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See the main Mystery Science Theater 3000 page for more information on the show.

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The KTMA season is not considered "canon" and is also not available on the Gizmoplex. Despite this, its episodes are included in Joel's mission count on Jonah Heston's MST3K Season 11 mission patch and Kinga's counting The Time Travelers as MST3K's 200th episode.

    Season 0 - Joel 

Comedy Channel

    Season 1 - Joel 

    Season 2 - Joel 

Comedy Central

    Season 3 - Joel 

    Season 4 - Joel 

    Season 5 - Joel until 512, Mike from 513 

    Season 6 - Mike 

    The Movie - Mike 

    Season 7 - Mike 


Sci-Fi Channel

    Season 8 - Mike 

    Season 9 - Mike 

    Season 10 - Mike 





    Season 11 - "The Return" - Jonah 

    Season 12 - "The Gauntlet" - Jonah 

The Gizmoplex

    Season 13 - Multiple hosts 

    Additional Features 
In addition to new episodes released generally on a four-weekly basis, a series of "Tribute to..." livestream specials were also released featuring additional sketches, cast discussions, games and features originally from the DVDs, and special guests such as Jackey Neyman Jones ("Debbie" from Manos - The Hands of Fate). The tribute specials include:
  • Manos - The Hands of Fate
  • Future War
  • Hobgoblins
  • Gamera vs. Guiron
  • The Pumaman
  • Secret Agent Super Dragon
  • Devil Doll
  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  • Santa Claus
  • The Christmas That Almost Wasn't
  • Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  • I Accuse My Parents

A series of new shorts have also been riffed and premiered on the same day as the tributes. They are featured in each livestream before the main episodes.

  • Pipeline to the Clouds (1951) - Jonah
  • Let's Make a Meal In 20 Minutes (1950) - Jonah
  • Court Case (Unknown, likely mid-1970s) - Emily
  • Sleep for Health (1950) - Joel
  • Wonder of Reproduction (1958) - Emily
  • Cavalcade (1960) - Pearl and Dr. Erhardt
  • Balance Beam for Girls (1971) - Emily
  • Bicycling Visual Skills (1980s) - Emily
  • The Bicycle Driver (1973) - Pearl, Synthia and Mega-Synthia
  • MST3K Festival of Shorts (multiple shorts), which included two new shorts:
    • Let's Keep Food Safe To Eat (1964) - Emily
    • Mr. B Natural (1956) - Kinga and Max, doing a new riff
  • Better Breakfasts USA (1964) - Emily
  • Doing Things For Ourselves in School (1963) - Joel

Every month, six episodes are selected based on a central theme and re-released aside their original versions as "Vault Picks". They feature new sketches hosted by Synthia in her own segment "Synthia's Selects", where she interviews one of the SOL crewmates with questions relating to the movie.

     Season 14 - TBC 
A 14th season was announced in 2023 and a crowdfunding effort began later that year. However, a combination of the economic downturn, fan unhappiness over delays in receiving awards from the Season 13 campaign and the Hollywood strikes stopping most of the cast from doing publicity resulted in the campaign falling well short of its target and Joel Hodgson said at the conclusion they would take some time to look at their next moves.

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