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Notable for trying to hamfist in Real Life examples of the most unlikely tropes: Eye Beams, for instance, as well as Floating Continent, The Worm That Walks, Conqueror from the Future, and oddly enough, Fourth-Wall Observer.

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Coined the term Nose Yodeling; Conceived and launched:

A writer, graphic artist, and humorist by trade, political philosopher by education, and hobo by temperament, he can usually be found nitpicking your Avatar The Last Airbender entry.

Oh, and if you're looking for something about the actual Dorian Mode, that is, the musical thingy, I don't think we have that. But here's the quick version: You hear a lot of songs in Major and Minor keys in Western Music. Major is the happy ones, Minor is the sad ones. The intervals for a major key are Step, Step, Half Step, Step, Step, Step, Half Step (think Do-Re-Mi etc) and for Minor its Step, Half Step, Step, Step, Half Step, Step, Step. Dorian Mode is like that, but slightly different: Step, Half Step, Step, Step, Step, Half Step, Step. It starts the same as the Minor Key but sort of "emerges" from it, sounding less "mournful" and more "resolute." (It's similar to the Pentatonic Blues scale: Step and a Half, Step, Half Step and Half Step if you want to be wacky otherwise Step, Step and a Half, Step). The following songs are in Dorian Mode:



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