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"My goal in life is to be the person that Mr. Rogers believed I could be."

A page about Lady Norbert, or whatever she's calling herself today. Apologies for the length of the page, but the folders will keep it from being a Wall of Text. (She talks too much.)

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     About the Troper 

     About the Author 

     Where have I heard that name before? 
People have actually heard of her and this unnerves her sometimes. If you've seen the name online before, it is almost certainly the same person, as there's only one of her and she's it. (The exceptions are Twitter, where someone else took the handle, and Instagram, which she has never used - so if you see someone using the name there, it's not her.) Most likely you would have seen her in one of the following places:

  • Fan Fiction dot Net
  • Archive of Our Own
  • Tumblr, which she joined only to discover she had an Instant Fan Club
    • Sunny Stories is the internet's only home for a very specific rare pair OTP from Dragon Age; she is the captain of this ship, and will be promoted to admiral once she gets a big enough hat.
  • In the 2010s, a Powerpoint she created about the Dark Parables series caught the attention of the games' then-developer, Eipix, who sought her permission to use it as actual social media marketing, thereby pretty much making her entire week. They interacted with her regularly on Facebook and Twitter until the franchise was sold back to Blue Tea Games, and further boosted her ego with the honorary title of "North American Vice-President of Fairytale Detection".
  • In the 2020s, she's arguably the closest thing Elephant Games has to a Big Name Fan, having won their first (and thus far only) fan fiction contest and also because she's the chief editor of their professed favorite wiki about their games.

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