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It's about time I got a page up here about me, eh?

Hi. I'm Mel, or High Five - either is fine. I'm sixteen, Canadian, and first heard of much of my now favourite anime from here. Thanks, TV Tropes!

I like books, mostly old children's novels like Alice in Wonderland and Tom's Midnight Garden, as well as YA lit, like It's Kind of a Funny Story. That's my favourite book, and I aim to make it known here. Great, great book.


I like anime, but not to a humongous extent. Stuff like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, and High School Girls are my favourites. I also have a terrible habit of thinking that all series that focus on the daily lives of high school students are all Shojo. Until I start watching them. Especially High School Girls, that's got a hell of a lot of fanservice.

TV is pretty great. If you see an example that mentions Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog, there's about a 50% chance it's mine. Oh, goodness, that show is great. Corner Gas is awesome, as well. Yay Canadian television. I also like cheesy competition reality TV.

My first article was Flowers for Algernon. The second is for AOSTH, and the third is for the hilariously bad Sonic Underground. I did my part in making a page for the Magic Bullet infomercial. There Is No Such Thing As Notability, in action. And I just recently made the page for Angela Anaconda. Bromwell High is next.


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