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Despite having haunted the wiki long enough to see the abuse of "Incredibly Lazy Pun" led to that becoming Stealth Pun and the entire life cycles of "Incredibly Lame Pun" (once a redirecting Pothole Magnet, now Lame Pun Reaction), Troper Tales and "So Yeah", the gradual shooing-out of "This Troper", I'm still one of the wiki's lower-order creatures, just grazing on unitalicised names for works, spelling and grammar errors, broken Pot Holes, adding examples and tidying up.

But apart from two YKTTW entries that became Smart Bomb and Overnight Conquest (thanks to other editors), and bashing out the GLaDOS page (which was then transformed by others), I don't start many pages, though I nurture a few from being mere stubs, such as Fiasco and Remnants of Skystone. I suppose you could say I'm a Wiki Magic fairy. Not a description I'd have chosen, but there you go.