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You say there's no such thing as love
There's nothing but the carrot and the stick;
But I say flowers bloom because they don't believe in death.

You say you never want to be a slave
To anyone at all; I say that means the slave will be
Whoever stands by your side.
— Translated lyrics from a song by Nautilus Pompilius. My signature on sites with a bigger character limit.

I'm one of those people who never quite is anything. Anytime I try to say that I'm something, I'm confronted with a reason why I only partially qualify as that thing.


To date, I am the only person to have won more than one of the TV Tropes Writing Contests, a fact about which I am immensely pleased.

I have been told that if Blackmoon is the Crowning Troper of Horny, I am the Crowning Troper of Furry. I'm not exactly a furry (see first sentence), and I have decidedly mixed feelings towards the Furry Fandom, but I'll take the title as a compliment.

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    Pages I've started 

    Stuff I've written (check it out, some of it's cool) 
Fuck yeah, awesome
Melloncollie, on Eternal

Made me d'aww, and I do that most rarely
Morgulion, on Eternal

I shall go Redacted in the shower
The Dead Mans Life, on The Silent Girl

As best I can tell, I have one of the larger audiences among Troper Works (nothing compared to, say, Zaratustra or Dmmaus, but still, 15k readers for one story is nothing to sneeze at.) To introduce my work, I'll start off with The Young Redeemer, my winning entry for the fifth writing contest.

Unfortunately, most of the rest of my work is NSFW (albeit on the artsy side.) Eternal is my personal favorite of my works, and others can be found on my user page on the linked site.

I had a huge list of tropes here, but it got too unwieldy. Suffice it to say that most of what I write can be classified as fantasy, romance, or paranormal romance.


    The folder for unused usernames 
Some people think of good names for rock bands; I keep thinking of usernames. Unless I lead a mass invasion of sock puppets, I'll probably never use them, so I'll just list them here. (If you're not currently known, and any of them strikes your fancy, I'd be honored to see them used.)
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