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- I came to this world a badass, on a dark and stormy night, under the watchful eyes of a million burning hells. I quickly found that I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the red string of fate, and melancholy melodrama overtook my cloudy sensibilities.
- I am an ambiguously existent simulation in the dream of Zhuangzi's butterfly, a stringed puppet guided by Laplace's demon, the sum of however many eyes Sartre's dice roll. And Sartre doesn't roll twenties.
- I am the end product of eons of predetermined chances, in an sincerer world an abortion, a deception living by the grace of my father's lies.
- I am an electrical accident, a car crash across the international superhighway of digital code.
- I am the last man, standing on a mountaintop, realising there's nothing to do here.
- I am nothing good, nothing evil, nothing special and nothing banal.
- I simply am.
- Thus Spoke Odin.


"Amen, hallelujah, peanut butter."
Dutch – Black Lagoon


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