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Vifetoile knows that the name should really be 'Etoile-Vive', but has gotten used to the inaccuracy.

As the name suggests, vifetoile likes the French language. She is frankly and unapologetically loquacious, in college, and hoping to major in English. Hence, a great love of the troping life. Hometown? Los Angeles. Is a Serial Tweaker, fond of redoing a particular passage until she gets the phrasing just right.


As an Unknown Troper (previous lifetime), provided most of the text for the following pages (take my word for it):

Under her own name, she created the page for

Added lyrics to Song Fic, doubled examples list on Old Kingdom & The Picture Of Dorian Gray and gave JK Rowling a biography worth speaking of. Also added the part about The Musical to the Forbidden Planet page.

TV Tropes introduced her to Avatar The Last Airbender, Sailor Nothing, The Order Of The Stick, Blue Sky, and re-introduced her to Girl Genius, which she takes as proof that TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life.

Some of her favorite tropes to encounter are The Hecate Sisters, Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane, Single Woman Seeks Good Man, and Knight In Sour Armor (which she believes herself to be), as well as Tarot Archetypes, like The Fool and the Trickster Mentor, as well as the Trickster in general - and if he's a Magnificent Bastard, so much the better. Rejects the idea that Real Women Never Wear Dresses, but has a soft spot for Real Men Wear Pink. Star-Crossed Lovers tend to show up in her stories.


She is an enormous fan of Harry Potter except that she believes the seventh book is godawful. This is a point she will defend tirelessly. (She's a Ravenclaw, by the way.)

She used to like the trope Earn Your Happy Ending, before it got over-applied until it means basically "any happy ending where the characters suffer a tiny bit on the way." Really liked the trope known as "Insane Forgiveness" and is kind of vexed that it was folded into Easily Forgiven (they're two different tropes dammit!).

Loves the book and movie Gone Girl, but if she never again has to see that "explanation" that the "Cool Girl" rant is actually wrong/broken because there's two girls in one of the cars, then it will be too soon. (It Makes Sense in Context)

Good day to you, and thanks for reading!

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