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Mr. Death (MD for short) is a would-be video game journalist, writer, Flash animator, and all around internet/video game geek. He is one of the few people to actually finish a sprite comic, called "Burning Stickman Presents...Something!" and clearly stinks at coming up with names and titles.

He's into sci fi and fantasy books, movies, and video games. He seems to be fighting a neverending battle in defense of the Sword Of Truth series singlehandedly, is apparently one of the few people who enjoys Dominic Deegan unironically, and will fight tooth and nail to keep bitching and whining off the wiki, even for works he's never seen.

His pet peeves include people posting with emoticons, inappropriate exclamation points, and showing disregard for decent sentence structure.

Most recently, he has published fantasy two books written during NaNoWriMo, Brothers of the Curled Isles and Spectres in the Dark, and has been begging people to buy them on or ever since.

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