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Friendship is 4komagic: Same heroines, different bust-sizes!

Friendship Is 4komagic is a Slice of Life webcomic, normally in Yonkoma format, by Taiwanese artist Han Jan, also known as Shepherd0821. The webcomic is obviously based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Originally only available in taiwanese, it was picked up by a group of fans, collectively known as Retired Pyramid Head Scanlations, and translated into English, with the approval of the artist himself, which he himself later posts on his own deviantart and tumblr.

The comics can be read on the scanlation group's tumblr, Shepherd's own tumblr, and Shepherd's deviantart gallery.

The first fanbook can be read here.
The second fanbook can be read here.
The third fanbook can be read here.
The fourth fanbook can be read here Part 1 Part 2


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