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Alright. He started up Storyboarding the Apocalypse, Out-of-Clothes Experience, and is indirectly responsible for Too Powerful to Live, having kicked it off under the working title of "Bigger Bad"; appropriately enough, it turned into a sprawling mess. (In retrospect, he was thinking of something closer to Eviler than Thou. Oops.) Also co-wrote the page for Action 52. Has, as the aforementioned pages attest, a general tendency to create ykttws that build huge amounts of replies before being launched.


Since having his life ruined by TV Tropes as advertised and become increasingly edgy about categorizing and giving names to all the tropes he sees and hopes to use himself (he seems to consider it "cheating", somehow), he has slowed down his contributions considerably and vowed not to casually skim the wiki anymore for fear of its effects on his brain as well as its time-wasting potential. We'll see how that turns out.

Any references to Birdman you see were probably written by this editor. It is his personal belief that "F.E.A.R." stands for "Finagle Everything And Run." Of course, he also believes that the infamous "forty cakes" scene from the Super-Dictionary is canon, so it may be advisable to take that with a grain of salt.

For a good few years, Caswin could be reached on AIM as "sirCaswin". He can, however, be reached on deviantART or, indeed, This Very Wiki. (Yes, he would have taken that "sir" out in a minute if he could. It's a years-old reference to an old character. Long story.)


Forward all mail to Cas Warner.