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A college-age troper at the University of Rochester. Lives in New Jersey. I describe myself as a master of thoroughly useless knowledge, which is probably why I waste so much time here. Will mainly scoot around editing things and reading the same entries over and over again.

I have a blog for various geeky things, so take a look.

Inordinately knowledgeable about:

Knowledgeable about but less knowledgeable about than others:

Has created entries for:

Media that you lot introduced me to for which I am permanently in your debt:

  • Firefly
  • Suzumiya Haruhi: This one I picked up so much of from reading the entry and associated wicks, I started making comments about it and decided that if I was going to do that, I should watch the damn show. It's also the series that convinced me that I was a full-blown Otaku.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha- The other show that you lot describe so incessantly that I knew almost the entire plot before watching it. And it's awesome. Also to blame are the good folks over on the Giant In The Playground boards, who did much the same.
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  • Mahou Sensei Negima- don't know why I started reading this, but it's the best damn manga I'm reading right now.
  • Code Geass: I doubt I'd be so dedicated to watching this if I hadn't seen it referenced on the wiki so much. Also you have credit for making the first anime that my brother is more obsessed with than me.
  • Tsukihime: Read a Let's Play of the game largely based on the fact that I've seen it around here a lot. And now I'm following the same guy's Fate Stay Night LP intently. By that same token,
  • Fate Stay Night, which I find to be miles and miles better than Tsukihime and absolutely fantastic.
  • Persona 3: The same, and as a result, I have become obsessed with the sequel, Persona 4, to the point where the moment I got home for summer break, I bought a PS 2 solely for that game.


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