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Hi there.

Two things to make clear before you proceed any further.

  1. If you think I've insulted you, think again. I did that in good will. That is perfectly okay from anyone towards anyone, because it is just expressing opinions. I do not, in fact, hold any grudge and neither should you. If I actually think someone's stupid, I post a rant that proves so.
  2. My nickname is not Animatep. It's Aminatep, people. Different etymology. No relation to animation.

Okay, so.
I know you're reading this instead of doing something actually useful.

I'm a young Web junkie from Russia. If there's a trope about science fiction, videogame conventions, religion or Russia, I absolutely surely added something there, assuming that I didn't launch it personally.

My accomplishments on this very website:

Getting my nickname shortened to Ammy.
Getting a banlift due to usefulness.
My page being edited by Fast Eddie personally.
Writing a lot of trope pages

    As seen below 
Creating numerous, numerous laconic pages, picking a bunch of page quotes and images, fixing typos, moving subjective tropes.

    List of tropes applicable to me: 
Yeah, that's completely right. *beat* No, wait. You are retarded.
Come on! Oh, really? REALLY?!
What is this... sorcery?
It's fast-track to insanity. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts!
X makes everything better. EVERYTHING.
Jesus Christ, vampire hunter!
I'm just Saiyan.
... in any way, shape or form.
Because I am better than you.

Things I like and Entry Pimp:

If you want to add something, do it after this line. Pleeeease!

3.107934,101.684364 -aRIS

Well, if it isn't my favorite troper! -Akaso Rekaso

I like you, never give up! -Korodzik

I like tacos! -raigakuren