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Those things are gonna break both their spines.

"It'll knock both your eyes out!"
Tagline for the 3-D Movie The French Line, starring the buxom Jane Russell

The use of female breasts for comedy, rather than (or in addition to) Fanservice. Although motherly characters are often given large chests, it is more common for the chest to be a cartoonish exaggeration (even within the context of the series) on a funny character for the purposes of physical humor. This even applies to a character who is otherwise very boyish-looking.

This trope takes a different flavor depending on the age of the woman. A voluptuous young lady lends herself to the usual sex jokes, or the occasional top-heavy Cute Clumsy Girl that knocks things over and smacks people with her twins when she turns around; an Apron Matron or Grande Dame will have huge breasts to make her look imposing and frumpy, with any slapstick involving them serving to undercut her humorless attitude; and with an old lady (especially a Dirty Old Woman or Abhorrent Admirer) you're treated to the Fan Disservice of saggy, deflated breasts that hang down to her waist.


Furthermore, you can make comedy from an out-of-shape guy having "man boobs", or a man Disguised in Drag using oversized Fake Boobs.

Contrary to what widespread Trope Decay would have us believe, this trope is not synonymous with "any pair of breasts bigger than a B cup", but refers specifically to large breasts regularly and intentionally used to comedic effect.

See also Buxom Is Better, Absolute Cleavage, Gainaxing/Jiggle Physics, Breast Expansion, Most Common Superpower, Boobs of Steel, and Springs, Springs Everywhere, as sometimes this trope is used as a cartoony trampoline.

See also: Marshmallow Hell, Funbag Airbag, and Thanks for the Mammary, for related physical gags.

Compare with A-Cup Angst, D-Cup Distress, Petite Pride, Big Breast Pride, and on a different axis, Gag Penis and Joke of the Butt.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Rentarou's face can be fully enveloped in Hahari's I-cups. They're the equivalent of Karane taking about 60note  doses of Vitamin π.
  • Myuu from Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero. She's not happy about them because it is rather difficult to find shirts and jackets that fit her. Her shirts tend to rip or pop buttons.
  • Mina in Airmaster, who has large breasts that are almost spherical in shape. Due to their large size and her shyness and clumsiness, her friends love teasing and groping her, she frequently finds herself accidentally smothering people with them, and they make her absurdly popular with men. In one episode she wins a queen of the beach contest simply by showing off some cleavage, and in another, she's chased by an entire gang who wanted to give her to their leader as a cheering-up gift. They picked her specifically because of her bust size.
  • Akahori Gedou Hour Lovege:
    • The anime manages to combine this with Powered Armor (yes, really). Aimi, who's a bit on the flat side, has fake breasts on her super suit made of "Paff-Paff X", a material which is bouncy enough to reflect anything, including incoming missiles.
    • There's also Kaoruko, Aimi's more popular partner. Episode 6 stands out, where she enters a wrestling tournament and pretty much advances her way to the final match by shoving her breasts in the competition's face.
  • Azumanga Daioh: Sakaki's bust size is a constant source of awe to her friends, who can't stop talking about them, much to her distress. It's downplayed compared to most examples, as Sakaki's bust is only really large by the standard of Japanese cup sizes, and a pretty average size by American standards. Jokes about them are more prevalent in the anime than the manga.
    • In Tomo's introductory episode, she challenges Sakaki to a 100M dash. But since Sakaki's boobs are 8cm bigger, she makes Sakaki step back 8cm to compensate.
    • During the locker-room scene in episode 4, Osaka mistakes Sakaki for an American, based purely on her the size of her breasts. Which prompts Tomo to remark that it's hard for her to believe that Sakaki was in middle school only a year ago.
    • When the girls first go to the beach, Chiyo is awestruck by the size of Sakaki's breasts and asks what she did to make them grow so big — causing her to cover up in embarrassment.
    • In the final episode, when Chiyo notes how each of her friends has changed, she says that Sakaki's boobs have grown bigger.
  • Haruka Gracia from Basquash! has a pair of gargantuan spherical breasts (it's a show about basketballs) dubbed "lunar bust". Supposedly, due to the low gravity of the moon, women who've lived there long enough developed enormous, sphere-shaped breasts. Most of the comedy revolves around the reactions from other characters, which is usually astonishment. Though for the men astonishment is mixed with lust and for the ladies, astonishment is mixed with jealousy.
  • Used all over in the Black Lagoon Gender Flip omake. First Rock finds himself turned into a woman, then runs around gainaxing here and there, then gets a boob faceplant when meeting female!Chang...
  • Bleach:
    • When Rangiku dresses in school uniform, her blouse is undone to allow her breasts to almost burst out of the seams, but she reacts violently to any boys who react to her stripperiffic appearance, as both Keigo and Kon discover. When Ichigo objects to the idea of the Shinigami staying at his house, she begins to undo the rest of her blouse to change his mind. Ichigo slaps a hand over his eyes and protests it's not going to work, but Rukia observes that he's peeking at Rangiku through half-opened fingers.
    • Urahara tricks Orihime into wearing a rather stripperiffic version of her old Hueco Mundo outfit, telling her that it will cheer up Ichigo. Sado realises that Ichigo is very flustered, so he decides to ask him what he thinks of her clothing. While Ichigo tries to avoid focusing on it, a very embarrassed Orihime attempts to cover the big Cleavage Window... and Urahara slyly observes the dress is designed for her boobs to pop out the sides, should she try that. Yoruichi's Dynamic Entry into the scene consists of her thrusting her hand through the centre of Orihime's breasts to correct the dress's position back on Orihime's chest, and then to scold Ichigo for not having a suitable reaction to the plight Urahara has obviously inflicted upon Orihime. As this happens, Urahara thinks to himself "It's Worth It."
  • Subverted in Canaan with the waitress Yunyun and her impressive "meat buns". Turns out that she was actually flat-chested and was stuffing her shirt with actual meat buns in order to impress her clients.
  • In Case Closed, Conan has found himself hugged or clutched to Ran's chest more than once. Another time he wakes up to find himself tucked into his mom's chest.
  • Charger Girl has much Gainaxing from the Most Common Superpower, but the Gag Boobs go without lampshading; a pair of undefined structures that appear frequently in the background as towering flesh-toned domes with pinkish tips.
  • Chonyuu For You, where the female lead has boobs that are at the very least five times the size of her head each.
  • City Hunter has a variant: Kaori has legitimately large breasts, but the humour comes from her being compared to women with an even larger bust (the one who's a teenager nearly sends her into an Heroic BSoD).
  • Cool-Kyou Shinsha uses this trope as a Mark of the Supernatural. If a girl in one of his works has comically large breasts, it's a safe bet that they probably a Cute Monster Girl or have some sort of special ability (though there are exceptions, like Shiori in FullMaPla and Kanna in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid). Before her debut, there was Lucoa, who often gives her companion Shota Marshmallow Hell.
  • In Cyber Team in Akihabara, the very first time we meet one of the main antagonists, Blood Falcon, it involves the main character running headlong into her breasts...which she describes as "spheres" at first, not immediately realizing they're boobs since they take up about 3/4 of the screen.
  • Junko Asagiri from Desert Punk, mainly because most of the men can't stop looking at her chest and she's all too willing to take advantage of that.
  • One of the more disturbing gags in the disturbing gag-packed last episode of Excel Saga, the appropriately-called "Going Too Far", features a female midget character who reveals a pair of enormous Gag Boobs that she's been hiding under her shirt all this time. This prompts the paedophile scientist she's in love with to lose all interest in her. In the same episode, when the girls switch bodies, Excel, being the ten kinds of weird she is, promptly proceeds to undress in a bathroom stall, and is shocked to see just how big Hyatt's breasts truly are.
  • Despite the abundance of large bosoms, Fairy Tail is mostly conservative in terms of big breast humor. However, there are still some examples, most of which involve Lucy:
    • Lampshaded at one point. While Lucy's breasts aren't unrealistically big they are notably large, perhaps more so than most or any of the other female characters (which is really saying something). While under the influence of a body swap spell, Gray switches places with Lucy, whereupon his first action is to lose his balance, nearly falling face-first into a table. He spends the rest of the episode complaining of back pain.
    • Later Lucy ends up getting stuck in a tight tunnel due to her ample chest getting in the way. She is very embarrassed about this, while Natsu meanwhile just thinks she has gotten fatter.
  • Tiffania Westwood of The Familiar of Zero, dubbed by Saito as "the big-breasted fairy who saved my life". They are the source of many jokes, such as people wondering if they are real. In the Sleipnir Ball (in the anime), she masquerades as Saito; Louise initially thinks that the person she sees is Saito, but upon looking a bit down, she sees a huge chest, because apparently the magic doesn't remove Tiffania's chest size.
  • There is an inversion in Flame of Recca. Yanagi has a flat chest and she's not really happy about it. Then they discover a Madogu that can erase anything. When Domon jokingly asks, "Can it erase Yanagi's breasts?", the answer is "You can't erase what doesn't exist!" Cue Domon getting comically beaten up by Recca while Yanagi is lamenting on her lack of breasts.
  • Girls Bravo: Kirie's are so big that the scanner in Fukuyama's elevator determines that she's an F-cup. Which is why he can't keep his mitts off her tits - no matter how many times she flattens him for it. In a later episode, Tomoka calls her a "boob monster", while Fukuyama says that he prefers to call her "booberiffic".
  • In Gulliver Boy, one recurring Running Gag is 12-year-old Gadgeteer Genius Edison hugging the local Magical Girl Misty and burying his face in her huge breasts, with Misty not even blinking an eyelid. It's later explained that he's an orphan raised by a very kind and large-chested nanny whom he adores and hugs in exactly the same way.
  • Carmen 99 of GUN×SWORD named herself after her bust size — 99cm. She's actually named Carul Mendoza, but she prefers the nickname.
  • Mikuru Asahina's boobs are important to the plot in Haruhi Suzumiya. In the spinoff Haruhi-chan, she attempts to wear an androgynous animal costume, only for her breasts to still show through it.
  • It's done in the very first episode of HeartCatch Pretty Cure! to Tsubomi, who, like most other Pretty Cure protagonists, is quite flat. When Chypre and Coffret arrive on Earth, they're forced to hide when Sasorina shows up looking for them. They do so by hiding in Tsubomi's shirt, giving Tsubomi a massive chest. Sasorina is not pleased at the sight. The gag is replayed somewhat when Potpourri first meets Itsuki; however, he hides in her shirt around her stomach, causing Tsubomi and Erika to gawk at Itsuki's now massive stomach.
  • Ukraine from Hetalia: Axis Powers, who is recognized by the sound of her breasts in one episode. She is mentioned as having very stiff shoulders and back due to the weight of them (also, according to Russia in the English dub, her Gag Boobs are real since she's not rich enough to get implants). She is Ukraine though; it only seems natural that she would have vast tracts of land. But to repeat that: her breasts have their own sound effect (which sounds like a large rubber ball bouncing), and fan community.
  • High School Of The Dead: The series makes a point of repeatedly emphasizing the gargantuan size of Shizuka's rack. In the anime, her introductory scene shows her asleep at her desk, by using her own breasts as pillows. They're also accompanied by dull spring-like sound effects whenever they so much as jiggle, and anytime she's frightened, someone usually ends up with their arm, or their face, smothered in her boobs, or they'll be pressed against their back, when she glomps onto them.
  • Hyper Breast Girl Rikako-chan takes Gag Boobs to its most extreme level, effectively a parody, with a title character so well-endowed that she defies belief. She's a teenaged girl who has perfectly round, cartoonishly overinflated breasts that are over two meters in diameter according to dialogue. She's incredibly boastful and downright arrogant about it; there is rarely a scene where she isn't puffing up her chest with all her might, and she stops people on the street and asks them if they're impressed by her comically huge breasts. When her boss makes the mistake of trying to guess her size and "lowballing" it, Rikako gets insulted, arrogantly sticks out her chest at him and exclaims that she hasn't been "that small" since she was in elementary school... prompting an image of a preteen Rikako with breasts bigger than basketballs.
  • In I'm a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl's Pet, several women think the best way to carry Tama, who is basically a house-cat, is to carry him on their bosom, and their breasts are large enough that this is a viable tactic, but Aria takes it even further by shoving him into her cleavage, smothering everything except his head, so she can carry her groceries, since apparently leashes don't exist in the world setting...
  • The manga Jimi Joshi x Osekkai Danshi, revolves around an Office Lady whose giant boobs (that she's embarrassed of) keep getting her in mishaps with her male coworker.
  • A certain female character who appears in the second episode of Kaiba sports a pair of hilariously gigantic tits. Strangely enough, she looks a lot like Jessica Rabbit with green hair.
  • Naeka from Kamen no Maid Guy. Her breasts even have their own fan club, a set of three lechers from the boy's kendo club. Just about every episode makes Naeka's chest size into a plot point. For example:
    • Episode 2 claims that Naeka is failing her math class because there is an inverse ratio between math grades and chest size.
    • One episode features an entire cake shop where only girls as big or bigger than Naeka can apply for jobs. The food is terrible, but because they're all so busty no one cares. Interestingly the owner, who far outranks the rest of the girls, is shown to be flat-chested, wearing fake breasts because she's insecure, and all the girls other than Naeka had breast implants.
  • In a series packed with fanservice, Izumi from Kemeko Deluxe! takes the cake with her ridiculous Gag Boobs. The "Ode to Joy" sequence in episode 4 probably qualifies as the most awesome wardrobe malfunction in anime history.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: Tiff is portrayed with this in the episode "Tooned Out", although only in the Show Within a Show that the Otakings made for their anime. The real deal and Kirby are not very pleased by this.
    Tiff: Is that airhead really supposed to be me!?
    Otaking: Yeah! Except she's not short like you!
    [The three Otakings sing "Fumu-tan of the stars"]
    Tiff: Yeah, I'm short, alright! [cue High-Pressure Emotion as she pulls out a hammer] And so is my temper! [starts chasing the Otakings around]
  • Komi Can't Communicate: Agari Himiko has the largest bust out of all the girls in the series. Any joke that doesn't involve her being Too Kinky to Torture or a Nervous Wreck will likely involve her enormous rack (such as being given "lots of art points" during the mixed obstacle race in the Sports Festival).
  • Miyuki Takara, the moe meganekko of Lucky Star, is a lot more endowed than most of her classmates (even more so than the hot teacher Nanako Kuroi), providing fuel for an occasional gag or two, usually from Konata Izumi. For instance, when Konata and the others are discussing what kind of Animal Motifs they would have, Izumi remarks that Miyuki would be a cow due to her generously sized milk-suppliers.
  • Mune-Mune from Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi (whose name literally means "boobs") has most of her appearance in the series as gags involving her large breasts. Her breasts bounce wildly in numerous situations and the main character, Sasshi, usually turns into a blubbering idiot whenever he gets a good view of them. On several occasions, Sasshi finds himself accidentally touching them. All the boob gags with Sasshi take an awkward turn when it's revealed that she's his grandmother (currently deceased in his own world), whose presence and youth in all of the alternate realities is an integral part of the complicated backstory that only gets revealed in the final episode.
  • Maken-ki!:
    • Haruko can't catch a break because of the size of her melons:
      • A common joke is that her boobs still seem to be growing, despite their already massive size. Which naturally makes her a source of envy for Himegami, who has the exact opposite problem.
      • Takeru always seems to either end up with his face in them, or with his hands on them — to the point of it becoming a Running Gag.
      • Chacha has a habit of teasing Takeru by groping Haruko in front of him, such as in chapter 26, when he offers to replace two orders of spilt milk for her. Chacha jokes that if he wants milk]], he could get it from Haruko by pulling her blouse open. However, she doesn't realize that Haruko isn't wearing a bra.
    • Ms. Aki's boobs are even bigger, to the point that even Haruko feels inadequate compared to her. In the second OVA, when she offers to let Takeru grope her,note  he imagines himself hiking up her breasts, as though they were mountains.
  • The anime and manga of Maoyu get plenty of comedic lineage from the Demon Queen's huge rack. Case in point, in her introductory scene she's shown politely curtsying to the Hero as she greets him while the camera focuses on her breasts bouncing, and then she proceeds to prove that she's the Demon Queen by showing the mark in one of them, much to the Hero's embarrassment.
  • All the adult female dragons in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid are extremely well endowed, but the prize for most ridiculous boobs has to go to Ilulu, whose breasts are half the size of her entire torso, literally act as flame sacs, have a near-hypnotic and nosebleed-inducing effect on men, and are capable of causing A-Cup Angst even in moderately-endowed women. According to Tohru, if she relaxed control of her form, they would get even bigger.
  • One memorable instance of this in Miss Machiko involves Machiko's breasts popping free from her shirt after a thief takes her as a hostage, which she uses as the start of a breast-and-karate-chop combo.
  • Miyuki's Marvelous Melons is the story of a flat-chested girl who, wishing to be popular, makes a deal with a devil who gives her the ability to inflate her breasts to absurd proportions when she gets turned on. But she has trouble controlling it, so it becomes more of a burden than a blessing. Later, when trying to show off for a guy who just revealed he likes her, her breasts grow so huge that, according to dialogue, she topples over and crushes him — a top contender for "Most Magnificent Death Ever". At one point another girl shows up who made a similar deal with another imp, to boost her bust on live TV in an attempt to get a modeling contract... ironically she ends up getting so huge that she becomes more breast than girl, and just squicks everyone.
  • Chara Soon of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, who really loves snuggling Judau against her chest and has been nicknamed "Breast Monster" ("Boobzilla" in the official subtitles) by Elle.
  • Modern Magic Made Simple: One scene has Koyomi burying her face against Yumiko's chest, accompanied by a repeated boing sound effect.
  • Monster Musume:
    • Centorea. They're massive (a 103 I bra is tried and found too small, as is one big enough that Papi and Suu are able to use the cups for hats) and quite prone to gags like Thanks for the Mammaries or Marshmallow Hell. The huge size is justified, as it's a racial trait to compensate for the fact that centaur babies are bigger than most and require a lot more nourishment. It's also Deconstructed when it comes to combat, since the fact that there's no bra size that fits her makes her breasts negatively affect her center of balance due to their uncontrollable bouncing, making melee combat and jousting harder. Her jousting match performance against her mother (who has even bigger breasts than her) considerably improves mid-match after Kimihito gives her a bra that can (barely) fit her... until it quickly breaks, and Kimihito has to serve as her bra instead.
    • Tionishia the ogre. Her breasts are so massive that they make Centorea's look normal by comparison. Her profile lists her as being a P Cup, and that's large even among ogres. Her bras are custom-made and reinforced, described as a "marvel of modern engineering".
    • Cathyl the minotaur sports the largest in the series (barring giant transformations) at Q Cup, slightly bigger than Tio's. This is to be expected since she is a dairy-type minotaur, which practically lactates all the time. They do get a bit smaller once she has been milked.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: Shinju Inui is a middle schooler who's extremely tall and the most endowed among the female characters. Naturally this trope is in full effect when Gojo tries to find a way to compress her huge chest to help her do a male cosplay. When he lends her his school uniform to try it out, a button pops off like a speeding bullet that smacks into the wall leaving a trail of smoke, and later when he's about to measure her head for a wig, her breasts end up pressed against his stomach, causing both of them to freak out.
  • The My-HiME franchise:
    • Tokiha Mai from My-HiME doesn't have the biggest rack in the show, but it attracts the most jokes. She can't go an episode in the early part of the series without someone's hand or face landing in her boobs, especially when Mikoto decides that it's okay to plant her face in them and nuzzle. In public.
    • Erstin Ho, whose name is an anagram of Holstein from the My-Otome anime and manga. This is more so the case in the manga, where her fighting style is based around her breasts and can only be sized by an otome with a bust size of F-cup or higher, with the strength of the moves proportional to the size of the user's bust. Hilariously enough, it's said that the last otome to master the technique is one "Chiharu Shinome", whose name is an obvious Shout-Out to Chiharu Shinonome, the female protagonist of Eiken (which practically breathes the trope).
  • Naruto:
    • Tsunade has a pretty impressive set, considering one of the first things that happen when she becomes The Fifth Hokage is to have Konohamaru crash into her and snuggle her breasts when he thinks that they're pillows. Needless to say, Tsunade isn't amused at all with this exchange. It also shocks many characters to find out that she was flat-chested as a teen. Added in an omake with Sakura and Ino wanting to know her secret.
    • Post-Timeskip, the now very large-chested Hinata gains these. In one of the chapters leading up to Road to Ninja, she is in the onsen... and complains that her breasts keep floating up in the water.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi does this on occasion, usually involving Chizuru or Yuuna. There's even a chapter where Yuuna has a nightmare in which Makie has magically stolen her "size".
  • Fred Perry's strip "Minor Adjustments" in one of the Ninja High School yearbooks has the demure, flat-chested teenage witch Mimi waking up one morning to find herself suddenly blessed with enormous, gravity-defying Gag Boobs. It all turns out to be a plan by her elder sister to increase her popularity, but Mimi is not best pleased.
  • Queen's Blade:
    • Even compared to the other busty combatants, Cattleya's breasts are massive (to the point where she can use them as pillows); almost all of her scenes tend to feature copious amounts of breast bouncing, especially the fights, where it's a wonder how her breasts haven't knocked her unconscious; and she carries her son on one arm while fighting, which makes for some awkward situations when she loses her balance.
    • Nanael lampshades the tendency of characters in the series to be gigantic. On meeting Melpha, her first (mental) response is "Great... more absurdly huge tits."
  • Kurumu from Rosario + Vampire is constantly boasting about her large breasts and uses them to suffocate Tsukune from time to time.
  • The DiC English dub of Sailor Moon added this by accident. In the original Japanese, Makoto says that she should get the lead in a school play because she has the biggest breasts. In the English dub, Lita now says that she should get the role because she has the "most talent". Only she's still gesturing towards her boobs as she says this and then repeats the line, shoving them towards Raye, who very obviously looks down at them.
  • Saki:
    • Nodoka, whose absolutely huge bust size makes her the target of many breast-related jokes.
      Yuuki: And Nodo-chan is hiding tiles in her boobs!
      Nodoka: I am not!
    • Kasumi of the Eisui team has even larger breasts than Nodoka, and Kyouko refers to her as the "booby monster of Eisui". When Saki enters her Awakened state, Kasumi's breasts begin floating. One volume cover has Hatsumi pushing up Kasumi's breasts with her head. In the comedic Zenkoku-hen ending sequence, when Kinue kicks a soccer ball, it bounces off the flying Hatsumi's face and comes to rest in Kasumi's ample bosom.
  • Fuu, the resident flat-chested girl of Samurai Champloo, gets a moment of Gag Boobs when she smuggles two grapefruit-sized bombs inside the front of her kimono and has to hurry... Gainaxing ahoy!
  • School Rumble: Mikoto is repeatedly singled out for having the biggest rack among her friends.
    • Imadori becomes obsessed with her boobs after determining that she's a D-cup and, from that point onwards, tries to feel up her breasts every chance he gets. But he always gets sent flying instead.
    • There's also this exchange, from when Ms. Anegasaki is assigning nicknames to everyone on her basketball team:
      Anegasaki: [pointing at Mikoto] Tits McGee— I mean, Miki.
      Mikoto: [incredulous] Wait, what was that first part?
  • In Sekirei, four out of six of Minato's Sekirei have huge tits. The other Sekirei's (most reasonably endowed) chests look small in comparison. At one point someone makes a call to the Izumo Inn and asks for the woman with big breasts. Kuu is understandably confused.
  • Hinata Aki's swimsuit scene on Sgt. Frog is marked by air raid sirens and flashing red lights ("WARNING!" "DYNAMITE!!"). Even the mecha-mom robot Kululu bases off of her has a huge rack, but then again Kululu did manage to watch her bathing in the shower multiple times to get the exact measurements, so this actually makes sense.
  • Aphrodite in Shuumatsu no Walküre: Record of Ragnarok has breasts so comically large that she requires servants to physically support them. At one point during Lü Bu's fight with Thor, the Kung-Fu Sonic Boom causes them to fly into her face and completely obscure her vision.
  • Naga from Slayers has breasts that match her personality: bizarre, flamboyant, and overly proud of themselves. She's a parody of all those Stripperiffic fantasy sorceresses, so that's only to be expected. There's a scene where she's trying to traverse a very narrow ledge overlooking a steep precipice. Awkward hilarity ensues.
  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Henrietta's breasts are often used for comedy. In one episode, Sherlock ends up stuck between them after a Crash-Into Hello and has to pull to get out of the Marshmallow Hell. Episode 7 of the first season takes it Up to Eleven, with Cordelia bouncing off of them, Nero getting captivated while staring at them, and Henrietta using them as missiles during a collective illusion sequence.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
  • Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: Hana Uzaki, the female protagonist, is a very short girl but has a very impressive pair (she takes after her mom in this, and her younger sister is also very stacked for her age). Naturally she will often fall victim to Marshmallow Hell and Thanks for the Mammary, though unusually for this trope, sometimes it comes as Laser-Guided Karma for her antics in making fun of Shinichi, her senpai.
  • Variable Geo:
  • Masane in the anime version of Witchblade — her name is perfectly normal, but she quickly gains the nickname Masa-mune, literally "invincible breasts", after one man's drunken stammer. The name sticks because of her proportions. In the English dub, it's "Melonie". Get it?
  • Doronjo in the original Yatterman series. Her breasts are often used for gags such as smacking her goons in the face or when she's wrapped in some rings which cinch her like a corset. More rare in the 2008 remake.
  • In episode 1 of You Are Being Summoned, Azazel, Azazel continually uses his powers on a client rather than his actual target. The second time he does it, he gives her enormous breasts, which she's thankful for. They bounce off the floor when she bows in gratitude.

    Comic Books 
  • In the miniseries 3 Little Kittens by Jim Balent, all of the main characters have ponderously huge tits, but the biggest of all is villainous Latex Red. She used to be one of the Kittens, before being kicked out for being, well, nuts. She was jealous of her former teammates' breasts, so she decided to have gargantuan breast implants put in to make up for her inadequacies. In their first meeting, she actually proves to be a pretty badass babe, taking all three on and, for the most part, kicking their finely-drawn asses. Unfortunately for her, Latex Red overcompensates while... overcompensating... and she actually ends up falling over a railing due to the weight of her own boobs. She survives, and again almost kicks their asses later while kidnapping a foreign leader. She's only foiled because she stops to brag about her breast implants, allowing Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose to cast a spell on her disabling her gadgets and stripping her naked. Seriously.
  • Olga Lawina from Agent 327 is quite literally the embodiment of this trope. In fact, she has probably been the target of every breast-related trope and then some. Her last name is the Russian word for "avalanche" as an added punny bonus.
  • Spider-Man love interest and ally the Black Cat has a very well-endowed figure that has been pointed out a few times. In Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do, she says that they act as ballast, and they also apparently make for a good place to store her burglary tools.
  • In Blue Beetle, Jaime goes into combat with foe Giganta. His usual sidekicks are delayed from assisting, due to being stunned by the sight of breasts the size of bungalows. "We got to help Jaime with his sexy fight!" Mentor hero Peacemaker wonders if Batman slips Robin saltpeter in his food to avoid this kind of embarrassment.
  • Played for Laughs and drama in Mother's Milk's backstory in The Boys. His mother was a stereotypical overweight black woman with large breasts as a result of it, and her first appearance is in one of M.M.'s baby photos with him happily ogling them. His Origin Story is that her workplace was once a Compound V refinery and they suffered mutations and birth defects as a result of it. M.M. gained superpowers at the cost of continuously needing her breast milk to survive, and she's noticeably heavier at the end of his flashback. When Hughie visits her in the present day, she's mutated into a fleshy Blob Monster with prehensile tentacle-like breasts that she force-feeds him with, explaining why M.M. could never watch snake documentaries without throwing up.
  • Jamie Schaffer from Chaos Campus has these. Being very, very short and quite insecure, she has, quote, "gotten ever larger and larger breast implants" over the years to compensate. That being said, Jamie is also incredibly strong and a great fighter, in keeping with her Boobs of Steel stereotype. She's described in her bio as "Ellen Ripley with breast implants" and kills monsters with her bare hands.
  • Danger Girl: In the first issue, Abbey Chase and Donavin Conrad are in a leaking speedboat. Conrad jokes that Abbey's breasts can provide buoyancy to keep them afloat.
  • In one issue of ElfQuest, Leetah heals a young human girl who's suffering from a serious illness. In thanks, the girl's mother gives Leetah one of the girl's dresses, since Leetah's own clothes were torn to shreds in an earlier incident. The dress fits well enough in most ways since the tribe of elves that Leetah comes from are about half human size. Still, the little girl is a little girl, and Leetah is a grown woman, a mother, and unusually buxom for an elf. Unsurprisingly, her boobs get squished, which is a source of quiet amusement for both Leetah and the human mother.
  • Underground Comics artist Mary Fleener wrote a story about her former roommate, who had real, unaugmented breasts approaching Gag Boobs size. Of course, every man they met (including Mary's father!) went practically crazy for them. Especially when she wore a self-made purple dress with Absolute Cleavage (for a renaissance fair).
  • Moisha, one of a trio of wererats from Gold Digger. A running gag for her involves her intense training in stealth being undercut by people constantly spotting her protruding chest. Another comic features a sequence where the wererat's attempt to climb along a narrow ledge is going incredibly slowly, and it's revealed why when Moisha's grip on the rockface slips and her boobs rebounding nearly throws her off the ledge.
  • The second issue of Harry Johnson has a scientist that Harry has just saved from the Nazis who is developing a "super soldier" formula. Still, in its development stage, the serum only works on women and it only doubles the size of their bust. The scientist shows Harry by having one of his many "scantily clad" lab assistants test out the formula.
  • Judge Dredd: Vienna gets enormous breast implants when she auditions for a lousy vidscreen sitcom as the Ms. Fanservice.
  • Manifest: Protagonist Tessa Theus is very, very busty, even for your average superheroine. Other characters often make jokes about her size. When she eats at a cafeteria run by orphaned kids, this dialogue ensues:
    Naseem: By the look on their faces, the kids were more than happy to open after hours for you! You have something that... captures their attention!
    Tessa: They giggled when I asked for milk! It serves me right, I guess! (I really love milk though!)
  • Amusingly parodied in one of Jhonen Vasquez's Meanwhile strips, which features a pair of dimension-hopping travelers arriving in a parody superhero universe, who end up fighting two heroes there: a man so enormously overmuscled that he can't lift his own arms, and a woman whose breasts are so ridiculously huge, especially in proportion to her stick-thin body, that all it takes to defeat her is tapping her in the forehead, causing the weight of her breasts to literally break her back, the top half of her body falling to the ground, and her head being immediately crushed to a pulp when her breasts land on it.
  • Power Girl. She's never been depicted as being "average" in size, or even average in comparison to her Most Common Superpower superheroine compatriots, having universally been shown as having breasts noticeably larger than her peers. Jokes, comments and whole issues have been literally built around her breasts. With the exception of Mighty Endowed, a Joke Character, she's never been out-sized — even characters like Lady Death, ostensibly created just for breast-size and little else, at most equal her depending on the artist. Basically, Power Girl is the gold standard for Gag Boobs in DC Comics and comics in general.
  • She-Hulk gets nearly as much grief/attention/affection as Power Girl. In her 100th issue, it's indirectly stated that she has the biggest natural breasts of any superheroine in the Marvel Universe —specifically, that she distracts a villain by being topless, and that that particular tactic would not have worked if she had been anyone else. This trope is especially in effect when she's drawn by artists like Adam Hughes and Frank Cho, but either way, she's always depicted as a very tall and well-built woman.
  • Starfire has no nudity taboo, and has little need for clothing, being able to survive in space, so her costume is bikini-like, that's if she's wearing clothes. In Teen Titans, Terra I infamously referred to her as "balloon bod", and in Starfire (2015), her buxomness and men's fixation on it is Played for Laughs a couple of times:
    Stella: [after Starfire wears her office shirt with Absolute Cleavage] I swear, what is with you trying to release the hounds all the time?
    Starfire: Hounds?
    Stella: Kori, your boobs. They have a certain power here on our planet. They make men act stupid.
    Starfire: How can I make men act smarter?
    Stella: Just by covering them.
    Starfire: The men or the boobs?
  • Titeuf has the school nurse nicknamed Double Airbags.
  • In Violine, a large statue appears in a pygmy village of a goddess with large, conical-shaped breasts.
  • The comic W.I.T.C.H., and its animated adaptation (see below), both focus heavily on fanservice and Breast Expansion. All of the main characters have the Most Common Superpower when they're transformed, and being teenaged girls, breast size is a frequent subject of discussion. Special Gag Boobs mention goes to Irma Lair, however, who is already possessed of unusually large breasts for her age (even when not transformed she's the biggest), which is a running gag, and yet has tried twice to use magic to make her breasts larger. Neither time does it end well.
  • In The DC Universe, Young Justice's first "opponent", if she could be called that, was Mighty Endowed, who touched a mysterious relic and transformed into a power-crazed Cat Girl with "huge... tracts of land." We never actually see them, but the impression is they outclass even the normal Most Common Super Powered heroines exponentially. As evidenced by the fact that she can't stand upright anymore. She tries to get around this limitation by getting support from the guys she controls. Seems a big enough pair of breasts can hypnotize men. She is later seen making an escape from custody when she discovers that she can make her breasts emit a blinding light. She turns on the high beams on her headlights.

    Fan Works 
  • In Anchor Foal, the trope is transplanted in its entirety to a different body part. In chapter 10:
    "And then," the book went on, truly warming to the material, "you pretty much always have somepony with a ridiculously full tail." (Which was when the book completely missed Discord leaning in.) "She's mostly there so other ponies can make jokes when her tail bounces around a lot. She typically goes nearly all the way to the end. But she always loses."
  • Mabel Pines from the future AU fic The Big Pines has breasts that are each, individually, larger than her head. When Candy claims that the Pines girl has K-cup breasts, Mabel agrees, before reluctantly admitting that she's actually hovering between a Q and an R-cup but doesn't like thinking about it. At one point she feels like her figure is karma for her part in starting Weirdmageddon just so she didn't have to grow up, by being given an excessively grown-up body.
  • In Daphne's Surprise, Daphne's father tricks Dobby into giving her and Harry a bottle of doctored champagne as a prank. Daphne's D-cups expand into F-cups, while Harry ends up with a penis that almost touches the floor.
  • In Glorious Shotgun Princess, Shepard discovers to her surprise that the Solar Exaltation has resulted in her breasts growing to "comic book superhero" proportions.
  • A Green Dragon's Hoard: Manami is barely over a meter tall but has breasts larger than her head. More than one character is shocked by this, with the occasional joke about how she hasn't broken her spine carrying them around.
  • The Lard House:
    • In the alternate universe Lincoln has found himself in, most of the older sisters have larger chests due to being so overweight.
    • The local version of the emo girl Maggie, in addition to not being emo despite not being overweight and actually underweight in every other area, has breasts so large she needs to carry weights in her backpack to give her the counterbalance to stand up straight. It turns out that their size is because she has two giant tumors inside them that have been taking most of the nutrients in her body for themselves, which is why she's unhealthily thin. Fortunately, the local Leni, a bigger genius than Lisa, converts them into regular cells. Along with strengthening her muscles so she can carry them herself. By the time of the sequel, she's grown even bigger, and not just because she's pregnant.
    • While smaller than Maggie, the Lardverse equivalent of Stella is also quite well endowed. It's also mentioned that the main dimension's Stella needs custom bras in the sequel due to her own endowments.
  • One fan-artist popularized the Anthropomorphic Personification of the school bus from The Magic School Bus as a woman with large breasts. She's quite busty. Quite a few jokes are related to the fact.
  • Total Drama Legacy has Storm, whose giant tits (or as she insistently calls them, her "sha-boobies") are the source of many jokes.
  • In Worm: More Than Meets the Eye, the corporate-sponsored heroine Lightshow has utterly massive assets, and almost every chapter she's in has at least one joke about them. Mostly about how nobody can believe that they're real. They are, but they're enhanced by tinker-tech drugs.
  • In Yet again, with a little extra help, Shadow isn't very buxom but can alter her physicality on a whim. She gives herself Gag Boobs as part of a joke.
  • Mikuru has these in You Got HaruhiRolled! to an even greater extent than in canon. Her breasts are so large that she can use them to try to kill Fujiwara via Marshmallow Hell.
  • Mai Valentine's endowment is a running gag in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series (though in fact, she's merely large, but not to a comical degree; the joke is mostly in reference to her role as Ms. Fanservice):
    • "Magnum Farce" takes the gag to the max, especially during the "Joey catches Mai" scene:
      Magnum: She's going to fall to her untimely death! What would L. Ron Hubbard do?
      Joey: I see London, I see France, I see Mai Valentine's underpants!
      Mai: Joey, stop gawking at my nethers and save my butt!
      Joey: Aww, can't I do both?
      Mai: Just shut up and catch me!
      Joey: Okay, but whatever you do, don't let go until I say—
      [Joey gets crushed by Mai's breasts with a squeaky-toy-like noise]
      Mai: It finally happened! I killed a man with my breasts!
    • In "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mai", after defeating her, Melvin takes Mai into her idea of hell: a beach where everyone's breasts are bigger than hers.
      Mai: Even Tristan's?
      Melvin: Especially Tristan's.
      Tristan: [with a pair of substantial chest melons] My brizzeasts are off the hizzle.

    Films — Animation 
  • In An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, there is a human woman with huge knockers who is apparently Cat R. Waul's owner, and is very affectionate toward him.
  • In Brave, there's Maudie, a big (but short) maid with equally large tracts of land, who gets this invoked particularly during the second half, where she hides a key and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Miss Forcible from Coraline, who even jostles Miss Spink with them simply by turning aside.
  • How to Train Your Dragon managed to make an offscreen gag about this — Hiccup's dad gives him a helmet and says that it and his own were made from Hiccup's late mother's breastplate. Given that these are Vikings we're talking about, the implication is that she was a Brawn Hilda type. When we catch up with her in the sequel, she's actually very petite. Might have lost some weight given that she became a dragon survivalist, but there's no indication other than this joke in the first movie that she was ever that big.
  • The Last Unicorn has Schemindrick finding himself almost suffocated by the expansive boobs... of a Douglas Fir tree (that he had brought to life).
  • In Robin Hood (1973), while Robin and Little John are disguised as fortune tellers, Little John gives himself a rather enormous (fake) rack. Then he later hides a load of stolen coins in there and flaunts it rather proudly to flirt with the rhino guards.
  • The 2012 Mexican animated film El Santos contra La Tetona Mendoza has La Tetona Mendoza, a female wrestler who uses her breasts as weapons!
  • The Simpsons Movie has the Medicine Woman, a middle-aged Inuit shaman who has quite large breasts, but not a slender figure like most other examples of the trope. Homer calls her "Boob Lady" at one point, and when she appears to him in a vision, she uses her breasts to point him on the way to Springfield. It is unclear if the latter is all in Homer's imagination or real.
    Homer: Thank you, boob lady!
  • Power Girl in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. When the two meet Toyman (a 13-year-old Japanese kid), Power Girl stays as far away from him as she can, presumably due to an incident that Toyman described as involving "X-Ray goggles". Later, when they view his rocket (designed to take out a meteor heading towards the planet), this exchange occurs:
    Superman: You're absolutely sure this is going to work?
    Toyman: Does Power Girl have big--
    Batman: Just feed it the numbers, kid.
  • Mrs. Toad from Thumbelina. A toad with perfectly circular, ginormous breasts that bounce and sway everywhere. What's worse is the artists dressed them in polka dots. She's voiced by Charo. Suddenly it all makes sense.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Airplane!, the turbulence that makes the titular airplane shake, shimmy, and shudder is illustrated on-screen by a woman's enormous bare breasts shaking, shimmying, etc.
  • Beaches: "One night at the opera he saw an Aida whose bust was so big they would often impede her. Bug-eyed he watched her fall into the pit, done in by the weight of those terrible tits! Oh, my god! There she blows! Aerodynamically, this bitch was a mess!"
  • In Bruce Almighty, it's implied that Bruce uses his newfound God powers to increase his girlfriend's boob size.
  • The Italian comedy Le Comiche 2 offers a rare example of a man receiving (a very undesired) breast augmentation. A male individual is mixed up with a female patient and gets breast implants. Later in the movie, the character suffers a Comedic Underwear Exposure and he's discovered to be wearing a bra to support his newly acquired "boobs", implying that he is now living his life as a very embarrassed man with female breasts and wearing a bra under male clothes. Despite the undertones of the idea, this is Played for Laughs and he has his bosom squeezed by one of the men that caused the augmentation in the first place.
  • The Dictator has the "virgin guard" named Etra, the most aggressive of Aladeen's team of guards. In a scene in the extended unrated edition, she is seen using said boobs as weapons and is earlier seen smashing a stack of bricks with them.
  • A Dirty Shame: Selma Blair as Caprice, known professionally as Ursula Udders. There's an excellent bit about midway through where she declares her plan to have reduction because they're killing her back.
  • In Dracula: Dead and Loving It, the newly vampiric Mina is trying to seduce Jonathan, but he points out that he's British. Lucy counters that so are her boobs.
  • The last gag of Dude, Where's My Car? is Jesse and Spencer using alien tech to inflate their girlfriends' breasts.
  • In the sixth part of Woody Allen's Anthology Film Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask). A Mad Scientist (John Carradine, of course) declares that he has been injecting a woman with silicone for a year, resulting in large breasts ("She used to be flat-chested!"). An accidental fire causes one of her breasts to become disembodied and the size of a two-story house. It goes on a rampage, killing hapless people with "half-and-half" (half milk, half cream).
  • Fight Club provides a rare male example:
    "Bob. Bob had bitch tits."
  • Ghostbusters (2016) has a scene of Kevin offering to come up with a logo for the movie's business; his first suggestion is an Off-Model cartoon ghost with visible lipstick and such endowments. Seeing his interviewees' perturbed reaction, he recognizes that it might be "the boobs" and readily offers to "make them bigger".
  • Subverted with Tatiana in The Heat. While the dealer who leads them to her describes her boobs as being huge enough for the audience to expect this, they look fairly normal sized when she shows up, if accentuated by a low top. However, the credits feature this gem:
    Gina - Jessica Chaffin
    Gina's Boobs - Jessica Chaffin's Boobs
  • In High Anxiety, Nurse Diesel definitely qualifies, but the gag isn't that they're so big, but that they're shaped into very severe cones, rather than the expected curve of a female bosom.
  • Kung Fu Hustle:
    • When Sing tries to intimidate a barber by having his chubby friend Bone remove his shirt to show off the axe tattoo on his chest, we're treated to a slow-motion shot of Bone's large man-boobs jiggling about.
    • Whenever Landlady inhales to use her Lion's Roar shouting attack, her stomach sucks in but her chest inflates.
  • In Liar Liar, after Fletcher's son has made his truth wish, he meets a well-endowed woman on the elevator.
    Busty Woman on Elevator: Everybody's been real nice.
    Fletcher: Well, that's because you've got big jugs... I mean, your boobs are huge. I mean, I wanna squeeze 'em! ... Mama! [makes bottle-sucking noises]
    [the sound of a slap is heard from outside the elevator, and the doors open to reveal Fletcher holding his face in pain]
    The outtakes from that scene are pretty funny too.
    Jim Carrey: If I was a boxer I'd... bounce those things like Sugar Ray Leonard. I'm sorry! [cracks up, with the cast and crew following suit]
  • Mastizaade: The appropriately named Titli Boobna. Her enormous breasts often get in her way, such as stopping an elevator from closing or blocking her view of the lunch that was below her breasts.
  • Mean Girls:
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail - "And she has huge... tracts of land!" This is a subversion, though. The Lord of Swamp Castle actually is referring to the bride's vast holdings of good, not at all swamp-like land. The bride's actual breasts are not shown to be particularly large relative to the rest of her body.
  • Repossessed features a scene at a gym where one woman is seen working on her... pecs. In every shot, her breasts have gotten bigger and bigger until finally, we hear an off-screen explosion.
  • In Robin Hood: Men in Tights, the Merry Men dress as court ladies to sneak into the castle during the wedding of Maid Marian to the Sheriff of Rottingham. As they move in, the costumes start slipping, and Will Scarlet O'Hara tells Robin's manservant Blinkin', "Fix your boobs! You look like a bleeding Picasso!"
  • In Saving Private Ryan, right before a big battle, Reiben tells a hilarious story of when a well-endowed lady went buying underwear in his mom's shop, and he gave her a smaller bra. The lady quickly figured out what he was up to... and told him to "think of these" if he's ever scared in battle.
  • Scary Movie 2 features a scene where Theo is thrown across a room, violently. Wanting to save herself from harm, she tugs on a pair of rip-cords on her outfit, deploying comically-large breasts like nippled airbags.
  • Special Female Force: Ling-Ling's sizable chest is Played for Laughs a couple of times, such as when her instructors are taking away all her frivolous makeup and jewelry, and they don't believe her when she tells them that she's not wearing a padded bra.
  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: Ricky Bobby hooks up with Susan, his personal assistant, who shows no sign of this before. Near the end of the film, she reveals (but not to the camera, alas) that her clothes are suppressing a pair of Gag Boobs.
  • In There's Something About Mary, Healy gets distracted while spying on Mary about to change her shirt and looks back to see her topless elderly roommate instead.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit:
    • Jessica Rabbit's ample breasts find themselves involved in quite a lot of visual comedy, including funny bounces and turning out to contain a bear trap for handsy men.
      Ed Valiant: Nice booby-trap.
    • Jessica's "doppelgänger" Lena Hyena's breasts droop all the way to the floor for a split-second.
  • In Wild Wild West, Artemus Gordon has a female disguise. This leads to two breast-joke related scenes: one where Gordon shows James West his fake breasts, and another where West drums his hands across the breasts of a woman he thinks is a cross-dressing Gordon (which almost causes West to be lynched).

  • In John Ringo's Cally's War, the eponymous heroine uses body modification technology to go undercover for a mission, and her new body has very large assets. Things happen and she loses access to the technology, so she is stuck in this new body for some years. Eventually, she gets access to the technology, only to discover that the officer scheduling the technology which will give her back her original body is the officer whom she was pretending to be. The two of them have different reactions to their mutual endowments: Cally can't stand it, while the officer is very happy with them.
  • In Cauldron of Ghosts, Anton, Victor, Thandi, and Yana undergo cosmetic surgery to disguise their identities for a covert operation. Yana receives some rather large assets. She is not pleased about this. Although a fair proportion of it is good-natured ribbing, the others in the party take great pains to explain how good of a cover it is, as it suits the stereotype of the social class she'll be emulating. Accurately, her cover identity becomes reinforced by these assets — she is even nicknamed sotto-voce as "Angel Boobs" by the local security — serving to make her Beneath Suspicion.
  • Joe Keenan's novel Putting on the Ritz features this internal monologue:
    As a gay man I don't give much thought to bosoms, but it seems to me that some women have what can only be called comedy breasts - tits so vast and bouncy and perfectly round that you can't look at them without feeling that you've been thrust into some low burlesque skit and should be dressed in a zany doctor's costume and wearing a big, naughty stethoscope.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Aunt Maggie in the season 1 finale of 8 Simple Rules by way of a waterbra. Rory constantly wants to give his aunt big hugs after she appears.
    Rory: I can hear the ocean.
  • 'Allo 'Allo!:
    • One episode features two well-endowed female characters wearing low-cut outfits serving ice-cream. From a vibrating ice-cream truck.
    • The MacGuffin through the whole series is "ze picture of ze fallen Madonna wiz ze big boobies".
  • The Benny Hill Show: Never an episode goes by without some kind of Gag Boobs gag. The most frequently repeated is the golf-ball-lands-in-the-cleavage shot, the "I dropped my keys down there" bit, and umbrella handles getting snagged in low necklines.
  • In the Blackadder II episode "Beer", the wearing of comedy breasts is encouraged as part of a drinking party hosted by the titular character. Lord Melchett (Stephen Fry) sports an enormous, golden pair; Miriam Margolyes refers to Edmund's as "Devil's dumplings", which he then attempts to pretend are, in fact, earmuffs which have slipped down.
  • Happens briefly in the Charmed episode "Hell Hath No Fury" when Paige gets ridiculously large breasts as backlash from a spell she does to punish a sexually-harassing co-worker.
  • Le cœur a ses raisons:
    • Criquette and Ashley Rockwell have absurdly large breasts, and the series doesn't try to hide one bit that they are inflated balloons.
    • There are also Britany's, which are so spiky that they pop Criquette's when she hugs her in one episode.
  • Community: While not excessively large by most measures, Annie's boobs have, in several episodes, been used as plot devices in various forms, most frequently by Gainaxing them in tight T-shirts and tops. Even Troy's pet monkey is named in honor of them.
  • Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has fairly large breasts. At one point, when she's trying to get people to come to her housewarming party, she wears a tight shirt and Greg tells her to "put those things away before you poke someone's eye out." Finally, in the episode "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!", she has an entire song called "Heavy Boobs", about the difficulty of having heavy boobs.
  • Double Divas is a reality show about two bra makers/fitters/sellers. They often make jokes about breasts in general or in relation to a particular client.
  • The Japanese Sketch Comedy show Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji has two episodes of its "Seikimatsu Sentai Gorenjai" sketch revolve around the titular Goranger parody team changing its theme to various kinds of boobs which they then dance around and Gainax with.
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark:
    • Elvira: If they ever ask about me, tell them I was more than just a great set of boobs. I was also an incredible pair of legs!
    • Elvira: It's me again, yours truly, Elvira, the gal with the enormous... uh... ratings.
    • One of her movies is called Elvira's Haunted Hills.
  • During the second and third seasons of Friends, Monica has to work at a 50s-themed diner where she's made to wear huge fake boobs under her uniform.
  • The annual batsu games from Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende have the main cast don uniforms as part of their "training". When said uniforms are women's uniforms (i.e., nurse outfits or flight attendants' uniforms), Masatoshi Hamada will invariably be saddled with the uniform that includes a short skirt, thigh-high stockings, and a pair of huge fake breasts.
  • The Golden Girls: The ladies are all auditioning for a play. Blanche decides to invoke I Have Boobs, You Must Obey! and goes to the audition with two balloons under her shirt. To quote Dorothy, "My rear tires have less pressure in them." All goes well until Blanche goes for a hug with her male co-star, then we hear two loud pops and a deflating hiss.
    Patrick: Oh my, I've popped your bosom!
  • When Hailey is getting ready for bras in Hope & Faith, Sydney buys one for her. It gives her quite the... erm... protrusion. Her father tries his hardest not to laugh.
  • Just Shoot Me!: Finch makes many jokes about Maya's large breasts, and Nina occasionally does too.
  • One of the recurring characters in English sketch comedy Little Britain is a sheltered mama's boy in his late twenties who's still being breastfed. Like everything else in the show, it's done in the best possible taste.
  • Manswers, as a show on Spike TV about questions men might want to know the answers to, quite naturally descends into this territory now and again. Some memorable ones are:
    • "How big are the world's biggest boobs?" A stripper in the US had 62MMM implants.
    • "How big does a boob have to be to crush a beer can?" Natural EE's do the trick.
    • "Which will keep you from drowning?" Real boobs are more buoyant.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The obvious endowments of the female lead in the awful Quest of the Delta Knights probably weren't intended to be played for laughs, but during the host segment on that episode of the show, Tom Servo's "breasts" definitely are.
  • Nip/Tuck: Considering the show is set in the world of Miami plastic surgery, this was bound to happen. The most notable involves a stripper Christian meets who has breathtaking rage issues and a pair of boobs so big she injures his neck by hitting him in the face with them. Later he discovers that she runs a fetish site where she videos herself crushing various objects with her breasts, and gives the same treatment to the phone at the receptionist's desk.
  • Pizza: Ruby, Bobo's ex-porn star girlfriend from Season 5. She's better known as Mama Juggs, and DJBJ even lampshades it.
    DJBJ: It's even bigger than your mama's, bro. [Bobo slaps DJBJ]
  • An episode of Roseanne sees Roseanne deciding to have breast reduction surgery to relieve her chronic back pain. Following surgery, she is horrified to learn that Doogie Howser, M.D. has given her monstrously large implants instead. It eventually turns out that It Was All A Dream.
  • RuPaul's Drag Race constantly invokes this trope. Examples include Madame La Queer's massive boobs in the wrestling challenge, huge breastplates worn for a wet T-shirt challenge, and Ginger Minj and Sasha Belle playing conjoined twins joined at their gigantic breasts.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch:
    • Sabrina accidentally gets enlarged boobs after getting trapped in a friend's computer — and he has fun with the photo tweaking software.
      Cole: Wow, Sabrina, that's some really big... hair.
      Sabrina: Oh it's this new shampoo I'm using. They said it adds body.
      Cole: They are not kidding.
      Sabrina attempts to pass the look off as a feminist protest. When Roxie says "Go on, Sabrina, burn your bra." Sabrina responds that if she did, they'd probably see the smoke in Baltimore.
    • Borderline case with the other realm version of Hooters, a chain of restaurants staffed entirely by people in owl costumes. You can even get a "flap dance".
  • Saturday Night Live:
    • In a mid-1980s skit, Season 10 cast member Pamela Stephenson appears on Weekend Update and introduces the audience to her breasts, which begin to move around on their own accordnote  and end up throwing her over the Update desk.
    • Dolly Parton's hosting stint on Season 14 (1988/89 season) includes a sketch that was originally planned for the episode hosted by Raquel Welch from Season 1 (1975/76 season) where Dolly Parton plays a prisoner who is banished from a planet where all the women have insanely large breasts and Parton's are considered too small by the planet's standards.
    • The monologue from the first time Britney Spears hosted (Season 25), where she denies the rumors plaguing her career at the time — about how she lip-syncs her songs and how she got breast implants, the latter of which is similar to the Pamela Stephenson incident from Season 10.
    • The premise behind Lindsay Lohan's Harry Potter skit from Season 29 is that Hermione has gotten big boobs over the summer and every single male character is jaw-on-the-floor ogling at them.
  • Scrubs has a couple of boob jokes, like for example:
    • When Dr. Cox is raving over how "pregnancy really becomes" his girlfriend Jordan:
      Dr. Cox: I don't know what it is you... you just look radiant lately, Jordan.
      Jordan: Mm. It's the giant boobs, isn't it?
      Dr. Cox: Well have ya seen them lately?
      Jordan: Yes... relax.
      J.D.: [standing next to Laverne, who overhears Dr. Cox] I've seen bigger.
      Laverne: [gives him sharp look]
      J.D.: No not you... although kudos.
      Laverne: Mmm-hm.
    • In another season:
      J.D.: Hey, Laverne... what would you give me if I landed a jellybean in your cleavage?
      Laverne: A concussion.
      J.D.: [daydreaming, lands a jellybean in between her breasts] Yes, he hits it at the buzzer!!
      Laverne: Oh, no he didn't. [knocks him over and power-slams him]
      J.D.: [coming back from daydream] Not worth it.
    • Again:
      Ted: [standing with a couple of other guys who are all gazing open-mouthed at two new hot nurses] Those nurses have beautiful breasts.
      The Todd: Hey - they have names! [pointing to each breast] That's Tina, Marge, Sloppy, and Mr. Snuggles.
      Laverne: Sloppy's bigger than Mr. Snuggles.
    • Yet again in "My Butterfly", wherein the entire episode is about different series of events following a butterfly landing on the chest of a woman with large breasts versus an overweight man with similarly impressive endowments.
    • JD also collides with Laverne in the hallway and lands on top of her, his head right between her boobs. She asks "Are you planning on making this worth my while?" when he doesn't get up straight away.
    • Laverne also refers to her boobs as "Paris" and "Nikki" in one episode. According to her, they aren't named after the Hilton Sisters — it's the other way round.
    • A non-Laverne example comes from J.D.'s date Julie. She has an Imagine Spot of a well-endowed waitress serving them. When JD is distracted by the boobs, Julie grabs a fork and pops them like balloons.
  • In an episode of Snog, Marry, Avoid?, one of the girls has a set that she insists isn't really big, though she had coincidentally got them done a year ago. Cue Jenny Frost singing "Happy Birthday" to the girl's chest.
    Emma: They're not that big. They're only 30 F.
    Jenny: 30 F!? Do you know what F stands for? It stands for "flippin' massive!"
  • James May on Top Gear is in one episode given glamor model Madison Welch as a co-driver in a classic car rally — she has considerable assets and dresses to show them to their best advantage. May is visibly flustered several times when he has to reach over her chest to get her racing harness on.
  • Total Divas:
    • Rosa returns from rehab with her boobs surgically enlarged. She has no shortage of jokes about them, and Paige and Alicia Fox compare a pair of motorcycle helmets to them. They're not far off either.
    • Cameron considers getting hers enhanced and is given a silicone pair to "test drive". Hilarity Ensues — they fall out while she's in the pool and her boyfriend names them. When she's about to go out on TV, one of the twins steals them from her bag — and she has to hurry to the bathroom to use tissue to even the two sides out.
  • In Two and a Half Men, Jake gets suspended for a drawing of a well-endowed classmate. ("Boobra Schmidt". I'm putting this one on the refrigerator!) Afterwards, Alan screws up with the girl's mother ("Up here. I'm up here.") and the principal, who also have Gag Boobs.
  • One alternate version of the credits for The Young Ones, a parody of Dallas, introduces several characters as "The Dumb Blonde With Big Tits" (who is typing with them), "The Dumb Blonde With Big Tits Who Drinks Too Much" (who spills booze on them), and "The Big Blonde With Dumb Tits" (who has one set in front and another in back).

  • The video for "Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake and Lil Jon features a well-endowed older woman whose huge breasts bounce and shift in time with the beat. Considering that this follows a man and woman respectively crotch- and butt-slamming their way through the floors beneath them in their apartment building, you could call this a running theme.
  • Lyrically explored in Drake's "S.T.R.E.S.S.", where he compares his music industry visions to bustilicious girls in the track "Like girls with Double D's, I got a lot on my chest".
  • The Scottish comedy duo Hale and Pace had a parody music video called "DD Cups". One guess what you'll see. Except long beards, that is.

  • The Slattenpatte is Danish female humanoid monster that is a literal man-eater who has such long breasts that she throws them backwards over her shoulder to avoid tripping over them. This makes her vulnerable to one of the most bizarre sneak attacks in fiction, where instead of actually attacking the hero sucks on her breasts. By that, he automatically becomes her adopted son, and she a valuable ally.
  • From Malaysian Mythology is the Hantu-Tetek, whose name literally means "breast ghost". She is a witch or phantom who, as expected, has utterly colossal breasts which she uses to suffocate her prey to death. While portrayed as pretty on occasion, the Hantu-Tetek is most often described as a hideous and rotting hag, making her method of attack far more disturbing.
  • The Yaksha from various Indian religions are benign, though often mischievous, spirits of the earth who resemble large humans with unusual skin colors and massive tusk-like fangs. The female members of the species are called yakshini and are described as beautiful maidens with incredibly large and often spherical breasts, symbolizing both fertility and the great bounty of the earth's minerals.
  • Most goddesses of life, beauty, and fertility across the world are often portrayed with gigantic breasts. The most famous is probably the Venus of Millendorf statuette, which portrays the titular goddess of love and sex appeal as incredibly fat with a huge bosom.



    Pro Wrestling 
  • While she was the defending WWF Women's champion, one of Ivory's nicknames for potential challenger Barbara Bush was "Big Boobs".
  • At ECW Heat Wave 98, Joey Styles said that he had bought a new suit for the PPV, that was "double-breasted, like Francine".
  • In OVW, Jillian Hall became "the bombshell", an evil self-absorbed ditz, after the chemicals from her recently acquired breast implants leaked into her brain. (In actuality, this was because she got them after head booker Jim Cornette told her not to.)
  • As a teenager, April Hunter got teased for being "flat as a board". As a grown woman, April Hunter got teased for the exact opposite reason, fans at a USCW show going so far as to chant "fake" at her, despite her protests. Then again, she is a Playboy Playmate and an nWo girl, so the benefits seem to outweigh the teasing.
  • Jacqueline got a quite a few of these jokes thrown her way, though very few to her face for fear of crushed throats. La Tigresa made a point of "exposing" her in WWC, and she came to embrace it during the WWF's "attitude" era, where bikini contests were frequent.
  • In 2001, while feuding with Stephanie McMahon, Chris Jericho decided to embarrass her by showing two photos of her side by side, one from the previous year, and another from the previous week, highlighting "enhancements" to her figure. John Cena briefly re-hashes this on the June 2, 2014 episode of WWE Raw first by mentioning that he and Triple H have had numerous surgeries (after being injured) and then saying that Stephanie herself has had surgeries. Stephanie goes along with it, bragging about how they put her into action rather than taking her out.

  • The Bob & Tom Show sketch about the superhero "Shirtless Girl", who has Gag Boobs that go up to 11.
  • The John Boy and Billy Big Show's Marci "Tater" Moran has not one, but two songs about her tater tots.

  • Magda, the scullery wench from Tanz Der Vampire, manages to produce this effect in live action. On stage. While she has a few lines beforehand, she is basically introduced through an exchange in which Professor Abronsius asks Alfred whether he's noticed "those little round things", and Alfred, transfixed by Magda's bouncing chest as she washes the Professor's feet, doesn't realize he's talking about the garlic all over the room: "Little? Those things are huge!"

    Video Games 
  • Advanced V.G.: Erina Goldsmith's melons are the ones that get emphasized, such as her habit of walking around with a cigarette lighter tucked in her cleavage. During Manami's ending in Advanced V.G. II, she lets Manami use her boobs as pillows to cry on.note 
  • Blaster Master Zero II has the alien plant girl Kanna, whose breasts appear to be watermelons.
  • BlazBlue:
    • Litchi Faye-Ling is not called Boobie Lady for nothing. In fact, come Continuum Shift, this is what Taokaka does to her when meeting:
      Taokaka: [puts self in Marshmallow Hell] Boobies are fun! Boingboingboingboing!
    • Mai Natsume from Blaz Blue Remix Heart is very well-endowed, and the manga makes some rather explicit comments to highlight this fact. She's even marketed as a "big-breasted bishoujo".
    • Later on, Nine the Phantom joins the club. When Taokaka meets her in her arcade mode, she has this to say:
      Taokaka: Wow, your meat buns are huge! You could give Boobie Lady a run for her money!
  • In the Borderlands series, most characters who encounter Mad Moxxi and her low-cut outfits are Distracted by the Sexy. But they're also often used for innuendo, most especially by Moxxi herself, and they cause the normally unflappable Aurelia Hammerlock to burst into laughter.
  • Cornelia from BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm has utterly ginormous breasts, taking up nearly a third of her total body mass. While her feelings towards them are eventually played for drama, they still get used for several gags earlier on. For instance, she nearly smothers Anon to death with a surprise glomp, and Til initially mistakes her for some kind of DeviantArt mascot character when they first meet.
    Anonymous: Nah, that's Cornelia. She's always been like that.
    Til: ...I have several questions, mainly involving her spine.
  • In Castlevania: Judgment, the assets of Shanoa, Sypha, and Carmilla are played for laughs in Maria's story mode:
    Note the irony: Sypha's true gender is hidden in her first appearance and only revealed in her ending. The designers were evidently overcompensating for that — Sypha has the biggest rack in the game.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day:
  • Crush Crush has a few examples, most notably Elle. Fumi comments that enlarging her breasts to her dimensions quickly made her back sore.
  • The first trailer for the Deadpool video game does this in regards to Psylocke.
    [Bouncy castle pops up]
    Deadpool: Bouncy!
    [Male Gaze of Psylocke's chest]
    Deadpool: More bouncy!
  • Disgaea:
    • The Succubus and Nekomata class. Not only are they scantily clad, but they also bounce while in their idle pose. Some designer decided to also put "Bouncy" as one of the random names you can generate.
    • Hypercompetent Sidekick Jennifer's breasts are practically lethal to Laharl, who is allergic to sexy bodies.
    • The Magic Knight class. lampshaded with the bill needed to be passed to create them, which states "Make a busty beauty"!
    • Rainier the treasure hunter debuts in Disgaea Dimension 2. She was also Laharl's babysitter, and his weakness to large breasts is due to his paralyzing childhood memories of being smothered by her.
  • Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII. Some of her special abilities involve her distracting the enemy with her ample "assets". Some female enemies have a special ability called Puff Puff, which stuns a character for a round. If they attempt to use it on Jessica, it automatically fails and you get the message "Jessica laughs triumphantly at having won the battle of the bulges."
  • Dahlia's very bouncy chest in Duel Savior Destiny tends to get used as the butt of an awful lot of jokes, and Taiga frequently refers to her by names like Boobs Teacher or similar.
  • Countess Knockersdale from Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle . They're big enough to cover a noticeable portion of her portrait. Her name is also lampshaded by Fal during a party; she just doesn't want to believe the Duchess that "Knockersdale" really is her name.
  • Fate/EXTRA CCC: Taken Up to Eleven with BB's alter ego Passionlip, whose breasts are so disproportionately gigantic that it starts to lean into Fan Disservice. The game does make plenty of jokes about them, such as the space between them literally being a Pocket Dimension used as garbage disposal. In Fate/Grand Order, BB admits that she made Passionlip's breasts so large just because she thought it was funny.
  • In Final Fantasy VII, during the flashback scenes in Nibelheim, Cloud can go into Tifa's bedroom and go through her drawers to find "Orthopaedic underwear" (as Cloud is narrating this to his companions, Tifa is really not happy with him for revealing this). You can go with the interpretation that the martial arts training she was going through at the time would be playing absolute havoc on her back, but she clearly needs all the support she can get anyway. Considering that Yuffie's nickname for her is "Boobs", well...
  • Fire Emblem:
  • One of the bosses in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius is a giant parody of WinBee from Twinbee named Boing Bee, whose entire body is a pair of robotic breasts contained in a lacy bra. When you defeat her, the bra falls off, causing her to cover herself in shame.
  • Ms. Applegate from Kindergarten. She introduces herself as having "been well endowed... *Ahem*... with excellent teaching qualities", and is called "Ms. Jigglytits" or some variation thereof on at least two occasions over the course of the game and its sequel.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel:
    • Emma and her massive sizes. Jokes include Rean getting distracted by them while they're studying in Emma's bonding event, Fie wondering if Emma's tired because of her big boobs getting in her way, Millium claiming that she'll gain Emma's boobs that she can use as a shelf, and Xin ending up staring at Emma and Alisa's chest and immediately telling Lau to prepare their best tea for them.
    • Then there's Elie MacDowell in Cold Steel IV, whose size is so large that Randy wonders if she filled out during the time he didn't see her.
  • Leisure Suit Larry is all about this. Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail! even has the two Wydoncha and Nailme Juggs. An Easter Egg lets you see them in the nude.
  • Vanessa from Luminous Arc has massive breasts (which she flaunts with her skimpy clothing) which are constantly the butt of many in-game jokes.
  • In MadWorld, one of the bosses is a vampire who has large, round knockers. Every time Jack manages to struggle against her arms, he finds himself staring at them, allowing the boss to bite him if he is not fast enough. Awesome rack on her, though!
  • Dark Ophelia of Mastermind World Conqueror is Gag Boobs personified. No arms, no head, just a pair of tits on legs. Makes a great cup holder, though.
  • Neptunia:
  • Dr. Naomi in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle; evidently, a good chunk of the money Travis gave to her during the first game and between it and the second (for new Beam Katanas, upgrades, a Humongous Mecha, et cetera) went to her plastic surgeon. She gets pretty annoyed if you notice though.
  • Rao in Ōkami has huge bouncing breasts which utterly fascinate Issun. He even nicknames her "Busty Babe".
  • During one part of Persona 4, the entire party get medical checkups to see if the television world is having any adverse effect on their health. Hilarity Ensues when Rise gets a hold of Naoto's chart and is flabbergasted by her breast size measurements.
  • From a series that normally keeps its females' busts realistic, Resident Evil 4 has the President's daughter Ashley Graham, whose huge breasts prompt Luis to wryly remark that the President has "equipped his daughter with ballistics" upon seeing her.
  • Countess Barbarella from Resonance of Fate sports huge breasts which bounce merrily in all defiance of the laws of physics.
  • In Robopon, a couple of girl Robopon have these. For example, Razor, while she doesn't have them in her first appearance in Sun, was given a redesign for the Cosmic Bon Bon Moon manga and Ring/Cross that made her mass 80% bosom.
  • Shining Resonance: Sonia's breasts are so large that they can't be hidden by her armor, regardless of its Cleavage Window. The game repeatedly calls attention to them:
    • One skit has Marion stare at Sonia's boobs in awe and ask what she eats to get "like that". But Sonia fails to notice, so she that assumes Marion's asking about her strength and says that it's because she drinks milk. Marion then says that she'll ask Emma for more milk from now on, implying she wants large breasts as well.
    • A separate skit has Primula angrily say that she hopes that she'll have breasts like Sonia's someday, so she can get back at Rapple for making fun of her "pancakes".
  • Valentine from Skullgirls is very generously endowed, and knows it. A number of animations use this for visual gags — most commonly seen, her attempt to pull out a thermometer from her cleavage, only for it to break because it's too snugly held. The smirk visible behind her facemask suggests that this was no accident.
  • Half the game Stretch Panic revolves around Boss Battles with Linda's possessed sisters, while the other half revolves around fighting "Bonita Zakos", demons that take the form of scantily clad women with breasts that are about twice the size of the rest of their bodies. Each. They can even twirl them around like helicopter blades, somehow. Interestingly, much greater damage is done for hitting (usually stretching then snapping) a "weak point" on a boss, and more points are acquired for doing so on Bonita Zakos — in this case, however, the "weak point" is anything but the breasts — a difficult feat nonetheless.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
  • Super Robot Wars:
    • Seolla Schweizer is an exceptionally busty young girl, and most of the comical banter between her and Idiot Hero Arado Balanga is about her unusual chest size (and in one instance, her butt). This becomes a plot point in the Original Generation sub-series when during a battle, she subconsciously screams at him to stop making fun of her breasts, even though she's been brainwashed into thinking he's the enemy.
    • Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier's game dialogue has plenty of Boob Gags:
      • Xiaomu: A bomb girl? What's that supposed to mean? Does she have an even bigger rack than Princess Family Size here?
      • One of the villains has a minotaur for a henchman. Said minotaur falls in love with Kaguya. Why? Her breasts are so large that he assumes that she's a werecow.
      • When Atlus announced the game's localization, its announcement texts were full of breast-related innuendos, just to hammer down how bouncy the game is.
    • Endless Frontier EXCEED adds Neige Hausen, presumably so they don't have to gang up on Kaguya all the time. At one point, Haken's adoptive father asks the two of them to stand next to him for a while.
  • Tales Series:
    • Tales of Symphonia gives us Sheena. Most of the comedy comes from her interactions with Zelos.
      Zelos: Oh brother... Is your chest the only part of you that's well-endowed?
      Sheena: [smacks Zelos] You better shut up or I'll smack you!
      Zelos: Don't say it after you've smacked me! Sheesh...
    • Tales of the Abyss has this pop up several times in the skits:
      • Tear gets this treatment twice:
        Luke: [speaking about the Star of Ispania costume on Natalia] Oh, I remember about that book. That character got big breasts, right? Maybe Tear would've been a better... OWOWOWOW!!

        Luke: [in regards to Anise stating that she'll grow up as "big as Tear"] No way you could hope to match those melons!
        Tear: M-m-melons, what do you mean melons!? Are you stupid!? Can't you be a little more quiet!?
      • In the all-girls swimsuit battle ending.
        Natalia: I'm so worried this swimsuit will just fall off.
        Tear: I know. I feel like I'm going to... pop out.
        Anise: I wish I were...
    • Tales of Vesperia proudly continues the tradition with Judith:
      • In one of the skits...
        Judith: If that's what it is, then just wear this outfit yourself.
        Estelle: Like my boobs could fill out that top! [gasps and flees]
        Judith: ... I didn't say anything about boobs...
      • Also in a Victory Pose or two:
        Estelle: They're... bouncing.
        Judith: What're you looking at?
        Estelle: I wish I could bounce...
    • Tales of Xillia continues the tradition. Teepo often makes mention of "bazongas" (slang for "boobs", which is what his mistress Elize lacks), which piques the interest of Jude about what it means. Then Alvin and Rowen Troll him into yelling "TEACH ME ABOUT BAZONGAS!!!!" in front of a passing Leia and Milla.
    • The sequel Tales of Xillia 2 has Elle mentioning Alt. Milla having big knockers, which shocks her, since kids wouldn't dare to say such a thing.

    Visual Novels 
  • The Fruit of Grisaia: Amane has notoriously large breasts, which is a constant source of comedy. Amane admits that the reason for her wearing skimpy outfits, outside of showing off her "assets" more, is because everyone tends to throw a lot of freebies to her when she goes shopping.
    Yuuji: [narrating] This women's trying to disrupt the economy of the shopping district via her tits...?
  • Funbag Fantasy Series: Every. Main. Female. Character. Period. Even the title should be hint enough. All the main ladies are ridiculously well-endowed with no one a cup size under a G-cup. In the first title, Shamsiel brags that she could kill men with her breasts alone. Roxanne's breasts lactate, and she eagerly offers Lute to drink directly from them. Taken to extremes in the third game, where Venus and Athena's large boobs are strong enough to send a god flying with just a boob slap (Apollo even comments that their breasts could be considered deadly weapons). In all titles, Lute, Ruin, and Julinas swoon in delight when their harem greets them with boob presses against them, complete with audible squishing sound effects.
  • Shannon from Umineko: When They Cry is noticeably busty, and it's immediately lampshaded by Battler when he first meets her for the first time in six years. This is actually invoked by Shannon herself, since Word of God has stated that her breasts are in fact Fake.
  • Alma Arras from VA-11 HALL-A is nicknamed "Titty Hacker" for good reason, as she dwarfs every character in the chest department. Jill snarks that she doesn't invite Alma to visit her tiny apartment because she would fill it up with her chest alone. To the despair of Jill, Alma is straight, which causes her a lot of frustration in the bad ending, where she goes to live with Alma after being evicted from her apartment and discovers that Alma is a cuddlebug when she sleeps.
  • Alice from Virtue's Last Reward is very well-endowed, and her breasts are clearly visible thanks to her Vapor Wear. They're not usually commented on, strangely, except in one instance:
    Dio: With a prow like that, I imagine you run into a lot of things.

    Web Animation 
  • In one of Michael Swain's Mastermind cartoons, the Mastermind's new assistant is literally just a pair of legs atop which is perched a pair of spherical breasts the size of huskies. One of his minions is annoyed at being passed over for promotion once again; everyone else is too busy enjoying the view.
  • Sugoi Quest For Kokoro: Sakura-chan and Vriska-chan both have these. Sakura-chan weaponises hers to toss Ookami-chan out into the sky. Meanwhile, Vriska-chan's breasts take them to another level, with a ton of exxagerated Gainaxing. Later on, Sakura-chan manages to pop one of her boobs like a balloon!
  • Zero Punctuation has what might be called Running Gag Boobs, in that anytime a character is particularly endowed, he will either go out of his way to make jokes about them or go out of his way to let you know that he is striving mightily not to make jokes about them. Which leads to a Hurricane of Euphemisms in the review of Tomb Raider: Anniversary. ("Stonkin' great tits!")

  • Chi-Chi Chan from The Adventures of Chi-Chi Chan is a weird case. A successful child star, Chi-chan is forced to quit when puberty hits... her breasts, and only her breasts. Tired of being cast in dark hentai, she moves to America to find new stardom.
  • Jacques's human form in Apricot Cookie(s)! has gigantic breasts, which is even funnier given that Apricot thought that Jacques was male the whole time.
  • Beatrice Bellacro, main heroine of the aptly named superhero webcomic Busty Bird, has boobs so big that they obscure her entire torso. It isn't limited to just her either; most of the female characters in the comic have breasts the size of beach balls.
  • A yonkoma comic featuring Code Geass takes Charles zi Britannia's speech during the funeral of his son Clovis that he turned into a Rousing Speech to support his anti-equality stance that ended with the chant "ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!"... and then replaced Charles's words into praising boobs of varying sizes and bemeaning about other nations that favor only one type of boobs (big or small)... and ends with the equally hammy yell, "ALL HAIL BOOBS!!", and the crowd follows the chant. The yonkoma went so viral that eventually, Norio Wakamoto (Charles's VA) decided to have fun with it and dubbed it himself, with less of his trademark threatening villain voice and more of a humorous suave style.
  • Craving Control has this as its central premise. Lalia, the main character, is a Big Eater with the "straight to the breasts" clause. She's also klutzy, impulsive and jumpy, huggy (when drunk), and often... overflows her wardrobe.
  • If Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures's Fa'lina isn't there already, then she's closing in fast:
    • As a shapeshifting succubus, it's implied that she keeps them purposely, with the joke being that no one pays attention to them.
    • There's actually an unreleased bonus comic floating around out there drawn as a humorous alternative to Part Two's page 46, done by Amber herself, which crosses this trope with Wardrobe Malfunction. Fa'lina actually brings the saying to life and ends up putting someone's eye out with one of those.
      Fa'Lina: Friggen' hell! Do I need to reinforce these with steel?
  • This is actually used as a plot point in the superhero comic The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl. The eponymous Golden Girl, real name Audrey Page, started off as the kid sidekick to famed superheroine Silver Queen. However, as she grew up into her teenage years, Page underwent puberty, which caused her to endure some... large side effects. Her job as a sidekick to Silver Queen is made all the more difficult thanks to her breasts that have grown to the size of volleyballs, and it's clear that she's taking a while to get used to them.
  • As part of a B-plot during one arc of Dominic Deegan, teacher Cassafinn Sunderliss is slipped an anonymous tip that she needs to improve her appearance to get a better chance at becoming headmaster. She decides that reducing her bust size would be best, but due to the tampering of a mischievous elemental, she ends up giving herself breasts the span of a doorframe. In her rush to get somewhere to fix the problem she ends up walloping Dominic on his way in, and after the damage is done her dress is left several sizes too large due to stretching.
  • El Goonish Shive:
  • In Femmegasm, Fizzy McBeer's breasts are so big that she has her backbone reinforced with steel.
  • Fluttershy in Friendship Is 4komagic. While other characters such as Applejack and Celestia display a lot of cleavage, the fact that Fluttershy's boobs are stuffed into a lime green sweater makes them all the more noticeable. They even tend to actually break the panels of whichever comic she's in. She is often compared in terms of chest size to Rainbow Dash — whose flat-chestedness is explained as being due to the amount of exercise she does — to hilarious effect. In one strip, Twilight explains that Fluttershy can't fly as fast as Rainbow Dash, because her breasts make her unaerodynamic. Fluttershy then comments that Rainbow Dash has made some "big sacrifices" to be as good a flyer as she is, and Rainbow can't tell whether it was a compliment or not.
  • Girls with Slingshots has Jamie, a Big Beautiful Woman who is magnificently well-endowed and proud of it. The gag really comes into play when Hazel attends a costume party dressed as her friend: Hazel's idea of a Jamie "costume" is just a cardboard cutout of a giant pair of breasts. To Jamie's dismay, everyone knows who it represents.
  • This trope appears one of the central reasons for the existence of DiDi in Ménage à 3. A lot of the strips she's in feature some kind of gag about her enormous breasts, and this was practically lampshaded by her cast page picture, which at one time showed the bottom of her nose, the mouth and chin underneath... down to her chest. However, the gag has turned a little dark over time, as it seems that she has difficulties forming relationships with men, partly because they are always distracted by her body, while women tend to be instinctively jealous of her.
  • In the cancelled Final Fantasy VII fan-comic Missing Materia, Yuffie finds several rare materia and often abuses them (sometimes just to annoy people). One materia makes things larger, and at almost regular intervals, most characters grow more and more busty, even the already buxom Tifa. By the end everyone affected grows too large to move.
  • In the cancelled webcomic My Big Life, a journalist decades in the future decides to report on the trend of women getting extremely large breasts. To do this, she herself gets gargantuan breasts and reports on her experience for a year. To keep her in top condition, she has her own personal doctor who often teases her that she is only meant to take care of her breasts.
  • In the cancelled webcomic PeEVEed, an unlucky Japanese woman's life becomes very strange when she becomes the master of a female genie, one obsessed with making her master and every other woman much, much bustier whether they want it or not. Unrelated to magic, most of the characters in the series are very busty. As with comedic stories involving genies, Hilarity Ensues and sometimes someone will become temporarily even bigger busted than normal.
  • In Peter Is the Wolf, the titular character's girlfriend, an otherwise flat-chested girl, can turn into a werewolf who sports breasts that, together, are larger than her boyfriend. Needless to say, when she does anything, they get in the way or smother someone.
  • In the rebooted version of Pulse, Wrench Wench engineer Annie Chang participates in an experiment to increase her barely useful powers. As a side effect, the process gives the once skinny woman a super-heroine body, including an implausibly big bust well beyond her peers. Her previous role was repairing equipment, and she often returns to that as therapy, including travelling with a large mobile tool chest. Sometimes having a large chest and travelling with a large tool chest can bring ambiguous comments.

    In the original version, she got her superpowers through a Freak Lab Accident and as a side effect developed huge breasts that grew larger throughout the series. When interviewed, her partner claimed that Annie was actually a robot, and that her breasts were missiles. When an action figure was made depicting her, it was so top-heavy that it was unable to stand upright, and its breasts could be fired like missiles.
  • Marigold from Questionable Content veers into this territory at times. When the strap on her bra breaks, Angus has this to say:
    Angus: Oh no, the levee broke! Warn the townsfolk downstream!
  • Rosa from Rosebuds gets jokes regarding the size of her breasts in a few comics. They have made her need to buy more bras, and Maricela is able to fit enormous snowballs into them when using them as a slingshot.
  • Spinnerette:
    • At one point during the introduction of the villainous Greta Gravity, Spinnerette escapes her by hiding under a windowsill, and Greta can't see her because her boobs are too big. However, it's also subverted when Spinny and Greta first meet and Greta makes a crack about Spinnerette's deodorant bill.
      Spinnerette: That's it! Why does every villain feel the need to make the same stupid joke? Normal people spend six dollars on lady speedstick every three months, I spend ten dollars every month. It is not a big deal. If I was going to make fun of you, I wouldn't choose the obvious, I would make fun of... that stupid hat!
    • A superheroine named Super Milf has absurdly enormous breasts that produce intense heat due to an alien artefact retrieved from Venus. This leads to a fair bit of jealousy and A-Cup Angst on Mecha Maid's part.
  • In Suicide for Hire, a bunny-girl has implants so big that she has to wear a "Mechafrankenbra" that's attached to a belt at the back, with three straps coming up from it. When it's cut a few scenes later, she faceplants offscreen; Hunter says "Eew, are backs supposed to do that?"
  • Buxom Gal from Supermegatopia. Buxom Gal was a flat-chested girl who was abducted by aliens who planned to use her as a sex slave. However, they were displeased with her appearance so they gave her large breast implants that, being alien technology, can absorb energy in various forms — the more she absorbs, the bigger she gets. Now she's an energy-manipulating, Power Girl-like superheroine, uncomfortably trying to live with her new endowments while saving the world. She gives a whole new meaning to "walking around with your chest puffed out".
  • Turn the Minotaur from Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic travels with the other monsters to steal a treasure from a Sphinx. Unlike the others, however, what he seeks is the sphinx herself, whom he imagines is as lonely as he is. He is last seen resting comfortably between a pair of breasts several times his own size.

    Web Original 
  • Deconstructed in Whateley Universe: A serum intended to return Phase to his male form is sabotaged by Belphegor, with the result that Phase's breasts inflate to such absurd proportions that, even with super-strength, he's barely able to move them. This leads to the normally stoic Phase nearly having an emotional breakdown.

    Web Videos 
  • Shirogane Noel of hololive has a massive pair of breasts that she describes as a (k)night cup. This apparently extends to real life as well, as her peers mention that her actress is similarly stacked.
  • At one point Miss Hannah Minx posted a video without exposing herself enough. People sent her lots of hatemail solely because of this. Her next video revolved about the Japanese word for "face". It had a purposeful lack of breasts and a T-shirt with the text "My face is up here". Hilariously yet unsurprisingly, said video became her most hated video.
  • The Tumblr post turned YouTube video "new anime plot" is all about someone's proposal for a new anime series about a high school girl with what he initially describes as "huge boobs" and progresses into ever-longer and more ridiculous descriptions to try to get across just how balooniferous they are. Then her costar shows up, culminating in the below multiple-syllable descriptor:
    Plot Writer: Humongous hungolomghnonoloughongous!

    Western Animation 
  • In the Braceface episode "Busted", the title character, Sharon, gets tired of being flat chested and buys a breast enhancement pump to impress a boy. Unfortunately, she ends up so overinflated that instead of impressing the guy everyone just laughs at her. Oh but wait, that's not all, because then she goes even bigger and one of her boobs explodes! The moral is supposed to be about being proud of how you naturally look.
  • A Giantess on Chowder who, predictably, launches Shnitzel straight into Marshmallow Hell.
  • Ever heard of Clara Cluck from the Classic Disney Shorts? They might not be classic boobs per se, but her chest area is a rather... prominent gag wherever she appears. Donald gets a free ride on them in Mickey's Birthday Party.
  • The Cleveland Show:
    • In a cutaway gag for the pilot, a baby Dolly Parton is shown with breasts bigger than her little head.
    Dolly's Father: Ha! I guess she can nurse herself, huh?
    Dolly's Mother: Stop it, Bob! This is a real problem!
    • The character Big Boob June, naturally. Her nickname is not casual and she's continuously Gainaxing.
  • An episode of Duckman features twin models with breasts twice as big as their heads. They hire Duckman to find out why men seem to act so strangely around them. The same episode has Duckman heading to a plastic surgery clinic (no... completely different reason) and we get a short sequence of a woman having her breasts enhanced. Something apparently goes awry though, because she rapidly gets so big she explodes and deflates.
  • A cutaway joke in the Family Guy parody of Ghost Whisperer features the main character talking to a ghost and asking why all the ghosts come to her, and it is revealed that she has enormous breasts longer than the rest of her body.
  • Justice League:
    • In one episode, The Atom gets to ride in Wonder Woman's Wonder Bra. He looks very satisfied with himself. Warren Ellis, who penned that episode, originally put in a line of dialogue for the Atom during that scene: "Try not to breathe." Unfortunately, the censors cut it.
    • The first episode to introduce Galatea (basically Power Girl) introduces her by having a sniper staring directly at her chest while she's dressed as Supergirl. Later in the episode, Green Arrow and Supergirl are looking at a picture showing Galatea (she's hefting something massive over her head, which draws attention to that area) and there's a brief exchange:
      Supergirl: It's... me.
      Green Arrow: A little more... mature than you - but I get your point.
  • La Pavita Pechugona (literally The Busty Turkey), a Cuban short about an anthropomorphic turkey with gigantic Non-Mammal Mammaries. Surprisingly, it was made for kids. At one points she walks into the camera, filling the entire screen with her breasts, and they later distract a farmer so he nearly hits his wife with a hoe.
  • Robot Chicken occasionally does this. One sketch ends with Punky Brewster's boobs covering the entire screen (in reference to Soleil Moon Frye's real-life problems with breast size).
  • The Hippo Lady on Rocko's Modern Life. Rocko unintentionally ends up in her massive cleavage on more than one occasion.
  • The Simpsons:
    • The Elvira parody, Booberella. Her large breasts and her constant references to them are always played for laughs.
    • Krusty the Clown attempts to get plastic surgery to hide from the Mafia. He ends up looking exactly the same... apart from gaining a set of massive boobs. Not that he has any problem with the boobs...
    • In "Blame it on Lisa", a parody of Brazilian entertainer Xuxa's kid's show is called Teleboobies. The host presents educational concepts using her boobs, like for example demonstrating the difference between clockwise and anti clockwise by shaking her torso and twirling tassels attached to her breasts. Hysterically, the parody is not far off from the real show.
    • Marge Simpson accidentally gets breast augmentation in "Large Marge". They cause some problems to her as they get in the way when she tries to do things like open the cupboard and pick up Maggie to comfort her when she falls down.
      Krusty: Whoa! Look at those mugumbos!
  • South Park:
    • Miss Choksondik, whose breasts sag to her feet and disgust all the other teachers — even Chef is disgusted.
    • Alinicia the Broadway Turkey from the episode "Helen Keller: The Musical!" combines this with Non-Mammal Mammaries, being a non-anthropomorphic turkey who resembles a human primadonna, complete with large, human-like breasts.
    • In "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", Wendy, envious of all the attention Bebe's been getting from the boys, decides to get a pair of massive implants. Unfortunately for her, however, by this point the boys have all snapped out of their boob-induced lust for Bebe, and as a result ruthlessly mock Wendy over them.
    • When Cartman becomes a parody of Dog the Bounty Hunter in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", he too gets a buxom assistant. Not only are her boobs so huge that they obscure most of her face, but she's also as short as a fourth-grader, making her essentially a pair of boobs on legs. Dog & Co. apparently thought the episode was hysterical. Beth even jokingly complained that they made her breasts too small.
  • Alice has these in Superjail!, although a point is made about them not being natural ("These are just for show"). Their size and unnatural movement are even played with in "Dream Machine", where she suddenly gains the ability to stretch them and use them as weapons.
  • Total Drama: Leshawna's breasts are relative to her overall weight, but her large bra is sometimes used for comic effect (most notably in "Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Show", where one cup is shown to fit comfortably on Noah's head).


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