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Yes, this game has so many examples, it warrants its own page. The cast of BlazBlue is just as varied as any, with character archetypes ranging from the Anti-Hero Jerk with a Heart of Gold to the Shrinking Violet Person of Mass Destruction to the Faux Affably Evil Troll. The things that set them all off are just as varied, and you had best tread lightly on these particular issues if you know what's good for you.


Some of these issues have backstory explanations, which will be explained accordingly.

New clause states that rational berserk buttons (disrespect, abuse, threatening a loved one) are not allowed, unless the response is disproportionate. This page, and the others, are for irrational berserk buttons.

Jin Kisaragi

Noel Vermillion

  • Noel has always felt... inadequate around her peers. Don't bring it up.
  • Don't call her stupid, either.
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  • Don't mistake her for a boy. Bang and Amane learn this the hard way.

Rachel Alucard

  • While Rachel is usually quite condescending to those around her, she means well, especially towards Ragna, who she brought into the conflict. Best to leave that unsaid unless you want to stand in a lightning storm.

Iron Tager

  • He can't remember it because of the modifications done to him by Kokonoe but Azrael became this for him after he slaughtered Tager's mercenary band with him being the old survivor. Seeing Azrael savagely brutalize Bullet during the Chronophantasma story, much to his own confusion, enrages him to the point that before Kokonoe's plan is put into action she teleports Azrael directly in front of him just long enough that Tager can punch him as hard as he can. This hatred of Azrael runs deep enough that it actually breaks through the memory alteration of the Embryo in Act I of his Central Fiction arcade mode and sends him into an unstoppable rage.


  • One of the reasons Arakune became what he is is due to his inferiority complex to Kokonoe, something which Relius Clover fostered. His trip into the Boundary to tamper with the Azure drove him batshit insane — mentioning Kokonoe to him (or, as of Chronophantasma, her being around him) turns it a whole new shade of ugly.

Carl Clover

  • If he suspects you know anything about Relius' whereabouts, you have three choices: tell him, get the fuck out, or die.


  • Between the Azure Grimoire's urgings to become whole and the lingering fragments of Saya's personality within her, Nu will do anything to be with Ragna. Do anything to interfere (being female is enough), and you will be skewered. Right, Tsubaki?
  • She has one that only Ragna can press. When he denies their relationship being The Masochism Tango and claims that she wants him to save her, she threatens to kill him for real.
  • There's one bit in Central Fiction where she meets Naoto Kurogane, who bears a striking similarity to Ragna. At first, she's her typical Yandere self... and then she realises the boy standing in front of her isn't Ragna. Nu-13 consequently goes into a hysterical screaming fit and tries to slice him to ribbons. Thank God for his Healing Factor.
    "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!! You're different! YOU'RE NOT RAGNA!!"

Tsubaki Yayoi

  • The mere existence of Ragna The Bloodedge is this to her. She thinks it’s his fault that Jin and Noel betrayed the NOL (which is technically true). In fight intros she says that everything wrong in the entire world is his fault (which, again, is technically truenote  but she doesn't know that).

Hazama / Yuuki Terumi / Susano'o

  • Terumi's Pride is the core of his rage, as his ego bubble is the size of Ikaruga itself. The more you damage his overblown self-image, the more violent he will become with you. In order of increasing magnitude:
    • If he wants to torture someone for whatever reason, don't interfere. Best case, he will swear his head off. Worst case (like if you stick around), he will turn his knives on you.
    • Feel like using his own words against him or directly attack his self-image? He skips straight to violence. If he can kill you, he probably will unless you hightail it out of there.
    • Terumi hates being a tool for someone else's designs. If you put him under your control for any reason at all, that leash better be on tight if he's aware of it. He manipulated Trinity into having Mind Eater lifted so that he could kill Nine - that she wanted to depower the Nox Nyctores and investigate his work with the Black Beast gave him more of a reason to want to kill her. Trinity died merely because she was an accessory. This issue stems from his eternal loathing of the Origin and the Amaterasu Unit, who he abhors for her incessant recurrence of "this worthless comedy" that is the events of the series, and he believes he can do better for reasons unexplained.
    • Terumi's bloated self-image extends to his ability to control the cast. Compromise that and he will drop everything to torture and/or kill you. When Carl went off-track in his bad ending, Terumi went apeshit and butchered Ada before breaking Carl completely, killing him only after he was done with him. Because of this and the first trigger mentioned above, Rachel is a constant Berserk Button for him.
      • Worse, if you unmake his work with the cast and ruin his plans, his grudge against you will transcend time and space. This rare combination has only been managed by Makoto Nanaya, and he will try to kill her within the first five minutes of contact.

Platinum the Trinity

  • Luna has both a massive attachment to Mister Jubei and, despite her age, an equally massive case of A-Cup Angst. Litchi winds up triggering both in Scapegoat.


  • Bullet lost her squadron during the ill-fated mission to Naobi, and holds several parties accountable. She will not stop roaring or rampaging until she gets bloody satisfaction.
    • Her issue with Kokonoe was that her captain (Tager) was moved into her lab. If you know anything about Kokonoe's whereabouts (whether you work with Sector Seven or are a beastkin), she will get answers from you even if she has to force them out.
    • Her issue with Relius is due to his hand in setting up that ill-fated mission and his association with Kokonoe.
    • She also has issues with Tsubaki due to the Zero Squadron's involvement in the mission. This could take darker undertones when one remembers that House Yayoi resides in Naobi.
  • Also, thanks to a Noodle Incident involving Amane mistaking her squadron for a dance troupe and forcing them to dance for three days straight, she's developed a lethal grudge against him. If she so much as catches a glance of him, she will kill him on sight.
  • Bullet doesn't take lightly to comments about her uniform, either. Two words: Butt Floss.


  • If Azrael fights you, he will be disappointed if you can't put up a good fight. If you prove to put up a good fight and then stop, he will get pissed. Kagura uses this against him to get him locked away again.
    • Kokonoe was involved with Azrael's initial imprisonment, and his only lapse in his restraints centers on her and Tager. It is implied he kills Tager and plans to do the same with Kokonoe if he wins their match.
      "Don't worry... Kokonoe's next."


  • Whatever the circumstances are regarding her disdain for the magic she inherited from her mother, Kokonoe doesn't take lightly any comments that favor it over science.

Konoe "Nine" Mercury / Nine the Phantom

  • This is Celica A. Mercury. Nine loves her a lot, and will never condone anything resembling bringing harm to her. Unfortunately, as this pic shows, her definition of "harming" Celica is very loose (and, yes, simply being male in Celica's presence is all it takes), and her wrath does not come lightly. Trinity is one of the few people who can talk her down; better hope she does it quickly.
  • Nine also has issues with her father, Shuichiro Ayatsuki, for abandoning her and Celica when they were kids. While she won't get violent about it, it would be best not to bring it up.
    • On a similar note, because of the aforementioned Daddy Issues, she dislikes her real name Konoe. Call her by her real name and she will angrily insist you call her Nine.
  • Nu's arcade run in Central Fiction reveals that Nine is very sensitive about her age. And unless you want to spend the final minutes of your life burning in agony, you would do well to not bring it up. Nu learned this the hard way.


  • Izanami is an affable person and very hard to anger. She only asks that under no circumstances are you to refer to her as Saya. As in, ever. (Unless you're Ragna) Anyone unfortunate to do that quite literally signs their own death warrant.

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