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Continued from Made of Win (Early 2010).

Farmelle: To Kenny 666, I think; at least, whoever made the article on 'Superhjältejul', pretty much in one sitting. I mean, hell. It was one advent calendar. Not many people outside of Sweden (if any) must have known of its existance, and even of those who did, not many of them seemed to like it. Then, I found that someone liked it enough to make a TV Tropes page. I...I love you, guy.
  • Just found this page - that'd be me, and why, thank you! I'd strongly doubt myself that anyone outside of Sweden cares about it, too. Seeing as how TVTropes Has Ruined My Life, I couldn't help but notice all those tropes while watching it, and figured why the hell not. Even though my reason for watching it in the first place was Shaped Like Itself - I wouldn't watch it if I didn't have the actual calendar, but I wouldn't get the calendar if I didn't plan to watch it. It was mostly a spur-of-the-moment decision when I saw the calendar at ICA.

Aspie: To Lightblade, for adding a link to the edit I made in the Beach Episode page. Thank you for that, I honestly did not know there was a name for the thing I was describing.
Yarrunmace: To whoever made this awesome comeback to this Hannibal Lecture on the Twilight Just Bugs Me page

  • So you guys hate Twilight so much but lemme ask you this.... why do you all know so much about it? Have you actually read the books and seen the movies? If you answered yes...then Guess who wins? That's right...Stephanie Meyer and her publishers. And the film crew. Because guess what? For all you know, they're trying on purpose to write something because for some odd reason, you all buy the books, read the books, buy the movies, and see the movies. And you did just what they wanted...Congratulations.
    • Let's see: borrowing the books off a friend? Zero dollars. Watching the film on an international flight I would have gone on anyway? Zero dollars. Getting to throw it in the face of "fans" who don't know as much as me and getting to have valid arguments for why the series sucks? Priceless. :)

thatother1dude: The For Science! article mentioning "Contrast For The Liberal Arts!"
Inkblot: One for the conversation here, referring to Demyx of Kingdom Hearts:

  • Why the f** k do they continue to say he's weak in the journals in stuff? I beat frickin SAIX more easily than that guy!
    • I beat fricking XEMNAS' more easily than that guy!
    • I beat frickin SEPHIROTH more easily than that guy!
      • Okay...I didn't...but you get the idea.

Newtonthenewt: Whoever made/found this. I couldn't find what I was looking for. You found it and a LO Lcat. This is the happiest I have ever been to see a LOLcat. Congratulations.

Citizen: A classic lolcat—nothing that can be attributed to the contributors here—and what came to mind when I ran across If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten. Didn't know it was already uploaded.

Specialist290: One for whoever made the typo of protecting "Einstein's lap" in the Red Alert 2 entry under Sequence Breaking. It's probably unintentional, but it's hilarious.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: One Made Of Win point to Starship Troper for correcting the lyrics to "MacArthur Park" in the Narm/Music entry. Everyone knows the chorus, but the verses are just as good (or bad); I had just misremembered a few of them.

Dark Hunter: One MOW point to mato_hibiki for this entry on Rebuild Of Evangelion:

  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome - See Big Damn Heroes. Shinji is like a Panda in this brave new world. And what do Pandas do? They look sad... Right up until you piss them off, and they start Shooting Frickin' Laser Beams out of their eyes, and RIP YOU APART with their BARE HANDS! Do NOT make Shinji a sad Panda. You wouldn't like him when he's a sad Panda.

macroscopic: A point to whoever named Rouge Angles of Satin (checked the archives; they have one already but I don't know who it was) and another to alliterator for the image caption:

Top: A cute angel. Bottom: Acute angle. If you can't tell the difference, you're being obtuse.

Niel Jacoby: Seconded on the name, but I'd like the second one more if the little cherub thingy was replaced by the smoking angel baby from 1984. In other news, I'm off to make a page for Van Halen.

Cukeman: Wouldn't be surprised if this has been nominated before, but a MOW to the person responsible for the following on Metal Gear:

vicnog: A collective MOW for everyone who contributed to the Statue of Liberty entry on the Green-Skinned Space Babe page. Truly hilarious.

Unknown Troper: A hearty MOW to whoever authored the Running Gag about Ron Howard on the page for Cinderella Man. I was truly tickled!

Cat22: Wow, my first Free Hug! I humbly accept.

Peteman would like to nominate the the zinger from the The Girl Who Lived page:

  • Stealth Parody - Some people think the series is an elaborate troll due to it being so over the top and the author's flat out denial that Rose is bisexual or a Mary Sue.
    • A very in-depth Stealth Parody, then, because while My Immortal was so obviously trolling that anyone who'd read the books would have known it was a mockery, this reads like an actual work by someone with power fantasies and no skill. Kind of like a poorly-written Eragon with sex.
    • Isn't that redundant?
    • Of course not. Eragon has no sex.

thatother1dude: That joke sucks (could that be any more DERP?), and that natter sucks. Also, you forgot the FanFic/ part of the link.

tennessean: Added in the "FanFic/" part.

Thinks Too Much would like to request one for those responsible for the potholing and second and third bullets on the following (From The European Carry-All page.)
vicnog: NeoSilverThorn, I grant you a MOW for this gem in the Inspector Gadget page:

  • Well, speaking of those gadgets...where exactly do they fit? With that Gadget Copter, what's inside his head?!

Nohbody: The page history for Galaxy Quest doesn't go back far enough to identify the guilty responsible parties, but IMO this exchange on that page deserves some MoW love, for whichever tropers were involved (specifically, the two lines under the trope entry itself, which is provided for context):

(I searched all of the MoW archive pages for "galaxy", and didn't see anything. Apologies if I just missed it already mentioned elsewhere.)

Looney Toons: A point to whoever came up with the caption for the illo on Unwilling Suspension. And a point to whoever came up with the Incredibly Lame Pun in the text next to it.

Shay Guy: Okay, that's funny, but I'm starting to consider making an "Actually Half Decent Pun" page for potholing purposes.

Haven: You know that's why we originally made the Incredibly Lame Pun page, right?

Syckls: It's really discouraging to see so many good jokes/bad puns undermined by that pothole. It's not quite Don't Explain the Joke level, but really, humor is an art of subtlety. Don't people understand that by telling us that they're making a joke, they indeed hobble it, eviscerating the very purpose that led to its creation? How many innocent laughs have been cut down before they could be born and bring joy into this world? Truly that pothole is a pox upon all those who stand for humor in this fair domain.

Shay Guy: Of course I know why. I made the damn thing. (Mind you, it's still an improvement over when people were using Incredibly Lazy Pun for the same reason.)

Haven: Sorry! I just keep seeing the argument "Incredibly Lame Pun does not mean that" pop up on this page. Now that I understand what you're saying, Actually Half Decent Pun would be a good redirect or something.

Muninn: Wouldn't making "Actually Half Decent Pun" a redirect to Incredibly Lame Pun imply that all puns are lame? I approve!

Dragon Quest Z: I made the caption. As for ILP, it's suppoed to be "this pun is dumb, and feel free to groan over it", which is what a proper or accidental use is.

Specialist290: Furthermore, a lot of times, the "Incredibly Lame Pun" pothole is added after the fact by a third party, not by the original editor of the statement. (I know this from firsthand experience on both sides...)

Mike Rosoft: Another one for:
If you don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside from it, then you should stop lurking on Sugar Wiki and switch to Darth Wiki.

Shay Guy: This very clever bit on the Large Hadron Collider:
1. According to all known science, it will not destroy the world.
2. If it goes as planned, all known science will be changed.

ROBRAM 89: The internet (particularly this wiki) seems to have a pretty lax policy of stealing from them (come to think of it, so do radio stations and Graham Norton apparently) but that is taken nearly verbatim from a Cracked article.

Shay Guy: Oh. >_<

ROBRAM 89: It is, however, hilarious.

Shay Guy: Well, half a point to S Peter Davis for writing that article and half a point to the Unknown Troper who paraphrased it. On a related note, who keeps removing MOW-ed comments from articles?

Looney Toons: Someone who's never gotten a MOW point, I suspect.

ROBRAM 89: The Hamburgler.

Schrau: Mo W for Robram please.

batfan: To whoever added this line to the Death Note Character Sheet about Soichiro Yagami:

Jordan: Oh. I've read that page several times and that never hit me until now. Pretty clever.

Seanette: Jordan, for this lovely snark in Ask The Tropers, referring to an editor with an attitude:
Jordan: He's a GIFT to this wiki.
Be: I have no idea who included Frankie Boyle's joke in the Crowning Moment Of Awesome section of the Mock The Week page (saying that, it may even have been me), but a MOW point to whoever took the time to include pot holes for each of the characters listed. And a second one for pot holing Phil Neville (Phil Neville?!) to Token Evil Teammate. Good show, sir or madam.

Real Slim Shadowen: Wasn't me, sadly, but can I claim half a point for doing it first on the Mind Screw page (now in the Mind Screw quotes page), even if I omitted Phil Neville? :p

Be: I'm afraid not. I'd LIKE to dish out the points like they were unnecessarily hot pancakes and I were working at some kind of breakfast-type soup kitchen ( heard) but Phil Neville makes it what it is.

Aminatep: A couple to the Trope Namer for Abusing The Kardashev Scale For Fun And Profit.

Yarrunmace: One to Schizo Technician for correcting an error I made while creating the Playing With Wiki Sesquipedalian Smith page 2 minutes after I finished it.

Schizo Technician: Thank you, you're too kind. Anything to avoid doing the paper I should be writing!

Mike Rosoft: Here's one to whoever came with:
This isn?t just IKEA Erotica, it?s IKEA Erotica that didn?t follow the assembly instructions.

tennessean: Uh...which article was this line from?

thatother1dude: IKEA Erotica.

Beemoh: One to the "random item" button, which managed to segue me from William Shatner to Planescape Torment. And the pictures therein.

Hydro Globus: That must have been TAS' doing... somehow. Though it really doesn't fit in Ad Of Win...

T-Jack: What, the TV Tropes website is getting MOW points now? Has it become self-aware or something?

TV Tropes Wiki: I must thank The Advertisement Server for the upgrade.

A Mere Servant Of God: And with that, the curtain closes, everyone starts screaming, and Beethoven's Ninth begins to play.

Curtmack: History doesn't show who did it, but one to whoever added the Google results to the beginning of Borderlands.
Sal Fish Fin: this quote from Love Hotels:"And unlike America, you likely don't own a car and only advanced, highly acrobatic positions tend to be possible on a bicycle, even with the kickstand down. "
Insanity Prelude: Everyone responsible for Playing With Eats Babies. I lol'd.

thatother1dude: Second, plus whoever made Playing With Wiki from that thread I started forever ago then gave literally zero contribution to.

Hydro Globus: And one to you too. Feel yourself proud, this is the first MOW I handed out.

Luc: I'll accept the Mo W point for creating the Playing With Wiki. Thanks to That Other 1 Dude for giving me the idea, and to Meta Four for creating the direct inspiration, the Haiku-Wiki.

Cidolfas: A belated MOW to whichever (probably more than one) troper came up with the title for The Thing That Goes Doink, along with this paragraph:

Not to be confused with the thing that goes parp, the thing that goes ding when there's stuff, the scientific progress that goes boink, the machine that goes ping, the thing that goes bong bong, the man who goes BONK, The Knights Who Say Ni! or Tonberries.

I have no idea why the title is so funny to me, but it is, oh so much.

Looney Toons: The page creator and namer was Bluetooth The Pirate, whom I haven't seen around the wiki in a long time.

Computer Sherpa: Ahaha, it's still getting longer. Seconded!

SAMAS: A MOW to whoever put this in Post Cyber Punk:

Cyberpunk is not quite dead. It's just pining for the fnords.

Malchus: A MOW to for making a page for My Dad The Rock Star. I've been waiting to see it up. Still in need of some Wiki Magic, but i love it all the same.

Master TMO: I should have done this long ago, but a MoW to the person who took the formatting of the Bigger Is Better page and made it into a Self-Demonstrating Article.
Rothul: This exchange from Anticlimax Boss. Yeah, it's an Incredibly Lame Pun, but it made me smile.

ROBRAM 89: The use of Hogarth's Gin Lane as the picture for Wretched Hive gets a point. So perfect.

Madrugada: Thank you!

Cryptic Mirror: Would the people responsible for the picture and captioning on Van Helsing Hate Crimes please step forward for your hug coupons and MoW. Thank you.
Doom Filled Doom: A belated MOW to whoever alphabetized the entire anime examples lists for Foe Yay and Ho Yay. It's much easier to find a series on those pages now.

Willy Four Eyes: Chaotic Dreams, crack a brew, because you'd just earned your very first (maybe) Win point! [hugs]

Mad propz to Stealthyboy for creating a page for Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff, the mad bastard. :D
Zephid: A MOW to whoever Rhiow for the Real Life folder in Yangire.
sgrunt: Whoever's responsible for Call to Adventure in its entirety, for deftly weaving together an analogy which manages to Pot Hole essentialy all of the tropes listed at the end.

Silent Hunter: Very good work.

Earnest: This tidbit from Now And Then Here And There:

  • It Got Worse - Every five minutes or so.
    • Technically this It Got Worse: The Series.

Riti Troll: May have already gotten it, might be several people, but I award one made of win to the person(s) who write (OF COURSE!) whenever taking over the world is mentioned. Or at least attempting it or die trying.

Unknown Troper: Belated beyond belief, but I hope I'm not the only one who is finding that incredibly obnoxious. :/

Seanette: Belated MOW to the kindly soul who supplied the pronunciation for Deus ex Machina.
thatother1dude: The opening quote for Nerf Arm.
Freezair For A Limited Time: One serious lawl for whoever is responsible for the Hurricane of Puns hottip on Zombie Gait. Especially Theoretical Physicist Zombie.
Nate The Great: To Wretchkin for finding the current page image for Nonindicative Name. Why is it called a fountain pen gun if it's neither?

Grev: Well, it is a gun; it just doesn't shoot bullets. And it's kept in his shirt pocket like a fountain pen (and it looks like a fountain pen), so...

Dmysta3000: This image quote for the current Freud Was Right page image definitely gets my vote. That was the funniest thing I've read all week.
Katsuhagi: The Laconic Wiki entry for American Kirby Is Hardcore. This also gets my nomination for best use of the Laconic Wiki ever:
  • Boxart:
    • Japan: ^(^_^)^
    • USA: v(\_/)^
Deuxhero:I did the original idea, others improved the smilelys used.
Solarn: Whoever created the "We Have No Idea What Side this Guy Is On" folder for Kurt Godel on the Negima character page.

Japanese Teeth: Thank you. I figured he was important enough to merit an entry on the page, but he didn't fit in any of the categories, so....

Katsuhagi: Whoever put this exchange in the Kanye West article. I lol'ed for a good minute.
  • Written In Infirmity: His first hit "Through the Wire" was written while in the hospital after a car accident and recorded while his jaw was still wired shut.
    • You'd think this would be everyone's first clue that you can't shut him up.

Gemmifer: The picture for Wangst is awesomely wangsty. The snot-crying! The nobody-understands!
Luthen: One to Earnest, I'm definitely saving up to move to Auda City.

Thatother1dude: To spear spare anyone else the need to search, I believe he's talking about something in the article Sliding Scale of Comedy and Horror.

Earnest: Thanks! You're both welcome to visit my summer home in Auda City, it has all the creature comforts, including an Exploding Barrel barbecue pit. ~_^

Luthen: Sorry, I thought I put that in. Spare me the spear please!

Kizor: The person behind the categories in the Improbable Piloting Skills article. It's deeper than more thorough than one'd think the subject could be, and well-written to boot!
pelagica: Mo W to anyone who put up that picture & caption on Zerg Rush. "ROFLMAO" was an automated response that my brain promptly sent to my mouth.

Rhainor: So very, very seconded.

Tofu: One Mo W for Mijihal and Glenn Magus Harvey for the whole conversation here.

thatother1dude: Take It To The Forums (Made of Win page).

Wascally Wabbit: Whoever put the category 'Mental Rape of Men by Hive-Minded Cyborg Societies' in the Rape as Redemption article can award themselves a coconut on the way back from Crossing the Line Twice.
Sal Fish Fin: To everyone who contributed to the Real Life section of Humans Are Cthulhu

Haven: "So I look like a corpse?" "Given that Most Tropers Are Young Nerds this goes without saying." Haha...seconded.

A Made Of Win to everyone who contributed to Sean Connery Is About to Shoot You, especially the Lord of the Rings and Bad Boys examples.

Malchus: Sean Connery Is About to Shoot You has already been colectively MOW'd before. However, since that one was made before I added the Bad Boys examples, then I gladly accept and thank thee for the MOW.

Mr Death: A Made Of Win to the troper whose name is lost to time that added the last line of this exchange in Sword Of Truth:

  • Ensemble Dark Horse - Gratch is awesome, which is sad because he's absent from the later books. Or maybe fortunate that he doesn't get caught up in the Author Tract.
    • Could you imagine what an Author Filibuster by Gratch would read like?
      • Gratch luuug Raaachaarg, Gratch haaate sooocialism.

Arutema: Props to the team that made "Giant Enemy Crab, Attack Its Weak Point For Massive Damage" a All Blue Meme.

sgrunt: I handled the relaunch of For Massive Damage even if I didn't launch the YKTTW... do I qualify? :p

Deux Hero: I created Giant Enemy Crab's YKTTW and I think I launched it. I didn't intended for the all blue meme though.

The Toon Geekette: One to whoever added this extremely in-character entry for Chester A. Bum's section in the Fetish Fuel page for That Guy With The Glasses:
  • HELLO?! ARE PEOPLE LUSTING AFTER ME ON THE INTERMANET? I thought I was lusting after someone for a while, but she turned out to be a peice of toast. A male piece of toast. ...CHAAANGE?!

Tal9922- One made of win to whoever is responsible for this lovely edit from the Dexter page:
  • Feed Me: Miguel, especially on the rooftop. And it is awesome.
    • This troper disagr—

Japanese Teeth: Another very meta Made Of Win for everybody who made a dick joke in the 3rd entry below this one. I'm sure you all thought long and hard about coming up with something.

Real Slim Shadowen: Fine, I'll take it, but if this becomes a pattern I'm sure someone will complain it's indecent.

Rothul: This is indecent!

Shadow Of The Sun: Just as a means of discouraging negative made of win to everyone who continues this trend on.

And two negative wins for me for startin' the whole damn thing.

Haven: You know...if someone were feeling really contrary, they would make the next one two Made of Wins. I agree with you, I'm just sayin'.

Sceboal: Since when can you give negative made of wins? I mean, it's not like I can say that every time you get a made of win, I get to sleep with your girlfriend, right?

Shadow Of The Sun: I can since I decided I wanted too. As for the girlfriend, well, I hope you like dry humping in mid-air.

szaleniec: This comment on Het is Ew:

Syckls: It's okay. However, I think I'd like to repeat the sentiment stated earlier on this page that you don't need to pothole every joke you make with needless self-deprecation.

Outta The BLAM: Whoever wrote this on the Narm/Code Geass page.

This. What the hell Lelouch?If I may... FABULOUS!(Imagine, if you will, in Dan Green 's voice): After a long day of taking over the world, nothing refreshes me more than pouring cool, Aquafina-brand water all over me. Yes, look at that water dribble down all over my CLAMP-designed bishonen body! Have you had enough, fangirls, or do you want MORE?! Aquafina is the only brand of water I trust not to be poisoned by jealous nobles who like to drop carriages on imperial consorts! Aquafina: Because pouring Gatorade on your body is too much of a mess (and way too titillating for the fangirls)!

Shadowofthe Sun: One very meta Made of Win for all the folks who made a boob pun two entries below this one. One and a half to Real Slim Shadowen for his phallusy.

JK Roo: My first Win point! And don't worry, Shadowen, I hear it happens to a lot of guys.

Real Slim Shadowen: Hey, I got half again as much as the rest of you; I'm just peachy.

Rothul: Aren't you getting kind of cocky there?

jtmmachine: Yeah, that was kind of a dick move back there...

Haven: Right, shouldn't let it go to your head.

CAD: Wow, I can't think of a good pun to contribute to this. This is pretty stiff competition.

JK Roo: It's okay, CAD. And as hard as it may be for me, I retract the insult. After all, we're equal members of this wiki!

Sceboal: This is some nice wit you guys have.

Shadow Of The Sun: ...I'm contemplating revoking your win points, but I fear that will be too...emasculating? I don't want to make you guys feel impotent.

JK Roo: I'm very sorry about the load of puns. Just, please, don't give us the shaft! I could go on, but I won't.

pagad: Boobies.

Be: Ahaha, I get it because penises are funny and puns are funny. Funny.

Spidey 3000: Ah, no need your...screw it. I can't think of another penis-related pun to add that haven't been done; the humor's all dryed up. Oh well, at least I got a rise out of it.

Doug S. Machina: This from Wicked Cultured:

...he is actually defeated by his lack of knowledge of pop culture. Not "as a consequence of"; By. After failing to name the singer who had a hit with "I Should Be So Lucky", his head explodes. Or, if you prefer, goes pop.

alliterator: Huge tracts of win to whoever made Keep Abreast Of This Index.

Cat22: Credit should go to Draqon Quest Z. I was quite titillated when he suggested it.

jtmmachine: That index just keeps racking up tropes!

Sceboal: I must've tittered at it so much.

SAMAS: Geez, what a bunch of boobs...

Beemoh: At least you got it off your chest.

T-Jack: Oh, come on, guys, tits just an index.

Rothul: Let's not be so quick to jugs.

Shale: Why did it take so long to make? There was always ample support for such an index, and a firm list of tropes to add.

JK Roo: This ought to make any other attempts at bad jokes a bust. An incredibly large one at that.

Mr Death: Just had to nipple that in the bud, huh?

Haven: Mammary joke!

Janitor: Okay. Have we milked this enough, yet?

Real Slim Shadowen: Nope! Penis.

Be: Hahaha, I get it! Breasts are funny!

Haven: To the UT at for this amazing Incredibly Lame Pun in Understatement:

  • Code Geass has Nunnally become a master of understatement with "In the past, unfortunate happenings took place inside the Special Administrative Region of Japan." "Unfortunate happenings" meaning genocide.

Shay Guy: ...That's not lame. Potholes don't need to be used to say "Look! Look! See? See what I did? I made a funny!"

Mr Death: I don't get it.

Haven: It's a Code Geass joke; the character who initiated said "unfortunate happenings" is named Euphemia.

ROBRAM 89: One for the absolutely hilarious Pot Hole to Gilligan Cut on the page for, of all things, Grover Cleveland. You can't read it without picturing it.

Enlong: One to whoever took note the large number of alternate titles for the page, and added This Is For Redirects Bitch as the newest one. Lampshade Hanging in the form of an alternate titles. I love it!

Citizen: Haha, that was me.

Thinks Too Much admits that's amusing, but thinks we seriously need to remove some of those endless redirects, not add some.

Haven: Why?

Page history's lost the one responsible ("all edits," my ass), but somebody's got to give a MOW to the ones responsible for the jokey summation of Noein in Future Me Scares Me, Incredibly Lame Puns and all:

  • So, three Yuus walk into a bar
    • But the bartender didn't quantum to be there
      • And the bartender asks them if they want beer, but they say Noein
      • * rimshot*

Haven: One for whoever came up with this incredibly lame, yet still rather sophisticated, pun in the comic book Shout-Out page (context included for clarity):

  • There's a lovely and rather subtle one in issue 16 of Grant Morrison's "Animal Man", where "quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" ("Who Watches The Watchmen?", in Latin) is graffiti-ed on a toilet wall.
    • That couldn't be moore juvenal.

Earnest: I'd like to thank Willy Four Eyes for catching a mistake I made in In the End, You Are on Your Own. I accidentally put The Longest Journey as a Film because I confused it with Homeward Bound. I would also like to give him a MOW point for assuming I was actually being clever by putting this in the Edit Reason space:
Wait, but The Longest Journey is...Oh, I see what you did there...

Willy Four Eyes: Hee hee...thanks. I kinda feel bad about the edit reason, though, as I haven't played enough of The Longest Journey to figure out how long its cutscenes are.

Koveras: Actually, TLJ is not cutscene-heavy at all (unlike Dreamfall) but I assumed you meant that the the epic plot of the game completely overshadows a high-quality but otherwise pretty standard point-and-click gameplay...

Zander Schubert: Whoever linked "Necromancer Solves Case" on the Essential Third Act Twists page to Pushing Daisies.
Eddie Current: Please join me in presenting Infinix with this Made Of Win, for all the Awesome he's brought to the Super Sentai pages lately. Including making the rest of us look good. Bravo, good sir!
Nate The Great: To whoever added the subtle The Princess Bride joke to the Bible It Just Bugs Me. "This was after grounding had been invented, but before time-outs." At least I assume this was a subtle The Princess Bride joke.

Medinoc: To Citizen, for the picture name in the Homosexual Reproduction page.

Shay Guy: He does have a knack for those, doesn't he?

The Painted Maypole: One Made Of Win to whoever made this contribution to Beard of Sorrow:

Moulin Rouge opens with a grieving bearded Christian. No, not that one.

BritBllt: I feel kind of guilty, getting a Made Of Win when Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan has spent the past month on cleaning up and fixing all the errors on the main Unwinnable page. He's pretty much single-handedly adopted the page and remade it with win, so he has my vote. :)

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Thanks!

Doug S. Machina: I liked the meta twist in It Was His Sled.

Also, from the Suzumiya Haruhi page:Perverse Sexual Lust ? Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

sgrunt: to TsundeRay for the stinger on NetHack, which brought a grin to this NetHacker's face...
Japanese Teeth: A Mo W for whoever did the (current) caption at Bodyguard Crush. I've seen at least 3 different captions there, so this one cracked me up. For posterity's sake, it currently reads Trust me, next time you come to this page, the pun will have changed.

Shale: And it has.

Cryptic Mirror: A Mo W for whoever came up with the stinger at the very end of the Doctor Who High Octane Nightmare Fuel page...

Tangent 128: Seconded.

tennessean: I potholed it so that other people can easily access the page from here.

Silent Hunter: Whoever had the idea for The Universal Genre Savvy Guide.

Dragon Quest Z: Me, although it was inspired by all the varied lists.

Excel-2009. I thought the entry for Stupid Jetpack Hitler in You Have To Burn The Rope was pretty funny, if only tangentially related.

DracMonster: Thank you. We will get EVERY DAMN TROPE on that page eventually, I swear it!

nomuru2d: I nominate whoever put up the picture for The Emperor on the Dissidia Characters page. I laughed long and hard.

JK Roo: Seconded. Oh, so very very seconded.

Japanese Teeth: Thirded. I burst out laughing when I saw that.

Enlong: Whoever came up with the banner put at the top of Subjective Tropes. Captures the idea of subjective pretty danged well.

Silent Hunter: Seconded.

Rothul: And the Alt Text is now a lot better too!

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Thirded. I like the "surrender" body language.

merton: everyone on The Bible 's page, for their steadfast insistance in putting spoiler tags around the fact that Jesus dies.

Citizen: A true case of You Should Know This Already (ya rly), but I'm not going to play that game.

Silent Hunter: Razgriz 2K9, for his pictures in Mnogo Nukes.
Lale: This answer to why Carl didn't get busted by the FAA for flying a house down the street in Up: "Hello, is this the FAA? Yeah, there's this guy flying in a house. Yes, he's attached his house to a million balloons and he's just flying it down the... hello? Hello?" Crowning Moment Of Funny! I was practically rotfl! They should have included that in the actual movie!
Haven: Fifth_Rider for the Sartre quote at the top of the Neon Genesis Evangelion page. That's just perfect.

Enlong: So I was reading through You Make Me Sic, and when I reached the bottom, I saw the Poor Communication Kills index nav-bar. One of the links on that nav-bar was simply Lelouch. One MOW to whoever set that up.

St Fan: Nobody set it up. This is purely a problem with the automated indexing. Every link following the index list on the page will be used as the next index entry if it's just after the bullet point. Only way to avoid this is to eliminate the links at the beginning of the examples entries in the Poor Communication Kills page.

Pykrete: So basically the MOW goes to some quite deserving ghost data?

The Advertisement Server: WOULDN'T BE THE FIRST TIME, MEAT-SACK.

Freezer: Mo W - with a side of "I see what you did there" to Mason for this Author's Saving Throw entry"
Deuxhero:Whoever (unknown, IP adress is wrote the Getting Crap Past the Radar Bullet point before Groin Attack on House.
Cidolfas: For Rothul, for coming up with the YKTTW for "One Letter Title", all in poetry. It's not even a trope yet, but it's brilliant!

Rothul: Thank you! It has since been launched as One-Letter Title. Anyone better with meter than I, feel free to revise!

alliterator: Oh man, that is so awesome. It even inspired me to write the entry for Z.

thatother1dude: OK, it might not be exactly a joke, but I can't stop laughing at this entry of Mills and Boon Prose:
  • Nasuverse sex scenes are commonly a mild form of this (more so in Tsukihime than the later Fate Stay Night). Oddly, they're also written in first-person perspective...

If I ever read any Nasuverse visual novels I hope it's not as hilarious sounding as the image that gives me in my head.

bluepenguin: I don't know how hilarious your mental image is, but Nasu's sex scenes are definitely more funny than sexy (in most people's opinion).

Paradoxic Title: To alcatrazz, for his hilarious comment under the Demonic Spiders - Real Life section. Someone made a comment about how humans qualified (mainly because they killed so many animals). His response:

"Since when do we let woodland animals edit pages?"

I lol'd.

Tal9922: To the genius that came up with the corresponding image/caption for the Mama Bear and Papa Wolf pages, your Mo W is long overdue (even assuming the change is recent).Seriously, try switching between the two pages consecutively.

Medinoc: Wow. Seconding that, too. However, wasn't the Cable picture intentional?

Madrugada Pretty much. ccoa is the one responsible for the pair of them.

SonicGTR A MOW to whoever drew and/or uploaded the picture for Hitbox Dissonance. This fan of both Touhou and Suzumiya Haruhi almost needed a new keyboard when he first saw it.

Medinoc: Seconded. Also, what is this pic from?

Citizen: Looks like a Touhou sketch someone pulled off of Deviantart.

sgrunt: to Leigh Sabio for the Laconic entries for Fanboy and Fangirl; admittedly not the most laconic but still apt.
vicnog: I don't know whether this comment in the Lamarck Was Right page or the response to it is funnier:

A MOW to both tropers. Cheers!

Grimace: A shiny MOW to schism, for this entry in The Happening, purely by virtue of the enthusiasm displayed in the entry just made me crack right up.

  • So, the environment is both murderous and incapable of reason? Sounds like a job for FIRE.

Haven: So very seconded.

Curtmack: One bright sunshiney Made Of Win to whoever put "I Have Many Names" under Aelita Lyoko Hopper Schaeffer Stones (I think) on the character sheet for Code Lyoko.

St Fan: That would be me. ^_^ Didn't do it for the lolz, though, just thought it was fitting.

Enlong: To Turrican for the inspired pun that is the Laconic entry for Sonic The Hedgehog 2006

Sonic rushed.

SpiriTsunami: To LEXicon, for the awesome self-demonstrating page for Michael McConnohie. Doesn't break character once.

thatother1dude: I believe I actually nominated that a couple months ago (no one responded though).

Dark: One to Tunod for the rather clever Stealth Pun for the Chekov's Gun entry on the Star Trek movie page.
thatother1dude: One to whoever is responsible for the Running Gag on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold page about AQUAMAN.
Be: Indicating that you can find diamonds in dog turds, this entry in Non-Existent Fiction Recommendations:

  • Atlas Shrugged: The Musical. The showstopper halfway through the third act must be seen to be believed.

I'd pay to see it, that's all I know. (Not saying that NEFR is a dog turd, saying that Atlas Shrugged is a dog turd. K? K)

Grev: Whoever had the bad fishing experience 'round these parts gets one for Fishing for Sole:

Several false alarms and several boots later, you start to wonder. Why are there so many boots? Fish don't wear boots, hell, they don't even have feet. Yet there seems to be more boots in the water than there are fish. And it's not just boots, either. Spare tires, tin cans, other useless junk... why does it seem like you're fishing in Lake Erie?

Specialist290: I would like to second that nomination on the basis of it being one of the lamest (and thus most awesome) puns ever.

sgrunt: to rjung for the picture on Paranoia. Remember, citizens, happiness is mandatory!
K: Whoever added this to the Animorphs page gets one, because it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Star-Crossed Lovers: She's a beautiful, smart, independant, funny and spirited suburban teenage hottie. He is a fucking bird.

Grimace: I can't help but read that as an advert for a damn Rob Schneider movie. (still awesome though).

Ronnie: One to whoever put this gem on Warp That Aesop:

  • Monsters Inc.: The monsters in your closet just work for a federal utility company, so in essence, they are bureaucrats. All the more reason to be afraid of them.

thatother1dude: This section of the TV Tropes Drinking Game (specifically the end):

  • Take two sips if This Troper relates how shocked, SHOCKED, they are that an example from their favorite series hasn't already been added.
    • Take three sips if This Troper was right to expect said example to be mentioned sooner.
    • Finish the bottle if said example has been mentioned already.
    • Two bottles if you were the one to add the example and forgot about it.
    • Three if has been mentioned before and the reason it's not there anymore was because it wasn't a real example.
    • Four if you haven't yet died of alcohol poisoning.
      • For the personal safety of those who actually want to try this drinking game, change "bottle" in the above four steps to "glass". And for that matter, omit the last one entirely.

Antheia: A MoW point to rjung for the Strange-Syntax Speaker article. I didn't even realize what was odd about the text until I was halfway through or so, I just felt there was... something. That's a sign of serious writing skills.

Pykrete: Holy hell. It took me a while to notice what was going on there when I was looking for it. Very subtle, but elegant.

Shay Guy: It's right in the first paragraph.

A Mere Servant Of God: O RLY?

Radical Taoist: Yeah, that's quite impressive. It was hard coming up with a suitable Laconic entry.

Freiberg: That takes some skill. And this comes from a guy who writes long and complicated acrostics into his history notes.

Earnest: One to vifetoile for the laconic description of Powered by a Forsaken Child. It made me lol and want to buy a Soylent Prius.

Vifetoile: Thank you! Sgrunt made a change to it, so s/he deserves some recognition, too. :-)

sgrunt: All in the interest of making a Laconic article even shorter while preserving the wit... but if it's worthy of recognition, so be it. :-)

Vifetoile: Well, no Troper is an island, sufficient unto herself. This wiki needs everyone to make it great.

DOTMW: I don't know if it's been said already but everyone who contributed their own personal stories to the Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming Troper Tales page has my sincere gratitude. I am constantly inspired by the warmth and humanity displayed there that offers hope that Sweet Exists. So a MAJOR Made Of Win to everyone who shared their stories with us.
Curtmack: One to whoever came up with the designation "Always Neutral Hungry" to refer to the Tyranids.

Deux Hero:Fairly sure "Neutral Hungry" is an existing fanon D&D term for various animals who, being int<3 and are not undead (I don't know why undead are evil when they are mindless either) are forced to True Neutral alignment.

Morkais Chosen: A truly inspired reply to the comment about General Studies exams at the bottom of Author Vocabulary Calendar. I was amused but not planning to add this here... until I saw the pothole for "She got an A."

Syckls: I would just like to note that the aforementioned entry was deleted from the Author Vocabulary Calendar page eight hours after it was given a mention here. I'm not taking sides on the issue, but I felt it had to be said.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: For the record (reading from the page history), the pothole for "She got an A" was The Points Mean Nothing. (No, it wasn't me.)

Ronka 87: It's is pretty old by now, but I had to mention this exchange from the discussion page of Instrument Of God:

Krazeh Penguin: How in the world did you find out about this book?
Eric DVH: We didn't find out about it, it found out about us.

Mr Death: One to Wretchkin for the opening quotes to the Batman page. Cracked me up.

Wretchkin: I had to do it. 'Cause he's Batman.

Haven: One for whoever wrote the line "below is a condensed catalog of horrors that will make you doubt in the Auto-Revive of Crystal Dragon Jesus" in Being Good Sucks. (Actually, that whole page is rather well-written, but that one made me lol). And, I know it's a little redundant to give Fast Eddie Made of Win points, but one to him for this snappy reply in Firefly's discussion page:
Meocross: wow.... this series is only 12 freaking episodes yet i see it on almost every trope i stumble on. what is in this show? o_O
Fast Eddie: Everything good.

Earnest: Thank you! ^_^ Every so often I manage a nice turn of phrase like that.

Sikon: Whoever added this to Portal:

  • The Companion Cube is a pastiche of every flat, plot-irrelevant love interest character ever. It's identical to every other NPC except for a small tag that marks it as a love interest; the only relationship you have with it is informed; the structure of a level is artificially manipulated to make it unwinnable without the love interest for no given plot reason; and the only purpose it serves in the story is to turn G La DOS forcing you to "kill" it into a Rape The Dog moment for the villain.

Sparkysharps:My God...That is brilliant.

T-Jack: One to whoever added the first line in Three Plus Two. Major spoiler indeed.
Meta Four: The matching pictures and captions on Warmup Boss and Wake-Up Call Boss.

Dr Namgge: I only just noticed that. Shame the Warmup Boss image is from the Beta version.

Fusion Dragon: Actually, going by the ring counter, I think it's a ROM hack.

Kalle: Oh my god, whoever potholed the entire strawberry milk speech on the Gintama page deserves serious points from me. If only because it made me burst out laughing just as hard as when I first saw it in the anime.
L: I simply approve of the MS Paint article. It's a solid piece of writing.

L: While I'm at it, I give similar approval to the Alchemy article.

GG Crono: A huge MOW to whoever added the comment on the Sealed Evil in a Can entry for Ghostbusters. :D
Koveras: A MOW to the author of the last line in the Gratuitous German lead-in (about the Nazis). Got me laughing really hard. :D

tennessean: I personally liked the "psychoanalysis" bit in the line immediately above that one! :D

Balesirion: To the person who made the Tabletop Games section on Gratuitous Japanese be "Teiberu Toppu Ge-mu Lagann"

Haven: I picked up an MoW for that already, but thanks!

Insanity Prelude: The chain of wicks starting from Made of Win. Maybe I'm just in a weird mood today but I lol'd.

Doug S Machina: That's me. Thank you.

Maverick Hunter 40245:
  • Narm: Gears of War 2: Dom killing Maria because she's no longer hot.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: A point to BritBllt for fixing the main Unwinnable page by making new folders so the "Other Videogamea" folder would close again. Also, for naming it the "Other Videogames" folder.
WWRU: Found this in Batman Arkham Asylum. Big thanks to every troper who joined in (with the exception of myself, obviously. That's just mean.)

Asmodemus:Yay, I was mentioned! As part of something with a group of other people but still. I added Harley Quinn.

Be: My first point! I'd like to thank the Academy, Batman, my dull-ass job and Kanye West for not interrupting my speech, you're all fantastic.

Nithael: And I'm the one responsible for the last part ("Seriously guys..."). Thanks for my first point!

Excel-2009. I want to shake the hand of whoever came up with this gem on Hot-Blooded:

  • 24's Jack Bauer would like to remind you that he's A FEDERAL AGENT!
    • And that he wants everything done... NOW!
    • ...because he is RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!
    • DAMMIT!!!

Deuxhero:To Antwan from taking my request for formating of the Legends Of The Hidden Temple page.
Kizor: My thanks to whoever spotted Atlantis Is Boring and to whoever wrote it. Both deeds are good demonstrations of the best of our ability.

Kudos to whoever chose this particular phrasing for the Magical Negro entry listed for The Shawshank Redemption. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything:

"Red, in a way, but it's also true that Andy is Red's Magical Whitey, so to speak."

Rothul: Thank you!

One to Meta Four
For launching the Haiku
Wiki. Thank you lots.

Dragon Quest Z: And for the Haiku for Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Mr Death: And one MOW to Whogus The Whatsler for The Dark Knight Trilogy's Haiku. It literally made me laugh out loud. It's exactly the type of Haiku the Joker himself would write.

I added a break
You'll thank me latter - Monk
I give up on this.
(Isn't droping Wiki to the 3rd line cheating, eh, the hottips likely are as a well)

Grev: I'm pretty sure one's been given out for the entirety of the Real Life page (particularly the examples), but if not, here you go.

L: "Surprisingly good graphics" would have been pretty blah by itself, so I'm glad someone appended it with "for a legacy system".

Thinks Too Much: Despite never having seen Pokemon I still had to ask this for the Time Lord entry:

Ash's father is a Time Lord, his mother is Haruhi Suzumiya, and everthing takes place in instrumentality.

  • I am unrepentant.

Cliche: Oh dearest, I've never laughed as hard as I did over a Characters page as I did for the one for Dissidia Final Fantasy. To everyone who contributed the fanart, You're Winner!
Musoeun: One Mo W and free hug to whoever added this one to First-Person Smartass:
Spenser is somewhat a Poor Man's Substitute for Marlowe and is often brought up as the direct inspiration for fantasy novels using this character-type. (Emphasis mine.)

The literature geek inside of me just about died laughing. I dearly hope that was intentional, but it's gold even if not.

Outta The BLAM: I think I need to suggest this bizarre exchange from A Date with Rosie Palms:

thatother1dude: We had a page for that, but now it's just a redirect to the original page.

Phartman: I don't know who blueshifted it, but I believe the potato bit was mine.

Bobby G: One to Broken Chaos, for compiling a list of every Troper who edited prior to The Great Crash, fixing a nasty copyright issue in the process.

Haven: Wow. Seconded so freaking hard.

Thirded by Outta The BLAM

Cidolfas: Fourthed!

Shay Guy: How the...wait, what copyright issue?

Broken Chaos: Thanks guys. Copyright issue was a potential situation (hopefully never an actual legal issue) where contributors to the wiki prior to The Great Crash aren't attributed in any way, which is a required part of the CC BY-SA — the licence all content here is contributed and used under. Similar issue with the archived history (post-GC, pre-2009-07-12), but the admins have said there will be a tool for that in the (hopefully-near) future. Made o' win for 'em when that gets coded up.

alliterator: On the Zombieland page, to whoever called Zombieland the "Gurren Lagann of zombie movies." Because that is so freakin' true. Also, whoever wrote the description of the movie is awesome.

Moviepyr0: That was me. Dude, you just totally made my week. I also created the page and description (my first ever) save for a great change of the line "hallow, shallow lives made no more meaningful by always running for their lives" to "hallow, shallow lives made no more meaningful by always running for them" courtesy of Just Call Me Ned, and everything that follows from there in the first paragraph are totally kickass additions by unknown tropers. Also, I'd like to give another shout out to Just Call Me Ned for changing the line "Zombieland is a little more concerned with turning zombies into a pulpy mess." back to my original "Zombieland is a little more concerned with knocking their fucking teeth in." as well as an unknown troper for doing the same when someone changed it again.

Koveras: A MOW to whoever started the Useful Notes on Conspiracy Theories entry. I've been waiting for a long time for this page. ^^

Deuxhero:I started a YKTTW requesting such, but don't think this is a result of it.

Meta Four: Whoever was responsible for the caption on Area 51.

Silent Hunter: That was me. Thanks.

Mr Death: Whoever added it has been lost to the sands of time, but I must give one out for this line in Lousy Alternate Titles:

Drgon Quest Z: That was me.

Haven: I'm not sure if this has been nominated before, but Rogue 7 for his pithy reply to this line in Kavorka Man:
  • Legend has it that when Franklin returned from his post as the American ambassador to France, he was afflicted with every venereal disease known to medicine at the time.

Rogue 7: Hee! This made my night. And I've been having a good night.

herczy: Wow... just Wow

Deux Hero: One to Dolt Boy for redirecting characters/homepage to The Contributors.
G-Mon: (S)He's probably not going to see this, but one for the Unknown Troper at for the second line of this bit in Informal Eulogy:

8th_Pacifist: That was me, before I got known. I'd like to thank the Academy.

Enlong: A point to whoever came up with the name for Let X Be the Unknown. Math puns rule!

alliterator: Though I created the trope, I did not launch it and give it its name. That honor belongs to Prfnoff.

Curtmack: This, on Screw the Rules, I Have Plot!:

  • Let's not even get started on the Seal Of Orichalcos, which would require about 5 cards worth of text space to explain the rules if was actually made.
    • That's one of the simpler cards. All of your monsters get 500 more ATK points, you get 5 extra monster spaces and the loser loses their soul.

Cassius335: Speaking as someone who does know what a Catapult Turtle is, I must point out that it's a ''bit'' more complicated that that. Cute line, though.

Oh, and losing your soul, thankfully, is an anime-only effect. then, would they?]]

&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;:&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608; &# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608;&# 9608; is better anyway, and no less serious.

Rissa: This pothole in Attractive Bent-Gender:

because now I want to know what that would look like.

ROBRAM 89: Despite the fact that I come here every day just to see if I've been congratulated for anything, I'd like to point out that somebody mentioned that one already. Thanks though.

Koveras: Do you know this rule of the internet, Rissa? If there is a male character out there, there is a gender-bent version of him, no exceptions. So... meet Odine and Toruko, original concept by yours truly, drawn by a close friend of mine. ^^

wllw: "Your browser is trying to contact an Internet site that is used in connection with distribution of photos depicting sexual abuse of children. This is a criminal offense in accordance with the Italian penal code." This is what I get when I click the above link.

Citizen: Russian web meets Italian censorship. Fascinating. Rehosted.

Koveras: Yeah, I get that message far too often when I access my Russian blog, too. Thanks for reuploading the picture, Citizen, I should have thought of it myself. ^^

whitetigah: Weird, I'm from Italy too and yet I didn't get that message. Possibly because I'm using OpenDNS?

wllw: Thanks for rehosting. Nice pic, by the way.

Robert Bingham: Nomination for whoever wrote this sub-entry for Touhou on the Dynamic Entry page. I just love the turn of phrase at the end:

  • Worse than this is Chen, in her appearance in Shoot the Bullet. Usually, the player is encouraged to spend the first seconds before the boss appears stationary, charging his camera. This is usually well and good... except that Chen then proceeds to enter screen by falling like a brick in the exact same vertical line the player spawns at, usually ending with the first-time player eating a catgirl to the face.

cg12345: I'd like to nominate Zander Schubert for this entry on Most Wonderful Sound:

Real Life

  • "I do."


Inkblot: Seconded.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Thirded! D'aaaaaawwwww...

Shoebox: Fourthed. That must've been quite the wedding.

Arutema: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT! Stop rubbing our faces in your romantic happiness bullshit if it was something everyone wanted or something everyone could have! I don't care if you put this in Made of Lose, just STOP!

A Mere Servant Of God: you're saying I can get a free Nintendo Wii, then?

Rogue 7: Oh quit whining. I'm 20 years old and I haven't had a real date in my life. Doesn't mean I don't agree with the sentiment. Fifthed.

cg12345: Geez, I just thought it was a nice sentiment; I didn't say I was going to force you into marriage at gunpoint, you know?

Trigger Loaded: Sixed... Err, Sixthed... Err, agree. Just because I have no prospects of marriage in my future, doesn't mean I can't be happy for those who do succeed.

Malchus: "as if it was something everyone wanted" potholed to Asexuality? Because all asexuals are angry and bitter non-romantics who hate love with a passion, right? Please, a person can be asexual and still be pleased for other people who can find happiness with other people. Heck, a person can be asexual and still get married.

Joysweeper: You can be asexual and fall in love, or go Shipping, even. Honestly? It doesn't matter how long we've gone without dates, blowing up because someone else succeeded where you haven't just makes you look like a Jerkass.

Vifetoile: Seventhed. Awww.

Dark Sasami: It's a toss-up between sour grapes and Hype Aversion for rather a lot of us.

  • Malchus: So? Every relationship I've tried has failed so far. Doesn't justify me ranting at people who succeed or soehorning asexuals (I'm related to one, so misunderstandings about them are my Berserk Button) as part of said ranting.

G-Mon: I found this entire exchange hilarious.

Zander Schubert: Firstly, thanks for the MOW points. Secondly, I'm glad/surprised/humbled/anotheradjective that something I've done has resulted in people going "Awwww....!" and "I KEEL YUO!!!!!!11~" at the same time. And, for the record, I'm single and dateless too. So, whatever...

Muzozavr: Since I'm a newbie to TV Tropes, and thus have no idea how to get a look at the "who edited what" database — a MOW to whoever put that picture on the Mind Rape trope. If the page wasn't Nightmare Fuel for someone, it is definitely Nightmare Fuel NOW.

Medinoc: It's Fifth_Rider. And new entries at the top, please.

Sparkysharps: Their name is lost from the page history, but whoever topped off the Running David Bowie Gag in One-Scene Wonder with this line (in bold) deserves a MOW

  • The weighted companion cube from Portal is one of the game's most famous icons and is prominent in the game's merchandise, as well as a popular subject in fan art. The companion cube does not speak or move or threaten to stab you and only appears in a single level of the game, but is much more well known than the protagonist Chell or the villain G La DOS. Hell, he even got a trope named after him.

A Mere Servant Of God: One Made of Win to Haven, for this entry on the Scribblenauts Wild Mass Guessing page:

Scribblenauts is a recruitment tool for the Green Lantern CorpsA la The Last Starfighter.

The next time Sinestro attacks Oa, he'll be fended off by an army of Longcats.

A Mere Servant Of God again: That's a beautiful thought.

Haven Thank you! To me that game is the Green Lantern simulator. :P

WWRU: In the Troper Tales spot for Hype Backlash...

CA Lieber: Rasalas, for finally making a page for Chef!, you win.
Robin Zimm: The following line in More Dakka warmed the cockles of my engineering heart:

A Sub-Trope of Impossibly Cool Weapon, in the sense that most weapons that can do this would be impossible to cool.

Dor: That would have been atomicthumbs. Seconded, though, as a physics geek.

Koveras: Thirded by a computer scientist. :D

Medinoc: This one is for both some troper lost to history and The Advertisement Server, making it an Ad Of Win as well. But even our almighty ad server couldn't have done this alone.


Arutema: A m.d. .f .in to wh.ev.r r.wr.te Spike Spencer's p.g. .n Arakune's st.le. If you had difficulty understanding that: "A made of win to whoever rewrote Spike Spencer's page in Arakune's style."

Arutema: it, b.t on .art..iki..

Zilo: Big ups and MOW to whoever placed this line in Pretty Cool Guy:

Magus: MOW to AOD for an incredibly interesting diatribe in the forums on meat and Western culture. It's in "Just Bugs Me!".

Haven: There's a thread for forum Mo W, it's in the "pinned" section.

Japanese Teeth: One MOW to everyone who contributed to the "credits" on the Whose Line Is It Anyway Crowning Moment Of Funny page.

Shay Guy: Agreed. All it needs is a little more "this troper"-ness.

GG Crono: I'd like to toss a MoW to Alexlayer for the new page pic on Incredibly Lame Pun. I've seen it before, but it's just so fitting. Good show. :D

thatother1dude: To bad that, unlike the previous image, it doesn't actually demonstrate the trope.

Haven: I'm confused about how replacing something that is a pun with something that isn't is a better way to demonstrate Incredibly Lame Pun.

Pykrete: When I saw this MOW and checked late last night, it was this picture. Someone must've changed it this morning, perhaps the Collective Groan was too much.

Cassius335: Yeah, the "Shall I give you Dis Pear" pic definatelty fits the trope and I can see why someone would think it fitted too well...

Shale While I prefer "Several bad puns later...", I'm at a loss for how a terrible pun doesn't demonstrate a trope about terrible puns.

thatother1dude: Because it perpetuate the incredibly freaking frustrating notion that this article is "bitch about puns that you think are stupid" not "puns that are acknowledged as bad", which is why I've had to go through the entire article picking out non-examples at least four times.

Shay Guy: It's about something? I thought it was a place to Pot Hole things. :P

Cassius335: "Dis pear" is at least related to the trope. "Several bad puns later" isn't even a picture.

On a semi-related note, am I the only one who actually prefers a bit of white-space to shoving a pic off to the right out of the way? Pictures catch the eye so much easier when they're on the left.

Fast Eddie: Good topic for the forum, rather than here.

thatother1dude: The page image thing we'll take to the discussion page.

Medinoc: To whomever did the media categories in Gratuitous Japanese.

Haven: That was me, glad you rliked it. :o)

Freezair For A Limited Time: I bust a gut at the Tabletop Games section, and the associated Bilingual Bonus. Mmmmm... Cheetos.

Grimace: A bit of win for Tzetze for his work in cleaning up Dan Browned - rarely is it that simple hard work is appreciated here. Now, it should be said, more than a few others have made an effort in chainsawing the incorrect examples as well, and I give them crumbs of win also, but Tzetze gets the full point for putting the following as his "Reason": ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Cassius335: * chuckle* Which means?

Medinoc: From memory of Wikipedia, it translates as "in his house in R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming". Maybe Cthulhu sleep-devoured 1d6 examples per second?

Trope Kira: So that means that TV Tropes is R'lyeh? ....Awesome.

Freezair For A Limited Time: One bit of nerdy but clever win for the person who put that caption on the picture on the Luigis Mansion page.

Luthen: It was Cassius 335 according to page history.

Cassius335: No, not the current one. He's refferering to the caption before that, which said "It's a picture... but I wouldn't call it art." The MOW point therefore goes to Unknown Troper, not me.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Awww, I liked that old caption. It was clever. (And it's "she," beeteedubs.)

Cassius335: I don't see the clever meself, but... * shrug*

Freezair For A Limited Time: May I ask, in Sincerity Mode, if you've truthfully played Luigis Mansion? And if you have, have you ever used the Game Boy Horror for more than just warping back to the foyer/the stuff you have to use it for?

Cassius335: That would be a 'no'. I take it I missed a reference?

Freezair For A Limited Time: Ah-ha! You did miss a reference. It's what Luigi says to himself every time you use the Game Boy Horror examine one of the copius paintings in the mansion.

Cassius335: Ah,fair enough...

Noxshade:The picture comment on Amazing Technicolor Battlefield.
Earnest: I approve of Spectre Agent's addition of the picture to Enemy Civil War. That picture is illustrative in so many ways...

Malchus: I also approve of the picture choice and the caption. Although, some inane part of me thinks that those two Cylons will either kill each other or start making out... or both. Dammit, I should take a break from reading shipping tropes...

rsm109: Whoever coined "AK-666" to refer to Avada Kedavra on Berserk Button has my undying love.

tennessean: Let me guess: that's a reference to the Russian AK-630 CIWS, am I right?

Curtmack: To whoever potholed "in an organ accident" on the Mai Otome example for Suspiciously Specific Denial.
Koveras: One to Terminus Est 13 for his despearate plea to the Powers That Be in the Gun Kata edit history. I'm not being mean now, but the edit comment just cracked me up. ^^
Gemmifer: From Second Gay Guy: "When a major character usually comes out of the closet or at least hinted to being inside or half way through the door but a cool dropshadow covers half his body in a alluring and mysterious style[...]" Hehe.

Dark Sasami: No snark intended — what on earth does that mean?

Mr Death: I think it's an extension of the closet metaphor.

Gemmifer: Yes, I understand it like that too.

SpiriTsunami: To whoever made Elvis a page quote on Leeroy Jenkins.
JK Roo: One to Real Slim Shadowen for all his work on Jonathan Coulton's page. Now you too can get EarWormed by almost every song on the page. Repeatedly! All at once! Help.

Real Slim Shadowen: * grabs the free hug certificate and squirrels it away, then looks longingly at his plans to make a fort out of them and realizes he's going to need to edit more*

Cassius335: Sorry, only one coupon per customer. Didn't you read the small print?

Luthen: One to Alliterator for his addition to Once Upon a Time.
  • Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin. Once upon a time... in such a way that he could now never go sleep. He was cursed to forever surf TV Tropes, haunting the YKTTW, quietly drifting from page to page like a ghost in the machine; until one day, he met someone who had been similarly trapped. She was named Trope-Tan. Together, they decided that perhaps this wasn't such a lonely place to be stuck. And so they lived and troped happily ever after.]]

Inkblot One for whoever wrote the following entry here:

  • "There's nothing more cool than being hugged by Torgo, but if Torgo tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, DON'T EVER TRY THAT AGAIN, YOU BEAST!"

thatother1dude: From the part of the EVA character page on Yui Ikari (Shinji's mom):

"The link to the temporary picture is located at the top of this page, first page icon from the right. "


Rogue 7: One to Wraith Magus for the new picture on Genre Shift. I laughed out loud.

Citizen: Haha, excellent contrast.

GG Crono: I second this MoW. And I've never even seen/read Negima!

Dragon Quest Z: One to Alliterator for the description and picture for Lovecraft Lite.
One for the angel behind the one-word entry under Gushing About Characters You Like. The entry is: You. Huzzah for random kindnesses to strangers!
Shale: It's not in the history anymore, so a MOW to whoever added this FF 7 challenge to Self-Imposed Challenge:

Cryptic Mirror: A MOW to whoever came up with the pothole in the picture of the Bump page. Well done.

Medinoc: I don't get it... :(

Cryptic Mirror: It's the sheer randomness of it that makes it funny.

Citizen: DO NOT TAUNT THE HAPPY FUN FROG. I did the picture and pothole.

Doug S. Machina: A definite win for the page image and the caption explaining it on Bloodier and Gorier.

thatother1dude: Already nominated. Several times. And that's not even a joke original to that page.

Earnest: Though Spectre Agent has demonstrated being above wanting or needing such trivial "awards" as I can present, I heartily award one MOW point for the page image in Übermensch.

J Bridge: Whoever made this little contribution to Good Bad Bugs.

Crysis features some extremely amusing bugs, but none are as awesome as the mighty Ascending Frog. By picking up a harmless frog from the ground and lofting it heavenwards, you will be awed as it proceeds into the stratosphere, unhindered by your puny gravity. Ascending Frogs can be seen in the wild in the cave immediately before the alien ship, where they cheerfully levitate, jumping vertically every time their hop animation cycles and staying that high until they hop again. Vicious brutes who shoot the noble Ascending Frog and subject it to gravity will pick the slain creature up and find it levitates above their hand, rotating slowly in righteous fury at their vile conduct and no doubt dubious sexual morals.

Arilou: Whoever named the "Nice Job Breaking It, Herod" page. Made me laugh out loud.

Guest Of Dishonour: Big thanks and good show to Space Drake for his help on the Atelier Rorona article, that page would have gotten bloody well nowhere if it wasn't for him (as I only had very basic knowledge of the game).
Meta Four: Omedalus for this bit from Anthropic Principle: "If the in-game villagers could see your hard drive, they'd realize their savior was not simply one courageous farm boy, but a veritable army of thousands of clones of said farm boy all pursuing the adventure simultaneously in some kind of creepy quantum superposition of protagonism."
KillerClowns: A point to Floria for her(?) bit on Villain Whitewashing Service. Your second whitewashing was absolutely brilliant!

Medinoc: And a point for Haven's entry.

Haven: Thanks. I'm just glad to do my job to set the record straight about this wrongfully maligned...okay I can't go on any further.

Ouroboros: Whoever put this on Accentuate the Negative.

Waldorf: Just when you think this page can't get any worse, something wonderful happens!
Statler: What's that?
Waldorf: It ends!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

Rothul: I think that was me. Thank you!

thatother1dude: The troper lost to history responsible for this bit in This Is a Drill
  • The Fire Nation use a giant drill as a siege weapon in Avatar The Last Airbender. (episode title: "The Drill")
    • Given that the country it's boring into is based on Imperial China, this could easily be called a real Chinese Fire Drill.

Haven: Seconded. And ouch. And seconded.

Inkblot: One for whoever wrote the caption for Beam Spam.
Grimace A MoW to the Unknown Troper, for this little quip at the bottom of Sci Fi Ghetto, regarding the newly named "SyFy Channel" (put leading entry beforehand so it makes sense):

  • Is it still meant to be pronounced "Sci-Fi?" This editor and everyone he knows concur that it ought to be "Siffy."
    • This troper pronounces it "* sigh* Fi".

Robin Zimm: A MoW for alliterator for Write a Film Noir — I'm shocked it hadn't been given already.

Radical Taoist: I do remember it being MoWed already; it's probably in the archives.

Fanra: A huge Made of Win for whoever put:

Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue: If you do drugs, you'll get to see your favourite cartoon stars!

in Warp That Aesop. If only it was true...

Sparkysharps: well, it could be, provided you light up while watching Boomerang.

Yarrunmace One to the unknown troper who put the following comment on the It Just Bugs Me! page for Cartoon Network (slightly edited for grammer issues)
  • This troper feels that the network has gone beyond Jumping the Shark to the point of leaving the ramp, clearing twenty sharks, clearing the Atlantic, Europe, Asia, America, the sharks again and then reaching escape velocity and crashing into Pluto.

Kinitawowi: One for the troper responsible for the Wormsign page; specifically, for getting a Dune example into every subsection (including Real Life).

Shay Guy: Wasn't This Is a Drill criticized when it did that with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?

Sceboal: Aren't pages that are funny in general criticized?

That Other1dude: And yet no one objected to doing the same with Batman examples in Grappling-Hook Pistol.

Kinitawowi: It works for Wormsign because Dune is the Trope Namer and the Most Triumphant Example. It worked less well for This Is a Drill because Tengen isn't really either, as far as I can tell (disclaimer - I've never seen it), so it looks less about tribute and more about Entry Pimping.

Real Slim Shadowen: At least one person objected to the Grappling-Hook Pistol thing, as they edited Grappling-Hook Pistol to suit their tastes, cutting it down to three categories out of nine, a page quote, and a fnord-style hidden reference.

Mr Death: Yeah, there was a whole edit war about it, after which the same person went and edited Da Editor in the same fashion.

Insanity Prelude: :| It's funny and it's not hurting anything. Sheesh.

Latw PIAT: I'll take half credit on the grounds that I added every example except Literature already there), Film (already there) and Real Life. Rest of credit goes to whoever completed the cycle.

Lemurian: One to the one who added the last line to this conversation:

Reading Champion: One to whomever started the article Cricket Rules with the following:"Describe Cricket Rules here.

No, really, please do; it seems to be some organized form of Calvinball."Because... so true.

L: What I like about Cricket Rules is how the descriptions on the page gradually devolve from staid encyclopedic description into a bizarre half-nonsensical parody of English culture and demeanour in general. Now I know what you're thinking, and I am completely aware that someone will now jump in and say "No, you don't understand, that's actually how Cricket is played."

Haven: "There are exactly ten-ish ways to get the batsman out..." * head explodes*

Joysweeper: I was eating a pear when I got to "If it's raining, or just a bit cloudy, everyone goes into the pavilion and drinks tea. Occasionally, the umpires will come out, wander around the pitch a bit, decide it's still not sunny enough, and go back in." Then I was made helpless with laughter.

Madrugada: Indeed. That is masterful.

Some Sort Of Troper: Will whoever added the following to Olympus Mons please collect their free hug voucher from the Information Desk:

Give a nickname to the captured GOD?
CRSTDRGJS was sent to ALICE's PC!

thatother1dude: Already nominated.

Thnikkafan A Made Of Win to whoever for the subtle potholing on the Apocalypse How page.

  • What the Integrated Data Thought Entity, the Organization, and Mikuru's boss wants to prevent indirectly by not allowing Suzumiya Haruhi to discover her powers.

Kriegsmesser: A win to Milu for the Heath Ledger page. * salutes*
Taeraresh: Congratulations to whoever came up with Grievous Bottley Harm. Now that is an Incredibly Lame Pun.

A Freddy: For a second there, I though it said Grievous Buttery Harm, which would've been sweet.

Specialist290: But butter is kind of bland...

Malchus: I see what you did there, Freddy. Oh, by the way, no stealy my namey! ;P

Haven: I don't think I remembered to do this before, so: a Made Of Win to occono for Sincerity Mode. It's an excellent idea!

thatother1dude: This bit from Nothing Is Scarier:

I literally laughed out loud.

Specialist290: One to Earnest for describing Godzilla as the "patron saint of collateral damage" in Godzilla Threshold. Funniest thing I've read in a while :D

Earnest: Thank you! I have my moments. ^_~

L: VoldeMart is just the sort of terrible pun that makes entire eyebrows fall out, fetuses start crying in the womb, and grown men's urine freeze solid mid-stream. I must give it its due.
Koveras: A MOW goes to the contributors to this YKTTW. Normally, I'd wait until it is launched, but it seems that it won't be (for a reason).

Niel Jacoby: I just launched it.

Koveras: Brilliant! At first, I was like... but then I lol'd. :D You get an extra MOW for just that.

Niel Jacoby: For Me? Aw, banana oil. * blushes* ... Extra? I never claimed to contribute In fact, I didn't contribute. But thank you for the MOW. And sorry for the misunderstanding. Although... I did launch it, so I would technically count as a contributor. So thanks.

alliterator: To whoever added the picture of Department of Redundancy Department and included this caption: Yo dawg, heard you like tropes, so I put a trope in your trope so you can ruin your life while you ruin your life!

Ace Of Scarabs: It's a golden gag - go for platinum and make the image one of an infinitely redundant loop (Image in the image show another image with more nested inside like some demented infinite Russian Doll).

alliterator: Great minds think alike! I did just that.

Ace Of Scarabs: Now you, too, deserve a MoW!

L: The fact that there's an ad embedded in the picture annoys me slightly.

Malchus: Silence, fool! You'll anger... HIM.

Itsmeyouidiot: Phht, what's he gonna do, mess up our contributor pages?

The Bad Wolf: Whoever put this into Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma (history dosn't go back that far)

thatother1dude: Thank you, that was me, though I didn't add the Pot Holes (at least not the first one). I put that there after reading the article when it was only a couple days old, with examples paragraphs truly proving What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome? and Minor Injury Overreaction to be Truth in Television.

Robin Zimm: I nominate Unistrut, who added to Second Life, "Loads and Loads of Loading: Going places in Second Life is like watching the mind erasure scenes from Eternal Sunshine at half speed in reverse."
Latw PIAT: One to whoever, in the Pitch Testing Zone, wrote the line "then Gendo Ikari shoots Ocelot" That has to be the funniest Diabolus ex Machina I've ever read.
Insanity Prelude: One MOW to Mister Six (I think?) for the Sierra folder on Unwinnable by Mistake. More specifically, the full name of said folder.

Haven: It's kind of an eyesore.

Medinoc: I'm surprised that Sierra appears at all in the "by mistake" category...

Inkblot: The Sierra folder was my idea, but the phrase itself came from Korora (and had already gotten a MoW). I'll trim it down so it's a bit less of an eyesore.

Haven: Don't worry about it, I just said that for the meme.

Thinks Too Much: I feel guilty about nominating something for Made Of Win so soon after the last time, but couldn't resist the following. Do bother to read all of it.
* Loads shotgun, shogun gun, ninja gun, samurai gun, pirate gun, robot gun, shojarairatebot gun, B B gun, bee bee gun, hornet hornet gun, yellow jacket yellow jacket gun, sword gun, gun sword, gun gun, regular grenades, flash grenades, fire grenades, bee grenades, hornet grenades, yellow jacket grenades, plasma grenades, grenade grenades, gun grenades, and pepper spray* .
That is from the real life by the way.
Crowley: I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Starscream article had a bit of a revamp, but it was this line at the end that I'm nominating.

Of course, some suspect there are other reasons why Megatron doesn't just shoot Starscream more often...

thatother1dude: Whoever came up with the awesome joke of the trope title Hollywood California

L: For those that don't get it, the joke is that it means "Hollywood-style California" (as per Hollywood Homely) as well as "Hollywood, California". Subtle, subtle.

Cassius335: The trouble is that if people try to do orginal names, other people complain because they don't get it.

Enlong: One MOW point to whoever named Olympus Mons. I just now understood the second part of the double-layered pun that is the name. Olympus Mons is a mountain on Mars.

Medinoc: It's not only on Mars, you know... There is one on Earth too.

Enlong: Yes, but the martian one is the only one that's actually called "Olympus Mons" by English speakers. We call the other one "Mount Olympus". A slight difference, but there ya go.

Dark Sasami: If there weren't one on Earth, there wouldn't be one on Mars. But anyway, that was me. Thanks!

schpeelah: I think it's the martian Olympus Mons being referenced b/c it's the largest mountain in the Solar System some 20 km I believe.

Sparkysharps: One MOW to to Impacto for the following bit in Go Nagai Sideburns Discussion. I laughed for a full minute:
Passing Lurker: Do Issac Asimov's sideburns qualify as a real-life example?

Impacto: they are when he's drawn like this :p

thatother1dude: Agreed, and where is that pic from. Also, to answer the question:That picture is an understatement.

Inkblot: Since when is Asimov a firebender?

Vifetoile: The Page History on the Mary Sue page doesn't seem to exist, but I'd still like to nominate whoever put down these lyrics. It's just spot-on:

I am everything you want, I am everything you need,
I am everything inside of you that you wish you could be.
I say all the right things, at exactly the right time,
But I mean nothing to you, and I don't know why...
Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want

Cidolfas: For whoever added this line in Canadian History (again, page history doesn't go back far enough):

March 30, 1968: Celine Dion is born. We're sorry.

Thinks Too Much: One for whoever made the following entries under You Know You Read Too Much TV Tropes When... (the part about your iPod playlist titles.)
Another is titled Poke the Poodle, and you're not sure how it got there.
You refuse to even think about how you ended up with a playlist entitled Moral Event Horizon.

Oh, and a note of thanks to whoever made Sliding Scale Long Name an alternate title for... I'm not typing it.

Cassius335: That would be Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism ("Cut and Paste" is your friend).


Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Egak: MoW to A Mere Servant Of God.

Cassius335 (@ A Mere Servant Of God): "I have a very simple question: What the fuck are you talking about?" (Hugh Dennis, Mock The Week)

The original poster is thankful for the vehement championing, but you could have just said "Have you ever heard of Self Demonstrating Made Of Win Posts?"

A Mere Servant Of God (@Cassius 335): You know what, I don't know either. Move along, folks, nothing to see here...

ROBRAM 89: A point to whoever fixed the unsightly redlink atop the Geek Reference Pool page by making a page for Revenge Of The Nerds (or fixing the link, not certain which).

sgrunt: To kor and Lemurian, who put together this entertainingly Pot Holed transcription on Combos:

K.o.R: Woo! My first actual MoW that wasn't nuked the second I got it!

Whoever put the Saturn V picture on the Crowning Moment Of Awesome page, thank you. It's perfect.

A Mere Servant Of God: Seconded. And, just in case it's possible for one person to do it, I'll third it too.

Cidolfas: To whoever added the first quote at the top of the Plagiarism page (history doesn't seem to go back that far). It took me a few seconds before getting the joke. Kudos!

Shay Guy: I love that tag.

Cidolfas: And, unfortunately, someone has gone and made the joke much more obtruse. (It used to just have a - as the source of the quote). Too lazy to change it back, though, and not interested in an edit war.

the grene kni3t: To LE Xicon 712 for the footnote on the image caption in Did Not Do The Research.
tennessean: One Made Of Win to occono for the coupon image in this very page!
Inkblot: To whoever made a page for The Magic Bullet.

Cliche: Thanks, Ethereal Mutation, for filling up the actual Cliché page. It was kind of odd that a site about fictional media didn't actually have a page about them until recently.

Curtmack: To Servitor_2152, for the image caption on Ocular Gushers.

Paul A: The third paragraph of Superhero Paradox (by Meta4, I think?) is Made of Win. I read "But underneath the surface, the real cause of this is a cabal of extradimensional intelligences", and laughed. Then I read the rest of the sentence...

Frisko: One to Inkblot for his/her explanation as to why someone in Doctor Who must be be a Time Lord.

Inkblot: That was...quick. Thanks, though!

Neep: One to whoever added that awesome page image to High-Class Glass. Love it!

Haven: Glad you like it!

whitetigah: One to Unknown Troper @ for taking the lines I've been stealthily adding over the past few weeks to Suzumiya Haruhi (all repetitions of "Kyon-kun, denwa~ / We've entered an endless recursion of time" but the first one) and adding the potholes.
Count Dorku: One to LL Smooth J (and anyone else involved; I don't have time to check all of them) for all of the Laconic descriptions of the "You Fail X Forever" tropes. For anyone who hasn't seen them, each one basically goes,

ROBRAM 89: I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but the existence of The Penis Mightier (see the real page, The Pen Is Mightier) is hilarious. It's too bad An Album Cover is too vague to make a trope out of.

Inkblot: I remember that name from the Biggus Dickus YKTTW. I'm glad to see some troper gave it a home, even if it's just as a joke.

Haven: So are you giving the pmwiki software a Madeof Win point for working that way? Or are you giving Rothul one for adding that pothole at the bottom?

Johnny E: Personally I want to see a Psychotherapist trope, just for the options Psycho Therapist and Psycho The Rapist. Or perhaps just go for the Arrested Development Shout-Out with "Analrapist" (a cross between an analyst and a therapist, of course). Oh, and there's now a 1 Fun With Wiki Words forum game by the way.

Medinoc: Has somebody mentioned yet the... traumatizing pic from Hard Gay?

Inkblot: You will never get that image out of your head.

thatother1dude: Well, that explains how the damn things weighed 73 pounds.

Earnest: If I could direct your attention to this bit of banter in an example of Equal-Opportunity Evil, I'm sure you'll agree that UT and Matthew The Raven deserve a MOW point.

  • Is being a Samurai counted as a disability these days?
    • Yes. He's in a Space Western. He's legally Genre Blind, and any reasonable government would have issued him a troping-eye dog.

Scud East: That's very nice. Was I the only one who assumed it referred to the Operative from Serenity until I clicked the link?

That Other 1 Dude: I figured it might have had something to do with Firefly.

Matthew The Raven: The Operative is a space ninja, fighting against space cowboys and cannibalistic space pirates. The classic triumvirate of pirate-ninja-cowboy. But thanks. I just wish I'd been keeping track of these.

Mizaru: Quantum Mariah Carey Problem, in its entirety. If I had to choose a single greatest page on this wiki, that would definitely be a serious candidate.

Inkblot: * claps*

tennessean: Sorry to rain on your parade, but I nominated that like several months to a year back. Still, it's an awesome article!

Wolfgirl44: I would like to give a MOW for whoever is responsible for this line on Running Gag: "Alternatively, a Running Gag is what you do on the way to the toilet after the joke has been repeated too often." That was the most laughing I've done in a while.

Earnest: One well earned MOW to Lizuka for the... err... "picture" in Empty Room Psych.

fleb: Susan Davis wins for the Real Life example of Chandler's Law.

{{Sneebs}: I wish to nominate the image used for Lethal Joke Character. Just look at it! Funny, ddynamic and effectively illustrates the concept oh-so-well. I approve!

Inkki Bookman: Heheheh, a CMOA for Aquaman? whatever will they think of next?

Inkblot: I think what Inkki Bookman's trying to say (that phrase really should have a page on here) is that someone else already nominated that picture.

Jesin: Here's one for whoever potholed "pure functional languages" on the Multi Core Processor page.
A Guy: A Made Of Win to whoever got the picture for Have a Gay Old Time, I just couldn't stop laughing.
Gemmifer: zeroplusalpha for: "Tearjerker: All of great and ruinous loves, few are greater or more ruinous than great and ruinous kung fu love."(From the Wuxia entry.) So true.

Haven: I hope the engrish wasn't part of the joke, because if so I just went and ruined it.

zeroplusalpha: It was part of the joke. But it's back in its original form now. I just went through the page history; it was a mistake, I must have been typing in a hurry, I don't normally write with that degree of inaccuracy. Your edit stands. Oh, and a big "thank you" to Gemmifer. ^_^

Deuxhero:Made of win to for this bit in Natter
I personally added the proceeding bits, but that definitlly surpased what I did.

Fixed that message! tennessean:

Still great, though. Don't believe his lies—this was already nominated for a Made Of Win! Haven:

Seconded. Scud East:

Fixed your message. Sceboal:

Genius. Designing a page in complete reverse order based around a movie going in complete reverse order? A win goes out to whomever designed the Memento page. Clendy 82:

Radical Taoist: Props to Hanz for the clever "restart" button pothole in the Laconic entry to I Wanna Be the Guy. Reminds me of exactly what happen whenever I restarted in that game!
Insanity Prelude: I laughed out loud when I saw the name of Nice Job Breaking It, Herod. Who came up with that one?

Some Sort Of Troper: This says sgamer82.

Silent Hunter: One to all those who improved the Red Storm Rising entry.
  • Taeraresh: Seconded. Excellent summary of the book, and a well-done listing of tropes.

Dinru: Go to Describe Topic Here. Scroll down to the indexes. The top index... look to the right. Go ahead, I'll wait. B

Basically, the link on the index bar at the bottom says, linking to Memetic Mutation.

Yo dawg, we heard you like descriptions of topics, so we put an example in your example, so you can get a topic described to you while a topic is described to

Made. Of. Win. Bitches.

Thatother1dude: Is the fact that that part is repeated part of the joke? Anyway, how the hell did you— OK, now I see how that works.

Ry Senkari: To whoever made this brilliantly prescient comment about the current state of The Weather Channel (and everything I hate about it):
The worst thing about this is that most destructive weather occurs in the evening hours. Need to see if the damaging winds and storms are headed your way? Too bad! Watch this documentary on Peruvian mudslides instead!

Rothul: Not that it isn't accurate to say that weather channels should focus on the current weather, and, as I'm no meteorologist I would find it a learning experience to be corrected, but shouldn't the various types of weather, destructive or otherwise, be spaced out relatively equally across all times of day, vis a vis, time zones? Or is it that weather in the evening is more destructive because darkness makes it harder to respond?

tennessean: Severe storms tend to happen in the afternoon and evening hours because the air, having absorbed more of the Sun's energy, is more energetic. The low sunlight of the evening hours, in conjunction with the massive amout of cloud cover, make it hard to spot oncoming disasterous weather (e.g., hail and tornadoes) unless you look when lightning is illuminating the area, and even then it's a (very dangerous) crapshoot.

Rothul: Thank you! Now I know! And Knowing Is Half the Battle!

tennessean: Thank you! And it helps that I made meteorology my major, as I'm fascinated by severe weather!

Niel Jacoby: To whoever put this in Running Gag:

I shink dat whoever wrote this exshample is one fiiine shpeshimen of human beer. Bing. Thinggy. Anywaysh, I shalute dem, and bid thee a fond adidas. Adiya. Byebye. * dies*

Such a great response to the wall of egregiousness.

Schizo Technician: Shank you. You're too kingd. Reaally.

Harpie Siren: Too whoever wrote this exchange in Sweet and Sour Grapes:

  • But it shouldn't matter what he looks like. The prince (and everyone else in the castle) becoming human again is his reward.
  • EXACTLY. Oh my GOD, I am so glad somebody finally got that being restored to his true form is his reward, not hers.

Simply because it's refreshing to see someone not miss the point of that part of Beauty And The Beast so completly and have a kneejerk "Broken Aesop" reaction, as Tropers seem wont to do.

Vifetoile: Seconded.

Sparky Lurkdragon: Tsunde Ray wins forever for the Laconic Super Smash Bros. entry.
rsm109: Made Of Win to whoever potholed 1453 to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) on Flying Broomstick. My inner history geek (and not-so-inner Europa Universalis addict) takes his hat off to you.

Lady Jafaria: ...Even knowing the Ottomans didn't automatically rename Constantinople, that's still made of win.

Freiberg: A Made Of Win to Momonga for a lightbulb joke. How many tropers does it take to change a light bulb?Well, first they have to remove the lampshade...

Koveras: And another one from me, since it cracked me up. :D

G-Mon: A Made Of Win to thatother1dude for the Pot Holed Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action on Noodle Implements.

Thatother 1 Dude: Thank you. Funnily enough, just yesterday I remembered writing that took a while to remember how.

Game Guru GG: Made Of Win for alliterator for 12 The Ballad Of Big Naming I'm not sure of the MOW rules for forum posts, but he deserves it!
HeartBurn Kid: A double-frosted MoW with sprinkles for the person who inserted the anti-Rickroll into The Jimmy Hart Version, on the Crono Trigger example.

Micah: That would be me. Thanks!

Kizor:A warm MoW to the people responsible for making the metaphors in Dying Like Animals work for its entire length. This may have to include Aesop the Greek.

Earnest: I can only take 1/22nd of the MOW point, but thanks! Check out the YKTTW and discussion if you want to get an idea of the effort that went into it. Personally, I like that bit in the Termites entry where they never notice the aardwolf coming.

Mr Death: Made Of Win to the unknown troper at who added "When the oracle said that Belkar should savor his next birthday cake, shouldn't fund his IRA, and that he'll draw his last breath before the end of the year, he meant that Belkar will die." to the Order Of The Stick WMG page. After all of the wishful thinking WMGs about convoluted ways Belkar would survive, it was very refreshing to see that. Thank you, troper, whoever you are.

~: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Although, if you look closely, though I may be unknown, I was indeed logged in.

Grimace: One very groany-worthy but perfectly placed MOW to Thande for his post on Discredited Meme, at the very end of the bit about no longer quoting Monty Python And The Holy Grail:

Inkblot: ...

I hate you.

Niel Jacoby: And one Made Of Win The Game point to us all. Divide it however you like.

nine: I'd like to propose a Made Of Win for whoever wrote this line in Thirty Xanatos Pileup:
Of course, it's quite easy to tell who's side Jack is on. He's on Jack's side.

Koveras: I'm probably not the first one to do so but I'd like to award a(nother?) MOW to the author of the poem parts of Be the Next William Shakespeare. I enjoyed them so much, I had to read them out loud to savor the sound. ^^

Nightsky: Seconded, plus I just noticed that the title quote is very nearly a sonnet! (And a Shakespearian sonnet at that.) Just a bit of tweaking, maybe... I'm not the poem's original author, but I might have a go later. Erm. If that sort of thing is okay with the poet...

Vifetoile: * beams* Yes, it is very okay. I am the author of the poetry (and most of the prose) on that page - most of it was done back when I was still an Unknown Troper. Thank you both so much, and feel free to tweak it to make it better. :) Thanks again!

Thnikkafan: Made of Win to whoever posted this on the God-Mode Sue page.
  • The Power of Love does not excuse beating the shit out of a living tank with your bare hands.

Haven: From the Laconical List of Subtle Trope Distinctions:
Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: "I'm gonna kick your ass."
Pre-Mortem One-Liner: "I'm kicking your ass."
Bond One-Liner: "I kicked your ass."
Quip to Black: "Looks like this man... got his ass kicked."

Vifetoile: Seconded.

Deuxhero: I added the Quip To Black one (someone else wrote the other 3), so 1/4 MoW credit? edit:Checked, it seems it was in the orignal YKTTW by Jonny D (not in one of the replys, so I assume he wrote it)

Haven: Ahh, go ahead and take a full MoW =D

Sceboal: Sure, go ahead and take the full Mo W. Wait, let me rephrase that, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

Freiberg: I definitely agree here. Take a full Made of win.

K.o.R: Made Of Win to whoever wrote the Bowdlerise page. I got a question right on University Challenge thanks to TV Tropes!

Silent Hunter: Thanks for that. I initially created it, but others added to it, so all the big people should get a MOW for that.

Deuxhero: Requires more info.

pagad: Made of Win to whoever re-wrote the BRIAN BLESSED page.

Inkblot: Thanks, but I really recommend splitting the page like we did with The Toblerone: One normal page and one BRIAN BLESSIFIED. THE CONSTANT ALL CAPS make the page difficult to read.

Grimace: Good god. I mean, I concur with the MOW, but now I have BRIAN BLESSED SHOUTING IN MY BRAIN. * ahem*

Haven: Made of Win to MrD for this little burst of nostalgia in Troper Tales: "solved a mystery... and rewrote history.... TROPER TALES! Wooooo-oooh!"
Andygal: A Win to the anonymous individual who edited the entry about Argus Hundred-Eye in Extra Eyes with the following "That's as many as ten tens, And That's Terrible" Got a snicker out of me thanks.
Dragon Quest Z: Win to Citizen for the Sugar Wiki picture (and some to inkblot for touching up the picture to be visible on darker monitors).

Inkblot: Sugar glowy pastel Vader &# 9829;

Joysweeper: Using the Hello Kitty Vader? Huh. You know, I heard it was photoshopped from an all-white Vader suit. Just felt like throwing out some trivia.

Garfman: I am surprised and delighted how quickly the Olympus Mons picture was changed to the appropriate VG Cats image.
Cliche: A Made Of Win to Dragon Quest Z for "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer, an excellent substitute for the original page that makes it actually trope-worthy. Kudos also to whoever rescued the fitting examples.

Dragon Quest Z: It just made sense that if some people in the show say the line then it was an actual trope. Now I know what it feels like to make a viable replacement card in Magic The Gathering for a Game-Breaker card.

Haven: I believe that analogy is worth a quarter of a win all on its own. (It was going to be half, but then it was nerfed.)

Inkblot: One for whoever wrote this suggestion in Troll:

  • Make Bella a Hard Gay Scary Black Man who rapes puppies for fun and manhandles Edward every night. Blame it on vampirefucker fuck-magic. Change her name to Kareemson. We could go on and on about the Canon Defilement possibilities for Twilight.

J Bridge: One Win to whoever came up with the current picture for Gorn. Five bucks says it's Matrix.

Dragon Quest Z: It was Maverick Hunter 4024, and the bastard stole my idea.

cg12345: I'd like to nominate whoever came up with the idea of the Trivia category. It's a great compromise that gets rid of the overused running gag that I Am Not Making This Up degenerated into, and still allows us to preserve all the juicier bits from it.

thatother1dude: Are all of the old examples from I Am Not Making This Up supposed to be moved if there's a page for them?

cg12345: I'm not really sure, but all the Trivia pages I've looked at seem to be sections from the erstwhile IANMTU section with the Natter removed.

Haven: At least one isn't. [[spoiler:I always wanted a place to put the bit about Elan being an FF 6 cosplayer, but it wasn't exactly a trope, and it's exactly something someone would say IANMTU after.

Haven: One MoW to whoever came up with the caption in Lawyer-Friendly Cameo. "Ceci n'est pas un Copyright Infringement."
Curtmack: From Lucky Star Wild Mass Guessing, suggesting that Konata and Kagami are an official couple.:

Koveras: I'm responsible for the first line, so I'll just snatch a third of that MOW. ;)

Master Hand: Who's responsible for turning the bottom half of the picture on the Candle Jack page black? Granted, it'd be funnier if it was white, bu

Inkblot: That was me. Oh, and thanks for the suggestion! I'll turn it white now.

Scud East: The joke was present in the original image, which fades out at the bottom.

Schrau: Yeah, I'm pretty sure the original pic looked like a image file that had got corrupted during download.

Game Guru GG: Did anyone give a Made Of Win for whoever wrote the picture caption to Face Palm? I imagined it sounding EXACTLY like in the HeadOn Commercial and it made me laugh out loud. No Made Of Win for that Kyon picture on that page, because it goofed up by using face instead of forehead.

Willy Four Eyes: Why, thank you. And I'm terribly sorry for making you think of that meme.

Game Guru GG: The commercials needs mocking and snarking. Yes, they do.

Andy Waltfeld: A very special thanks to Truec for helping me rediscover the little bundle of crass humor and dated GameFAQs memes we like to call RFU.

Truec: Well somebody had to do it. I'm just glad someone came in after me and rewrote the page so it didn't suck.

Thatother1dude: OK, I know I just did one, but I still have to say something about whoever came up with the title "Actual Pacifist".

tennessean: Although I didn't come up with that one, it reminded me that we need a "Badass Pacifist" page.

Madrugada: I think Actual Pacifist was Fedora Pirate's.

Thatother 1 Dude: two things from Warp That Aesop:
  1. ANY PROBLEM can be solved with LIBERAL APPLICATION OF CAPITAL LETTERS. (it's funnier if read what lead up to it)
  2. Darth Wiki Warp That Aesop page: It's okay to distort the truth and promote bad morality if it entertains you.

T-Jack: One to Korora for the last pothole in this example from Unwinnable:
Lurkerbunny: A Mo W to the unknown Troper who added the hilarious respose to this entry on the Lite Crème page:
  • In Canada, buying "maple butter" is definitely way better than buying "map-o-spread".
    • "Map-o-spread"? Are you sure that's a food and not a device for automatically unfolding and displaying maps?

If I hadn't just swallowed my drink seconds before reading that, I would have needed a new keyboard.

Sceboal: A Mo W to whoever made the laconic page for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

A Mere Servant Of God: So, wait...Magcal Girl Lyrical Nanoha is all of television squeezed into one show?

prescience: @Sceboal: Thanks. Hooray, my first MoW!

@A Mere Servant Of God: I don't quite understand what you're saying...

Koveras to A Mere Servant Of God: Yup, Nanoha is just that awesome. Go watch it already. ;)

Redkun: A Mo W to the person who described Last Action Hero as "one of the few movies whose genre is accurately described as "Other".

Kizor: A thank-you to the presently unknown namer of Discard and Draw. There's no YKTTW, so it might be older than dirt. I still laughed.

Micah: I could have sworn I remembered reading a YKTTW for that page, but I can't find it. Maybe it was a rename discussion?

Sparky Lurkdragon: A long-overdue Mo W to whoever added "Ramirez. Ramirez. Ramirez." to Psycho Supporter. Makes me laugh to this day even though I love the guy, or possibly because I do.

Tapioca: A solid gold Mo W to for this example of Michael Bay's Signature Style
  • When Michael Bay wakes up in the morning, he moves quickly to get out of his exploding bed, before eating his cereal and tossing out the exploding box. He drives to the studio, jumps out of his exploding car, and then speaks to some dangerous looking government agents, military troops, and disproportionately attractive computer experts, who all promptly explode. He then takes a gun that fires explosions and has a duel with Megan Fox, who also explodes, and then throws away the exploding gun. Finally, he finishes a hard day's work by riding into the sunset on a helicopter. Which then explodes.

L: Micah, for selling off those extra YKTTWs in time for the financial new year.

Micah: Thanks! I highly recommend this as a way of wasting potentially near-infinite amounts of time.

: The sugar joke on Sanity Has Advantages. Heh.
Medinoc: One MOW to trouserwearingbarbarian, for the name Took a Level in Dumbass. I almost spat my panini byte out launghing.

:I used that a long time ago on Tall, Dark, and Snarky (blackadder example). It links to Took a Level in Badass because it predates the trope.

Fuse Nevis: I just want to thank everyone who made the Prototype page into what it is today, since it was the first page I created. So yeah, thanks guys!
Curtmack: To gkong3, for the last line in this exchange on Magic Skirt:
  • There were some comments about Yuki Nagato's fight against Ryoko Asakura in Suzumiya Haruhi about how her acrobatics never actually led to any panty-flashes.
    • Likewise, Haruhi's dropkick of the Computer Club President with nary of glimpse of her panties also fits this trope.
    • Because of the nature of both girls (especially Yuki), this is more "Powered by Microsoft SQL" Skirt...

sgrunt: to thatother1dude for the picture on Incredibly Lame Pun.

Thatother1dude: Thank you. I myself would like to thank /co/ for the beyond cringe-inducing deluge of puns which warranted someone to post that pic.

Haven: One to Egak for the caption on Random Number God: The only people who should roll dice are those who are prepared to roll a 1. Supremely badass, funny, and shoutoutacular, and I'll have to use it the next time I game.

Donomni: Oh, wow, that's an awesome reference.

Egak: Thanks. I've been wondering if anyone had gotten the full scope of the joke, though. The picture it's captioning is the RNG monster from Billy Vs SNAKEMAN, that you fight with an ability you can only make stronger by doing the Code Geass parody plotline.

Haven: Oh, nice!

Dinru: One to the people who Entry Pimp'd the page for You Have To Burn The Rope. Seriously that page is epic especially considering the game it's of. Another for whoever thought making the Darth Wiki page for Eversion.

Medinoc: Speaking of Eversion, I think we could make the Darth page even better by replacing the picture by a picture of the exact same location as the normal page, only in world X-7 or X-8.

Shay Guy: Except you can't everse that far on that level. So we'd have to cut and paste sprites and assemble it from scratch, unless Zaratustra lends a hand.

Sceboal: I believe that both of these have already been done.

Donomni: I already got MoW'd down for the Eversion bit, but thanks anyways!

L: You can make it so that you can evert anywhere you want by changing these lines in scripts/main.rb in Eversion's directory:

    Secret coding skills 
Replace this:

if (getButton(4)>0 && $glimmer!=0) then 
$darkness+ =($glimmer<=>0);

with this:

if (getButton(4)>0) then 
$darkness+ =1;
$darkness=0 if ($darkness>7);

Shay Guy: Thanks. Take your pick, then.

Medinoc: Thank you. I put the 1-7 pic, because I think the tiles are more recognizable.

Curtmack: To SAMAS, for the image caption on Playboy Bunny. I literally lol'd.

  • Yay me!

sgrunt: One for team Wiki Magic - especially L, RobinZimm, and Unknown Troper - for at least tripling almost quintupling the length of the list of Example as a Thesis in the two days that it's existed.

Dragon Quest Z: Yes, that's one from me too. I didn't think it would grow so fast when I ykttw'ed it. So I guess it was an index many tropers were just waiting for.

SAMAS: Related to the one below, to Unknown Troper for puting Vindicated by History at the bottom of the article. It brought a tear to my eye.
Cliche: Many, many thanks to Sapphire Again for the modification of Michael Jackson's example in Fallen Creator. Even if it was in reaction to Alas, Poor Scrappy, changing the original's disdainful tone to a more fitting tragic tone does a great service to the man.
Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: The "little anecdote" on Fast Eddie's page was perhaps not quite the awesome-funny kind of stuff in most of these examples, but its conclusion is rather inspirational. Perhaps we could add a link to it on Welcome To TV Tropes.
Haven for adding the very last bit in the following description from Dangerously Genre Savvy (italics mine):

  • [Azula] has had occasional moments of genre-blindness, but learns from them. She initially had a Redshirt Army, but instead traded it for a Quirky Miniboss Squad after one screws up her plan, and after she tried to go after Aang alone, her next attempt was accompanied by her brother, an entire squad of secret police, and someone voiced by Clancy Brown.

Haven: Thanks! Never pays to underestimate dudes voiced by that guy, even Batman found that out the hard way.

Rothul: Of course, in the end, said dude voiced by Clancy Brown had the unfortunate luck to oppose Azula when she had someone voiced by Mark Hammill waiting in the wings.

Haven: Mm. And the good guys only escaped thanks to someone voiced by Mako.

Thatother1dude: The pic for Darker Than Black.
Willy Four Eyes: Anon at gets a Win point for the picture in Ambiguously Gay.
whitetigah: One for Sceboal, for adding the final line in Moral Guardians.
Thatother 1 Dude: The "Hrair Xanatos Pileup" bit on the Watership Down article.

Shay Guy: Already done.

Medinoc: One for whoever renamed Xanatos Funeral. Very clever.

Inkki Bookman: And it kinda rhymes too.

Medinoc: Why do you think I said it was clever? ;-)

Thatother 1 Dude: From The Other Wiki, "In Greek mythology, Thánatos (in Greek, &# 920;&# 940;&# 957;&# 945;&# 964;&# 959;&# 962; - "Death") was the dæmon personification of Death"

Haven: And now, he has come for this joke.

I will treasure it.

Japanese Teeth: One for whoever added the picture to Counter-Attack. It's the funniest thing I've seen all day.
alliterator: One for whoever added this hilarious example to Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
  • At the end of the Japanese version of Frankenstein Conquers the World (does anyone expect this sentence to end well?) the monster gets randomly attacked by a giant octopus wandering through the forest.
:Is there an MST 3 K-version of this film that I can watch?

Inkblot: One for all the preps who Wiki Magic'd the My Immortal page.

Inkki Bookman: Just the picture itself deserves a Win.

DracMonster: I grabbed it it from the encyclopedia dramatica entry on it, don't know who made it.

Haven: One to vifetoile for "Trope-Tan and the Start of Darkness". This should totally be canon. Especially Wikimedea. And the use of TWoP-kun.

Vifetoile: * Does a happy dance* Thank you very much! (I didn't invent Wikimedea, but I kind of wish I did.) (Between TWoP-kun and Wikipe-tan, Trope-Tan is going to be very busy...) While I'm here, I'd like to start a round of applause for sgrunt, who tirelessly fixed all the pot holes that were in the original entry. * bows* Thanks, sgrunt, and thank you, Haven. :)

sgrunt: Hooray! I did something appreciated!

Koveras: And I invented Wikimedea. Do I get a fraction of MOW, too? ^^;

Jack Butler: To Michael, for Made from Real Girl Scouts.

Michael: Thanks. And thanks to Wednesday for such a potent title that I had to suggest it.

That Other 1 Dude: Whoever wrote the Michael Mc Connohie article.

Sceboal: A Made of Win to everyone who tried to comfort other people in the Troper Tales page of Awful Truth. While to me it seems like they're not really doing a good job at it, the fact that they try is just heart warming.

Zeke: One to Chariset for "Record Of Loudness War", the trope name I most wish I'd thought of. Painfully clever.

  • Thankee, kind sir. It just goes to show that the best puns are the ones you throw out without really thinking about them.

Antheia: A point to whoever subtly made The Mockbuster a Self-Demonstrating Article (sort of).

Sagaril: Ohoho! I see what they did there! Clever. Very much seconded.

sgrunt: Thirded - subtle and clever all in one.

Silent Hunter: Fourthed. Especially the last line of the intro.

Dragon Quest Z: That was a joint effort by many of us, but I take credit for the last lines, to make the fit with the other blue links.

Freezair For A Limited Time: I threw in a couple when I rewrote it, and edited a couple others so they sounded more "natural." So I guess that's, what, a tenth of a point?

Haven: One point to whoever's responsible for the Booby Trap example in Order Of The Stick.

Src 9: Points to herczy for this:Unresolved Sexual Tension:
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion is chock full of this. Of course, it doesn't really go anywhere.
    • Like School Rumble.
    • This is even... ehm... handwaved at the beginning of End Of Evangelion, If You Know What I Mean.

Medinoc: Wow. Seconded, so much.

Shay Guy: alchixinren for observing that the Chinese Language has Loads And Loads Of Characters.

Cukeman: Oh, that's terrible!

Haven: Terribly awesome morelike.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Ahahahaha.

Sceboal: Italics.

Antheia: Don't forget Alternate Character Reading. I don't know if I should groan or giggle.

Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: I nominate whoever removed my little "addition" to the stinger on Crowning Moment / Real Life. Even though I put it there. Some kind of wordless meta-Shut Up, Hannibal!.

Koveras: I don't think TV Tropes The Webcomic has been awarded a MOW yet, so here's one to all contributors (excluding yours truly) at once. I totally love the comic and would like to see it published somewhere, already.

Inkblot: I don't get it. Webcomics are normally more common than $20 hookers. Why hasn't anyone drawn a single strip?

Malchus @Koveras - Actually, I think it already has. IIRC, I found out about it thanks to a MOW.@Inkblot - I actually was thinking of making pseudo-cover art for use as the page image.

Shay Guy: This is the first I've heard of it.

Koveras: @Malchus: I've looked through the MOW archives first and only found several MOWs for TV Tropes TV and one for TV Tropes RPG... Maybe you found one of these and discovered the Webcomic via the links?

Malchus: Hm, I guess I confused one of those for it, then. Huh, Now I wonder how I did stumble across it. On another note, since this really seems to be TV Tropes The Webcomic's first MOW after all, I heartily second it.

Scud East: Just when I thought our beloved Wiki couldn't get any geekier, the translation project moves on to include Quenya. Micah receives a MoW as the responsible party.

Dragon Quest Z: Damn. When I first suggested translated pages I didn't think it would go this far. Cool.

The Jackal: And don't forget the Al Bhed Home Page. Made me laugh.

Rothul: The Al Bhed translation was me, but the MOW point goes to Barkley Shut Up And Jam Gaiden, where I got the idea from.

Koveras: I wonder when the Klingon translation is gonna appear...

Micah Thanks! Anyone who knows anything about Quenya really should come nitpick my grammar; I'm not actually all that fluent.

L: If this continues any further, we're soon going to get Morse Code, ROT13, MD5, Beatboxing and Poetry translations of pages.

Rothul: Not to mention Newspeak, Pig Latin, Ubbi Dubbi, Simple English and Glossolalia.

alliterator: I'm sorry. You made me do it. I just couldn't resist.

Radical Taoist: No, you couldn't. That deserves a MOW of its own right there, alliterator.

Thnikkafan: It had to be done. (Personally, I think it turned out to be more of a Totally Radical version of L33t Sp3ak, with a bit of Funetik Aksent thrown in)

Negative Zero: Points to whoever made the laconic for Shin Megami Tensei redirect to Nintendo Hard.

L: But... that's not a very laconic page!

Medinoc: Fixed it.

Deux Hero: That would be me.

The Jackal: One for adam850 for his post in this thread. It's about the 12th one down.

Shay Guy: You can link to 37 individual posts. Just click the timestamp.

The Jackal: Didn't know that. Thanks for telling me.

Adam850: Thanks. I wasn't sure if anyone thought that was funny.

Rhainor: One MoW to whoever wrote this in The Big O's trope listings:
Kudzu Plot: High it's like a friggin' katamari ball went through an Epileptic Tree orchard.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: A point to Artman 40 for this entry in Horrible/Music. The links to You Tube have a certain style...

Sceboal: Huh?

Nlpnt: Rothul gets an MoW for the Other Wiki reference on Vagina Dentata.

Rothul: I merely put it back in after someone removed it without comment (as I too found it win worthy): Near as I can tell, Red Shoe should get credit for making the joke, and L for selling it with the faux-wikipedia formatting.

Nlpnt: You can tell I don't like to check back to that page often....

Haven: One to Master Hand for the Laconic entry on Beige Prose.
Reading Champion: A Made of Win to all who helped mutate the Chekovs Gun page. It used to be a simple Re-direction joke with three lines and a picture. But now... damn.

Haven: Eh, I preferred it when it was "Ensign Chekov had a gun on Star Trek." and "Averted on Buffy" (which I added, though I took a MOW for it a while ago), but YMMV.

J Bridge: One to Radical Taoist for the ending line in the Troper Tales page for The Power Of Rock.
Our captain informs me that the band has hit a little turbulence and we will be experiencing some mad shredding shortly. Please fasten your seatbelts and throw the horns into their fully upright and rocked position.

Grimace: Ohh that's good.

Schrau: I so agree.

Radical Taoist: \m/n(>_<)n\m/

Freezair For A Limited Time: Excellent! * Bill & Shred*

Black Humor: To whoever added "Rape And Zoidberg" to Tropes That Will Never Happen, for making me actually laugh out loud.

Inkblot: Er, thanks.

Pinkbaron: And another one to whomever put "Heartwarming Moment of Rape" on the same page.

Grev: Isn't that how Luke and Laura were Retconned on General Hospital? :)

Dragon Quest Z: To Some Sort Of Troper, for pithy, but oh so accurate, picture and caption for Merchandise-Driven.

Some Sort Of Troper: Thank you. I guess we still have to see if it lasts but one utterance of "awesome" is worth more to me than a dozen "ok"s.

Malchus: While I'm sad it replaces my pic, I do agree that that's a much better pic. Seconded.

Dragon Quest Z: There likely is a trope that picture fits. It's just not a proper example of that trope.

That Other 1 Dude: How about Our Presidents Are Different?

Malchus: @Dragon Quest Z - Yeah, I knew it just barely fit the trope. I'm actually surprised it hung on for that long. And if no one has any objections, I may just take That Other 1 Dude's suggestion.

Furiko Maru: To Silent Hunter, for the caption on the East Germany article's pic. Good on ja.

Silent Hunter: Viele danke.

Dante668: To the genius responsible for using the phrase "getting groiny" to refer to the horndog camp counselors of Friday the 13th in Death By Sex. That is now my favorite euphemism for sex.

Robert Bingham: That would be me. The phrase in question came from Angel, in reference to how Buffy and Angel Can't Have Sex, Ever:

Cordelia: Let me explain the lore here, okay? They suffer, they fight. That's business as usual. They get groiny with each other, the world as we know it falls apart.

Moogi: From 20 Bear Asses:

The Bible. King Saul: "Sure, David, you can marry my daughter, just bring me a hundred Philistine foreskins." Worst. Quest. Ever. At least the drop rate is 100%...

  • David apparently got caught up in the "farming" and brought in two hundred, by the way. Thus proving that Level Grinding and Collection Sidequest (not to mention Bragging Rights Reward!) is indeed Older Than Dirt.

Whoever wrote this deserves a nomination.

Medinoc: IIRC, it has already been nominated.

Kerrah: Charles Phipps for finally making the Warcraft Expanded Universe and several works within that 'verse their own pages. I salute you!
Enlong: Ronfar, for potholing Troperiffic under "Quite a lot, isn't there?" about halfway down the list of tropes in Adventurers.

Shay Guy: The Sailor Moon page had that joke first.

Magus: Made of Win to Psychopomp for inventing the Belt of Bear Blasting.

Amadeus Windfall: No idea who this is actually going to, but whoever copied out Hakase's massive (384 words) speech into What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?, just to demonstrate one example, deserves a Made Of Win for their effort.

Arilou: I don't know who did it, and it's really more to the original inventor, but whoever added "Narutonystark" to Portmanteau Couple Name made me laugh out loud.

Thatother 1 Dude: I believe that originated in Crack Pairing.

Curtmack: To Unknown Troper, for this entirely accurate categorization of the Teen Titans into a Five-Man Band:
The Hero: Robin.
The Lancer: Cyborg
The Big Guy: Starfire
The Chick: Beast Boy

Silent Hunter: Dangermike for adding "Guaranteed, or your pizza's free" to the caption for NCIS.
Andy Waltfeld: Game Over, man, Game Over. Point to Doug S. Machina for Laconic Metal Wolf Chaos.

Doug S. Machina: Thank you!

Medinoc: One to Sparkysharps for the picture in Older Than They Think.

Shay Guy: Seconded for great justice!

Malchus: A MOW to Smerf for the pic and potholed caption in Dirty Communists. It made me laugh.

Maso Tey: Seconded. Took me stupid long to rollover and get it, but — bwahahahaha!

Smerf: Yes, my first MOW! I'd like to thank the Academy...

Dr Namgge: one Made Of Win point to Captain Crowbar for the caption and Pot Hole in Do Not Touch the Funnel Cloud.
The Toon Geekette: An accidentally-earned MoW mention goes to, for an awesome formatting error they made on the That Guy With The Glasses page. This person added The Dark Knight to the spoilered part of Chester's quote on the page. However he/she/it typed it up so that it led to a non-existant page for Citizen Kane And The Dark Knight.

Show of hands, who else wants to see a movie like that made? (Admittedly, I fixed it, but still...)

Freezair For A Limited Time: I say we call Hollywood right this second.

Shay Guy: What's Hollywood's phone number?

Donomni: 555-867-5309.

The Toon Geekette: It's not working! All I'm getting is this really annoyed woman named Jenny...

Sceboal: A made of win to Donomni for taking my joke right out of my mind.

A story about Batman told in flashbacks about different people that met him... I think I read that Comic.

Idler: Thinking about it, Kane and Batman aren't that different. They're both filthy rich but deeply, deeply unhappy, desperately clinging onto childhood memories for their whole adult lives. Citizen Wayne, anyone?

Houdini: Unknown Troper in Brainwashed By Emotions YKTTW. "You mean Flaw Exploitation? That would be a great name for a trope."
Felius: for adding the link under "distant past" at 22/May in the Magikarp Power page:
  • That is somewhat justified by some of its Pokedex entries, which claim that Magikarp used to be much stronger in the distant past.

Fusion Dragon: A MOW to Haseri for finally making a page for Galactic Civilizations.
Fanra: Eric DVH for the trope name for Make My Index Live!.
Rothul: Inkblot for the "Hey, that's pretty clever!" picture and caption on Bury Your Gays.

Inkblot: The caption was there first. I just added the picture.

Magus: Made Of Win to Dryuu and Mauyn Eign for separating and fully fleshing out the Mana Khemia page.
Smerf: A MOW to whoever it was that put Ken Akamatsu's deepest desire on Author Appeal. Also, a Crowning Moment Of Funny, in my opinion.

Japanese Teeth: Seconded. I'm not even into BDSM and I wouldn't mind that happening to me.

SAMAS: Sparkysharps for the picture for Perverse Sexual Lust.
Doug S. Machina: Micah, on the page for 24:

This page takes place between 1.00 AM and 2.00 AM.

It's 1:55am at the time of writing.

Micah: Thanks, but that wasn't me. It looks like it was Some Sort Of Troper.

Some Sort Of Troper: Yes that was me. As always it seems like the thing that I'm sure ig going to be edited away ends up getting the best praise.

Katsuhagi: To Schizo Technician for the line in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle under Mind Screw for hitting the nail on the head in a hilarious manner:
  • Not only that. After the time loop set up in the Acid Tokyo arc is revealed, the entire plot goes to hell. Or heaven. Or perhaps a small rural suburb of Detroit; things are so convoluted, nonsensical, mysterious, and confusing that you can't tell.

SchizoTechnician: Thank you, my pleasure, I think. It may be consternation, perhaps constipation, and confusion is a distinct possibility. But thanks are definitely involved. The first sentence about the plot going to hell wasn't me, but I decided that no way was the destination that clear in this situation, so I obfuscated things a bit.

Outsyder0486: I'd like to thank all of you at TV Tropes Wiki for introducing me to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Epic.

Shay Guy: We are glad to have served.

Syckls: I would also like to thank the TV Tropes wiki for introducing me to Monster, Higurashi, and Now and Then, Here and There.

Thnikkafan: I'd like to thank you guys for introducing me to Discworld and Good Omens.

Vifetoile: :D Hey, TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life. It's sure enhanced mine * cough* Sailor Nothing, Order of the Stick, Girl Genius, * cough* Yep, life enhanced.

Cliche: Very ridiculously intelligent and true words spoken by an unknown troper or tropers of IP addresses and on a common fallacy concerning who takes credit for inventions on the Critical Research Failure pages:

  • And the fact that it would hardly change history save for the fact that the US wouldn't be able to call dibs on the invention of heavier-than-air machines after its invention was already well-known around the world by ANOTHER inventor, because the Wright Brothers didn't even bother to have proof or to make public their invention in case, you know, one of the numerous inventors who were as close as them actually make it in the meanwhile? Not two years after the Flyer's first successful test, Brazilian inventor Santos Dumont flew his 14-bis in Paris, winning an international contest about inventing flying machines and being considered the inventor of the airplane for years before the US just decided that it should be the Wright Brothers, even though they took too long to register their invention... Basically, the Flyer was mostly a non-issue regarding the earlier months of flight technology advancements world-wide because the rest of the world just didn't know it even existed.

    • Not to mention that it goes in hands with the Flyer's example. American writers often ignore the fact that some inventions attributed to Americans not only were already being researched world-wide somewhere, but sometimes they were already discovered somewhere. Before the USA this is true for Europe, as most people today probably believe Gunpowder was invented in the late Middle Ages there, when it was invented much earlier in China. This comes from the false assumption that those discoveries were magically assembled in those inventors mind, like it happens in the Science of fiction (not to be confused with Science-Fiction) instead of being the fruit of the labor and research of dozens of scientists in various experiments with more or less relation and communication in between that eventually lead to those "leaps". Believing that Edison invented Electricity out of the blue is like believing Einstein theories of Nuclear Fission came to him without the efforts of Rutherford and other scientists in the discoveries about the Atom before him... or, for a simpler analogy, that the Car was invented without someone needing to invent the Wheel before it.

Shay Guy: Incidentally, I recently finished reading Guns, Germs, and Steel, which touches on this — scientific and technological development happens in increments. People are wired to think in terms of individual players or characters, but the really important thing is that the conditions for the development and spread of ideas and technologies are right. The big example was food production, which didn't just happen out of the blue; it evolved in increments, and the local plant and animal species had to be right.

Rissa: This troper's heard the phenomenon described as "steam engine time" - that is, the time at which conditions are right for the steam engine (or flight, or the lightbulb) to be invented, because all the prerequisites have been met.

Shay Guy: I'd love to see a Tech Tree for that.

St Clair: I've heard the same phrase, and sometimes compared it to the saying that "when the student is ready, the master will appear."

Haven: This bit under Code Geass' entry in Lying Creator.

Redkun: I added that line. The real Made Of Win belongs to the person who wrote the character biography in the first place.

Cambdoranononononono: Perhaps it's a tad mean-spirited, but whoever changed the link to Troper Tales on the Magnificent Bastard page has amused me on somewhere around three levels.

That Other 1 Dude: I'm sorry, who did what?

Rissa: It very briefly linked to Blatant Lies instead. (And having read the page, I second the win.)

Grimace: That was me (for some reason my name hasn't been appearing in the Page History in recent times?). Yes admittedly it was petty, and small, and Fast Eddie (quite rightly) changed it back after a day or so. But damn it felt good. I'm glad it put a similar smile on other peoples faces.

Dr Furball: Thumbs up to whoever slipped in The Beatles reference into the beginning of No Ending.
Doug S. Machina: Whoever's writing The Advertisement Server's woman troubles on the Ad Of Win page. I suppose life was much simpler in the pre-sentient days.

Inkblot: * quietly runs off with .2 points for introducing ELIZA*

Rothul: Its been a group effort, but the unsung hero is at

Moocow1452: Dammit. Guess I should log in more. Do I get a full Mo W point, or .8, or some other fraction, or does Unknown Troper take this one?

Rothul: Take the full point and treasure it. I think this wiki is the ultimate expression that someone else being clever never takes away from your own cleverness.

Moocow1452: DA NA NA NAAAAAAA!

Houdini: Claiming credit too, nyah. Wrote the original bit about TAS's status... then realized I stole a line from Portal... which drug GLaDOS into it... and then the inspiration for the OTP was born...

Flabyo: Tacitus for the trope name Scry vs. Scry. Utter genius.
Dookie2: Scooter007 for making the Billy Mays page. Only on TV Tropes will he have such an article.

Grev: Except for maybe The Other Wiki, but then, that one's so official and not full of HIGH-VOLUME SHILLS FOR BLAND NAME PRODUCTS!

rsm109: Whoever's responsible for this pothole in One Degree of Separation:
However, on your wedding day, when you meet her father, you remember that he's the guy who failed you in biology in the twelfth grade.

Rhainor: So very seconded.

Katsuhagi: The title Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu?, makes me giggle at the mental image of someone sitting there with a 0.0 look holding a teacup across the table from you-know-who.

Malchus: I also second the MOW for this line in the trope description:

  • But to make things easier: they usually prefer two cubes of sugar, and a drop of virgin blood for creamer (although it is important to note that it is usual to put the blood in last, as opposed to first as one would do with milk).

Haven: The bit about etiquette was my contribution (Reg Shoe added in that parenthetical part).

Medinoc: To Orihime for using Nodoka's mental picture in OT3.

Curtmack: A made of win to all involved in this exchange on Kissing Cousins (particularly the last line):
  • Charles Darwin married his cousin. Think about that for a minute.
    • I see your Charles Darwin and raise you Albert Einstein. To be fair, neither was of child-bearing age at the time.
    • Maybe rather unsurprising, Edgar Allan Poe married his 13-year-old cousin.
      • tl;dr Smart people marry their cousins.

Haven: Heh. Too bad it's in descending order of irony.

Edrobot: A good example of how to open up a page from the Manchild article.
When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.
- 1st Corinthians, 13:11
Good for you, Paul.

UT: Are you giving Paul the Apostle a win? I'm not sure that's protocol.

Cukeman: No, that's part of the article, and he's giving the MOW to whomever wrote that.


"When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." - C.S. Lewis

J Bridge: Here's one to Praetyre for his comment in this thread on the fora. First, chick the previous link and read the first post. Watch the video too. Next, read the spoilered text below.

That is the first, and hopefully the last time I have ever seen a black man in a red speedo with boxing gloves who speaks in Japanese chasing several people through a hospital and going through brick walls, then hitting a speedo wearing polar-bear/panda thing to strange Japanese music.

I have a number of hypothesis on the land called &# 26085;&# 26412;, among which are that it is an interdimensional vortex (perhaps to 40K's Warp) where normal laws of physics and mental health do not apply, that the entire country is suffering from a bizarre form of radiation brain-poisoning and thirdly, that it's inhabitants are members of a different species, possibly extraterrestrial. But, regardless, what in the name of Allah, Buddha, Budai, Vishnu, the Lords of Kobol, Toutatis, Ra, Isis, Set, Haile Selassie, Cthulhu, Azathoth, Hastur, Yog-Sothoth, Yivo, the Fourth Doctor, the Turtle, Candlejack, Andy Griffith, Colonel Harlan Sanders, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, L. Ron Hubbard, Alan Greenspan, Barack Obama, Tommy Douglas and the Anti-Spiral did I just witness?

JK Roo: Seconded. Dear God, seconded. And I read the spoiler then checked the video first. The above deities and near-deities do not seem sufficient.

L: Everyone on the English portion of the 'net is going on and on about how wacky that game is. Sooner or later someone's going to go "That game's not so wacky" and then the universe will cease to exist.

Syckls: Unfortunately, the fact that he said Candle Jack without cutting off the post completely ruins it for

Muninn: He must have survived because Candle J* ck was too bewildered by the video to abduct him.

That Other 1 Dude: Agree, but was is "the Turtle"? Does it have something to do with Discworld?

Geoduck: Either that, or it's a Stephen King reference.

nine: How dare you forget Haruhi!

William Wide Web: One to Haven for the line at the end of Black Hole Sue.

Haven: Thankya!

Silent Hunter: Nice to know that someone else listened to the B-side to the "Casino Royale" single...

Falcon Pain: The original Soundgarden version has been around for well over a decade, you know. Weird Al Yankovic polkaed it and everything. Not to mention Rock Band...

Silent Hunter: Wow, you learn something new every day...

William Wide Web: Actually, it's been fifteen years. And despite having downloaded Superunknown(the album Black Hole Sun comes from) off of Ruckus back when Ruckus still existed, I haven't actually heard the "Casino Royale" song at all.

Freezair For A Limited Time: One exceedingly nerdy MOW to whomever changed the "damage number" in the fake battle of Olympus Mons from the generic to "65535." I just now realized what that number was, and laughed myself sick.

For those who aren't huge Pokegeeks, it's the maximum possible HP a Pokemon can have in Diamond/Pearl. Only achievable via glitch, of course.

ninjacrat: More generically, it's the highest number that can be represented by a an unsigned 16 bit integer, so it turns up in videogames a lot.

Freezer: It's also the number of floors in Mine # 4 in both versions of Harvest Moon DS.

L: If we would dare to include even more comp-sci fanservice, we would have the NIBBLE attack do 15 damage, because that's the highest number that can be represented by a nibble.

Dragon Quest Z: To Alliterator for proving you can make a page for NERF Brand toys.

Joysweeper: Whoever put that picture up in Didn't See That Coming, with the caption about the spanner.. I laugh every time I see it.

Silent Hunter: Aquillion and Gentlemens Dame 883 for their improvements to Armed Blag.
Deuxhero:One to for the picture at Lethal Joke Character, perfect demonstration of the concept.

Shoebox: And also, freakin' hilarious in and of itself.

That Other 1 Dude: I saw that /co/ a bunch of times before. Yes, very funny, especially in context.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Is there anything that isn't a job for Aquaman any more?

Donomni: I'd say space, but that's an ocean too.

Haven: Canning tuna?

Rothul: Pattycake.

Kalle: To whoever created the "DarthWiki/Genshiken" redirect to the Welcome To The NHK page, step up and claim your prize!

Radical Taoist: Seconded. I said I'd Mo W someone who pulled it off, and I stand by what I said.

Citizen: It was Magus. Haha.

Sneebs: Deceased Wager Group gives us this beautiful little gem regarding the Major as the Ms Fanservice in Ghost In The Shell:
  • The Major in Ghost In The Shell.
    • Try to not let it distract you from her incoming fist.
      • HER FIST? Worry about your own fist first.
So tasteless, yet so witty. I actually laughed out loud.

Egak: I don't think that last line means what you think it means. I mean, it doesn't mean what I think you think it means, but it would be mean to think you think it means what I think you think it means, if you think it means what it means, get my meaning?

...Wait, let me try that again. The last line is a reference to the Major's ability to hack into cyborgs into attacking themselves Fight Club style, as opposed to anything "tasteless".

Dante 668: to Frank75, for this parenthetical on the Techno Babble page:
  • This would translate to "It's not carbon, it is ironish, and it kills people." Plus it's at least partly antimatter, even if the positrons are "inconsequent". (At least they're not incontinent; it's so annoying when your sole resource leaves little puddles of antimatter pee everywhere.)

I laughed for a full minute.

Looney Toons: Actually, I wrote the the parenthetical remark about antimatter pee, and maybe a bit more of that; I can't remember now. So, I'll sneak off and increment my MOW count.

A Freddy: I would like to nominate Malchus for a Made Of Win for his picture in Red Scare. Something about the pseudo-Cyrillic made me LOL.
  • Fanra: I agree, great picture.

Nausicaa: A Made Of Win for whoever wrote this in Oireland.

  • Irish step dancing [...] inexplicably referred to as "Riverdance" even though that is the title of ONE Irish dancing stage show that started in 1994. That's like referring to all anime as Yu-Gi-Oh.

Whoever you are, THANK YOU.

K.o.R: A MoW to spiritsunami, for beating me to the redirect that was a most Egregious omission.

Haven: IMO, it's just not the same if they don't see that the pothole reads "TV Tropes Wiki Drinking Game" when they mouse-over it.

K.o.R: True, but then, how many grey hairs would Fast Eddie gain if we made him make a "automatically pothole egregious in every page ever" script?

Haven: I dunno, if the pictures he's put up are even remotely true to life he's clearly pretty resistant to grey hairs.

K.o.R: We're not trying hard enough then :)

Donomni: Whoever added this little Mega Man Legends-based gem to Stop Helping Me:

  • And then there's Data, the 'helpful' little cyborg monkey who can't be killed. Ever. You can unload the ultimate weapon in his face and he just.. keeps.. dancing. In fact, at the end, he turns up planetside after everyone else has gotten trapped on Elysium, despite being up there with you at the end. It's somewhat satisfying to imagine the others trusted to his invincibility when they sent him back down, assumedly by punting him off Elysium and letting him deal with re-entry and the inevitable high-speed landing on his own.

I don't even dislike Data, but the fact I know he hates fire makes this all the funnier.

Caswin: A nod to Some Sort Of Troper, for his creepily well-written additions to Candle Jack.

Candle Jack: Well, I need the publicity...

Grev: Thassh two sshickssh-packssh down...

Paul A: It's generally considered that (since it might have happened after they finished typing and nobody would know) it doesn't count when "Candle Jack" occurs at the very end of the

Some Sort Of Troper: Oh wow, somebody finally noticed this on this page. Although this is actually a tie in to something else I did on one other page first. [[supersecretspoiler:It's on Kansas City Shuffle]].

SpiriTsunami: L Guardinal gets the win for this self-demonstrating bit on Purple Prose:
Meems: One to adam_grif for this line in the All Drummers Are Animals YKTTW:"This trope is Truth In Television, since humans are animals."
Chris X: Silver Monkey Blue Rose and Killer Clowns really deserve props for turning the quote of crazy Aerith in the Beware the Nice Ones into the legendary My Name Is Inigo Montoya quote. Just too bad we can't continue with Aerith saying "I want my life back, you son of a bitch."

Houdini:... You mean son of a bish.

Freezer: Belated MOW to whoever sorted the massive wall of text that was Harry Potter's Just Bugs Me page.

Real Slim Shadowen: Seconded. That was Disassembly Of Reason, who's incredibly awesome and has obviously had hundreds of girlfriends. * does the Who's Awesome? You're Awesome! sign for DOR*

Fenrir: For Sabre Justice, who managed to capture the twisted nature of Mad World in what is possibly the greatest Wild Mass Guess of all time.
Radical Taoist: I am not a fan of Lolicon. That is why it was all the more impressive how the following lines on A Child Shall Lead Them, be them unashamed display or just well-placed snark, managed to make me laugh out loud. Kudos to Unknown Jestersage for the second-to-last line and for the ending. They neatly summarize the Code Geass entry for that trope after mentioning Tiangzi, Sumeragi Kaguya, and Nunnaly vi Brittania.

  • In short, the world's powers are in the hand of three lolis.
    • You say that like it's a bad thing.

Gemmifer: Fawriel for the extreme in:
  • In Spirited Away, Chihiro and the boy formerly known as Haku perform a Headbutt of Love during freefall.
    • EXTREEEME!!!

Kizor: To the author of Money Spider's description. It is insightful and actually makes us seem like we know what we're on about.
Rothul: Earnest, for the subverted-but-completely-appropriate picture on Raised by Natives. And the caption's funny too.

Earnest: Thank you! And here I was, worried it was a bit corny ^_^;

Thnikkafan: Whoever came up with this from Gender-Restricted Ability:

  • Amusingly averted in Norse Mythology. A majority of witches are female, but only because their magic relies on contact with another person's semen.
    • Gay porn writers might want to start doing Norse mythology movies.

Polly Nim: The last line's mine. Got to love unentendres.

Fish Called Waldo: One to lucky Thirteen to Donomni for intros to a few Fanfic Recommendations pages. I've been wanting these forever, and they're actually funny and make the openings pop. That is all.

Donomni: I'm still surprised noone else has taken the time to actually make new intros. Granted, it's probably been a few months since I made the Naruto into.

Japanese Teeth: One to whoever is responsible for the picture and caption on Greek Chorus.

Silent Hunter: Yep, good one indeed.

Koveras: And another MOW to the person responsible from me. :D

GG Crono: I added the picture. Someone else provided the caption. I'd say that the someone else deserves most of the credit, and I salute them. :)

Dangermike: Thank yew, thank yew. I had actually added it when that pic was on the Statler And Waldorf page.

The Bad Wolf: One to Haven for the picture on Post-Modern Magik

Haven: Thanks :D

Koveras: A (single) Made Of Win to all contributors to Tropes That Will Never Happen, now that it got launched!

Malchus: It got launched? Sweet! Although, I'm kinda disappointed one of my suggestions, Blessed With Fuck, isn't one of the examples. Too profane?

Troper Too Lazy To Become Noted: It's more likely because we already have that one.

Medinoc: Actually, to me it sounded more like The Pornomancer.

Haven: A Made Of Win to whoever came up with describing Mage The Ascension as "A Storytelling Game of Philosophical Knife-Fights." (And, if they're different people, one to whoever made the page, because: yaaay.)
Curtmack: I searched the entire archive, and I'm honestly shocked that no one's given one to Polly Nim for the image caption on Utsuge. So, one Made Of Win for the most wholly inappropriate yet hilarious caption on the entire wiki.

Polly Nim: Thanks. Glad someone liked it before it got cut.

Kalle: I hereby award a delicious MOW point to Planet Cool for the intro to the Important Things With Demetri Martin page. It just works so well!

Black Charizard: I don't know if it has been nominated before since it was written last year, but I read Call to Adventure and I laughed out loud. Hilarious rewrite, The Grim Sleeper.

Doug S Machina: I think it's been praised before, but still regarding The Divinyl's "I Touch Myself" on Intercourse with You:

  • Incidentally, the band insists "Touch Myself" is not about masturbation, but touching other parts of yourself in a loving way. If anyone believes that, please raise your hand...
    • Can't. It's busy.

Unless I've messed reading the page history as usual, an MoW to Mary Shrieks for that.

Also, one to someone for the English translation button being an English flag (as opposed to a UK or US one). That's pretty neat.

Kriegsmesser: A M o W to The_Void for a suggestion in Tropes That Will Never Happen's YKTTW. Specifically, "Did You Just Suck Off Cthulhu". It's some kind of fuel, I just don't know Which.

Haven: Good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read that.

ROBRAM 89: That has to be a good name for some kind of hentai trope. Too bad we already have Naughty Tentacles.

Dragon Quest Z: This is more giving the tentacles pleasure, rather than the tentacles having their way (just would have some overlap).

  • EDIT: Actually, this doesn't have to be tentacles. It could be any time someone does it with an Eldritch Abomination.

Mr Death: Tentacle Rape Is Love?

Sceboal: Perhaps some sort of Nightmare Fetishist thing?

Schizo Technician: One to Rothul for giving voice to the adbot on this page.

Rothul: Thank you! And, of course, it's anyone's voice to use.


Landstander: Don't know how old this is or who made it, but this from Nostalgia Filter just made me all happy and hopeful inside. I can be prone to the filter myself at times but this is always important to keep in mind-

  • Many articles appear in newspapers bemoaning the low quality of modern movies, e.g. Meet The Spartans, in comparison to the Hollywood Golden Age ... ignoring that in the 2060s, when people talk about the movies of the 2000s, they'll be talking about Memento, The Lord Of The Rings, City Of God, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Spirited Away, Pans Labyrinth, Downfall, Gladiator, Oldboy, Kill Bill and Amores Perros, while the likes of I Know Who Killed Me will be forgotten forever.

Vifetoile: I didn't make that, but I second the nomination. That's a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming.

L: ...Gladiator?

Vifetoile: It's the sentiment that counts. I don't know why Mongol isn't on that list, but if we were to set to work amending it to our own visions, we would be there forever.

Landstander: Exactly, it makes me reflect on all the movies of sheer awesome from this decade that I love like Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, I'mNotThere, Persepolis, {{A.I.}},Vicki Christina Barcelona, and many, MANY others, and then I get all happy.

Dragon Quest Z: To Galahad PC for this reason "The Touch" wasn't in the 2007 Transformers film"

  • Safely channeling that much awesome was hard enough to do the first time around. If they'd done it for the climax of the 2007 movie, theaters across the nation would have burst into flames.

Mr Death: Another one to Rothul for cleaning up Order Of The Stick's Crowning Moment Of Awesome page. It was well overdue for an overhaul.

Rothul: Thank you!

Dragon Quest Z: For Rothul for making the Ad Of Win page, which I myself was thinking of proposing, just so the ad server wouldn't be hogging all the win points.

Malchus: And so the machine take-over begins... I, for one, welcome our new AdBot overlords in the hope that they don't spam my e-mail.

Vifetoile: * taps pipe* Aye, the ad-server uprising has begun, and only I know how to GARCKGACKWHEEEEZZZZEE... Denham's Dental Dentifrice! Denham's Dental Dentifrice! Denham's Dental...


Rothul: And by that, I'm sure he means thank you for the acknowledgment on this page, as do I.

Malchus: I sense repressed sexual urges underlying the outburst. The Ad Bot is apparently not asexual, then... * takes notes*


Rissa: ...Does he sound a bit like a Dalek to anyone else?

SchizoTechnician, nah, then he'd be shouting EXTERMINATE, not HATE. Probably just a run-of-the-mill unholy spawn of Skynet with snark.


JK Roo: So... we've got a bitter Scientologist version of Skynet that can't decide whether to sell us things or kill us horribly, and it also has a case of Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!. Is it just me, or is the fact that this ISN'T weird rather weird?

Sceboal: Just get the weapons ready. Or get The Advertisement Server to use Internet exploder. Or something.







Regiment: To whoever rephrased the "Unabridged Article Here" box on Laconic HulkSpeak.

Grev: * sniffle* My very own MOW! After all these years, Oh Oscar MOW, you are finally mine!

Looney Toons: They like you! They really like you!

I think the The Advertisement Server may be a member of Anonymous. There's a ad at the bottom of ''Tranquil Fury"

Schizo Technician: He's also put ads for it in Better Than It Sounds, so who the smeg knows.

Shoebox: I'm thinking that we may need to set up a separate page for the bot hits here. Something like 'Crowning Moments of Adbot Awesome', maybe?

Doug S. Machina: How about 'All Glory To The Adbot'?

Rothul: Launched Ad Of Win, copy and pasted all examples from Made Of Win I could find (without discussion... most discussion of Ad Server wins pretty much talked about how it needed a separate page... now it does :P ).

Inkki Bookman: A Mo W for whomever captioned the picture in Inuyasha, I giggled like a schoolgirl.

Sceboal: But... bitch, he's a bish!

Andy Waltfeld: OBJECTION! I contend that Sango is What's-Her-Face and Shippo is The Ugly One.

Earnest: But... there's five people in the image... and only four in the caption?!?

Haven: Only four of them are teen girls, though. The other one's a member of Teeny Tiny Girl Squad.

Inkki Bookman: I missed the fact that Shippo was there the first time and I believed whomever wrote the caption missed/ignored him too.

Bufuman: Does it really matter though? I laughed my ass off regardless, and I'm actually a fan of the series. Shippo sucks anyway.

Andy Waltfeld: I'd like to take my previously received Made Of Win Point for the Xabungle page and forward a copy to the Unknown Troper at for not only fleshing it out further with the stuff I couldn't have picked up via Super Robot Wars adaptations, but also giving me an epic "Boomerang Ideon" pun.
WWRU: Ad Server, yet again for advertising John Mc Cain's National Security on Xanatos Gambit.
SpiriTsunami: Ad Server again, advertising the series Murder Princess on The White Prince. The irony, oh, the irony.
SpiriTsunami: To Mr Bad Axe, on Joshikousei:

Prior to 16-Apr-2009, this page had no image. Come on, TV Tropes, I thought you'd be all over this.

Thanks for fixing our mistake.

Citizen: Curses...

SpiriTsunami: In Xtreme Kool Letterz:

  • Also to be noted is Lucky Number S Levin, where the L is an upside down 7, though how we're supposed to pronounce that is anyone's guess. Lucky Number Su&# 477;&# 652;&# 477;sevin, perhaps?

Diligent coding for the win!

Kerrah: I tip my hat at whoever came up with the laconic entry for Our Presidents Are Different. I'm not usually a fan of humorous laconics, but AFAIC, this one shall remain to spread its brilliance until the end of the world.
Freezair For A Limited Time: A big round of applause for Cidolfas for taking the time to split the Video Games Of Note index and re-indexize every single game for which we currently have pages. The index! She is tidy! Bravo.

Silent Hunter: Well done!

Fast Eddie: Sweet!

Tangent 128: Extra credit for the "Weird Japanese Stuff" heading.

Cidolfas: Woo, thanks! 8-) Helped by a nice conflation of circumstances that gave me a whack of extra time at work and a recent induction to TV Tropes. I really appreciate that folks noticed.

Mr Death: One to Ri L for this, from Video Games, since I love the game, and love the book, and it fits just so damn well:

fleb: One MOW to L for giving Everything Two a detailed writeup and listing. It's like The Onion page but awesomer for being another wiki.

And another for Haven's 04/20/2009 edit/edit summary/edit summary pothole for the Drawn Together example on Opposite Day. Touché.

Haven: Always glad to hear that a logic bomb didn't turn out to be a dud.

Skarmory The PG: Whoever came up with the name of No Cure for Evil. Had me in stitches.

Sparkysharps: That would be me, horrible pun and all.

SpiriTsunami For Laconic: Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Everybody explodes into tang. Have fun figuring out why.

Rissa: I like it, but I thought we weren't doing Laconics for works?

SpiriTsunami: Well, maybe whoever made that one didn't know that—there's no name on the launching edit, only an IP address. But it's funny!

Haven: Is there something that says we can't? I know of at least one other, I can't see a reason why not, and IMO, Rule of Fun/Rule of Funny should be kept in mind on this wiki (not as the only consideration, of course).

Rissa: Just what it says on the Laconic Wiki page, 'Tropes only. Avoid series.'

Japanese Teeth: One Made Of Win for this Anvilicious Drugs Are Bad message in Translation Convention:
  • In Zero No Tsukaima, the first episode involves the lead hero falling into the heroin's world, and isn't able to understand anything they say until she accidentally uses a translation spell. In the dub, they meet and ask each other what language the other is speaking perfect English.
    • Yes, when you fall into the heroin's world, you won't be able to understand anything. Drugs Are Bad, kiddies!

It's natter-y, but it cracks me up every time I see it.

SpiriTsunami: THANK YOU! I've been waiting forever for my first!

ninjacrat: Maybe you should have spent more time improving the wiki and less time using it as your blog (as above).

Kizor: A great asset to our site though you are, he's happy, don't go spoiling it.

SpiriTsunami: Oh, come on, when I spot errors, I simply fix them probably 97% of the time. You've got to give a Deadpan Snarker a chance to shine once in awhile.

Nits: A huge Made Of Win to gfrequency for making an article to one of my favourite series of all time, Kyogoku Natsuhiko Kosetsu Hyaku Monogatari. It's like someone else besides me has seen it!

Arilou: Motto. I considered making one some time ago but I couldn't figure out how to spell the damn thing...

Haven: This bit from the Twilight Just Bugs Me page, about the possibility of a version of Twilight with Cosmic Horrors instead of vampires:
"The Thing cannot be described - there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order. A mountain walked or stumbled. The Thing of the idols, the green, sticky spawn of the stars, had awaked to claim his own. Then the sun struck him, and he burst into a shining rainbow of bright light. I noticed then that his eyes, which I had thought before were a madness-inducing swirl of darkness from beyond space, were actually a beautiful amber color. 'No', I thought, 'this perfect, beautiful doom creature can't be meant for a simple girl like me...'"

Shale: Fixed your link; it's in the JBM page, not WMG. And yes, it is awesome.

Cukeman: One to Freezair For A Limited Time and Sparky Lurkdragon for the quote on Crowning Moment of Heartwarming

Freezair For A Limited Time: D'aaaaaaw! This MOW makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Sparky Lurkdragon: You can call me Pollyana/Say I'm crazy as a loon/I believe in happy fuzzies and that's why/I am thanking you!

Haven: Gonna have to second this, after clicking the youtube link. It touched even my cold, dead heart.

Kizor: And the author of this one has been lost to the ages, but Mode Lock starts the very best possible way.
Reading Champion: One to whoever added the picture to Optional Sexual Encounter. Bow chicka bow wow indeed.

L: It is, in some respects, the only picture that could go there.

Dark Sasami: That was me. It was necessary.

Silent Hunter: To whoever added the "Backfire Raid" entry in The Ship Yard.

Malchus: Seconded. Soviet military hardware references FTW.

Curtmack: I can't possibly be the only person who lol'd at this one on Better Than It Sounds Anime:

  • Ah My Goddess: Good-natured college kid wishes that he could find a girl, finds God instead.

Citizen: Shoot, I totally guessed wrong on that one. Should have paid more attention to the "college" part.

Freezair For A Limited Time: One MOW point to whoever was responsible for the current state of the body text in Dummied Out. Now THAT is clever.

L: Someone already got that, a little further down this page!

Freezair For A Limited Time: D'oh! That's what I get for not checking properly.

Kizor: A thank-you to Bluetooth The Pirate for the name of Xenophone, a seemingly plausible and easily remembered instrument name that makes both the subject and its twist immediately clear. Few would've spotted such an obvious choice.
Maso Tey: This is old, of course, but the potholing throughout the article portion of The Seventh Guest is quite clever.
SpiriTsunami: Sadly, we cannot tally this Made of Win, as it is an Unknown Troper. To the unknown troper at, for hir creation of the gender-ambiguous possessive pronoun that I just used earlier this sentence in reference to the gender-ambiguous Vaarsuvius on What the Hell, Hero?.

Shay Guy: It's extant. Don't know who came up with it, but it's reportedly used in the transgender community.

Sikon: It's in more or less mainstream actually.

Shay Guy: I think our perspective of "mainstream" is a little distorted.

Enlong: Well, it's all over the Giant In The Playground forums.

Shay Guy: Your Honor, I rest my case.

Grev: And I counter that Peter David was using the pronoun in Star Trek New Frontier for his transgender character long before OOtS started.

Joysweeper: Yeah, it's much older than you think. First time I saw it was in a list of nongendered pronouns on Wikipedia.

Smerf: Out of curiosity, why were you looking up lists of non-gendered pronouns?

Dangermike: I first saw it used in The '70s.

Moocow1452: Made of Win for The Advertisement Server under Common Mary Sue Traits, there's a Sex And The City personality quiz at the bottom of the page.
Draga: MoW for Egak for setting up the Billy VS SNAKEMAN page. Glad to see it get some recognition.
Doug S. Machina: L, for "A Wiki Walk is a train of thought that left the track and is Riding into the Sunset." (On Wiki Walk.)

L: I take the MoW and prepare to hand it to the real author, Anti Jack... but then a mischievous expression crosses my face and I bolt in the other direction. He tries to give chase, but I have in my hand a device that locks doors after I slam them, and although he can cast Force Bolt to smash through a row of doors at once, he eventually runs out of mana and I complete my escape. The old man from Zelda charges him with multiple door repair fees, and I have the MoW melted down and sold, and live off the proceeds for about a week. And that's what I did on my summer vacation.

Anti Jack: I'll get you next time Doug S. Machina. Mark my words, Next Time!

SpiriTsunami: To nobody:

nobody: For the record, not only did I LIKE Scrappy-Doo from Scooby-Doo, but he was my favorite character, and the favorite of a lot of people I know. I hadn't a clue he was supposed to be hated until I came on tvtropes.

Malchus: Seconded. Mostly because I agree. Scrappy was a fun character for me when I saw the show as a kid. Man, I thought I was the only one.

SpiriTsunami I see my rant on how this is an example of why our serial renaming is bad ended up getting removed, though. Kind of loses the point...

ROBRAM 89: Possibly mentioned before, from Banned in China:
Rissa: This pothole in The Walrus Was Paul:

SpiriTsunami: Last line of Brother–Sister Incest, Made of Win because of the Pot Hole:

  • Porn stars Amber Lynn and Buck Adams kept the fact that they were brother and sister hidden from everyone. The secret only came out when the two of them were hired to perform in the same movie and were scheduled to do a scene together. They naturally refused.

For his relentless work on creating and editing Humongous Mecha-related articles in general, and for starting the Xabungle page in particular, whitetigah wishes to award Andy Waltfeld one Made Of Win point.

Andy Waltfeld: I wouldn't exactly call it "relentless." I just do my best work at my legitimate workplace (slow business is slow).

Guesss Who: The current picture and caption for Rule of Cool: a cover pic from Soul Music and the caption 'This article brought to you by Death playing an electric guitar on top of a mountain.'
Dragon Quest Z: To The End for the picture in Wastebasket Ball.

Haven: One to whoever came up with the beginning for the Saw article. "You see? TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life, largely by continuing to let you live it." Never thought of Jigsaw as a fellow Vigilante Taxonomist.

WWRU: Seconded. Hell, it's inspired me to do a similar opening for the Portal article.

Ouroboros: One to Black Humor, for his changes to The Toblerone page.

HeartBurn Kid: OK, it's funny and all, but it's kind of a radical restructuring, and made the page completely useless. //Later: OK, didn't notice that the original page has moved to Boisterous Bruiser. In that case, yay Black Humor.

Citizen: That page gives me cancer.

Freezair For A Limited Time: OK, I was one of the people opposed to the rename, but that is funny. Too bad my vocaulary doesn't have a "Find + Replace All" feature.

alliterator: Ahem. I was actually the one who wrote all the Dablone stuff. But that's okay, because finally having a win for both Fo RKS and SP Oo N is win enough. Also HOLY CRAP DABLONE IS COMING RUN.

Specialist290: As a new KNIVES member myself, I must heartily offer my congratulations on this compromise. (Also, one free stabbing for anyone who disagrees.)

Shadow Queen: Whoever put the caption under the picture in Demonic Possession gets a Made of Win point from me.

Rissa: Citizen. Image. Patriotic Fervor. (Also, filename.)

Ouroboros: Seconding that.

Wascally Wabbit: A huge win to everyone responsible for the The Toblerone triumph/fiasco, especially the self-demonstrating article. Its just...look at it!

Loona: praise for Man Called True for the awesome comment in WTH, Casting Agency? regarding the Chun-Li movie: "He's not playing M. Bison. M. Bison is a giant military officer. He's playing Geese Howard with the name scraped off.". Considering the treatment the one SNK live-action movie we'll see is getting, this'll have to do.

  • In Narm/Music:
-Probably the most horrific example has to be Tim Capello's "I still believe", as seen in the movie Lost Boys. It's not even the raspy-fart saxophone playing, nor that the man himself is a mulleted, unitard-wearing wrestler-lookalike

Orihime: For everyone in this part of the Bleach CMOAs:

  • The fandom at large seems slightly mixed on that one. It's considered either an incredible Crowning Moment Of Awesome or one of the biggest ass pulls of the series so far.
  • Or, for some fans, the BEST ASSPULL EVER.


That made my day, people! :D

Bookhobbit: One two whoever wrote this bit on the Cute, but Cacophonic page:
  • The Tribbles from Star Trek: ridiculously cute, but if you introduce it to a Klingon, they make an unholy racket.
    • And so do the Tribbles.

Continued in Made of Win (Early 2009).