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When a nice, normal character suddenly goes into a rage over a seemingly minor issue, you've hit their Berserk Button.

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    Dragon Age 
  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    • Do not take Sten's sword, which he considers his very soul. You and everyone within reach will die.
    • Do not speak of Orlais in anything but the most hostile terms around Loghain, much less do anything that might mean letting Orlesians into Ferelden again. This guy is so hung up about the Orlesians because of his experience during the occupation that it is by far his biggest character flaw.
    • Don't be disrespectful to the Lady of the Forest around Witherfang.
    • Do not defile the Urn of Sacred Ashes around Wynne or an unhardened Leliana if you don't want them to turn against you. If you've hardened Leliana, she can be intimidated; otherwise you will have to kill her.
  • Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening:
    • Don't touch Oghren's junk and expect to live.
  • Dragon Age II:
    • Do not call Fenris a slave unless you wish to see your innards up close and in person.
    • Never, ever point out that Hawke is more capable than Carver. He isn't likely to take it well.
    • Don't suggest leniency with the mages to Meredith. All that remains of you will be a reddish smear on the wall.
    • Also don't take a Qunari holy relic, if you don't want them to spend a decade looking for you and, when they don't find you, take over the city you're in.
      The Arishok: Fixing your mess is not the demand of the Qun, and you should all be grateful!
    • And finally, don't you dare suggest that blood magic is inherently evil in front of Merrill. She'll make frowny faces.

    The Elder Scrolls 
  • The Elder Scrolls
    "No! You're supposed to say yes! You're supposed to say: Yes, beautiful Azura, I would gladly murder at the snap of your ivory fingers. Boor! Bigot! Barbarian! Now, I must go before I forget that I am a lady and say something that I'll regret."
    • Skyrim:
      • Calling a Nord a "milk-drinker" is something not recommended unless you want a fight. Really, doing anything that questions a Nord's honor, no matter how small, will invoke this response.
      • The outlawing of the worship of Talos has a lot of Skyrim's people up in arms, especially given the Thalmor's penchant for dragging people off in the middle of the night just for doing this.
      • Thalmor are a very special Berserk Button for the Stormcloaks, and for their leader Ulfric, Elenwen in particular. Not only is she the First Emissary and Ambassador for the Thalmor in Skyrim and thus their "chief Talos hunter", but Elenwen was also Ulfric's interrogator during his captivity in the Great War; it is implied that Ulfric was tortured and led to believe that the information he had given up had led to the fall of the Imperial City (when in truth the city had already long fallen). In "Season Unending", he kicks off at the fact Elenwen is there and is prepared to walk right away unless she leave the negotiations: if you elect to kick Elenwen out of the negotiations, it counts as a major concession to the Stormcloak side and Ulfric will be up to concede a minor hold to the Empire in exchange for it. In other words, Ulfric hates Elenwen so much that he will happily give up strategic territory in a war just so he doesn't have to be in the same room with her.
      • Getting too close to a giant or messing with its mammoths is a very good way to get yourself sent into low orbit.
      • When met in Sovngarde, Tsun, the old Nordic god of "trials against adversity" and shield-thane of Shor, will be much more hostile to a Player Character who seeks entry to the Hall of Valor by declaring themselves to be a Nightingale or the Listener, neither of which are professions associated with honorable combat.
      • Do not mess with the shrines of Meridia, the Daedric Prince associated with Life Energy, Light, and Beauty. A necromancer has to find this out the hard way in her Daedric quest.
      • The only observed thing that pisses Hermaeus Mora off outright is trying to hide information from him, if it's of even passing interest; his usual politeness ends there, and he will kill you even for some data that would barely interest even a dedicated historian. When he kills Miraak, it's implied the actual plot to betray him didn't bother him, it was thinking he could hide the plot from him in his own realm that got his tentacles in a twist.
    • In Online, Meridia shows once again that you should not mess with her shrines. A group of Ayleids built a city above one of her shrines. She responded by destroying it with roots, burying it and all who lived there beneath the ground. Remember, she is typically considered one of the good Daedra...
    • In the series' backstory, Pelinal Whitestrake, the legendary hero of mankind/racist berserker, is believed to have been a Shezarrine, physical incarnations of the spirit of the "dead" creator god Lorkhan (known to the Imperials as "Shezarr"). However, suggesting that Pelinal is a god, or an aspect of a god, or divine in any way, or making any mention of what he considers "god-logic", is not advisable. One Nedic soldier who suggested this to him was "smothered by moths" in his sleep.

    Final Fantasy 
  • Final Fantasy VI: Locke goes nuts whenever someone calls him a thief. He prefers to be known as a "treasure hunter."
  • Final Fantasy VII: Cid's pretty protective of his toys, such as the Tiny Bronco and the Highwind. He's also extremely upset about Shinra's decision to cancel its space program.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake: Cloud's personality undergoes a radical shift anytime Sephiroth enters the picture; going from cold and aloof to alarmed, terrified, disbelieving, and wrathful. His first response is to attack Sephiroth on sight, usually screaming at the top of his lungs (and often to little effect).
    Cloud: Sephiroth?! You bastard!!
  • Final Fantasy X:
    • Machina and Al Bhed are initially Berserk Buttons for Wakka — using machina or being of Al Bhed heritage was a good way to get yourself on his bad side. He does mellow out about it later on in the game though. Also, DON'T talk about Chappu in front of Lulu.
    • Rikku apparently can't stand people who just blindly follow Yevon's teachings without thinking for themselves, as shown when she chews Wakka out for it shortly after her (proper) introduction. Also, hurting Yuna is a good way to get her mad.
    • Even Yuna has one, though it depends somewhat on interpretation — don't say the summoner's pilgrimage is useless or that there's no point to it. Even though she didn't get that angry when it was mentioned, that could just be because it was Tidus who said it — the implication is that if it had been anyone else, Yuna's reaction would have been a bit more severe. Also, NEVER insult her guardians.

    The Legend of Zelda 

    Mass Effect 
  • Mass Effect:
    • Do not open a mass relay without knowing where it leads first. The Council... frowns upon such shenanigans.
    • Did you break the law in front of Samara? You're in for a world of pain.
    • Don't imply to Zaeed Massani that his vengeance-turned-obsession against Vido Santiago is a mere grudge. He will flip his shit. Also, if you deny him that vengeance...he doesn't take it well, to say the least. Vido, in general, is one big red button to him.
    • Liara hits the Shadow Broker's Berserk Button by speculating that he was taken from his homeworld by a trophy hunter who wanted a slave...or a pet.
      • A text file from the previous Broker reveals that this is a weakness shared by the rest of its species: when calm, they are terrifying and calculating. When angry, they become mindless berserkers that, while still formidable, are easier to bring down.
    • You may also wish to avoid even suggesting that Grunt is not a true krogan, unless you like walking around without a head.
    • Krogan in general - if hurt badly enough, their secondary nervous system kicks in. According to Grunt, higher mental functions like "restraint" and "taking cover" don't always translate well.
    • In the Citadel DLC, Shepard frowns upon those who would belittle their friends, steal their ship, or god forbid try to send their poor pet hamster to an animal shelter for "proper disposal"!
      Shepard: "(S)He messed with my hamster, guys. Now It's Personal."

    Sonic the Hedgehog 
  • Sonic's berserk button is calling him a rat. Erazor Djinn pushed it in Sonic and the Secret Rings and... yeah... let's just say Erazor probably wishes he was dead right now.
  • Knuckles is often considered to have a Hair-Trigger Temper. However, the one thing that will REALLY get him furious is if you even think about touching the master emerald let alone steal it from under his nose.
  • Rouge found out the hard way that Tails does not like it when people flirt with him.
  • Do not tell Amy Rose that Sonic doesn't feel the same way about her or that she doesn't have a snowball's chance with him, unless you want a hammer to the head.
    • Not even the object of her affections himself is safe from this.
  • Infinite from Sonic Forces does NOT like being called weak! 'Episode Shadow' reveals that, after a humiliating defeat at the hands of the titular hedgehog, Shadow rubs salt in the wounds by telling him how pathetic he is. This drives Infinite to insanity and is what causes him to go From Nobody to Nightmare.

Other examples:

  • Akanesasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau: Mistake Yui Shōsetsu for a woman and he flies into a shrieking rage. The fact he looks oh so very much like a lady doesn't help.
    • Likewise, Soga no Umako will only get angry when he is called an old man.
  • Alpha Protocol:
    • Steven Heck's a pretty fun guy, and plenty friendly for a highly talented super-spy. Still, don't call him "Steve". He'll set you on fire. After cutting off some of your fingers. Yeah, fun guy, not sane. And for god's sake don't make him think you took his keys. Even if you didn't do it, he'll tie you up, beat the crap out of you, possibly make you drink laundry detergent, and then when that's not enough, he might decide to implicate you in the assassination of a world leader to take heat off another he may like more. Poor Wen.
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    • Conrad Marburg despises unprofessionalism. By taking advantage of this (and doing some research) Mike can actually goad Marburg into fighting to the death rather than simply retreating.
    • Albatross is quite sensitive about anything to do with his bodyguard Sis. Asking questions will tick him off.
  • Do not touch the eggs of the Angry Birds unless you want to find out why they have the name.
  • Hit the reset button on a game of Animal Crossing? Expect to be visited by a mole named Mr. Resetti who proceeds to give you an angry talking to. Hitting the reset button is his berserk button.
  • Asura from Asura's Wrath has a few of these. He does not take kindly to being called a god or worshipped like one, mainly because of the behavior of the "gods" he is trying to take down, who betrayed him, murdered his wife Durga, kidnapped his daughter Mithra, and make a habit of harvesting Mantra from innocent humans by killing them.
  • In Backyard Sports, Maria Luna says she is like this whenever Kimmy Eckman destroys her pony dolls.
  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Haggard flips out when their Blackhawk pilot mentions being a pacifist. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Baldur's Gate: Do not injure or threaten Minsc's witch (Dynaheir in the first game, Aerie or Nalia in the second). The guy already isn't very stable to begin with but doing so will send him completely off the hook.
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine:
    • "Bendy" doesn't take kindly to his cut-outs being destroyed.
      Alice: Ah, now that was fun! Oh! But I forgot to mention... he hates it when I do that. I would hide if I were you.
    • Bertrum Piedmont was not amused when Joey Drew referred to him as "Bertie."
  • BioShock:
    • Sander Cohen has a few of these buttons. Harm his art, interrupt his music, even doubt him (or, as the player found, be suspected of doubting him) and you better be ready for a face full of fire. Even before he went (completely) crazy, he used his connection to Andrew Ryan to have the police secretly kill Anna Culpepper just because she criticized his music.
    • Dr. Steinman will horrifically mutilate you if you don't fit his standard of beauty. Which pretty much no one does, since his standard of beauty is the works of Pablo Picasso.
  • Borderlands series
    • Top on the list of things that piss off Mister Torgue: dissing video games that he likes (and if you give it an average score and then say it sucks, God help you), laser weapons (they don't explode, ergo, they are a travesty), and misogyny (as he puts it, nothing is more badass than treating a woman with respect).
    • Do not give Tiny Tina oatmeal raisin cookies. People will die.
    • Headshots are the most common way to finish off enemies. But shooting off a Goliath's helmet will cause him to flip the fuck out and become a berserker who gets more powerful the more of his fellow bad guys he kills on his way to you.
  • Dr. Neurosis from Brain Dead 13. Don't call him "average." Just don't.
  • Bully
    • Don't call Gary boring. While he doesn't completely flip his shit, he still overreacts.
  • In Call of Duty: Black Ops, don't mention Dragovich, Steiner, or Krevchenko anywhere within fifty feet of Alex Mason. Especially if you ARE Dragovich, Steiner, or Kravchenko. He WILL kill you.
  • In the Command & Conquer games, if you so much as lay a finger on the AI's resource harvesters, you'll find yourself at the receiving end of a massive all-out attack by the computer's forces. The AI doesn't mind if you kill its harvesters with air or naval units, or landmines though.
  • Cuphead: Don't make King Dice lose a bet against you, or he will pull you through a Boss Bonanza in an effort to defeat you.
  • Jin Saotome from Cyberbots (& Marvel vs. Capcom) goes into a rage if his opponents mention his dead father.
  • Darkest Dungeon: If you're fighting the Swine King, don't touch his assistant Wilbur as tempting as that may be. Hurt him, and he will smash your entire party at once. Kill him, and he will go so utterly berserk you will be bound for a Total Party Kill. In the Crimson Court DLC, chopping down the Fanatic's pyre has a similar effect, replacing the attack he usually uses to tie up someone and burn them to smack your whole party with Fury of the Righteous; the rest of his attacks, already painful on their own, proceed as normal.
  • Dark Souls 1:
    • Mortals trespassing on the symbolic tomb of Gwyn and breaking the illusion of his sister Gwynevere are one for Gwyndolin, according to the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring, Gwyndolin, all too aware of his repulsive, frail appearance, created the illusion of a sister Gwynevere, who helps him guard over Anor Londo. An unmasking of these deities would be tantamount to blasphemy.
  • Dark Souls 2:
    • Grave Warden Agdayne is for the most part personable and friendly to anyone who visits the Undead Crypt... unless they bring a torch. Agdayne hates light because it disturbs the rest of the dead, and he takes his job as caretaker of the Crypt, as well as the dead souls resting within it, very seriously.
    • The Fume Knight, also known as Sir Raime, is normally a two-stage boss battle: he wields a normal sword in his off hand in addition to his gigantic greatsword, and after losing some health he will get serious and start wielding the greatsword alone while powered up with dark flames. However, if you enter the fight wearing any of Velstadt's equipment, Raime will attack with full force from the get-go. Players who pay attention to the lore will know why: the two used to be partners and comrades, but when Raime dared to suggest that Vendrick was taking actions that were dangerous to the kingdom (which he was), Velstadt fought and exiled Raime rather than hear any word against his King.
  • Dead Rising 2:
    • The mentally handicapped tiger trainer Ted takes great offense to being called "slow". Note that simply using the word "slow" around him in any context is enough to make him think you're calling him that. Reminder that he has a trained tiger at his command.
    • Postal worker Carl Schliff takes his job seriously. So seriously that when he realizes he's talking to Chuck Greene, who the media has blamed for causing the zombie outbreak, he tries to murder Chuck with a shotgun and mail bombs because the zombie outbreak ruined his perfect mail delivery record. In Off the Record, he's even worse, trying to kill Frank just because he signed for a package that wasn't intended for him (which he was perfectly willing to let Chuck do).
  • Devil May Cry 4 has Agnus, who runs a secret underground lab beneath the Order's HQ. He does NOT take kindly to Nero calling the place a hellhole, or with him making fun of his stutter, and both acts get him mad enough to send the Gladii after him in one of the more annoying boss battles in the game.
  • Digital Devil Saga:
  • Persona 3's and 4's Bonus Bosses Elizabeth and Margaret carry on the tradition, killing you dead on the spot with a 9999-damage Megidolaon if you have a Persona with any sort of immunity.
  • Disgaea:
    • Flonne, while usually the Love Freak, is unusually loud when someone points out that she's flat. But the closest she actually came to Berserk was when an Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! called her a villainess: She immediately went from "let's talk" to "let's kick his sorry butt".
    • That being said, when Etna's assets (or rather, her lack of them) are pointed out, she tends to go right past "loud" and straight to "murderously violent." Rozalin got to learn this the hard way.
    • If you think calling Etna flat is a bad idea, then steal one of her desserts. If Etna finds out you were responsible and her prinnies don't get you first, you will wish you called her flat instead.
    • DON'T call Laharl "kind" or anything similar, and don't mess his hair; it took him all morning to get it just the way he wanted it. But most of all, doing anything to harm Flonne will make him want to kill you.
    • Rozalin doesn't appreciates any implications that her father doesn't really care about her. When Adell casually commented that Overlord Zenon hadn't sent henchmen out to find her at the beginning of the game, she began to rant about all of the nice things he had given her. With the reveal that she had never set eyes on said father once in her entire life, it's hinted that this outburst was due to her fear that Zenon didn't really care. And as it turned out, he didn't.
    • Fuka and Desco enjoy their love talk, especially when dredging Valvatorez' past with Artina out of him. Interrupt it, however, and heads will roll. Namely, yours. Do not take a perverse interest in Desco, or Fuka will go nuts. That means you, MAO.
  • In Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, the dragon knight Amdusias absolutely loathes his former master, Maxos, and will freak out at the mere mention of his name. You can not only mention it multiple times before fighting him, but also confront his soul in the Hall of Echoes and say it again, and much later you can instruct a man on the verge of dying to carry a message for you, saying it again.
  • Donkey Kong:
    • DK will show no mercy to those who are stupid enough to steal his Banana Hoard; just ask K. Rool and, more recently, the Tikis.
    • In Tropical Freeze, the second boss, Scowl, puts a banana on an altar and smashes it with a hammer. Donkey Kong smashes the altar with his bare hands (though to be fair, he was aiming for Scowl).
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Don't call Solitaire by her birth name. This applies to humans and monsters.
  • Dungeon Keeper 2: Break a hero's spirit through torture? Fine. Send them into battle against their former comrades? No problem. Control them with casual beatings? Not ideal, but acceptable within limits. Make them bunk in the same room as their Evil Counterpart Race? They will rebel against you.
  • Dynasty Warriors:
    • If Sima Shi is eating meat buns, don't try to take them away from him. He doesn't like that.
  • Eagle Eye Mysteries in London gives us Nigel Eagle, who'll chow down on fish and chips at every opportunity, plays cricket like any English chap, and is usually very cheery and chummy. He will not, however, take it very well if you cheat at chess, which he considers a royal game.
  • Fallen London:
    • Whenever you're talking with any of the masters of the Bazaar, don't bring up the Second City under any circumstances. Each of them will lash out in a different way, including such things as giving you blatantly subpar merchandise or reading you the riot act for being a discourteous twit, but it's a topic that will piss off every single one off them.
    • Devils usually remain Affably Evil no matter what you do. But if they find out you've been seeking Mr. Eaten's name, and that thus each and every Deal with the Devil you made for your soul had brought them completely subpar merchandise (plus other reasons they don't disclose), they will call down a hunting party on you. And if they catch you, they'll do things better off not mentioned. Even the devils you've befriended and (sort of) like you will recoil in disgust, leave your home and never speak to you again if they catch a whiff of your stained soul.
    • Jack-of-Smiles is already an Ax-Crazy Knife Nut that will stab the hell out of you if he so much as spots you (and then get pissy at the fact Death Is Cheap and you just got back up), but do not call him Smiles if you don't want him to be thorough about it. Getting up from a Slashed Throat is one thing, coming back from being sliced into tiny pieces and scattered all over the streets is another.
  • Fallout: New Vegas:
    • In the Old World Blues DLC, Dr. 0 despises Mr. House and anything designed by RobCo, which includes your Pip-Boy. You can even find a picture of House with knives stabbed all over it in his house in Higgs Village.
    • Ulysses of the Lonesome Road DLC despises those who use symbols without any understanding as to their meanings. Notably, he was offended by the White Legs braiding their hair in dreadlocks in honor of him since they actually served a symbolic purpose in his former tribe while the White Legs simply did it because they thought it looked cool.
    • Mr. House really hates the Brotherhood of Steel and isn't shy at all telling you about it. He's also not shy about telling you how much he doesn't like it when you refuse to give him the Platinum Chip in front of him, At maximum length, volume and ferocity.
    Do you really think I'm going to let an upstart come into my home, and ransom my property to me!? I spent two centuries searching for the Platinum Chip! It's my invention, my property, mine! Now be a good courier and deliver it!
  • Freedom Planet brings us Sash Lilac, who does not take kindly to being called "sparkly twit". Serpentine learned that the hard way.
    Serpentine: Hold it right there, you sparkly twit!
    Lilac: What did you call me?!
    Serpentine: You think you can just walk into this conflict, don't you? Well I have news for you... This isn't your fight!
    Lilac: It was the moment you brought it to our homeworld!
    Serpentine: So, the duck-man couldn't keep his mouth shut... Well I hope he realizes that he just cost you your life!
    Lilac: You'll have to take it first, snake man! (goes whaling on Serpentine)
  • Girls Frontline has quite a few, despite a lot of the cast being androids:
    • 416 has two: being compared to the AR Team and talking about her being a lightweight.
    • Both M1895, MP5 and Judge do not take kindly to comments about their short height.
    • AR15 is touchy about her "small magazine size".
    • Galil will laugh out any comments about her weight. With her finger on the trigger.
    • MAT-49 will go ballistic as soon as anybody mentions her polar opposite and real-life successor FAMAS.
    • Negev is already rather unhinged, but one thing gets her truly mad :disrespecting her dead mentor, Jericho.
  • God of War: Notwithstanding Kratos being Unstoppable Rage incarnate, he does have two buttons that will ensure your death with be especially brutal. The first is bringing up the failures of his past. The second is insulting Pandora.
  • Kornell goes nuts and breaks out of a trap in Grandia III when Miranda calls him a "muscle-bound peabrain."
  • Granblue Fantasy:
    • Calling Vyrn a "lizard" will always end with him shouting "I ain't a lizard" in response (he is actually a small dragon). This became a Running Gag in the game as almost all recruitable characters will mistake Vyrn for a lizard the first time they meet. Well, except for Ayer, who correctly identifies Vyrn as a dragon from the start.
    • Leona has two. Threatening Cain is one, but her second and much bigger berserk button is insulting her dead fiance, Abel.
    • Ilsa absolutely does not take kindly to anyone dishonoring the memory of her fallen trainees, especially if it involves impersonating them (as a group of Otherworldly beings found out the hard way).
    • Metera flips out at anything that brings harm to her sister, Sutera, dropping her playful attitude and vowing to destroy who or whatever would do such a thing.
  • CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas reacts very badly to being called a 'bustah'. Badly enough that the game goes to pot whenever someone does... Also, do not talk smack about his sister Kendl or threaten her in any way. In the "Deconstruction" mission, when he heard about how a bunch of construction workers were calling Kendl a hooker, C.J. paid a visit to the construction site, thoroughly trashed the place, and, just to top things off, trapped the boss of the place in an outhouse, dumped him in a hole, and buried him alive in cement. Damn. Just damn.
  • Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V has a Hair-Trigger Temper at the best of times, but three things in particular are guaranteed to make him go berserk; using the insult 'motherfucker' (he's implied to have some serious mommy issues), mocking his Canadian heritage, and anything at all to do with hipsters.
  • Guilty Gear:
    Sol: Son of a...! I swear upon my life... I'll get my revenge!
    • May also has a Berserk Button that can be pressed when you're bald. She hates baldies so much that she'd attack any bald person in sight.
  • Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure: No one rejects Lady D. Do it and she'll bring out her giant cake of death of on you.
  • Carpenter is a powerful and vengeful spirit from Hunter: The Reckoning who was a convict in the Ashcroft Penitentiary decades ago, where, like all the other convicts, he was used as cattle by the vampires in charge and tortured endlessly in the twisted experiments of Dr. Hadrian. When the spirits break through and tear Ashcroft apart in their anger, Carpenter is the only one who retains his sentience, and has one all-consuming obsession: capture Hadrian and subject him to "three days of neverending pain." But when he finds out that the Hunters encountered Hadrian and killed him, he has an emotional breakdown, followed by Unstoppable Rage and a very difficult boss battle.
  • Regime Superman from Injustice: Gods Among Us has several of these, all of which tend to end badly for those who hit them:
    • Anything related to the fugitive Batman, his biggest opposition and the leader of the Insurgency opposed to his Regime, has become this to him in Year Two of the prequel comics. By Year Five, he's practically obsessed.
    • Do not ask what Lois would think of his present actions. Ever. In fact, criticizing him at all is liable to get you killed, as poor Billy Batson learned the hard way. Deep inside, he is aware that Lois would disapprove of his actions, even if he did it in her memory, but his grief prevents him from moving on.
    • Anything to do with the Joker, whose actions in the Injustice-verse led to his Start of Darkness. This not only gets Injustice!Lex Luthor (who is nowhere near the villain he is in the regular DC Universe) killed, but everyone in the Joker Underground, an offshoot of the Insurgency who idolizes the maniac who blew up Metropolis and got Lois and Superman's unborn kid killed.
    • In addition to Regime Superman, several other villains from the game also have a few:
      • Never tell Thaal Sinestro that there's someone more important than he is.
  • Jericho:
    • Don't call Billie "Wilhelmina." Only her father calls her "Wilhelmina."!!
    • Also, don't damage Cole's computer. Cole does have an anti-berserk button as well, though. Ask her about maths, and she calms right down.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising:
    • Palutena will go off on anyone who calls her ma'am.
    • Dark Pit does not take kindly to anyone calling him "Pittoo".
    • Hades will not stand for anyone questioning his rule. Medusa learned this the hard way.
  • Kingdom Hearts: When Lexaeus says "Don't mock me," he means it.
  • The King of Fighters:
  • Kirby:
    • Do not, I repeat do not steal Kirby's food. He will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge throughout the whole dream land and devour/beat up everything in his way.
    • In one cutscene in Kirby's Epic Yarn, when Prince Fluff knocked Kirby off of the tree, after a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, the pink puffball got angry and ran after him. note  Kirby chased Fluff for so darned long that he forgot all about being hungry.
    • Hyness of Kirby Star Allies is said to have a complex about his face. After taking out half of his life gauge, his face is exposed via half his cloak blowing away... and what remains of his sanity with it.
  • Knights of the Old Republic:
    • And Mission does not want to be treated like some helpless kid. Seeing as she's a nubile, pretty Twi'lek female that fended for herself in one of the worst Wretched Hives in the galaxy for most of her life, it's kinda justified.
    • If you suggest that Canderous is a coward, make peace with The Force beforehand.
  • L.A. Noire: Do not call the recently deceased Courtney Sheldon, a former soldier in Cole's platoon on Okinawa back in WWII a druggie. Cole will pull out his gun, aim it at you, and threaten to blow your fucking head off if you say one more word about him. Oh, and for that matter, don't withhold information that could help him arrest a culprit, especially when women and children are involved and are the victims.
  • From another work of Nippon Ichi, La Pucelle Tactics, do not mess with Croix's girl or he'll flip out and crush your skull in, slowly, while you beg for mercy.
  • League of Legends: Although Veigar is always trying to intimidate people, he becomes disproportionately angry if you call him short.
  • The Witch in Left 4 Dead is the most passive enemy in the game, not attacking until you shine a flashlight on her, bump into her, or do anything to disturb the woman. She then promptly stands up, annihilates the person responsible, before bursting into tears and shrieking as she runs away from the survivors.
  • Don't ever mess with Ed Edison's hamster in Maniac Mansion. Remembering the events of the first game don't sit too well with him either in Day of the Tentacle. He also reacts poorly to messing with his stamp collection in DotT, because it's his therapy for the hamster incident.
  • In Mega Man X: Command Mission, Resistance member Steelheart Massimo has a bit of an idol issue. Never speak poorly of his predecessor sharing the same name. Especially do not call him "weak", "feeble", or mock tearing him apart while saying "rrrriiiiiiipppppp". You will be thrown through a wall... if you're lucky.
    • To put it into perspective, the Reploid that decided to do this was the massive Triceratops-based Silver Horn, who's twice as tall as Massimo and built like a tank. He got sent flying across the room and onto his ass with one blow.
    "Feeble Massimo? FEEBLE Massimo?! *growl* You sonuva-"
    • The memory of your insulting him will not wash away, either. A copy Reploid impersonating Silver Horn appears in the obligatory Mega Man Boss Rush. Massimo treats him as if he was the real deal, stating his intent to take the guy out.
  • Rockman 4 Minus Infinity: Pharaoh Man gets pretty upset when you destroy the statues in his pyramid, and later blasts Mega Man through the roof of the pyramid when he destroys a coffin.
  • Mega Man Zero: Copy-X seems to have a Hair-Trigger Temper already (at least when he's about to do battle). He's a mix of Knight Templar and immature, spoiled brat who knows nothing of true adversities or sacrifices, any of those things that made the original X a true hero. Tell that truth to him at your own risk... like Zero did.
    Zero: He was not as naive as you are. That's what made him a hero.
    • Needless to say, Copy-X took this as a major insult on his "heroic" character (since he believed himself superior in every way to the original X) and, hating Zero already, became exponentially more desperate to crush Zero dead as a doornail.note  Turns out, he manages to only crush himself while Zero (narrowly) escapes unharmed.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: Whatever you do, do not let yourself get caught posing as Raikov by Volgin, or else he will give you hell to pay before torturing you, or attack you even faster than before.
  • Mike Shadow: I Paid for It!: Losing even a single coin to a vending machine enrages Mike to such an extent that he decides to brutally beat the machine that did it.
  • Endermen from Minecraft are normally passive unless you look directly at them, which seems to make them fly into a murderous rage.
  • In Mitsumete Knight, a few characters have Berserk Buttons:
  • Mortal Kombat has plenty of this.
    • Mileena: Seeing another clone of herself.
    • Erron Black: Being mocked or insulted is a quickfire way to get shot.
    • Kano: Being misnamed and finding out that he has been cloned.
    • Kotal Kahn: Treachery and being shown no respect.
    • Liu Kang: Raiden, after the events of MK 9.
    • Kung Lao: Being misnamed and deemed weaker than Liu Kang.
    • Sonya Blade: Being reminded that she married Johnny. Also, Kano in general, who she has a long-standing hatred for, and who she went full-on Mama Bear on when he threatened Cassie.
    • Ferra: Being deemed a twin alongside Torr, as well as Kotal Kahn to a lesser degree.
    • Kitana: Anyone with the title of Kahn, as well as her evil clone Mileena. Especially Shao Kahn, who murdered her father and took her mother. She kills him in MK 11 and becomes the new Kahn of Outworld.
    • Takeda: Being mocked, reminded that his mother had died, and Kenshi initially (who he had a less than friendly relationship with).
    • Shinnok: The Elder Gods, who so rudely banished him to the Netherrealm. Also, Johnny Cage, who bested him in the opening events of Mortal Kombat X.
    • Onaga: Anything involving Shao Kahn, especially anyone who thinks they can take the right to beat/kill him away from him.
  • Nancy Drew Shadow at the Water's Edge:
    • Miwako gets pretty angry at you if you ask about her mother. It's a sore spot for her, so it's justified. If you also ask Miwako about an article detailing her mother's death, she will also get very pissed at you and kick you out of the inn. Again, justifiable as this is proof that you've been pilfering her possessions and breaking into her room.
    • Another "Game Over" results from you asking the author of a book a question detailed inside his book. Because this is a rather specific question, he asks how you would think to come across it anyway. If you mention "I read it in a book", he will (correctly) deduce that it's the book he is writing and that you've been rooting through his briefcase, which features the only manuscript of the book.
  • Neptunia:
  • The Neverhood: Do not mess with Bil's teddy bear.
  • In the first chapter of the Neverwinter Nights mod The Bastard of Kosigan, the player character gets really, really pissed off when any Germans mix up France and Burgundy.
  • No Man's Sky: Asides from their nature-preserving tendencies, the Sentinels have marked certain worlds off-limits. These planets have the Frenzied rating for the Sentinel population, usually due to an "Endangered" resource on the planet. Taking any of these resources prompts a strong attack from the robots immediately, and they will attack the player on sight regardless.
  • OFF: If you piss off/upset an Elsen normally, they'll become a regular Burnt and attack you, which pose little threat. If you threaten to take away their sugar, however, they'll become a Calvary-Burnt, and try to shred you with their huge new-found claws. It's worth noting Elsens are normally so easily frightened that a rollercoaster that was actually a bunch of immobile chairs was still too much for them, and yet they'll easily slaughter spectres when their sugar's threatened. Of course, it makes sense when you find out they're addicted to it.
  • Overwatch
    • Don't break Winston's glasses, unless you want him to go apeshit on you. He also doesn't take kindly to being called a "monkey". Nor does he simply stand by when you hurt his friends.
  • Persona 4:
    • An individual's Shadow will go berserk if the person in question says anything to the effect of "You're not me!" When this happens, it usually ends badly for anyone who doesn't have a Persona. For those who do have Personas, however, it's Boss Battle time.
    • It's not a good idea to use the word "strange" around Kanji Tatsumi, or imply that he's gay ("You sayin' I like dudes?!"). It's also not a good idea to disrespect Naoto when he's around.
    • Teddie goes bear-serk when Mitsuo calls him a freak.
    • Naoto will not stand for weird nicknames or being called "useless."
  • Persona 5:
    • Sae Niijima hates anyone bringing up her father and his ideals. In fact, her sister Makoto's innocent comment about how she thinks their father would have supported the Phantom Thieves is enough to make Sae descend into a full-on rant at the dinner table and say some very cruel things to Makoto that she immediately regrets.
    • Calling Morgana a cat is this for him at first, but he gets used to it after a while (though he still doesn't really like it).
  • In Phasmophobia, calling a ghost by the name it had in life will make it very aggressive, very quickly. It is implied that hearing their name hurts them and causes them to lash out. Swearing has the same effect, but moreso.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: The newspaper reading zombie really gets pissed when you ruin his paper.
  • Pokémon:
    • Some Lasses will use your locking eyes with them alone as pretext to fight you.
      Lass Janice: You looked at me, didn't you?
    • Super Nerd Miguel will challenge anyone who he assumes is going for his fossils. When you walk up to him, he'll assume you're a plainclothes Rocket (and there actually is one at the end of the Nugget Bridge a bit later on) and tell you off right before the fight begins.
      Super Nerd Miguel: Hey, stop! I found these fossils! They're both mine!
    • Diamond and Pearl adds a new ability, Anger Point, which makes its user's Berserk Button Critical Hits: if they're hit by a critical move, they receive the highest possible boost to their attack stat.
    • X and Y:
      Siebold: Fool! You silly, unseeing child! If all you seek in life is to fill your stomach with some tasteless matter, then why are there Chefs in this world?! We labor tirelessly to make something wonderful that will disappear from sight as soon as it is enjoyed. That is the life of a Chef! That is the life of a Trainer!
  • In Portal 2, Wheatley's reaction to calling him a moron is a clear indication that you should Beware the Nice Ones. Even GLaDOS, who prides herself on insulting anyone and everyone in every way possible, recognises that it's a bad idea.
    GLaDOS: I may have taken that moron thing a bit too far this time...
  • The whole point of Postal 2 is that the protagonist, an average, down-on-his-luck citizen of a simple little town can go on a mass-murdering rampage while performing boring, menial tasks that try their hardest to frustrate him. The catch is that the player can choose to do so or not.
  • Professor Layton: Luke, Layton's apprentice (number one!) will absolutely flip his shit if you insult the professor in any manner. This can be anything from doubting his puzzle-solving prowess to simply being "rude" to him (like, by asking him to leave the scene of a crime). He's quite the fanboy.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Never insult or threaten Veldin in Ratchet's presence (ex. referring to it as a "pathetic lump" that "no one will miss."), because if you do, you're dead meat with a side of fries.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Arthur (who is very good looking) almost beats a guy to death in Chapter 2 for calling him a Pretty Boy.
    • Don't doubt Dutch's plans or question the things he does. He'll assume you're not loyal to him and that you'll betray him, causing him to lash out at you out of the blue, even when you mean well. However, at the end, it is revealed He's the one who betrays everyone, leaving them for dead.
    • Antagonizing anyone in town (which can be hilarious) will make them upset to some degree. Some might go away, but some will outright come at you and demand a fight. Arthur apparently has a lot of crap to say about everyone in his camp if you choose to antagonize them and doing so enough causes one of them to knock Arthur out. They proceed to drag him further away from camp too.
      • Antagonizing either Abigail or Jack causes John Marston to confront Arthur himself.
    • Don't call Uncle "lazy." Or else he'll have many reasons to explain how he's not.
  • In the remake of Resident Evil 2, you can shoot off Mr. X's Nice Hat, but it will cause him to charge you and become more aggressive.
  • Roly Polys No Nanakorobiyaoki has Cho, who can't stand slow people. This leads him to torment Pon
  • RosenkreuzStilette has Zorne Sepperin, who is willing to mop the floor with anyone who hits her Berserk Button by either calling her a baka.
    • Zorne will even go berserk on anyone who has defeated Trau, accusing them of brainwashing her.
      Zorne: About time you showed up, Grolla! If it weren't for you, Trau would still be a part of RKS! You're gonna pay for that!
    • Whatever you do, don't humiliate Zorne, unless you want her close friend Trauare Wrede to come at you with her Chaos Spear Leviathan and "seal that impudent mouth of yours once and for all."
      Trauare: Grolla... it looks like Zorne was no match for you. I'll have to take this seriously, then.
    • Telling from her quote in her profile, Dolis Warmind doesn't take too well to being called small.
      Dolis: Hey! Don't call me small!
      • This is indeed proven true during the encounter with her in Freudenstachel, where Strudel just happens to "use the taboo" of calling her small as she says it, which causes her to go ballistic just before the battle starts.
    • Iris also doesn't take too well to any interference with her plans.
  • Saints Row:
    Boss (Male Voice 3): "Zinyak ruined Biz Markie!"
    Pierce: "Man, I can't wait to kill that bitch!"
    • Killbane from Saints Row: The Third has a deliberately petty one: using his real name. Kiki DeWynter does it (twice), and he snaps her neck one-handed in an act of spectacular Disproportionate Retribution.
    • Phillipe Loren from the same game hates being called French, as he's actually Belgian. He lets the Saints off with a simple correction the first time, but when Johnny Gat does it a second time, he responds with Tranquil Fury that he proclaims that he's going to cut that disrespectful tongue out of his mouth.
    • Zinyak from Saints Row IV is a fan of Earth's classical music and literature, and hates it when someone dismisses or disrespects a piece he adores. For example, when DJing for the game's classical radio station, he closes out his announcement of Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by threatening to execute anyone who dares refer to the piece as "the Dracula song".
    • If you value your limbs, do not mention the poodle skirt that Kinzie was forced to wear while trapped in the 1950s simulation by Zinyak.
  • Sengoku Basara:
    • Don't betray Mitsunari while his Co-Dragons Yoshitsugu or Sakon are around. Yoshitsugu will shift all his hatred for humanity on you for the time being while Sakon pounds you into stew with his boots.
    • Judge Motonari on how he conducts himself plans or otherwise, or even imply that he will amount to nothing in the eyes of everyone and he really WILL lose it. Motochika is already a hothead to begin with, but his crew are like brothers to him and be assured that you will die if you dare kill them. Motonari and Yoshitsugu just happened to hit that button VERY hard by planning the massacre of Shikoku, and when Motochika finds out that it was their doing in his green path not even Motonari having his button stepped on by Motochika in a "The Reason You Suck" Speech could save him from Motochika's rage.
    • Yoshiteru, despite having a generally cheerful and charismatic personality, isn't much in the way of having any True Companions, and on the inside is harbouring a deep feeling of loneliness and isolation that he'll never outwardly show. If you see through that and even go as far as saying that you understand how he feels, you'll be triggering the anger of the most powerful man in Japan, which to be frank isn't the wisest choice.
    • Be Masamune or Kenshin and Matabei will exhibit the full extent of his sadism in making sure that you die as slowly and painfully as possible.
    • Men in general are this to Naotora, unless you're Ieyasu, Tadakatsu, Keiji or Toshiie. Takeda Shingen pisses her off especially.
  • Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf: For Yosemite Sam, it's getting near his ship.
  • This is a key element of demon conversations in Shin Megami Tensei games. Making wrongful conversation choices can cause the demon to do anything from ending the conversation, to leaving in disgust, to outright getting a free attack.
    • In a specific, non-negotiating context, as a couple of Manikins learned, do not summon Mara in a Slime body, whether intentionally or by rushing a summoning ritual. The resulting Torn King of Desire will find his Teeny Weenie form offensive and will attack the nearest person as a result.
  • As revealed in Dummied Out content in Silent Hill: Homecoming (around 7:08), don't ever tell Walter that his mother is not Apartment 302. For those of you who aren't willing to watch the video, the psychiatrist has to call for help because Walter, as a child, is attacking him.
  • Sly Cooper:
    • There is a rule in the first story in Sly 2: Band of Thieves: Do not tell Dimitri his suit sucks. Ever.
    • Never tell Bentley that you think turtles are "stew-pid".
    • While Murray is self-conscious enough to admit he's rather large and not as bright as Sly and Bentley, do not call him weak or you will get your ass handed to you.
  • The titular Spooky from Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion is a Cute Ghost Girl, but she despises being called cute. In fact the reason she built the mansion, captured monsters and lured people inside to die is so she could build a ghost army and take over the world so people will stop calling her cute.
  • Star Control:
    • The Orz will get angry and attack you for asking too much about the Androsynth.
    Orz captain: Nnnggggaaaahhhhh!!!!!! It is dancing!!!!
    • Pointing out to the proudly evil Ilwrath that since their culture accepts evil, they are in fact good drives them berserk on the grounds that you're being annoying.
    • Ever since the Utwig broke their civilization-driving artifact by accident, they've been touchy about the issue. They've been almost suicidally depressed as a whole ever since, and have given it away to their allies so they wouldn't have to see their precious artifact damaged like that. Take it and show it to them in its damaged form, and they will get so pissed at the "deliberate reminder of our ultimate failure" that the only way to stop them from killing you is to fix it yourself.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords:
    • A utility droid has a "short man's complex."
    • Atton doesn't take it well when people try to get inside his head.
  • Street Fighter:
    • If you are Yun and/or Yang, don't leave home without telling Houmei. She won't be pleased.
    • Vega will go absolutely BATSHIT if his beautiful face is ever touched, double if you damage it, and triple if the one who damaged it was a young woman. In the Animated Movie, Vega threatened to kill Chun-Li after she repelled his attacks and rearranged his face with her foot. In the comics, he went straight into kill mode when Eliza (then Ken's fiancée) so much as slapped him in the face (she's not a fighter like Chun-Li). If it wasn't for Ken arriving just in time, she'd have been torn to shreds.
    • Are you dumb enough to mock/question El Fuerte's Cool Mask? Or his cooking skills? Or his idol Rainbow Mika? Um, he may be a Joke Character, but it doesn't mean he won't try hurting you with a certain "infinite combo"...
    El Fuerte: Lay off the mask, amigo! I'll show you!
    • And in the case of Adon... don't be Sagat.
    • Probably the most extreme example is Decapre. While normally a cold, emotionless assassin, if she so much gets a sideways glance at Cammy... RUN.
  • The Suffering: Do not claim to have sold drugs to Torque's children - not even as a joke. And never, ever, suggest that Torque wasn't their father. Yeah, the blood still hasn't washed off the barroom floor, either.
  • Do not refer to Suikoden's Ronnie Bell as "Giant Woman." She will beat your ass to a bloody pulp.
  • Sunless Sea:
    • The Dark-Bespectacled Admiral will see his mood soured if anyone brings up either the Voracious Diplomat, who he finds to be an utterly unprincipled scoundrel that would ruin the navy in the process of "fixing" London, and the Dawn Machine, whose control over the navy he utterly resents even as he hides it from everyone else that isn't you.
    • Pentecost apes may try to be civilized, but will remind you that they are still wild, feral and dangerous animals if you call them monkeys. Doing so even by accident is not advisable if you want to remain alive.
    • Scrimshander's scribes will gladly allow you a measured amount of time in their archives if you bring them tales and coffee. Do not stay past this allotted time if you don't want to be mobbed by them and get evicted violently enough to actually lower your stats.
  • Sunless Skies: The Fatalistic Signalman will get quite annoyed if presented with wrongful procedure, especially if it's in official manuals. The one way to bring him out of a depressive funk he falls into is to present him with enough of such that he'd rather finish his work than let that kind of utter crud keep circulating as proper signaling procedure. In his defense, some of the mistakes proposed could genuinely get someone killed.
  • Super Action Adventure: Bear is a bear. He is not a fox, and he gets very mad when he hear people having such a discussion.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Luigi has several: Don't make fun of his mustache, don't call him a pushover, and, if you value your life, do NOT call him a pushover and make fun of his mustache. The only person who dared to do both was a psychotic jester who could warp time and space. His game is over. Luigi was the one person in the party who didn't help end his game, for obvious reasons.
      • Perhaps the worst of them all, DON'T HURT MARIO IN ANY WAY!!! This is the easiest way to get on his bad side. King Boo learned this the hard way!
    • ''Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door'
      • Do not mess with the Gamecube/Wii clock. Lucky, a Bob-Omb who runs the Happy Lucky Lottery, will almost give you a Game Over if you do it once because the Lottery runs on the console's clock, but if you want to continue playing, you need to pay 500 Coins. Do it again... well, Lucky warned you.
      • Also, don't read the Toad Ghost's diary in that game. If you do, it pisses him off so much it's a Non Standard Game Over!
    • Super Paper Mario revealed Princess Peach's berserk button: mocking her eternal Damsel in Distress status. Even Mario and Luigi were afraid of her after Mimi pressed it.
    • Super Princess Peach has Bowser snarking about how Peach has the courage to attack his villa, which also angers her (the touch screen has her emotional state set to Anger at this moment). She then proceeds to give him a thrashing she hasn't repeated until Super Mario 3D World.
    • Broque Monsieur from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story hates people who hit ? Blocks and turn them brown, as he believes this decreases their value. Because Mario and Luigi are famous for doing this, he refuses to service them in his store and will tell them to leave and not return (before apologizing in the very next sentence). He mellows out towards them in Dream Team, but he still tells others he thinks they're crazy behind their backs.
  • In Super Surprise Party, the narrator goes on a furious rant if you turn off the location-tracking.
  • Punch-Out!!:
    • Narcis Prince in Super Punch Out!! admires his face a ton. If you even punch his beautiful face once, he'll get pissed off and will become more aggressive with his attacks. His berserk button is turned off if you manage to knock him down.
    • Aran Ryan will go berserk on you if you hit him with a super punch...however, this also presents an opportunity to trap him in a loop that leads to a guaranteed TKO.
    • In the Wii game, punching Soda Popinski's bottle out of his hand or nailing him with a Star Punch makes him go into an uppercut frenzy. Don Flamenco, meanwhile, flips out (read: stops taunting you and goes into an endless attack string) should you knock off his toupee.
    • In the WiiWare game, Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!, Doc Louis works almost the same way as Soda Popinski. Midway through the Sparring match, he will bring out a chocolate bar. If you let him eat it, he will restore all his stamina. If you manage to knock it off his hands, not only will it bring a very humorous warning by the WVBA, followed by Little Mac's humorous reaction when Doc Louis rips off his shirt, revealing a leopard sweater, but his speed is doubled, and STILL gets to unavoidably eat another chocolate bar.
    • 3 obvious berserk buttons were pressed by beating Don Flamenco, Super Macho Man, & Mr. Sandman. Don tore up a poster of Little Mac before lifting weights. Super Macho Man put a Little Mac poster on the punching bag he was using after seeing his babes, paparazzi, & other media start surrounding Little Mac. Mr. Sandman.....well just ask the rubble of the building that he destroyed with his bare damn hands after he saw Little Mac's facial poster on it!
  • Dr Aldini of The Secret World hates Mary Shelley for an unflattering portrayal of his great-great-great-great grandfather in Frankenstein, and the mere thought of her is enough to kick off a string of Swedish expletives. He doesn't much appreciate being compared to Dr Frankenstein either, and even implying it via silence can trigger a temper-tantrum.
    • Ricky Pagan despises the Orochi Group, the Brotherhood of Phoenician Sailors and all expressions of "the corporate id"; even tertiary membership induces immediate disgust - and discovering the Phoenician logo tattooed on Kaoru's thigh actually ruined their friendship.
    • As a demon hunter, Gozen of the Jingu clan despises demons on general principle... but the merest concept of "good demons" like Inbeda makes her lose all composure. Likewise, bringing up her Dark and Troubled Past in an attempt to sway her judgement is a good way to get her to blow her top. And there's a distinct chance the two are connected.
    • In turn, Inbeda hates Gozen right back, and mentioning her name prompts a string of obscenities so virulent that his translator has to censor it lest the walls start to bleed.
    • Jung is very sensitive about his head, and because he's a telepath, he knows immediately when people are staring at it; for good measure, he's willing to psychically force the thoughts out of your head before he gets his temper under control, but he can still be heard irritably telling players to stop looking at his head outside of cutscenes.
    • The Black Signal (AKA John) is very territorial about his own memories and anything remotely connected to them - particularly the Dream Palace's A/V room. Trespassers will be subjected to progressively less-friendly attempts to get them to leave, until he just loses his temper and resorts to breaking every single piece of technology in an attempt to force them out. And once he catches you exploring his memories of his younger days, he decides turnabout is fair play and begins violently sorting through your memories instead.
  • In Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, every faction under the AI has something that will drastically increase the chance of them declaring Vendetta against you - namely, picking a government or economic model or virtue that goes against their ideology.
    • For the Peacekeepers or Data Angels, it's picking any government type besides Democracy. Justifications: "You're violating human rights!" and "It's an insult to personal freedom!", respectively.
    • For the Gaians or the Cult of Planet, it's using any economic model except Green. Justifications: "Your insensitivity to the environment is troubling." and "Your insensitivity to the environment is sacrilegious!" (the Cult are far more irritated and militant about it than the relatively pacifistic Gaians)
    • For the Spartans and the Pirates, it's using any value except Power. Justifications: "You're secretly researching something really nasty, aren't you?" (contra Knowledge) and "Your pursuit of Wealth is fat and weak!" (contra Wealth).
    • For the Believers, it's using any government except Fundamentalist. Justifications: "You're disobeying the will of God!"
    • For the University, it's using any value except Knowledge. Justifications: "I find your pursuit of wealth/power irrational and stifling to science."
    • For the Human Hive, it's using any government except Police State. Justifications: "Running a state according to religious principles is stupid." (contra Fundamentalist) and "You really expect the people to maintain an ordered society?" (contra Democracy)
    • For Morgan Industries, it's using any economic system except Free Market. Justification: "You are stifling the market with your socialist policies!" note 
    • For the Cybernetic Consciousness, using any future society except Cybernetic. Justification: "Anything else would be completely irrational."
    • For the Free Drones, it's using any economic model except Eudaimonic. Justification: "Your blue sky solutions will not improve living conditions for the common man!" This applies to everyone, especially Green economics.
    • For both of the two Progenitor factions, just the other faction being present is a massive Berserk Button. Unlike the human factions who can overlook the ideological differences of their rivals for pragmatic reasons such as global politics, good trade relations, technology-sharing, one faction being insignificant to another due to distance or vast difference in relative strengths, the rivalry between the Progenitors is hard-coded into their AI. They will never stop fighting, and they will fight to the last bullet. Humans can trigger another Berserk Button for the Progenitor Caretakers by trying for the Transcendence victory, and you can't make peace with them unless you immediately cancel the project or complete it (then it doesn't matter because you've won).
  • In the Super Robot Wars Z series, Queennote  laments the tranquility of the days long past. She despises the pluralized world, and as he's the proximate cause of it, she reserves a special contempt for Kei. But she would prefer not to see him in the hands of Sidereal, so she gives Z-BLUE another piece of intel: the location of his partner, Orson.
  • Super Smash Bros.: If Little Mac's trailer is any indication, one shouldn't draw too much attention to his height, lest you're looking to get your liver liquified by a single punch.
  • Tales of Berseria: Velvet Crowe starts to lose it when she hears people praising Artorius (who she wants dead for murdering her brother) for his actions in the past. If she keeps hearing the praises even longer, she's liable to go berserk.
  • Barbatos Goetia from Tales of Destiny 2 is already batshit insane from the start, but there are some ways to make him even crazier... Cast a spell in front of him? No, not that, he may counter immediately with a spell, but he still keeps his tone to usual... but use an item in front of him, and he'll charge over (Or even teleport in some games), grab you, slam you, stomp you, and slash you while emitting a spectacularly badass scream of "NO. ITEMS. EVEEEERRRRR!!!!!". Even more in the Japanese version, since he got Norio Wakamoto as his seiyuu.
  • Tales of Symphonia:
    • Raine, despite her normally rather cynical and sensible behaviour, has archaeological mania. Woe betide anyone who disparages or harms any ruins in her presence.
    • In the same game, if you call Cruxis's leader, Lord Yggdrasil Mithos,yes, the one from the Kharlan war and you were not one of his old, OLD companions, prepare to get brutally killed by a ball of mana. Just look at what happened to Pronyma.
  • Rita from Tales of Vesperia isn't exactly the nicest person to begin with, but she has an especially strong hatred of people who destroy blastia (At least until she finds out they're slowly killing the world).
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • Never, under any circumstances, are you to touch The Heavy's gun. Ever.
    • Never tell the Soldier that he isn't technically a real soldier. He would even kill his best friend over it. Check here.
    • The Pyro perceives existence as a Sugar Bowl and their actions as bringing peace and love. However, one of the few things to show the Pyro genuinely enraged is the suggestion that fire could ever be bad. Also bears, by extension (they perceive them as Smokey Bear).
  • Many bosses in Terraria have one of these, most often leading them out of their biome of choice or fighting them at the wrong time of day.
    • If the fight with Skeletron lasts until dawn, he turns into a spinning skull that reduces all attacks to Scratch Damage. The same applies to his mechanical counterpart, Skeletron Prime.
    • Plantera and Duke Fishron double their attack and defense when led out of the Underground Jungle and Ocean, respectively.
  • Touhou:
    • Cirno, the resident ditzy ice fairy, reacts rather badly to anyone who calls her an idiot (she is, after all, the strongest).
    • Mystia, the "night sparrow" youkai, gets frightened or angry when someone talks about grilled/fried chicken around her.
    • Tenshi reacts rather badly to anyone belittling her abilities, which involve beam spamming and Earth-based attacks.
    • Yuuka Kazami is incredibly old and powerful even by Gensoukyou standards, but is more concerned with her flowers than fighting, and takes pride in being civil and courteous. Those who mess with her flowers, however, have a tendency to never be seen again.
  • Part of the challenge of The Ultimate Haunted House is figuring out which items anger which inhabitants of the house.
    • Byron Price, the child, doesn't like the dart, as it makes him a violent person.
    • Countess Vena Cava, the vampiress, doesn't like the mirror, as she cannot see her reflection in them. She will break them and give you bad luck.
    • Dr. Synthesis doesn't like "lower order life forms" such as animals or the young blob creature, since he finds them useless.
    • Herbert and Chauncey the two-headed monster likes disgusting things to eat, but there are things even they won't eat, punctuated with a "EYYYYYUCK!"
    • Frankenstein doesn't like fragile objects, as it is too clumsy and will end up breaking them.
    • The house itself doesn't like when people break things or torment the inhabitants, and making the house angry has some dangerous side-effects.
  • In Trials of Mana, one of the six playable heroes is Duran, who proudly works for the king of Valsena, Richard. Naturally, Duran will get pissed off at anyone who insults his king in whatever way possible. Just ask his Arch-Enemy, the Crimson Wizard.
    Crimson Wizard: Hah! What senile old fool would entrust the security of the castle to a child? Oh, my apologies. You work for the king, do you not?
    Duran: What!? Don't you dare insult His Majesty!
    • Played for laughs when you have your main protagonist, as a male character, talk to Angela while she is sleeping at the inn in Jadd Stronghold at the beginning of the game. She'll wake up enraged at you, asking you to "give a girl some peace and quiet" and mistaking you for an Accidental Pervert, and slap you away before resuming her sleep.
  • In Tyranny, you can Death Glare at many characters, most of whom will be intimidated by the result. But Tunon, the Archon of Law is completely unimpressed, and in fact finds your attempt at stoic, intimidating silence infuriating. It's the surest way to earn his Wrath, and the surest way to invite Tranquil Fury punctuated by mocking snark.
  • Papyrus of Undertale is normally a Nice Guy, if one with a big ego, but tell puns around him and he goes into a childish fit. Even if he's smiling.
  • 5-Volt from WarioWare is a very kind and caring mother. Just don't let her catch you playing video games when you should be sleeping, and you should be fine.
    • Also, don't mess with Spitz if something bad's already happened to him. Trust this troper. Just don't.
      Spitz: That's it, buckos.
      Dribble: Hm?
      Spitz: First we get stiffed, and now THIS?!? Dribble! The Octoblazooka!
      Dribble: I'm on it. *summons Octoblazooka* But Spitz, ain't we supposed to stay cool and all that?
      Spitz: I'm not gonna sit there and let these punks knock us around! They want a fight. they got one!
      Dribble: Stay cool, Spitz! Stay cool! SPIIIIIIIITZ!!!!!!
  • In Wet, the main trigger for Rubi's Rage Mode is getting blood on her face. When that happens, it's not going to be pretty for anyone in her general vicinity.
  • Wildstar: the Aurin like nature, and would very much appreciate that you don't mess with it (especially their trees). Otherwise, they will gut you.
  • The World Ends with You: Say 'Daisukenojo Bito' in front of Beat. I dare you. Getting whacked to death with a skateboard is the very least of your worries!
  • Never call the main character of Witchhunt a witch. In fact even the stat screen covers over the 'W' in skills like 'witchcraft' and words like 'switch'
  • In Wolfenstein: The New Order, B.J. has a huge Nazi-shaped Berserk Button (a very understandable one given that he despises Nazis and recently woke up to his worst nightmare) which gets hit several times in the game. Klaus' Nazi tattoo is enough for Blazkowicz to start punching him in the face before Wyatt/Fergus has to explain to him that Klaus is a defector. It is also definitely not wise to call Blazkowicz a Nazi himself, even (or especially) if it's to make a point.
  • In Zanac, DO NOT pick up Weapon 2, the shield subweapon, otherwise the System (aka the game's Dynamic Difficulty) will go berserk and immediately send out reinforcements.
  • In SimCity 2000, your transport advisor will go apeshit if you decide to cut back on transit funding.


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