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I am not a power-armored Jigglypuff, if that's what you're thinking.

For the Record, it's named after the Power Armor from Rifts, not the heroine of the Metroid series.

Contributed to a few tropes, made some others. Don't remember them all, but I claim full blamecredit for the following:

...and I know I have a few more floating around here, but I forgot what they are.

While I didn't start Warhammer 40000, I did a massive rewrite that left it unrecognizable from it's original form. I also did the same for Battle Tech, and I think Jak And Daxter.

I also seem to have a habit of providing names for a number of Tropes. Sometimes, the name is all I contribute to the YKTTW that launches it:

Is the first, and only one to date, who has successfully gotten the reference from AbuDhabi's nickname.

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