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This Troper is JK Roo. He is an editing newbie who is thankful for his friend Gilgameshkun for editing his user page beyond the initial stub. Though Gil might wish he'd not advised him to set up a page.

He's an adoring fan of Ty The Tasmanian Tiger — it's the accents, really! The fact that seemingly half 90% 99% of its entries have been touched by him is entirely accidental, he assures you. Other than that, he really doesn't go in for video games, preferring to read, write and draw. Kindly ignore that he's working on a Fix Fic for the second game's collectables Plot Hole.


He's also come perilously close to entering Caffeine Bullet Time... repeatedly. And he loves the feeling.

One of his good friends at work has also repeatedly tried to coax him into becoming a Mad Scientist. As his official job. Considering this is a good example of his personality, it's understandable.

Therefore, I have but one thing to say... For SCIENCE!

According to JK Roo's meat sheld friend Gilgameshkun, the following tropes describe JK Roo:
Various things that have made him go "I Knew It!":

  • DMFA: Abel's asexuality. Somehow, given Amber, I was not surprised.
  • Doctor Who: The first episode of the new series. The "human residence" was the planet, not the house. Figured it out about five minutes before the Doctor revealed it.
  • World Of Warcraft: Deathwing merged with an Old God. That can't POSSIBLY end well.
  • Homestuck: How Bec was created.

If you're really desperate to talk to me bored, I can be reached at "hybridroo" on AIM.

Oh, and TvTropes had already ruined his life before he joined up.

He also has no idea what he's doing with this page, but it's known he suffers from Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!. Which is probably why this page will end abruptly.

That or mentioning Candle Jack, but who'd be foolish enou



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