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My Made of Forum Win-

I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new namespace that I springboarded the creation of: Analysis. Though light in tone, it is meant to be a place for deeper, more thoughtful analysis on the tones and themes of a work and the primary tropes that play within those themes. However this is the internet, I have realistic expectations about how well deep and thoughtful do here. I'll settle for decent spelling.

Analysis pages I have contributed to

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Special notice for

  • Home Page for Talk Like A Pirate day 19/09/09, in the spirit of subversion of our pirate ancestors. I did about 80% of the conversion but remember the awesome that is "Lame, with a side of lame, on a lame thing, toasted." was Fast Eddie. I'm quite proud of "We dip into the barf bag of bogus and sort out the gnarly from the fresh so you can be all rad with your story telling grindage" myself.

  • I came up with the idea of the Repair Shop Notification... sort of. Yeah. A box you can just call up for and it will give you a link to the crowner, that's the idea I had.

  • I started off the habit of saying "re:cut" when adding a point concerning cutlisting in the discussion.

  • I came up with the idea of having a little "locked" tab where the edit button would be on locked pages.

  • I suggested we make a YKTTW like system for Lost And Found, we had a huge surge of support for the idea, we got something a bit like that.

  • I asked for Ask The Tropers to be put in the Troperville right side tab.

  • I found the Venetian red shade we use for [[C80815:#C80815:Red.]]

  • This list is never complete. I just remembered I suggested the medal symbol as a forum indicator for Made Of Win. In retrospect, that seems a little bit cool.

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Entries I contributed to

  • The Loins Sleep Tonight -" In Scrubs, the episode My Monster, J.D. once found out on a date with The Gift Shop Girl that (in his words) his 'peeps was on the fritz'.

  • Famous Ancestor -"Fred Bonaparte, direct descendant of Napoleon in Psychonauts, is a notable inversion as he has all the direct opposite qualities of his ancestor i.e. tall, uncompetitive and strategically ineffectual. He has the same hat though." Also some discussion on the number of people in the world today who are descended from Genghis Khan or his brothers. I say 1 in 200.

  • The Eponymous Show - If the TV tropes wiki is ever spun off into a TV show, we hope it is hosted by this guy.

  • Guilty Pleasures - TV Tropes. go on, admit to your family that you spend Friday night editing out shameless plugs for Instrument Of God.
    • Now go to the forums and admit that you read it.

  • Sein Language - William Shakespeare contribution 1700 new words to the English language (where would the internet be without the word "rant), created scores of phrases (from the obvious "to be or not to be" to "with bated breath" and "foregone conclusion") and popularized the uses of various method of phrases constructions such as combiming two adjectives with the word "and". That's right when you say "that was blank and blank" (e.g. "I like it fast and loose", "I like my women like my coffee, strong and bitter") you probably owe it Shakespeare. Now how long ago did Shakespeare write Hamlet...?

  • Designated Hero - Again partially Values Dissonance, in the Elizabethan era the 'punishment' of forced conversion to Christianity would have been seen as mercy and salvation, Antonio leaves Shylock his principal portion of his money with the stipulation that he not cut his eloping daughter out of his will. Of course this only applies if you think Shylock should have been punished at all and your views on whether Shylock is or is not meant to be totally unappealing, whether it's all Misaimed Fandom and whether Lothario is really a.. Lothario

  • Establishing Character Moment - basically rewrote the main text and transplanted 2/3 of the examples from the YKTTW

  • Not Quite Flight " Sometimes the writer (Stan Lee admitted he is one of these) would prefer a pseudo-scientific explanation than a non-scientific explanation" and the examples
    • There's also Thor who swings his hammer around his head and then releases it with it still attached to his wrist. The momentum then carries him half way across the world. Sure, that would work....
    • Magneto can also pick himself up with metal objects that he levitates with his powers. Similarly Susan Storm can jump around on invisible platforms into the sky and Storm would shoot a strong gust of wind up her backside. I believe Wonder Woman was originally unable to fly directly in the manner of Superman but (as with original superman) they simplified all the handwaves to just give her flight.
    • "In Gargoyles, they glide on air currents, and need to hang around volcanoes for the rising hot air currents. " was sort of based on something I said.

  • Have I Got News For You BRIAN'S ALIVE
    • Small Name, Big Ego - Piers Morgan's appearances, see above
    • The attempt to fit a word into every episode of a season has itself become a running gag. Once the word was the name of British '60s singer, Lulu which he used to answer a question on several occasions until it actually turned out to be the correct answer and he had to find another word.

  • In Working Order
    • Although in the TV show, the titular Stargate provides an aversion. It took two years for many of the USAF's top people (which people? The Top People) to Mac Gyver up a programming system for it and make it spin. In the course of the show, the incompleteness of this programming causes them to create a couple of off world catastrophes.

  • You Know You Read Too Much TV Tropes When - Launched it, added a number of examples that are around near the top, deleted the extraneous examples and clumping together related ones. Earned me a Made Of Win that did.

  • Painting the Fourth Wall - Several characters are also noted for their ability to pronounce punctuation and italics. The sort of people who can pronounce Wiki Words.

  • Magical Native American - Malcolm In The Middle had the brother Francis stuck Alaska with no purpose in his life. He turns to a totem pole that his buddies stole to give him a vision and guidance to his life. He is unable to do so when the original owner turns up and reclaims the pole. Francis begs him to reveal the magic of the totem. The guy chides him for assuming he's a Magical Native American, points out that he's a Luthern and has only one word for snow: snow!

  • Warhammer40000 - The stories and legends about the Primarchs, semi-mythical figureheads of the Space Marine legions, and the Emperor nearly all involve some establishing moment from the Primarchs first actions after being born (normally slaughtering hordes of aliens) to the first meetings between the Emperor and the Primarchs which will say something important about how how they saw him or why they betrayed him.

  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic? - added Star Wars "aside from some actual symbolism, has a few uses of random asian words and ideas to make it sound exotic and interesting (the word Jedi for instance, the Force and Chi etc). This gets turned on its head when it appears that the Chinese translation for Episode III' used ideas for western culture and Christianity. They translated the Jedi Council as the Presbyterian Church. "

  • Our Elves Are Better- They fit the book description well which also went further in making the hobbit more fairy like (with their sneakiness and light footedness).Plausibly done to further distance the elven races in the book from that depiction by having the niche filled by a race of another name.

  • James Bond

  • Your Secret's Safe With Me, Superman * In one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes, Lucy Lawless is constantly being referred to as Xena leaving her to exclaim more exhortedly each time "I'm not Xena, I'm Lucy Lawless". Eventually she is captured by Comic Book Guy as part of a collection of live action actors frozen in carbonite plastic. Bart and Lisa try to save her but fail and she has to fight him off with She Fu moves, high kicks, back flips and ululating. She then grabs the children and flies off with them.
    Lisa: "Wait, Xena can't fly."
    Lucy: "I told you I'm not Xena, I'm Lucy Lawless."

  • Epic Fail Missed Moment of Awesome

  • Face Cam added references to Snorri Cam and Bodymount Cam and transferred some examples from a misguided YKTTW.

  • Misaimed Fandom - Microsoft has started using adverts based around people (starting with John Hodgeman) unashamedly professing "I'm a PC" to make use of this phenonmenon.

  • Digging to China - launched it, wrote main entry text, added and organised first batch of examples.

  • Beauty Equals Goodness

  • When Things Spin, Science Happens

  • Spanner in the Works - did the rename from Xanatos Gilligan

  • This Ain't Rocket Surgery - launched and did the write up.

  • Casting Gag - launched it, wrote it up.

  • Harmony Versus Discipline

  • Kansas City Shuffle - the write up including this part
    • Note the connection to what I did on Candlejack, which got me my second made of win

  • A Very British Christmas - some bits and bobs

Nuked every instance of partially [insert trope play here] including in my own page where it used to say averted.

My predefined message for those clearouts: - The media trope lists are to be made for tropes that belong outright to a medium- that which define the medium and are interwoven to its nature, while tropes that can appear across many media are to be regarded as universal. This should help prevent needless duplication on many lists, account for the ever moving homes of many tropes and prevent index decay. Hopefully the indicies will be more useful and impart more on the nature of the medium itself.