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A smartassed chemistry student and veteran troper with an attitude problem and a deep obsession with fantasy, science fiction, and turn-based role-playing games. She has a long list of favorite things which tends to morph and expand a great deal over time, including a particularly giddy and fangirlish love of Darker Than Black (she's responsible for about half the entries about it on this wiki, in fact) and Radiant Historia.


She will practically liveblog things she's reading/playing/watching by adding tropes to their relevant pages as she goes along, and often has to fight the urge to Sink Hole everything she writes. Including things not on this wiki. She drops references everywhere, especially to Discworld and The Dresden Files, owns two copies of Issola, and has nonplussed a couple of English professors by treating pop culture in exactly the same manner she treats classic literature.

Likes snark, fire, chocolate, and stories with twists she didn't see coming but which make sense in retrospect. Dislikes Hollywood Evolution, Hollywood Science, Idiot Plots, and Eragon. She also Hates Being Touched, and Forgets to Eat on such a regular basis that she once passed out in lab from low blood sugar.

She is the proud possessor of a set of real-life Femme Fatalons, a crooked-printed "Vigilante Taxonomist" t-shirt, and a Hero of Void hoodie from Homestuck, despite the fact that she's obviously a Hero of Light.


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