mask of impotence to disguise it's true motives, and most Americans believe that the Freemasons are nothing but a fraternal organization and charitable advocacy group. With our combined ties in America and Europe, the eventual goal of total planetary domination would be all but guaranteed. As for the terms and finer points of this potential arrangement, they are yet to be determined. However, we have particular interest in the possibility of using your Lodges as safe-houses for our special operations teams, or as servicing stations for our black helicopters that are used to deploy and retrieve those teams. You may present what you might want in return, and it will be decided whether the arrangement is acceptable by the Secretary General. I await your reply. - Gault

  • Don't worry, Troper Tales is gone now. Take that, Old Shame! - Tera Chimera

  • Thats a nice page you got here page you got here, shame if something happened to it! Lol just kidding - draconiansuperior

  • You are long overdue for a SUDDEN GLOMP!

  • You can has vandalization! - DiurnalBrocolli

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