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Thinks Too Much is a more recent (but enthusiastic) troper who dislikes flame wars and likes to talk. I would like to be a member of PLATTER but have not created any tropes with titles that meet the requirements (although I do prefer The Catapult Turtle Flying Castle Gambit to Screw the Rules, I Have Plot!, citing Rule of Funny). I prefer the Sugar Wiki to the Darth Wiki and am hiding behind The All-Concealing "I", although that will probably fall down. I never made any contributions to any Fetish Fuel or Perverse Sexual Lust pages. (The Rule 34 edit was actually innocuous; I wanted to know what Rule 63 was, and whether anyone actually knew what the rules were.) I haven't actually created any pages save for the one for this (and this and this and this, and this and these two Wild Mass Guessing pages, and this It Just Bugs Me, and I added the first few tropes to the Paper Towns entry and created the section on the Spin-Off Fire on the Graceling page.) nor have I acquired any Made Of Win points. This is tragic. I'm also too lazy to fix the below red links, but that doesn't matter because who's going to look at this?


Also, when I search for this page, it's the first entry that comes up...the second is The Scrappy. I hope that's a coincidence.

Link for myself to pick up later (to the Death Note manga sequel oneshot.


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