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This page is intended to allow our various tropers to add made up lines, edits, and entries made by other tropers that they feel are horrible examples of how to do the job.

Again, these are all not real, and should look like something that's made up. No need to start actually flaming anyone, since that kind of problem should just be corrected. Just tell us the worst things you think another troper has never done.

Compare/Contrast Made of Win.

ARandomPage: I nominate whoever placed SO MANY typos, punctation errors, indentation errors, and alphabetization errors in The Problem with Pen Island (now split into subpages, thankfully)! I can't stand simple errors like these! It's almost enough to start a Short Term Projects page!... almost...
idonom: I nominate myself for accidentally putting my whole lab report in So Bad, It's Horrible (which perfectly describes its quality, to be honest). That'll teach me to not trope during school. Which I'll start doing tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or maybe next week. Or next month.
Tomodachi: I nominate whoever was responsible for creating the Eyeshield 21 tropes manga. It was nice and pretty, but since its inception in 2011 they forgot a tiny little insignificant detail: to credit the authors!
Five-seveN-25: I nominate myself for attempting to put Mortal Kombat 11 on the Video Game Generations: Seventh Onwards part of the So Bad, It's Horrible page, all because the game wouldn't stop crashing.
Zarbi Nerada: I nominate whoever made both versions of The Golden Rule joint page quotes for Omnicidal Maniac
Papyru 30: I nominate myself for adding a FiveBadBand Five-Man Band hybrid with over 14 members to Undertale and then starting an Edit War over it that got me banned. Check out the game's discussion page to see it.
MattBen789: I nominate everyone who has said a trope was taken up to eleven when it was merely an Exaggerated Trope. I also nominate everyone who abused the term "invoked" when the trope was being Played Straight, Played for Laughs, intended, or even lampshaded. Third, I nominate myself for putting in an entry that people have actually done on TV Tropes.
TheWildWestPyro: I nominate a certain troper that deleted my entire WMG theory for who The Stranger was on Tales from the Borderlands... without any reason whatsoever. At least give a reason WHY!
TheWildWestPyro: I nominate myself for daring to mock Fast Eddie when I was just an inexperienced troper on the Wall Will Fall ARG forums after he thumped all my posts. I was an angry fool at the time and did not consider my actions. Lesson Learned: NEVER mock the admins. EVER.
Rothul: I nominate the Made of Win page for being a victim of its own success.
Elbruno: I nominate myself for almost making the TVTropes servers explode in The Fast One's face by accidentally making Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty redirect to itself while fixing its namespace. Fortunately, there were no lasting side effects. I need scissors. 61.
Aminatep: I nominate myself for forgetting to Entry Pimp my freshly launched tropes. Also, for adding "Real life: averted" in Reality Is Unrealistic two years ago.
Dryunya: One for the jerk who has written the Yume Nikki ending in its subpage. When I searched for it, the fucking ending was shown in the search results!
Also, one for the Made Of Lose, because the opposite of Made of Win should be Made Of Fail. Amirite?
Doug S Machina: This quote from Ascended Extra doesn't really fit on Made of Win, but it's funny enough for an award:
Barney, [of Half-Life] is more of a Mauve Shirt however.
** Barney has become more of a Blue Shirt, considering you played him all through Blue Shift.
*** *facepalm*

Angrbar: For the entire wiki, for not correcting a typo I made on the Ikea Erotica page 18 months ago. Was it so difficult to remove one extra quotation mark?

Draco 234: You're welcome.

Ghost Lad: I'd leekto give a Made Of Loose to Unknown Tarper four remaken My Immortal into a Slef Demenstraidting Article by miss spelling every singed wood. I thick you brook my brian!
Some Sort Of Troper: One Made Of Lose to Korgmeister for having a handle that's just too long. Honestly, it's just ridiculous.
Callsign Echo: One to me for being a Serial Tweaker. The truth is I can't help myself, and if you ever let me out of here, I'll do it again.
SpiriTsunami: To whoever came up with the word "leitmotives", which looks like a bizarre portmanteau. Based on the context, it appears that only the second word was actually intended.

Actually, nix the Made Of Lose—the mental image of a musical motive is funny enough that it turns into a backdoor accidental Made of Win.

Dragon Quest Z: To Janitor, for being only really mighty instead of almighty. What a Missed Moment of Awesome.

Some Sort Of Troper: Seconded. She doesn't even manage Mighty Whitey properly.

macroscopic: One MoL to Dragon Quest Z for replacing the page image for But Thou Must! with a photo of his own butt. Seriously, dude, I did not need to know you were that hairy.

Dragon Quest Z: Are you blind? That was a photo of my... actually You Do Not Want To Know.

Killer Clowns: As another already has, I give myself a Made Of Lose for any and all acts of participation in Troper Tales. I should know better, but I am weak, and the call of self-fellation and/or self-deprecation are strong indeed. Especially since the Self-Deprecation is mostly motivated by my pride in my humility, and a desire to be Humbler Than Thou. Now that I think about it, giving myself this Made Of Lose is another product of that same "humbler than thou" thing. Including both the previous sentence and this one.

Hydro Globus: A Made Of Lose to the many tropers who keep abusing MoW and give free hugs to any newly-added sentence that either contains truth or is a little amusing.

Tropers/Yendor: Seconded. Hugs don't grow on trees, you know. Why do you think they have to get them from hippies?

Malchus: Hippies, however, do grow on trees. It's a scientific fact.

Yarrunmace: I nominate Schizo Technician for correcting an error in a page I wrote 2 minutes after completion (Sesquipedalian Smith for the Playing With Wiki)...but doing it wrong (he used an example of inversion for the parody entry, and he referenced Monty Python in the example, which you're not supposed to do in the Playing With Wiki)
Arutema: I nominate whoever keeps insisting we refer to Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty as "the fourth Metal Gear game" and not "the second Metal Gear Solid game". Both are right! The same thing goes for MGS3 and MGS4.

Document N: Isn't it like the sixth or seventh Metal Gear game? Metal Gear, Snake's Revenge, MG2, MGS, VR Missions, Ghost Babel, MGS2.

Tropers/Arutema: That's even more why it's Made Of Lose!

Niel Jacoby: Whatever douche fucked up the font.
Unknown Troper: I think I'll nominate the Troper who put some Linux or something on the Unusual Euphemism (TroperTales) page by trying to type in kana within a pothole. Oh, and Adbot, I already gave you an Ad of Lose. But there was also an Ad of Win. So there.
Excel-2009. I'll have to put in a vote for myself for not being aware that having hyphens in the name makes the name in the forum appear incorrectly. I also had to create a redirect for my contributor's page, so my history of edits doesn't exist.
Primo Victoria: Myself for being an idiot.

Kriegsmesser: You, for being an idiot.

SAMAS: ^ Those two, ^ for being idiots.

Excel-2010: Me for not being an idiot.

Biffbiffley: Me for responding to this like an idiot.

MetalGear100: Me, for being surrounded by idiots.

The Road: The matrix just imploded.

Troper 12333: ^The people above,^ for imploding the Matrix.

Haven: One Made Of Lose The Game point to everyone reading this.

Master Hand: Nominating you for that, asshole.

Eriksson: The ambassador from Uncyclopedia has something to say about this development...

32_Footsteps: Heck, you might want to take a Made Of Lose point yourself. Some of us have figured out how to win The Game, and you'll never make us lose, no matter how hard you try. Neener.

Inkblot: I'd like to nominate myself, just so I can satisfy my inner masochist.

Somfin: Denied. You must do something wrong before you can properly deserve this. No, wait- you did, you nominated yourself without deserving it- wait, but that means you can't get one- but you should- but you- you- argh. Fine. Have it.

Be: I'd like to nominate myself. Most crusaders for a greater cause were mocked in their own lifetimes - maybe, once the site takes over the world and the idiocy about Haruhi and Time Lords is consigned the annals of history, society will remember me as a brave rebel standing tall in the face of joke regurgitation that would make Dane Cook cringe. I'm totally striking a heroic pose.
Justyn: One to Caphi for ruining the Batman-in-every-category joke on Grappling-Hook Pistol.
Gumbal 1: Me for having a stupid name.
alliterator: I nominate Fast Eddie for making that crowner poll asking "Have you stopped beating your wife? Yes/No." I mean, come on, beating your wife? Isn't that like keying your own car?
Cliché: I nominate myself for participating in Troper Tales. An extra demerit for the Epic Fail and yet another demerit for putting myself on here as this is an example of Small Name, Big Ego.
Dragon Quest Z: I give a lose point to Fast Eddie for cutting the page on how to stalk and drug a cheerleader. It's called Useful Notes for a reason. Talk about a killjoy.
Dragon Quest Z: I nominate a lose point to Meta Four for once having an avatar of a naked Antimony and a Tentacle Monster. Those were the most disturbing 100x100 pixels I have ever seen.
Dragon Quest Z: A big made of lose to Dragon Quest Z for breaking into ladies houses and forcing them at gunpoint to wear Pimped Out Dresses. We know you started the trope as Lord TNK, and we know you really like fancy dresses, but that's taking Entry Pimping too far (no pun intended).
Vampire Buddha: Major lose point to Fawriel for what he did to RuthieA. Dude, Not Funny!, and my back still hurts. Also, the wolves and the snakes aren't working as intended.
Number 87: I nominate myself, for prematurely launching this YKTTW as "Made of Flail".
Dragon Quest Z: Lose to Dark Sasami for using Wiki Magic Spells for evil. The Trope Pantheon is not pleased.
Shadow Queen I nominate myself for being unable to get the caption to work in Nightmare Fuel.
Komodin: I nominate Matrix for killing my lovely pet Komodo Dragons with his stupid cats. Dude, you went too far.
Zarian: I nominate whichever admin deleted the Crowning Music Of Awesome Comic Books page. I mean, come on! There was so much great stuff there!
Scarecrow: I nominate myself, who completely missed the point about the Fan Haters article and put an unrelated example these. TOTALLY OUT OF LINE, MAN. TOTALLY. How DARE I do something like that!
Yon Troper: I nominate Fast Eddie for starting this wiki, because it will ruin your life.
Sapphire Flame: I nominate myself for putting a thinly-disguised advertisement for my RP site a long time ago. I'm so sorry.
Crion 87: A big fat Made Of Lose point to me for not logging on with my name.

Tropers/W4: One point for me as well. I logged in with my name, but I'm too lazy to create my own page. Considering that I come to this site to goof off, that means I'm too lazy to procrastinate.

Zets Uboa: I nominate myself for using TV Tropes to send all of San Antonio into a dreamlike state thereby enabling me to steal all their money. I'm really sorry, guys, and it won't happen again. Especially not to San Jose, too.
jcruz: I nominate myself for abusing spoiler tags. well, I just can't help it. Also for making a particularly annoying Overly Long Gag in one of the pages. Also, for switching my name back and forth.
Iluvtvtropes: A special mention for being the very incarnation of Made of Lose, all the way down to his corny user name. This entry has been brought to you by Iluvtvtropes
Crion87: Two Made Of Lose points directed right for this troper's rear end, trying as he might to add a 'hot-tip' thing into a joke, canned the entire joke out of fear of Poe's Law...
Ronin BK: I nominate myself for succumbing to the will of my new Dark Lord and Master by creating an account and starting to edit pages...
mougel: I nominate myself for overreacting in the Jurassic Park Headscratchers in the entry accusing another troper of being hostile.
Accel Synchro: I nominate TV Tropes itself for obvious reasons.
Blue Chameleon: I nominate myself for trying to turn Kansas City Shuffle into a Self-Demonstrating Article.
dzamie: I nominate everyone on this page for not being platypuses.
guyy: I nominate myself, because all the cool kids are doing it and self-nominating for that reason is especially fail-worthy. Also because his name is a three-letter word that's spelled wrong and has too many letters.
bjbitt: I nominate myself for an entry on the now non-existent Teens Are Monsters Troper Tales page.
Final Starman: I nominate myself for not deciding which troper to nominate.
Flash Gaze: I nominate myself for not having enough of a life to go somewhere else. Also because even the people with a life are doing it. And besides, my name is so uncreative my entire existence on TV Tropes is Made Of Lose.
Belfagor: I nominate myself for failing to realize how many experts of history and politics write on this site.
Stong Radd: I nominate myself for not regularly updating my page more often. Hopefully, this will be a reminder to myself, assuming that I check this page in the future.
Bengson26: I nominate myself for sending my old troper page to the cut list. A Tally For The Masochistic:
Bastard1: I nominate everyone in the entire world for not nominating me, whom I also nominate. I would also like to nominate TV Tropes as a whole (it being a part of the aforementioned "everyone" descriptor is a point of debate) for it failing to get my name right on certain pages. EDIT: I nominate myself again for forgetting to add a linebreak the first time around. (Unrelatedly, I also nominate this chocolate orange as the greatest snack ever.)
As For My Handle: I nominate myself for starting an Edit War on Villainous Crush, trying to replace the page image on Creator.Morgan Freeman, and not adding this entry to the bottom of the page.
Morphin Brony: I nominate myself for being unwilling to believe that TV Tropes could ruin my life.
Mickoonsley 19: I nominate the person who used the Blog/ namespace to blog about their own lives.
White Chedda Pikachu: I nominate whoever keeps trying to make all the YMMV into actual tropes because they believe they're facts.
Curled Up With Dakka: I nominate those that nitpick about indentation when it works the way it is.

@Aspie Fangirl 1984: I nominate this wiki for taking down the Troper Tales pages, which can only be viewed via the internet archive now. I also nominate the person who put Ghostbusters: Afterlife on the Worse Than It Sounds page, despite it not having come out as of this writing.

Tropers/jacksonk987: A big fat Made of Lose to The Other Wiki for categorizing us under "Terrorist Organizations". Also to Aegis P for deleting our very first trope page, Gilligan Cut. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.
Tropers/Liechtraum: I nominate myself for making my username a stupid portmanteau, and several more lose points for cringe I've made years ago. I'm still haunted to this day...
  • Nominating myself again, because SOMEONE decided it would be a good idea to edit the Playing With pages while sleep deprived and on a sugar-powered Bullet Time.

Alternative Title(s): Made Of Win