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Male in his 40s, American. Nonstandard Christian.

Launches (not necessarily by Nyperold):



Nyperold is one of the many Comic Irregulars at Square Root of Minus Garfield. His published strips have Shout Outs to:


  • Leonardo Da Vinci

Film - Live Action


Video Games


Western Animation

Be on the lookout for the following references:

Video Games

Western Animation well as other strips that don't contain references to other works.

Nyperold has a You Tube channel. It currently has four public playlists:

  • A 4A Into My Childhood: Nyperold plays video games for the TI-99/4A home computer that he played on the real thing when he was little. Complete.
  • A 4A Into My Childhood: Same as above, only he didn't play these games when he was little, and probably didn't play them until playing them for his channel. Ongoing.
  • Hero & Daughter: Nyperold plays, as you might guess, Hero & Daughter. Ongoing.
  • Sounds of Her Love: Nyperold reads and plays the visual novel Sounds of Her Love. On hiatus; preparing to generate more content.

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