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No, I didn't have a cameo in The Godfather

Writer. Geek. Australian. Browncoat. Podcaster. Reluctant hermit. Talkative drunkard. Old Romantic. Time traveller. Hufflepuff. Legend. Lunatic. Book ninja. Zombie Pimp. Devious Romantic. Magnificent Bastard. Serial liar.

Born a humble lad on the East Coast of Australia, Bronzethumb (sometimes known by his other handle of "White Knight") quickly grew and matured into a—no, TheTime Travelling Australian Pirate, sailing the interwebs on his trusty BTARDIS and absorbing himself in movies, TV and new media. Being an avid consumer and amateur creator of fiction, Bronzethumb was very pleased to find a place where all these ideas had actual names, and was awed and humbled by the breadth of knowledge put down on the site and held in the minds of the other contributors.

Bronzethumb is involved in a handful of things around the internet. He blogs sporadically about Lost at What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome? (and unashamedly admits to having pinched the title from this wiki). He's a co-host of the Milk Carton TV podcast (for discussing those shows that were gone from our screens too soon and perhaps a few that we were happy to see the back of), the Critical Myth podcast (for discussing all kinds of current, recently deceased and upcoming television series) and the Type 40 Podcast (for all-out Doctor Who geekery), and he writes reviews for Critical Myth and Sticky Trigger Entertainment.

Grew a Beard of Sorrow in late 2011 and has yet to remove it. Read into that what you will.

Bronzethumb is slightly chuffed at having created, made significant contributions and/or made regular contributions to the following pages: