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Manga examples

Chapter 5

  • Azuki warns Takeru to keep silent about her job at the Macaroon maid cafe by using ketchup to write "DEATH" in large capital letters on top of his omelette.
  • Takeru explains to Chacha and Kimi that Usui is so jealous that Himegami kissed him that he continuously asked him for an "indirect kiss". Cue Kimi spontaneously blushing and murmuring "Wow" under her breath.

Chapter 10

Chapter 16

Chapter 19

  • Azuki such a tomboy, that Yan-Min was able to shut her up by saying Celia was more feminine than she'd ever be. Azuki had to admit she was right.
  • Yan-Min and the others get the wrong idea about Takeru, when Celia makes him blush by kissing him while she's reverted back to male form.
    Yan-Min: (smirking) "His face is completely red... It seems the knight prefers a prince, over the princesses."
    Azuki: (in disgust) "Wow! You sure did a good job hiding it with that whole "I like women" thing!"
    Inaho: (tearfully) "You never mentioned any of this before, Takeru-sama."
    Takeru: (mortified) "STOP MAKIN' FUN OF ME!!"

Chapter 22

  • You'd expect someone with awesome dimensional powers like Minerva's to be more of a threat... which she could be, IF she weren't such a ditz. Or, if she wasn't so hung up with stealing other girls' panties.

Chapter 29

  • At the start of the chapter, Takeru declines Usui's invitation to peep on the girls, but he ends up regretting it the following morning, when he hears what they missed out on:
    Takeru: (thinking) "Dammit—!! We missed seeing Aki-sensei and Haru-nee sleeping (with their breasts squeezing against each other)!"
    Usui: (thinking, at Takeru) "We missed it and it's YOUR fault!!"

Chapter 34

  • Everyone knows Takeru's a perv, but you know it's bad when Uruchi lampshades why leaving him alone with Haruko was a bad idea. Takeru takes offense to the accusation... then had admit it was a fair point, all of a second later!
    Ms. Aki: (to Uruchi) "Having you panic around the patient will only cause her unnecessary stress. We'll leave her in the care of Takeru-kun."
    Uruchi: (objecting as she's being pushed out the room) "But if we leave that pervert alone with Haruko-senpai, he's definitely going to take her virginity...!!"
    Takeru: (thinking) "Why doesn't she trust me...?"
    Takeru: "But I can't blame her."

Chapter 36

Chapter 41

  • Kamigari makes yet another attempt to capture Himegami, causing Azuki to become exasperated and demand to know why. Gouken replies they're just following orders, prompting Inaho to wonder if Ouken secretly has a lolicon obsession with her. Which makes Kimmi take cover behind Chacha!
  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Takeru and Minori ask Ouken what makes Himegami so vital to his plans. Followed by the look on both their faces when Ouken abruptly admits he doesn't know. All that matters to him, is that Himegami does.

Chapter 48

Chapter 56

  • Usui's a pervert who's got it so bad for Himegami, that he happily walked in front of a punch from Takeru Yamato for her. And why...?
    Usui: (smiling, as he's about to be hit) "I have no regrets. It's for the sake of you being nude underneath my shirt."

Chapter 80

  • At the end of the chapter, Azuki is greeted by a strange girl during her morning jog. The other girl pauses long enough to wish her well in the upcoming match, despite being with Kamigari, then waves farewell as she resumes her jog. Except Azuki had no idea who she was, because she had never seen Sorano's true form before.

Anime examples

Episode 3

  • All is well at the hotsprings, 'til Himegami notices Haruko's boobs are suspiciously bigger than usual, so she marches over and lifts Haruko's top, revealing the padding underneath. It strikes a nerve:
    Himegami: "Haruko!! How DARE you try to make your boobs look bigger than they ALREADY ARE!!"
    Haruko: (sweatdrops) "Himegami, calm down a sec..."
    Himegami: "Why can't you have the slightest bit of concern for itty-bitty titty members?!"

Episode 9

  • In a classic example of, 'open mouth, insert feet', Himegami's 'fanclub' declares their love for her body, including her "itty-bitty-titties". When her shikigami try to speak up for her, they only make things worse by inadvertently insulting her, themselves (seen at 12:06-12:53):
    Kagezuchi: (indignant) "How DARE they?? Who do they think they are, calling YOU flat-chested?!"
    Igazuchi: (deadpan) "Losers... There's a massive heart inside that tiny chest."
    *grabs both shikigami and chucks them out of the pool, then turns on her fanclub*
    Himegami: (face cast in shadow with Slasher Smile) "They may be small, but guess what, you losers... YOU'LL NEVER GET TO SEE 'EM!!"
    *charges across the pool and fries all of them with lightning*
  • Yuuka breaks the fourth wall, during her commentary, after Aki scores a point for the girls' team:
    Yuuka: (over the mic) "Ms. Aki just took out some random guy, but he's not a main character. So who cares?"
  • The plot to the second season's eighth episode involves student Kengo Usui being made principal of the school and changing the curriculum to things that cause the female students to do suggestive things. Eventually the girls get fed up with being exploited and revolt. Kengo is informed about the fact that his forces are outnumbered, and he tells everyone but two of his underlings to leave the room. Then he chews them out. Yes, it's a parody of Downfall (which was made famous by Hitler Rants). Totally unexpected to see this in an anime, and that's why it's awesome.

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