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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 09 E 13 Quest Of The Delta Knights

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Film watched: Quest of the Delta Knights

The MST3K presentation contains examples of:

  • Acting for Two: Invoked with several riffs lampshading David Warner playing both the mentor and the villain.
    Vultare: (to Baydool) Don't I know you?
    Mike: Aren't you me in another role?
  • Actor Allusion:invoked For Richard Kind, who plays Wamthool.
    Wamthool: I think I got it!
    Mike: Yes, I got the role in Mad About You!
  • The Alleged Robot: While Gypsy repairs the original Crow, she gives Mike and Tom a "loaner Crow" - by AMC no less - that she's been tinkering with. He can't speak coherently, he shakes constantly and smoke keeps belching out of him - but he's got a killer stereo!
    • Truth in Television: AMC cars were remarkably well-built. So much so that their chassis and engine would remain in great working order decades after their production — while everything else would be falling apart.
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  • Brotherhood of Funny Hats: The final host segment reveals that the Delta Knights devolved into one of these.
  • Breast Expansion: The crew's reaction to Athena's Of Corsets Sexy transformation. "Her dough has risen!"
  • Call-Back: Once again, a troupe of Servos launch into a Bawdy Song, to the consternation of emcee Mike, as they did in The Starfighters.
  • Continuity Nod: In the opening host segment, Crow goes in for repairs and is temporarily substituted with a less than optimal Fake Crow. When the real Crow returns, he says that Gypsy needs Fake Crow immediately; some other guy's Crow got trashed and he needs a loaner. The Continuity Nod part is the fact that there is another Crow - the one who stayed in the past over the course of Time Chasers.
    • Loaner Crow is actually the older version of the Crow puppet from the Comedy Channel era, recognizable by his slightly longer "beak" and duller-colored eyes.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: This riff-
    Travis: Those with great dignity and wisdom, we should call Master.
    Crow: Right, Mr. Bater?
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: One of the Running Gags on Tee.
    Tee: (whispering to Leonardo) Follow my lead.
    Servo: (as Tee, whispering) Get hair extensions and talk like a girl.
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  • Every Car Is a Pinto: Invoked by Servo, quipping that Travis' pinto horse may explode.
  • Friendly Enemy: Without Pearl there to egg them on Bobo and Brain Guy drop their respective beefs with Mike to just hang out and share some beers.
  • Hurricane of Euphemisms: The Bawdy Song that the Servos try to sing is a hurricane of Unusual Euphemisms.
  • Mood Whiplash: When the scene shifts to Wamfool and goofy music stands playing, Servo asks, "Are we in the same movie?!"
  • MST3K Mantra: Invoked when Leonardo da Vinci visits Mike and the Bots partway through the movie. The Satellite of Love crew complain that they can't understand the movie, especially in terms of where and when it's supposed to be set. Leo's response: "Hey, it's a bad movie."
  • Notable Original Music: "Air on a Delta Knight," as performed by the Sir Thomas Neville Servo Consort of the Middle Ages Just-After-the-Plague Singers, and arranged by Sir Thomas Neville Servo himself.note 
    • Which is yet another Continuity Nod, since these are presumably the same Servo-clones introduced in The Human Duplicators and pressed into service as the United Servo Academy Mens' Chorus in The Starfighters.
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    • And once again, the Servos decide to launch into a Bawdy Song, causing Mike once again to freak out.
      Sir Thomas Neville Servo: (suddently with a brusque Oop North accent) Oy, let's sing a naughty one, eh?
  • Running Gag: Hanson jokes concerning Tee's hairstyle, Tee "pitying the foo'."
  • Something Completely Different: Pearl joins Crow and Servo in the theater in the first segment, in an attempt to see why Mike isn't miserable from all the bad movies she sends him. Mike takes Pearl's place in Castle Forrester, except he doesn't do any work and just plays poker with Bobo and Brain Guy.
  • Special Guest: Leonardo da Vinci shows up in an ornithocopter-spaceship and complains (in a thick Brooklyn accent) about the movie's portrayal of him, calling the twerp in the film a "mook." When Servo wonders how Leo's still alive, the feisty Italian takes it as a threat and goes for his gun. At the end, Mike concludes that it's not a good idea to ask what Leonardo da Vinci does for a living.


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