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Am I insane?
Have I crossed the line?
Well, that's a good question! Let me ask your friends!

Ace Attorney

  • Somebody That I Used To Know: in universe, Juan Corrida considers himself to have crossed this when he forges the suicide note in order to implicate Matt in Celeste's death. He sees absolutely no other way to get justice, or to reveal the truth about what happened in a way that people will actually listen to, but he still hates himself and sees himself as a total monster for going through with it. Worth noting that he is WELL over the Despair Event Horizon by the time he comes up with this particular plan.

Adventure Time

  • Alex: The titular antagonist has crossed many lines, but the biggest one is when it turns out she's responsible for Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's strained relationship.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • A:TLAR - Warden Liruk, of Chapter Four: Shooting one of his own guards in the head as a demonstration of how he uses his Weapon for Intimidation, so that Katara would go to his private quarters for...let's try not to think about that.
    • The Enforcers, of Chapter Six: The brutal murder of Xin Fu on the grounds of gambling debts certainly counts.
    • Pick any moment from Jet's backstory section in Chapter Eight.
  • In How I Became Yours, Mai killing Katara's unborn baby via poisoned fruit is meant to be this. For more objective readers, it's actually Katara bloodbending Mai to death (and in broad daylight), when she was perfectly capable of merely incapacitating her so Mai would be taken to trial for attempted murder and murder of her baby.

Calvin and Hobbes


  • Child of the Storm has Gravemoss, already a quite obviously unstable Soft-Spoken Sadist of a necromancer, zoom across the line with utter glee in chapter 21, wielding the Darkhold. Lucius Malfoy asks for a demonstration of his power by destroying MI6 and does not bargain for what he gets: Gravemoss proceeds to individually murder several groups of homeless people, ripping out their hearts one at a time, turning them into mortal based versions of undead monsters called the veirdraugar, the so-called 'Hunting Dead'. They nearly wiped out Asgard around 4000 years ago and Odin went to a great deal of effort to render them into little more than folklore. When that's done, he takes those infants too small to be of any use, and feeds them to the ''veidrdraugar'', which, at the very least, include the children's mothers, if not their fathers too. After that, he takes them on a test run, and has them attack a car that's stopped at a red light, containing a young family, devouring them alive. Lucius sees one chewing on a small child's pyjama clad leg. To make it even worse, it's a set of Iron Man pyjamas. And all Gravemoss does is let out a delighted little chuckle and coo over them like they're his pets. Then he turns them on MI6. Lucius, who has previously been shown to take a nigh Dalek like attitude to exterminating muggles, who he generally sees as little more than animals, is horrified - as the narration puts it, there are some things you don't do, even to animals.
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  • In "The Manhattan Conspiracy", Colonel Marshall suggests torturing the Doctor purely For the Evulz to further his status with Dalek Caan. The Doctor's temporarily-three Companions agree that the man is dead.
  • While it's not the first time he's killed anyone without cause or even his worst act, Vash of Christian Humber Reloaded note  crosses it by killing his friend Soku, her entire family, all her friends and the rest of her town in revenge for turning him in to the police.
  • Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship: The Dazzlings cross it with aplomb when they beat/torture Timmy near the end of the story in an attempt to force him to use the brainwashed Cosmo and Wanda to grant them wishes. Adagio in particular goes even further beyond the line when she nearly has Trixie killed out of spite right in front of Timmy, and would’ve succeeded if the Rainbooms hadn’t pulled a Big Damn Heroes at the last second.
  • iFight Crime With Victorious has Robbie abusing his power to make Cat give him a blowjob, Beck losing control of his power and burning Jade alive, who comes back to life later thanks to her power and tortures Beck in vengeance, Carly abandoning her friends due to obsession with having a super power and not sharing it with anyone, and Neville killing Sam in the first timeline to torture Carly. Many of Megan's visions also predict these events happening to various characters.
  • Equestrylvania:
    • Dirt Nap crosses the line when he joins Dracula's minions, sells his soul to the demon Aguni, and proceeds to burn down Ponyville.
    • [[spoiler: Actrise crosses it when she possesses Marble, who refused, to poison most of Ponyville's remaining foals.
    • Rose Blade crosses it when he hands over Princess Cadence to Dracula's forces in exchange for safety and supplies for him and his men. And he only gets worse from there.
  • Remnants Bizarre Adveture:
    • Toshikazu Hazamada crosses it when he attempts to rape Pyrrha. Thankfully, he fails horribly.
    • Angelo crossed it long ago, but kidnapping and attempting to kill Koichi only serves to show just how over the line he is.
  • The Review Team: If Voodoo Justin didn't cross this by murdering the cult that created him (to be fair, he was just born and possibly scared), he really did when he murdered everyone he could find in a news studio. That's what you get when you mess around with evil materials!
  • In Robotnik declara su amor a Reimu Hakurei (Robotnik declares his love for Reimu Hakurei), Robotnik crosses the MEH when he attempts to rape her, after she refused his marriage proposal. Luckily he is defeated and exposed.
  • Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi has Kira killing Isis, child of Raven and Dove spirits Kureno and Kyoko when Isis was but a mere baby, all because Kira did not get the power that Kureno rightfully deserves.
  • Turnabout Storm: Ace Swift is revealed to have been blackmailing other racers into losing to him. It was not enough that he won the races; they also had to stay in them and lose to him, thus wasting the money they paid for the entry fees and getting black spots on their racing records, just so he could look good. This already made him an Asshole Victim, but he crossed the line into irredeemably evil either when he threatened to have Cruise Control's comatose sister pulled from the hospital if he didn't give into his demands or when he tried to kill his manager/accomplice Sonata after she tried to go straight and leave him and his blackmailing business.
  • In the Teen Titans/XMen fanfic, Return of a Titan (both the original version and the recent reboot), Robin crosses it when, believing that Beast Boy is going to steal Starfire from him, uses the Beast incident as an excuse to kick him out of the Titans. However, what truly makes him cross the horizon is having the X-Force kill him, which fails, but still is very cold and then tries to have all mentions of Beast Boy removed.
  • In Kage (a Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H. crossover), Kur is revealed to have led a pogrom against shapeshifters during Prince Phobos' rule. During one of his occasions of burning them at the stake, he lured Miranda (five years old at the time) to expose herself under false promises of releasing her captured human parents. As Miranda's parents and other innocent people burned, Kur forced Miranda to watch and crushed her spirit by saying that this was all her fault and the Light of Meridian's will.
  • Count Logan from The End of Ends (see the Teen Titans section below) crosses it even further than his source material in Friendship is Failure #10, which is a Crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Having Equestria itself and all its inhabitants become Logan's casualties is bad enough, but he proceeds to take a 100-yard dash across that line by gleefully ripping the head off of Flurry Heart.
  • The Dan Vs. and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga: Terry-Man was egotistical Smug Super to begin with, but he crosses this line when he takes his obsession with Dan to the point of savagely beating him and Pinkie and threatening to blow up Pinkie's head if Dan didn't surrender, only to try and kill them all, including Elise and Chris (The latter of who, actually tried to make piece and even comfort Terry.) even after Dan surrendered.
  • Code Prime has several villains cross the line.
    • Airachnid, who was already a vile piece of work for what she did to Arcee, certainly tops herself in Chapter 19 when she slaughters dozens of innocent Japanese citizens just because she was bored.
    • After Mao kidnapped and nearly killed Nunnally, and expressed his intention of making C.C., Cornelia, and Euphemia his sex slaves, nobody feels pity towards him when Megatron turns him over to be experimented on by Shockwave after failing to capture C.C. and kill Lelouch one too many times.
    • Megatron had already crossed it when he poisoned Cybertron's core with Dark Energon and rendered it uninhabitable with no remorse, but he truly crosses the line when he orchestrates the SAZ Massacre. He twists the knife even further by using a Pretender drone disguised as Euphemia to carry it out.
    • The SAZ Massacre is also one for Dorothea Ernst, Luciano Bradley and Bismarck Waldstein. Luciano gleefully joins in the slaughter the second they're given orders to do so, Dorothea tries to kill Suzaku with no sign of hesitating, and Bismarck not only gives the order given by Charles (actually a disguised Soundwave) but he completely ignores the bloodbath in order to fight Optimus.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, Precia Testarossa is already past the Moral Event Horizon, but she does something even Fate finds unforgivable when she attacks Alicia, the daughter that she cloned Fate from and wants her to be a Replacement Goldfish to, when Alicia tries to stop her from whipping her "sister" Fate.


  • On Ask The New Hope's Peak, Saki Maruyama crosses it when she tortures Mahiru Koizumi and kills Yasuhiro Hagakure during the season 1 finale.''
  • In New Hope University: Major In Murder, Juliet Mountebank, the Ultimate Girlfriend, was probably past this by the time the story started, due to being a murderer prior to entering the killing game, but what establishes her as the group's Token Evil Teammate is her role in the second murder. Juliet manipulates J.P. Laettner into killing Emily, and while she tries Taking the Heat for him, she ultimately goes unpunished while he gets executed. From this point on, no one trusts her in the slightest, and Saya doesn't feel any sorrow when Lucina(the girl Saya loves) kills Juliet.

DC Comics

  • In the series Lex Luthor Triumphant, Lex Luthor grants Lois Lane an interview 8 months after Superman vanished without a trace. He calmly tells her how he captured, lobotomized, skinned Superman; he also tells her it's an ongoing thing. Selling Superman's eyes, skin, teeth, and fingernails has made Luthor even richer than before. Which, of course, means Lois isn't making it out of his building alive.

Death Note

  • In the Death Note fanfic Story of the Century, Light and Misa cross over this towards the end. Believing that Rem has already wiped out everyone on the task force, Erin goes to confront Light and Misa, to find Light writing his father's name in what he believes to be Misa's notebook. The instant Erin tackles Light, Misa proceeds to give Erin a beatdown, sees her real name with her Shinigami Eyes, and shouts it to Light. She holds Erin down while Light writes Erin's name in the notebook. Although it's implied that Misa is beginning to doubt Light and their mission, she defends their cause fiercely and even kicks Erin as she begs them to realize what they're doing. Although Light tells Erin that he's sorry, he insists that he's only doing what's good for the new world, not seeming that sorry or concerned about Erin's thoughts on the issue in the least. It's assumed that they would have gone on to kill everyone else on the task force afterwards had they not been thwarted. From their viewpoint, it was probably justified, but still...
    • L's actions towards the end are treated as crossing over this, at least due to intention rather than the action in itself. After Erin overhears Light and Misa discuss their plans, she tells L about it in secret. Without the task force's knowledge, he has Wedy break into Misa's apartment to steal her notebook that she'd dug up, and replaces it with a counterfeit made by Watari. He has the deaths covered on the news channels to make it seem as though Misa's still killing criminals. Then, to give himself immunity to the Death Note, he writes his own name in Misa's notebook and gives himself 23 days. He uses this also to manipulate Soichiro and the task force into going along with the rest of his plan, which includes pretending to test the 13-day rule in the notebook using two death-row inmates and luring Misa back into a trap. Not knowing any of this, Erin tries to destroy the notebooks (despite one of the fake rules) and free Light and Misa from their influence, only to have L tackle and knock her out so she can't interfere. The reason this is considered his MEH is because, at least according to Erin, he was more concerned with exposing the two Kiras and solving the case rather than actually saving anyone. Letting her destroy the notebooks would be destroying the evidence, letting Kira get away for good. He doesn't deny it when she calls him out on it, either...


  • Daemon from the Tamers Forever Series was already an Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniac, but he crosses the line when he tries to kill Suzie Wong
    • The Fake Gennai crosses over when he kidnaps Mimi's unborn child and then leaves Mimi to wander the wilderness while her grief slowly drives her insane.
  • Zero 2: A Revision has Darkheart, aka the corrupted version of Davis Motomiya, who cements his sadistic and evil personality when he massacres and destroys the entire inhabitants of Primary Village.

Dragon Age

  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles as per canon, the Circles' Annulments. As Evelyn points out, they use the word 'annulment' because it can cover up the real meaning of such event: 'murder', where all innocent people are killed for being what they are, and not even helpless people like Tranquil or children are spared.
    • Ser Grieves crossed it long ago as the reason he was transferred to Otswick was because he framed and turned a mage Tranquil to rape her.

Fairly Oddparents

  • In Never Had a Friend Like Me, Amanda Adams has emotionally-abusive parents that everyone agrees are horrible people. They apparently cross the line when her parents manage to make her cry on Christmas morning. Right after she gave them a hand-made present. This final act prompts Norm to immediately give the pair the flu in retaliation.
    • They cross it again (if that's possible) in "Tales as Old as Time", when they admit - in front of Amanda - that the only reason they didn't put her up for adoption when she was born is because her grandmother would have cut them out of her will, and that they hate being stuck with her. Which only makes Norm's "The Reason You Suck" Speech all the more satisfying.

Final Fantasy


  • Forward introduces Inducer One-One-Nine, another Academy escapee who seems like she might be just as sympathetic as River....and then leaps across the MEH in the span of a single chapter, when she reveals she's been behind a violent murder spree and the massacre of a village, and then uses her Psychic Powers to force a nearby man to shoot and beat Mal into a coma, Mind Rapes River into being her protector/bodyguard, and kills the entire crew of a freighter as a distraction. And that's just the start of it, as in the next part of the story, she forces a man to commit suicide just because he worked for Blue Sun, and then causes a space station of over eight hundred people to go berserk and start killing each other just to delay a pair of Hands of Blue.
    • This doesn't make her death in any way satisfying for the reader, or the person who pulls the trigger. Inducer One-One-Nine is, at most, 12 years old. We also get to read a snippet from an leaked internal document from the Academy about another subject going through "combat testing", during which the report suggests that further trials should be suspended "until the subject enters adolescence"; the Mind Rape they were inflicting on River is also being tested on pre-teens. If the Academy didn't already cross the Moral Event Horizon with what they did to River, they sure have now.

Five Nights at Freddy's

For Better or for Worse

  • That John Patterson crosses it in the For Better or for Worse fanfic The New Retcons, there's no question. When is more debatable. There are three strong candidates though:
    • When Elly goes insane and he refuses to seek treatment for her.
    • When he attacks Elly upon finding out she had an illegitimate daughter and point-blank revealing Michael's not his biological son — something he did not know.
    • When he brought his fiancee to his wife's funeral. It's worse in that said fiancee was Kortney Krelbutz, who had stolen from Elly's store and threatened to beat up April over it. Not to mention both the courtship and the engagement happened before Elly died.
    • For what it's worth though, what some characters view as his MEH was when they discovered that the still insane Elly had been mistreating and starving their elderly dog Edgar...and he thought it was hilarious.
    • Speaking of Elly, she retroactively crossed it when Elizabeth and Anthony figure out that she was behind Elizabeth's Attempted Rape to invoke the Rescue Romance trope on them.

Girls und Panzer

Harry Potter

  • Ginny considers John Potter (Harry's twin) to have crossed the line in Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches after she hears that in the second timeline he allowed her to be possessed by Riddle because "if he prevented it, Ginny would be different from the girl he loved". Perhaps even more than Harry does, Ginny hates John for deciding her suffering months of Mind Rape is worth it to make sure she doesn't change.
  • Cornelius Fudge in Never Alone Never Again. He sent Aurors to ambush the Weasley house to arrest Harry, attacking everyone, including the unarmed ones. Then he ordered an adult dose of Veritaserum for Harry, which could potentially kill him at his age, and after Harry gave his truthful statement, Fudge didn't believe him and promptly tossed him in Azkaban. But one of the worst things he did was hide that Voldemort had returned and ordering his people to take the murdered victims and burn their bodies so no one would know about them. Dozens of witches, wizards and children were dead and more kept dying and all he cared about was keeping his image. His eventual fate seemed a bit too easy, considering what he had done, as Ron angrily pointed out.
  • In-universe, both Snape and Dumbeledore in No More cross the line when the former murders a first year by forcing her to drink a potion he knew she'd brewed incorrectly and the latter covers it up as "an unfortunate accident". That Snape is literally getting away with murdering a child enrages the student body enough to riot.
  • In-universe, any pureblood who hears about it considers Voldemort creating a horcrux (let alone several) to be this in The Power He Knows Not Is. As far as they're concerned, the soul is the single most sacred thing in the world and creating a horcrux requires destroying your victim's in addition to mutilating your own.
  • The Power of Seven:
    • Dumbledore goes from "well-meaning but antagonist" to "full-blown villain" when it's revealed he plans to collapse the wards around the Dursleys, the ones established by Lily's Heroic Sacrifice that keep Harry safe from Voldemort, as part of a plot to kill Harry's sex drive so he can't complete the ritual. Fleur muses that such destructive magic probably wouldn't do anyone nearby any favors, either.
    • Bill goes from an Inspector Javert concerned for his sister's well-being to The Dragon when he tries cursing Fleur with something uncomfortably close to dark magic for standing up for Harry, then raving at the Weasleys about Harry corrupting Ginny with dark magic. Arthur and Molly note that Bill is the one acting like he's being corrupted, not Ginny.
  • The Very Secret Diary: Riddle was already over the line before the story, but after Ginny learns his true colors, he starts torturing her with sleep deprivation and making threats against her family, all because she starts defying his power. And remember, he's doing this to an eleven year old girl.

Hetalia: Axis Powers

  • The homophobe crossed this in Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità when he snatched Italy from out of nowhere, beat him up, and strangled him just because he thought Italy was gay. He's bisexual, but that didn't matter. To make matters worse, he would have raped Italy if Germany and Japan had not pounced the man while he was momentarily preoccupied and proceeded to beat the ever-loving crap out of him.
  • Prussia could have been a Magnificent Bastard in the Darker and Edgier fic All He Ever Wanted, but in The Seventh Door, he brings Hungary to the cell occupied by an already-captured Austria, and brutally tortures and rapes her while forcing a helpless Austria to watch, and twisting the knife even more by telling Austria that "it's for his benefit". This was so cruel and over the top that many readers swore off AHEW as a whole.
    • Hungary may have crossed it for some readers, losing the sympathy points from the first incident when she teaches Liechtenstein to become Prussia's lover alongside her, so they can get benefits from it. Yes, a rape victim coaches another into giving sexual pleasure to their common rapist. Others may consider it more of a mere Kick the Dog brought by the harsh circumstances both of them are caught in, though.
  • Imperial Japan crosses it in An Asian's Harem of Asians by keeping his own family (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, both Koreas, Vietnam, Thailand and other OC!Asian nations) as his Sex Slaves, either molesting/raping them or forcing them to molest/rape each other for his amusement. Not even "his precious little sister" Taiwan is free, as Japan promises to not violate her/have her violated — but he still has her stripped naked and then forces her to witness her siblings's rape while giving him erotic massages, which she does out of Stockholm Syndrome. And his worst act is obligating both North and South Korea to rape China, then raping China himself. .... Eeeeew.
  • The Financial Crisis Gangbang has the titular gangbang committed by most of the main cast.

Homestar Runner

  • In Pom Pom's Eleven, Homeschool Winner is quickly established to be a rather greedy villain who is responsible for embezzling money from Homestar Runner and his friends to the point that they were forced to close down their website simply because he saw Free Country as being populated by idiots that were much dumber than himself, taking away their prized possessions that they were forced to sell in order to make up for the money that they had lost (including Pom Pom's dog, Trivia Time) to satisfy said greed, also taking over the King Of Town's castle and turning it into his personal mansion afterwards. He starts to teeter further down the line when it is revealed that he had been manipulating both Homestar Runner and Marzipan so that he could become the boyfriend of the latter, happily admitting that he was responsible for their breakup by tricking Homestar Runner into not showing up for something that was important to her. But he finally crosses the line when, after his misdeeds have been revealed to the public, he stabs Homestar Runner with his knife in the chest, which would have killed him if it weren't for the bag of marshmallows he was secretly carrying underneath his shirt.


  • Frontierstuck: The Homunculus Jack Noir has run through towns, killing dozens if not hundreds of trolls and lusii. In chapter 13, he reveals himself as more than a mindless monster and punches through Kanaya, fatally damaging her spine and killing her, telling Rose, his creator, that he's doing all this to make her suffer and he's having fun doing it, then he leaves her to contemplate the death.

How to Train Your Dragon

  • In The Blacksmith's Apprentice, Snotlout may have crossed this when he tried to rape Astrid, but any chance of Snotlout being forgiven or offered a chance at redemption is lost when he shows no reaction to his father dying while Spitelout was trying to save his daughter from the Outcasts Snotlout brought to Berk.


  • Bino crosses this in the second chapter of All Cats Go To Heaven when he mocks Tiger for crying over Marvin's death after Marvin gets hit and killed by Sasha's drunk dad. Fido is so disgusted by what Bino says to Tiger that he ends up disowning Bino as a brother.
    • Rover and Spike, two OC dogs cross it in Tiger's backstory when they play a game called "Crush The Kitty", a game where they take turns throwing Tiger against a wall until his bones fracture. The second time they did it, Tiger nearly had to be euthanized. Also, keep in mind that Tiger was only a puppy when he endured that abuse.

Invader Zim

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • In Queen of All Oni, the dark chi wizard Lung, Daolon Wong's former apprentice, crosses this when he captures and TORTURES Jade to try and break her to his will, and goes ahead with it even though it's clear she's DYING! If it wasn't for this (and his Undying Loyalty to Jade), Right having killed him would have been Right's, and Jade's feelings toward him would also qualify as being justified (she didn't order it, she was near death at the time, but she was glad he was dead).
    • Jade herself crosses the line when she kidnaps Viper in order to transform and brainwash her into the new Samurai Khan General, Hebi.
  • In The Stronger Evil, Daolon Wong attempts to have revenge on Shendu for breaking their deal and shoots his love interest Valerie Payne. What makes this act really heinous is the fact that Wong doesn't really know Valerie even as a nemesis like he does know the Chans as, having first met her when she helped the Chans only hours earlier. Shendu calling Valerie his bride is still enough for the dark wizard to pick her up as a way to have his revenge.

Jurassic World

Katawa Shoujo

  • In Lilly Epilogue Family Matters, Lilly's father's first words to Hanako are insulting her burn scars, asking whether she got them by accidentally setting the stove on fire, and telling her that she will never find a good man if she continues "acting like a scared rabbit all the time," which causes her to have a panic attack. This is even worse than it sounds, especially considering that Hanako was scarred in the same house fire that claimed the lives of both her parents, only surviving because her mother shielded her from the flames, and because Mr. Satou was warned about Hanako's scars and sensitivity in advance.

Kill la Kill

  • In Kill la Kill AU, Meinu crossed this when he hired someone to kidnap one of the kids (Ryuuko) and hold her for ransom, which almost gets her killed when said hired kidnappers soaks her in water and hides her in a shallow well, where she almost freezes to death. The reason she crossed it is because Ragyou wouldn't allow her to financially abuse her anymore.

Kimagure Orange Road

The Legend of Zelda

The Loud House

  • In What You Wish For, the demon starts approaching this by removing Lincoln and Bobby from Lori's life for kicks but sails over it when it's revealed that it actually replaced Lucy, an 8-year-old girl, and sent her to hell. Thank all that is holy that it was All Just a Dream...
  • The Reaper in "The Loud House: Nightmares" crosses it when, after convincing Lincoln that he's a burden and driving him to being an Extreme Doormat to his sisters (to their clear worry), he says that's still not good enough! Let me repeat, he utterly destroyed an 11-year-old's personality through fear and made him afraid of his own family and wasn't satisfied.
    • The Reaper's backstory gives one to his older brother who set his little brother up for being run over by a car.
  • In What is a Person Worth?, Chandler crosses it when he and a group of bullies gang up on Lana.

Lyrical Nanoha

  • In the Lyrical Nanoha fanfic Graceful Degradation, it is Precia acknowledging that her actions have a good possibility of destroying the Earth and going through with her plan anyway since she considers it an acceptable risk and sacrifice to revive her daughter.


  • In Perfection Is Overrated, Hitomi Kirihara, someone with no regard for authority, morality, or the well-being of others, crosses it when she mind controls a police officer to go on a shooting spree in a restaurant, killing 20 people, before she orders the officer to kill himself. Even Nao is horrified enough at this to help out the other Himes in order to hunt down and defeat her.
    • Shizune crosses this in her first appearance by murdering the defeated, depowered, and defenseless Toki.

Mass Effect

  • In The Council Era, those who've read the series consider it extremely debatable exactly when certain characters (especially the Villain Protagonist Tyrin Lieph and his Worthy Opponent antagonist Halak Marr) crossed the irredeemable line. Tyrin commits numerous horrific acts, including the mass-murder of the dezban race, the dissolution of the manaban people's religion and government, and the murder of 150,000 krogan in order to force their leader into a compromise, but he's also fully aware that he deserves and will receive consequences for his actions. However, he has no regrets, believing that Utopia Justifies the Means and that he is Necessarily Evil. In the opinion of the series' author, Tyrin's Moral Event Horizon is his taking advantage of both his son's death and the Council's and public's sympathy for said death to sway them into supporting the genocide of the dezban race. He antagonized the dezba by killing one of their high chieftains, resulting in the dezban revolt, and thus orchestrated the deaths of 7000 civilians and soldiers in the dezban revolt in order to make the public support the dezban genocide.
    • In-universe: To his own devoted soldiers, Tyrin's MEH is considered to be planning to betray his krogan allies in an effort to completely purge the galaxy of their race.
    • During the ending of Part I, Marr threatens to unleash the power of a fleet of krogan cruisers to destroy the entire Citadel, in retaliation for Tyrin's poisoning of a portion of the krogan military forces, if Tyrin does not allow for the krogans to receive a council seat and the status of being the majority race in the Citadel military.
  • Due to Sovereign indoctrinating the Citadel's inhabitants in Mass Effect: Synthesis, after humanity opens up their Mass Relays to allow for peaceful contact with the Citadel, the Council's immediate response is a biological attack on every human colony in Batarian space. After it's revealed the biological weapon was specifically designed to kill only humans and thus was made through experimenting on human slaves, Harbinger/Shepard outright declares the only thing saving the galaxy from an early reaping is that 7.5% of the Reapers still need to achieve synthesis with as yet unidentified alien individuals.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • At first, Chloé stealing the earrings and becoming Scarlet Lady merely robs Chat Noir of a competent and caring partner, forcing him to shoulder most of the work when battling akumas while his cohort steals the credit and the fame. But she vaults over the line in "Gamer", when she decides that the akumat offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of Marinette. Not only does she use her yo-yo to trip Marinette while she's trying to run away, once Chat saves her, she leads Gamer on a merry chase after the pair, ruining their attempts to shake him off.

Mortal Kombat

  • Mortal Kombat: Desperation: Raiden torpedoes through the line when he electrocutes Sub-Zero and Frost (and the surviving Lin Kuei, as many of them were killed off or injured by Raiden and his goons) to near-death for questioning his methods and not accepting his offer to destroy Outworld. Sub-Zero ends up in a comatose state, while Frost suffers electrical burns and is paralyzed (though both of them eventually recover from this ordeal, they're still disabled). The worst part of this MEH? Many of the Lin Kuei he killed or injured were just in their early teens, and the thunder god actually found it funny.
    • And if that wasn't bad enough, he tortures Cassie Cage twice when she calls him out on his misdeeds!
    • Hotaru crosses the line when he destroys Li Mei's village (it's possible that many of the villagers were children, women and the elderly). This also becomes the biggest contender for Raiden's MEH, possibly outstripping what he did to the Lin Kuei.
    • Kano crossed it when he not only ordered Kabal's death for betraying the Black Dragon, but also raped his widow, resulting in Kevin's conception. And if that wasn't bad, he abuses and tortures his son (though his son runs away in chapter 23).

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, the griffins are ordered by General Silverbeak to kidnap fillies and use them as hostages to demoralize ponies in the first phase of the war. But it is revealed in chapter 14 that it was an order of Red Cyclone. Then, his plan comes into the picture...
    • There is also Gilda torturing Medley and threatening to rip her wings off after the latter saves Rainbow Dash, who was being subjected to a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown while being immobilized by four other griffins. Not only did Gilda betray Dash's trust, she later breaks Medley's wings anyway.
  • It's clearly played for laughs but, in Crystal Affair, Shining Armor (of all ponies) crosses it when he asks Spike to help him renew his wedding vows with Cadence... ...While he's cheating on her. To make matters worse, the mare he's with is Rarity, who is going steady with Spike. Spike is horrified.
  • A Future of Friendship, a History of Hate: Ruinate technically crossed the line a few billion years ago when he became an Omnicidal Maniac for no other reason than spiting his fellow Sentiox. Within the time frame of the story, however, he crosses it when he renders Twilight an Empty Shell in order to neutralize the Elements of Harmony. And then, for an added layer of Kick the Dog, mocks the rest of the Mane Six about it.
  • The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum. There are even some characters In-Universe pointing these out.
    • Aside from the standard TCB fare, the Mirror Universe Celestia also exterminated all of the Changelings, the dragons (except TCB!Spike, whom she imprisoned and viciously tortured), the reindeer, and the minotaurs (except Iron Will). The griffins, zebras, and buffaloes were spared, but it's clear their relationships with the Solar Empire are very uneasy, and some TCB ponies are even seriously contemplating turning them all into the next victims of the potion. TCB!Trixie considers TCB!Spike's to be all of Equestria's MEH.
    • The The Man Behind the Man of the story, the Bag of Tirek, has its own — its entire motivation is to get revenge against the entire human race because Megan defeated its creator a thousand years prior. And according to Discord, it'll only keep going, conquering and subjugating other worlds.
    • The PER has its own when it's revealed they will infiltrate maternity wards to convert newborn babies. This is considered an MEH in universe as well, because no one hesitates to kill them on sight.
  • In The Conversion Bureau: Final Message, Celestia's crimes are so horrific that the alien alliance who find Earth have to invent terms for them such as "Crimes against sentience". In fact, the judge reciting her crimes has to stop because he just can't keep reading.
  • In Families, Olive Branch and Speedy Delivery are already unpleasant characters to begin with, the former waging an anti-Celestia campaign using smear tactics and the latter constantly abusing Scootaloo. Both of them cross the horizon, however, when Speedy Delivery drugs and kidnaps Soarin and Rainbow Dash on the orders of Olive Branch, who also has Twilight assaulted and kidnapped as well. That is, if Olive Branch didn't already cross it when he ordered the dragons from Dragon Quest to attack Ponyville to make Celestia look bad.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves: Checker Monarch, having already done plenty of terrible things in her quest to ruin Trixie's life, crosses the line when she Mind Rapes Rainbow Dash with a dream infiltration spell (which is illegal to even use if you're not a doctor) in order to turn her on Trixie. Even the Diamond Dogs she's employed as her Mooks are disturbed by that.
  • The God Empress of Ponykind: The Siege (and Sack) of Manehattan is one for Nightmare Moon and her Traitor Legions; The Daughters of Manehattan Legion is massacred (only fifty survive out of a thousand Legionnaires), any civilians that get caught up in the fighting are tortured and killed (including foals and an unborn child), and the entire city is burned to the ground.
  • Harmony Theory: The resident criminal mastermind Max Cash, was a Faux Affably Evil scumbag who routinely committed murders and other crimes, with a complete Lack of Empathy from the beginning. But, he really crossed the line, after a the locale noble of a rural town, High Fashion, takes him and his bodyguard/enforcer in. After which point, Max confronts Column, a changeling agent, that got caught up in the same conspiracy as him, followed by Max revealing Column's species in public, before ordering the massacre of the town to cover his tracks under the guise of a changeling attack. Which he follows up on, by using his magic to drive the a communication crystal operate to suicide to cut off communications and then setting a school on fire for no reason what so ever. After which, he returns to the noble's mansion, where his right hand mare Charisma has finished killing the towns defacto defender and is about to finish off Melody, High Fashion's body guard as well, until Max interrupts the fight to "repay" their kindness by brainwashing High Fashion and ordering her to stand down, so he can Mind Rape her into staying by her master's side, even after Max has High Fashion kill himself. Just to add insult to injury, after Melody catches up to him and calls him out for ruining her whole life, he not only brushes it off, but also reveals he barley even remembers what she's talking about.
  • Heir of the Nightmare:
    • Twilight tries to find reason within her mother, Nightmare Moon, until she discovered that Nightmare blinded Fluttershy'' with dark magic. After that, Twilight realizes that she simply couldn't reason with her mother.
    • Nightmare Nova doesn't cross it, so much as flies over it several times, when she burns down Ponyville, killing over two hundred ponies without a hint of remorse. And that was in her introductory chapter.
  • In The Immortal Game, General Esteem crosses it before he's even officially introduced, when it's revealed that he was the one who forced the Sliver of Darkness into Twilight by pushing it through her Eye, thus turning her into Nihilus.
    • Speaking of whom, Nihilus crosses it in her first appearance, Mind Raping Rainbow Dash in order to turn her into her servant, before attempting to kill the other Mane Six.
    • Titan does very little throughout the story, but when he enters the scene, his first action is to kill his depowered son in cold blood. But it turns out he crossed that line long before the then present of the story began when he used the Insanity on Terra (his daughter) and ordered her to hunt ponies into near-extinction, creating the Terra who would torture her own children in cold blood.
  • It Takes a Village: this is done in Chapter 10 by those who want Spike out of Ponyville when someone launches a harpoon at Spike while he's flying with ponies on his back.
  • In the MLP fanfic My Sweetie, during a flashback, Derpy's mom crosses it when she abandons Derpy in the Everfree Forest simply because Derpy's presence cuts into time shared with Derpy's dad.
  • Friendship is Failure has Count Logan cross it when he decapitates Flurry Heart, a very young foal, right in front of her parents.
  • The Pony POV Series version of Discord did this, as far as in-fic canon goes, by breaking Trixie so severely that she remained "Discorded" weeks after his downfall and even Twilight's memory spell alone couldn't free her (of course, due to the author not revealing Loneliness' origins, she may have been there even before Discord got his claws in her, but we can't be sure). Unlike the Mane Cast, Trixie wasn't a direct threat to him (yet), she was just similar enough to Twilight he could "warm up" on her first.
    • Discord crossed it even before we find out what he did to Rainbow Dash: He tells the whole bucking city of Cloudsdale that Rainbow Dash saved them at the cost of all else, and then drives them mad despite Dashie's pleading, and hammers it into Dashie's head that this is her fault. Then a couple chapters later, Applejack sees some of the truly sadistic things he did. For example, he made Derpy hate Dinky's guts and scream this newly-introduced hate at Dinky — at the time of the chapter, they've only recently stopped crying themselves to sleep — he turned the spa twins into an equine pushmi-pullyu — they still can't stand being near each other — and he turned Apple Bloom into one of the nightmares from Story of the Blanks.
    • Loneliness crosses this in her first appearance by impaling Twilight and breaking Trixie's leg. While she'd done some awful things before then, this was the point where it showed Trixie wasn't as much of a Morality Pet for her as it seemed.
    • In the Dark World timeline, we have the pure evil serial killer known as epilogue Fluttercruel, a horifying monster who kills every living thing she sees just out of sadisim. The line is finaly crossed when she reveals that she spent 500 years torturing Fluttershy til she was rescued by Cadence's spirit, made worse by the fact that she considers Fluttershy her mother and yet calls her her "favorite toy", her only regret being that she lost her and could not hurt her anymore. Though it turns out later she had a warped sense of logic and thought she was expressing her love to her mother.
    • Don't forget The Nameless Passenger aka Nightmare Paradox/Eclipse aka Twilight Sparkle, who became a Nightmare just to punish Discord for his crimes... then decided he hadn't been punished enough, so she trapped everyone in a time loop for hundreds of millions of years, just to keep punishing Discord, not giving a flying buck about anyone else. In other words, she hasn't crossed the Moral Event Horizon so much as pole vaulted over it with a rocket-powered pogo stick.
  • Mirror's Image: Blueblood is still a snob, but unlike most fics he's in, he is not portrayed as irredeemable from the outset and has some good qualities like his care for Princess Luna, and his own crush on Twilight. Unfortunately, he can't believe that Twilight is now a changeling, and believes that the changeling before her has brainwashed everypony. So he puts on the Alicorn Amulet, and goes after Changeling Twilight, and when her parents intervene, he unleashes a curse that kills Twilight's mother.
  • In Vengeance of Dawn, Breaking Dawn crosses it when she gives Cadence a poison that has no cure. (It doesn't kill her, but it does wipe her memories to the point where she can't even remember her own name.) Even Dawn herself is horrified when she sees the results of her actions first hand. (It doesn't stop her from continuing her plan, though.)
  • In The Death of Princess Luna, the bad guys kidnap Princess Luna and fool nearly everypony into thinking she's dead, driving them into deep sadness, especially Celestia. Their obstinately delusional justifications of this and the inhumane way they keep Luna imprisoned in seclusion and prepared for death as protection of Equestria from Nightmare Moon (who they believe has killed Luna and taken her place) make them easily very hateful. If all of this doesn't seal the deal, then their leader's final act of nearly killing Luna right after she has been rescued and joyfully reunited with her sister does it.
  • Triptych Continuum: About Triptych: With The Reveal in chapter 28 that Gentle Arrival is already eagerly looking forward to repeating the exact same experiment that created her on a new test subject, an experiment that involves a Device considered an abomination by every right-thinking pony and which has created an unfortunate in eternal pain, many readers found he had completely crossed over into official villainhood.
  • In Loved and Lost, Prince Jewelius helps Twilight Sparkle to stop the Changeling invasion, but he immediately afterwards steals the throne by tricking everypony to blame all the other heroesnote  for what they suffered because of the invasion, banishing them from Equestria. However, he crosses his MEH in the 11th chapter's private moment between him and the imprisoned heroes by explaining to them the true scope of villainy; he set the Changelings to attack Canterlot on his cousin Cadance's wedding day before double-crossing them at the last minute, just to claim the throne and dispose of Cadance and their aunt Celestia, both of whom he hates for their superior popularity. He also heartlessly gloats about how he used Twilight's sadness over the rejection of her loved ones to trick her into disowning them in retaliation and take him as her new mentor and fiancé, is planning to use her as a broodmare he can dispose of should a more powerful unicorn mare be found, will kill Cadance while making it look like he's trying to save her, has already wiped out all the Royal Guards who were injured during the invasion and remained loyal to the princesses, and sets Celestia to be hanged the next day.


  • Naruto Asunder: The reason Naruto kills Sasuke. Partly due to a Journey to the Center of the Mind on Sasuke's insane mind and partly...:
    Nagato: Did the Uchiha kill a friend of yours?
    Naruto: Yeah.
    Nagato: So you killed him for revenge?
    Naruto: No. Never for revenge.
    Nagato: Then why did you?
    Naruto: He killed Sakura.
    Nagato: Excuse me?
    Naruto: Sakura always believed in Sasuke. At some point I did, but I just gave up on him. But she... never did. She believed that Sasuke still had some light beneath all the darkness. She never gave up on him. So him killing her, the last person who thought he was good. That just showed he was beyond redemption.
  • Sasuke in Eroninja is finally considered beyond redemption by Naruto when he tries to kill his own mother for having informed Konoha of the Uchiha clan's coup. After saving Mikoto, Naruto stops trying to bring Sasuke back to Konoha and starts trying to kill him.
    • Other Konoha shinobi consider Sasuke beyond redemption when, during a plot to break out several high security prisoners, Sasuke has Iruka killed, mostly because while every other death is to insure the plan's success, Iruka's was only because Sasuke knew it would hurt Naruto.
  • Hakumei:
    • Danzo crosses it by killing the Third Hokage in the first chapter.
    • Yumi crosses it by killing Hana in order to get the Mangekyou Sharingan in Chapter 32. The only thing that may bring her back is that she promised Hana to not kill Kiba, who overheard her do it.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • The Child of Love: Gendo crossed it to the eyes of the whole cast when his gambit is revealed: he used drugs to heighten Asuka’s sexual drive so that she had sex with someone and got pregnant. Then he mixed DNA agents in the LCL her body was submerged into to modify her foetus genetically in order to create a super-pilot.

Ouran High School Host Club

  • In It's a Wonderfully Splendid Magnificent Life, Tamaki's grandmother crosses it by threatening to withhold funding for Tamaki's mother's health care if he goes to see her while she is in danger of dying. Neither Tamaki nor his father have any reason to doubt her; Tamaki is pushed far enough over the Despair Event Horizon to wonder if he should never have left France, and Tamaki's father shows his contempt for her by not referring to her by anything other than "she", as "He did not want to admit to having any sort of the relationship with the woman who was, by an accident of fate and genetics, his own mother."


  • In the fanfic Brave New World, Paul crosses this by betraying his clan simply because they locked him away after he stole a forbidden scroll, which leads to almost all of them being killed...with the exception of Dawn and Palmer.

Power Rangers

  • Lord Zedd crosses the Moral Event Horizon in the infamous Agony In Pink by creating Tortura, a monster made from books about the human anatomy and torture, to torture Kimberly to death in order to demoralize the rest of the Power Rangers.
  • Several villains in the Continuity Porn-filled Power Rangers Dark Fic series Prophecies of the Morphing Grid cross this, fittingly enough for a Dark Fic, and more disturbingly, most of these villains are completely human:
    • The first we're made aware of is Shredder (yes, he's in this; Continuity Porn, remember?) reorganizing the Foot by having any member with any standards whatsoever brutally killed, then dumping their corpses in the sewer for the protagonists to find.
    • The most extreme example goes to President Fullenton, who, while he had begun flirting with Knight Templar-ism while fighting the war against the revived United Alliance of Evil, initially seemed like a decent enough guy. Then he spectacularly toboggans down the slippery slope to become a President Evil by firing a Kill Sat at the nation of Sudan (which had allied with the UAE), burning every living thing within said nation to a horrible, horrible death. The later revelation that he's actually one of the leaders of the UAE, and had been playing both sides of the war to increase his own power and subvert the governments of Earth from within (the author's favorite villain in anything is Darth Sidious, can't you tell?) just seems like a formality after this.
    • Senator John Thorne, leader of an anti-alien hate group, crosses when he has his men massacre a defenseless alien refugee camp, treating us to scenes of soldiers doing things like burning down houses, then throwing alien children into the fire. Kat Manx, who was serving as a doctor to the camp, is the only survivor.
    • Mr. Stonefeld, crooked Texas oilman and Omniscient Council of Vagueness member, crosses when, after the Rangers leave for space to gather a resistance movement against Fullenton's aforementioned subverted government, has a hit put out on their families still on Earth, to break their spirit. These are actual characters we'd recognize from the TV show, and we get to watch (err, read) them die in loving detail.
    • Biotechnology mogul Jacob Russell crossed retroactively, when it's revealed that he had Trini's lovable old Uncle Howard (again, an actual character from the show) murdered and his death made to look like a suicide for his scientific research.
    • Another retroactive crossing goes to Gregory Roschin, the head of the aforementioned Omniscient Council of Vagueness, when in the '80s he had the entire Yeti race wiped out for their fur (ever wonder why Norg was the only one we saw?). Stonefeld helped with this one, too.
    • And yet another retroactive one goes to Captain Logan (yes, that's right, the Big Good from Time Force), when it's revealed he shot Ransik's wife, simply for giving birth to a mutant (she was completely human).
  • The elven military Commander Ragnar crosses this pretty quickly in Power Rangers GPX. Ragnar is nothing like a lot of villains from the main series, since he's willing to have his subordinates kidnap and murder innocent bystanders. But what showed he was a ruthless villain was the aptly-titled episode Deadline News where he has a number of would-be Rangers kidnapped, taken to Madison, and put on air, threatening to kill them if the Rangers don't show up in time. The Rangers don't make it and he kills a German Ranger trainee live on the air.
  • Power Rangers Wing Force:
    • Predictra crosses the line by Gaslighting Carrie to the point where she thinks she’s going to die.
    • Halatia crosses the line in chapter 11, by murdering Lulu’s teddy bear.
    • Uuhcura, Kuroden and Aobrix all crossed it before the story began, by destroying multiple planets.
    • Algrin crosses this when he murders Avior in cold blood. If that doesn’t do it, then he sabotaged his superior’s plans, leaving him at the mercy of the Rangers.
    • Said superior, Cannant also crosses the line, with his plan to destroy a who,e town after infecting them with a disease to turn everyone into ant-men.
    • Tann crosses this by turning the humans he captured into batteries for his Orpheus.
    • Fwelf crosses the line when he threatens to have Galvahex scrapped for fraternising with humans. Small wonder Galvahex stopped considering him an essential life form and left him to die in the destruction of the ship.

Pretty Cure

  • Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy has Raflesina making an assassination attempt on Ashley — her own daughter.
  • In Pretty Cure Heavy Metal, Ramirez uses an Akumana to possess W. Benny Bara, and Kuroimetaru offs Gacy without waiting for Lady Marilyn's orders. Even Lady Marilyn herself saw the act as the point of no return, warning him that she'd execute him if he wasn't so vital to Mansonia's security. It's no surprise, given his constantly killing innocent bystanders — he tap-dances over the Moral Event Horizon four times each day before breakfast. An example would be when he fed someone to the sharks and left a note reading "He disagreed with something that ate him." in episode 41.
  • In Pretty Cure Full Color, Furyze bumps off Belldandy using the very attack meant for the Cures.
  • In Bokura Wa Gaia Pretty Cure, Canis offs Rheo right before he could switch sides.
  • Kainatrol from Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon erases her own sister from existence in front of the man she was going to run away with, then gives him the choice of joining the Etherium or being erased with the rest of the world. He reluctantly joins, hating himself for his weakness from then on — and she continues to play with his emotions and remind him of his failures, knowing full well what's going through his mind. For 150 years. No wonder they hate each other. Oh, and she also manipulates the Disc-One Final Boss into wanting to erase himself, so that she can enact her own plans — a much more selfish and sadistic variation upon his.


  • In Old West, the estranged husband of Grace Glossy, Benjamin Hares, is quickly confirmed to be the cowardly swindler he was heavily implied to be long before he first appears — after all, he left his pregnant wife high and dry to escape his debts. When he shows up, pretending to be apologetic, he tries to sell Grace's lands behind her back so that the Big Bad would cover his debts. When Grace declares that they're done for good and tries to throw Benjamin out, he crosses his MEH by beating up Grace in response while relishing in it. Though Benjamin gets his comeuppance by the vengeful fangs of Rattlesnake Jake, Grace's sense of self-esteem is destroyed for a good while afterwards.


  • In Marque and Reprisal, the adoptive family of the Founding Father of the Purifiers. Not only did they support a campaign of genocide, they adopted a child who survived that genocide, only to brutally and horrifically abuse him for being the "wrong" ethnic group.
    • The girls who drugged the 15-year-old girl (that would become the privateer), stripped her naked, took pictures, and posted them online.


  • Professor Arc: An In-Universe example. Jaune starts the story mostly fearful of Cinder, and angered by her attempts at sabotaging his career. But when Cinder starts playing mind games with Beacon's students, and driving them and his co-workers to despair, Jaune realizes how toxic she really is, and resolves to take her down.
  • A Rabbit Among Wolves: The story is about Jaune waging war against Faunus discrimination. But there are several characters who really stand out in their abuse.
    • Elizabeth Tanner initially reveals herself to be a somewhat duplicitous, but still reasonable, SDC manager. [[But then she tries to force herself sexually on Jaune, and Trifa reveals she had done this to several faunus men before. In-Universe, this leads to Tanner's arrest and blacklisting by other segments of society]].
    • Rosemary and Thyme cross the line hard when they drive spikes through the ears of a donkey Faunus, Swan, and then attempt to blackmail her into silence when confronted.
  • Team LVDR:
    • Blaze opens the story slaughtering the guards is his prison, even the fleeing ones.
    • Indus crossed it long before his first appearance with his faunus trafficking business.
    • Zoe and August attempting to slaughter the Beacon dance.

Shin Megami Tensei

  • In Continuance, it had long been established that Yuuma was not a very good father to Souji, his son and the protagonist of Persona 4, considering that Yuuma generally alternates between neglecting his son and seeing him as a means to an end. Yuuma reaches a new low when it's implied that he pulled strings to deprive Souji of his scholarship and job at college, thus forcing Souji to either work for him or redouble his efforts to find a way to fund his education, thus causing some readers to conclude that reconciliation between Yuuma and Souji is no longer possible..

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic Prison Island Break, Head Warden Mephiles is consistently portrayed as pretty awful, but the specific moment you're supposed to realize he's worse than any of the cons is when he bullies prison doctor Amy Rose into performing humiliating sexual acts for his pleasure, while taking photographs to use against her as blackmail material in the future, just in case. And then just as he's about to leave, he turns around and tells her she is the one who is a disgrace.
  • Chapter 56 of Through the Monitor is one for Void, as he drowns nearly everyone on a cruise ship for no reason save it was there.
  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos Venus the Seedrian ritually sacrificed several of her friends and their families (including their children) so she could gain enough power to stop Tsali. Her subsequent My God, What Have I Done? and betrayal of Maledict was her attempt to atone for her unforgiveable crimes by stopping his plans.
    • Beelzebub swan dives through the horizon when he rapes Chris and nearly rapes Cosmo in Episode 67 — and establishes himself as one of the most evil characters in a Crapsack World brimming with evil characters.
  • Chaos Born: Eggman has never been shy about being a Card-Carrying Villain, but he's viewed in-universe as crossing the line during the climax, when he brands Sonic with his logo, for no other reason than to have a victory Sonic can't undo.

Sonny with a Chance

  • In the Sonny with a Chance fanfic Channy's Struggle, the book's Big Bad, Kyle Smith, rapes Sonny when her father sees favor in Chad. When Chad finds out and confronts him about it, Kyle simply brags that he was her first and she was amazing.

Streets of Rage

Steven Universe

Teen Titans

  • In Joker's Wild, The Joker crosses this in the first chapter, marking his grand arrival into Jump City by murdering one hundred with Smilex and televising it. Not to mention the fact that he murdered Jason Todd sometime before this fic.
  • In The End of Ends, Count Logan (a.k.a. Beast Boy) crosses this by having his minions destroy Tamaran for the sole purpose of spiting Starfire and Robin's coupling, though he crosses it earlier on by killing people for simply having nice lives.

Total Drama

  • Candy For Your Thoughts?: Alejandro falls into this when he attempts to kill Duncan with the latter's own pocket knife, and then quickly ignores and rejects his own brief moment of regret for slashing Duncan's chest and causing him to bleed.
  • A Codette World Tour: Alejandro crosses the line when he stages an Attempted Rape on Bridgette in order to enrage Cody and successfully gets him eliminated as a result.
  • Monster Chronicles:
    • While Cedric was already portrayed as an Ax-Crazy Sociopath, he crosses the Moral Event Horizon in Chapter 7 when he starts a fire in Gothenburg that kills at least a 100 people For the Evulz. It's at this point Chris stops enjoying the drama Cedric had been causing amongst the cast, and sees him as a genuine threat.
    • Mal was always darker in this story but he crossed the line when he took control of Sierra and had her attempt to rape Cody at scissor point. As a result, Cody was left with his mental illness growing worse, while Sierra was eliminated for a crime she didn't commit.
  • Predator and Prey: Alejandro crosses the MEH at the very beginning of the story by luring Bridgette down to the cargo hold, where he rapes her. This causes her to develop Stockholm Syndrome and leads to her cheating on Geoff like we saw in the show.
  • ReRevenge of the Island: An Alternate Reality: In the latest chapter, Scott blackmails Zoey to be his slave. Given how perverted he is in this story, God knows how bad this will turn out.
  • Total Alternate Island:
    • Courtney crossed it in Race of Terror, when she tried to kill Ezekiel, just because he made it past her in the game.
    • Courtney's father crossed it in "No Pain, No Game," when he fires a medic for attempting to give Ezekiel medical care.
  • Mal crosses it in Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite for his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Owen.
  • Total Drama Brains VS Brawns: After Sarge reveals himself, any of the scenes with him could be considered this, but... in his second act of nature after he's exposed as the Psychopath, he coaxes Rai to an open field, and with her thinking he's Moe, he tackles her to the ground, gropes her, grabs her depression meds, and crams them all down her throat. And she isn't found by Wishami and Moe until the next morning...
    • Arguably, when Brody, Rai's ex-boyfriend, wants to get back together with her and swims across the ocean to see her after being shot down by Rai beforehand and after he cheated on her, Rai, rather than explaining why she broke up with him and why she doesn't want to get back together with him again, proceeds to act like a smug, condescending bitch to him and allows him to get arrested. Our hero, everyone.
  • Total Drama Chris: Day 7 of TD Chris reveals that LeShawna plastered a very sensitive page of Gwen's diary around the camp to frame Heather and get her eliminated, then plotted with Chris to get rid of everyone who might prove what really happened. To keep Courtney from interfering, she lures her into a hole, planning to let her stay there, injured, until she was safely eliminated.
    • On Day 8, Justin immediately tops this: he shoots Eva, Cody and Courtney with tranqs, then throws Courtney off a thousand-food cliff onto a concrete slab to complete her 'Fear Multiple' challenge and tries to frame Eva for it. The only remorse they show over this is due to getting caught.
    • Day 11 sees another MEH crossing when Jewel attempts to frame Heather for murdering Bridgette and Lindsay.
    • Danielle laces Gwen's drink with truth serum, forcing Gwen to admit her true feelings about Duncan, in front of Courtney. All while she is supposed to be competing in a challenge.
    • Oh, and Chris is aware of all of these, and 'in' on most of them, courtesy of a little Loophole Abuse of his own.
  • Total Drama Comeback Series: In Battlegrounds, Chris crosses it by having a challenge which includes injecting animals with a chemical that will get them riled up, and his intended first target is Chico the Raccoon. Bridgette stops him from harming Chico, but Ezekiel gets the injection instead, and becomes the Feral Zeke he sadly becomes in canon.
  • Total Drama Dictionary: When Danny nearly shoves Omelette into some saw blades, and tosses Nerdi into a blender-like device during the Robot Wars challenge.
    • Bob's family are attempting to kidnap him and kill everyone else.
    • Peter cements his Sanity Slippage by nearly killing Bob in the Megaman episode.
  • Total Drama Do Over: Heather crosses it in Action when she kidnaps Vanessa and steals her identity in the game.
    • Mel crosses this in "African Lying Safari" when she nearly leaves Beth and Nathaniel to die at the hands of Sasquatchinakwa.
    • If leaving Adam trapped in a toxic mine unable to save himself doesn't cross it Scarlett crosses it when she blows up Jasmine.
  • Total Drama Geeks Vs Populars: Steph gets herself one of these before a challenge, in which she sends a heartbroken Nelson out to look for a flower for his love interest, Korpse. During a huge thunderstorm. Turns out, the flower doesn't exist, and she also sics a huge, poisonous spider after him. She sent Nelson out there, which could have cost Nelson his life, had not been for Korpse finding out the truth and saving Nelson just in time.
  • Total Drama Letterz:
    • It's hard to tell when Kasimar crosses this, since most of his actions are under Tabitha's orders. Something that wasn't was killing Eleanor's baby ferret for a cheap thrill.
    • Kim also gets one when she writes a horrible hate letter to Sasha... and then frames Yannis for the crime so that he would get eliminated and throw the other campers off her trail.
    • Nakia tossing Barney off a great height and getting his leg broken.
    • Tabitha's parents ultimately cross this when they disown her.
      • Her old man manages to tick Rheneas off even further by using his wife as a Human Shield.
  • Total Drama Luxury Tour: Everyone already knew that Al could be sneaky, underhanded, and manipulative, but going so far as to break Cody's arm, as well as his spirit, cemented how far he was willing to go to win.
  • Total Drama Nations:
    • Makoto crosses this when he begins physically and psychologically torturing Da for fun.
    • Carmen crosses it when she tries to get Thema to seriously harm their teammates with one of Mustafa's swords. Thema willingly goes along with it and even threatens to kill Carmen, so this could also apply to her as well.
    • Emma crosses this when, in a last attempt at "vigilante justice", she poisons the more villainous members of her team with a deadly blowfish.
    • Hans crosses it when, during Emma's elimination, he pushes Emma into the fire, causing her to receive 1st and 2nd degree burns.
  • Total Drama Stranded: Calvin's treatment of Briony crosses this.
    • Keith badly injuring Jojo, and most likely breaking his leg.
    • YMMV, but Portia spearheading the vote to backstab Mel, whose helped her out countless times. While Mel may have been a bit bitchy and rude, that was considered the point of no return.
  • Total Drama Switcheroo: Neil crosses it by torturing several of the contestants throughout the story. It gets even worse when he reveals his motive of being tormented by his schoolmates making it Disproportionate Retribution as none of them had anything to do with it.
  • Total Drama Tweenabet:
    • Ub crosses it when he blackmails Ivy over her sexuality.
    • Tilly crosses it when she taunts Xadrian about his dead mother, causing him to fall down a ledge and break his leg.
  • Total Drama Tween Tour: Jethro had done some pretty screwed up things, ranging from using Zora as a way to tear apart the Bees to framing Dil as the panty thief to save his own hide, and doing it all mostly For the Evulz. However, he ultimately crossed the line when he revealed that he hypnotized Edgar into becoming a monster that tormented his respective team, meaning all of the Snails' suffering as well as Edgar's insanity is his fault.
    • Bonnie refusing to mind her own business and skipping a challenge for the sole purpose of picking on Edgar.
  • Uber Drama Island: Darla crosses the line from brat to cruel with her nonstop unnecessary bullying of Linda.

Touhou Project

  • Yuyuko's Yukkuri Farm, one of DOS's yukkuri comics for the Touhou Project series, focuses on a Marisa yukkuri being cared for by Yuyuko, who at first seems to be quite caring to her, feeding her well and giving her friends to play with in the form of other yukkuris. The Marisa yukkuri loves Yuyuko, and as she grows, she soon becomes pregnant, and then gives birth to a koyukkuri (a yukkuri baby). Yuyuko picks the little yukkuri up before then proceeding to snarf it down right in front of its poor mother — and then telling the distraught mother yukkuri that the baby was nothing but a snack to her, and that this is the reason she's been caring for her. It just gets worse for the poor Marisa yukkuri from there, to the point where she becomes afraid of giving birth because she knows Yuyuko will just take the baby away and eat it like she did with the other koyukkuri, and ultimately snaps and attacks Yuyuko before being wounded and left for dead. By the time she's rescued by Reimu, she shows signs of acute PTSD from her horrible ordeal at Yuyuko's hands.
  • Diamond in the Rough (Touhou)'s in-universe video A Matchjer Mistake shows Arturo Matchjer crossing it by killing the children of the Human Village and raping Keine and Yuukanote . However, it's eventually revealed that most of all gappies will cross it after a time, being drunk on power.
    • If Yukari had succeeded, she would have created a state of Forever War between humans and youkai in order to preserve Gensokyo's lifespan.
  • In the Gensokyo 20XX series, we have this with the warden, and he's crossed this when he raped Yukari, separated Ran from her babies, apparently contributing to their deaths, had Ran scalded to the point of scarring, but what really seals this is the fact that he's had Reimu brainwashed, removing her sense of danger and fear, on top of injecting her with sedatives every few hours for screaming.
    • In 20XXIII, we have this with Seija when she attempts to brainwash Yukari into killing Reimu, Shimmy, Chen, and Ran's babies just because she sees them as a hindrance, nevermind the fact that she is the reason as to why resources are running scarce. According to Yuyuko in a few Noodle Incidents, Seija also seems to have a killing streak, seeing that she's caused more than a few deaths.

Warhammer 40,000


Yume 2kki

  • In Diary of a Psychopath, Urotsuki's already been proven to be an Axe-Crazy serial killer. However in Chapter 7, after killing Kamen, she managed to get crazier. She becomes interested in Aoshiru, coming into him rather creepily and sexually. This culminates in Chapter 8, where she ends up kidnapping and raping him, keeping him locked up in an abandoned hospital room. She has no problems with this, and actively continues to beat and rape him until he becomes a hollow shell to brainwash.


  • In Clash of the Elements, Joe Dark's vicious slaughtering of the Genesis Samurais definitely qualifies under this, more so considering how he spits on their honor after their deaths. This trope is even discussed afterwards by Alpha, who even says straight out that "You've crossed the horizon, now we're gonna make you fall."
    • Cackletta sacrificing one million lives and destroying Rogueport as the Shadow Queen just so she can prolong her own life is merely ONE of many instances where she crossed the MEH.
    • There is also Dimentio, who crossed this again when it is revealed that he purposely ruined Blumiere and Lady Timpani's life just to further his plans to get the Chaos Heart. What is particularly bad about this example is that this is a MEH crossed by hundreds upon hundreds of alternate universe Luigis as well.
  • In the Vocaloid fanfic From Concert to Chaos, there are several cases where Miku Zatsune and Rin Arakawa cross this line. For one, they beat the living daylights out of both Miku and Rin, during a concert, because they were convinced they caused their former boyfriends, Mikuo and Len, to break up with them, even though they were completely innocent. Another possible crossing point is when they create an electric barrier around the stage so that no one could help them. But where they really cross this line is when they trap the audience of more than 16,000 fans, of which more than 5,000 of whom are ''children'', in a massive 2 meter high wall of fire, which ends up injuring nearly 900 people. And those last 2 parts weren't even part of their original plan, they were just to show the world how evil they could be. And judging by how much they were enjoying everyone's suffering...
  • From Yukari Is Free, we have Fedt-Geszhine, the bespectacled, diminutive Dragon to the planet-conquering Alien Warlord Gathuum-Sythaal. Fedt-Geszhine leapt merrily across the horizon at a young age, when he killed his mother so he wouldn't get in trouble for drilling a hole in his sister's head. He hasn't looked back since, willfully sentencing people to slavery, sadistic experimentation, or to be melted down into fuel for his Bio-Reactor, if he doesn't have any use for them.
  • In the Naruto RP Super Saiya Man does with Lightsnake, they created a villain for their said RP named Hiro. If its not the fact he manipulated Biri, or that he tried to off his brother Kuro, its the fact he implanted a special seal on every slavegirl in his harem in Kumogakure. So that if he dies...he can drain their life and be reborn years later.
  • Davina McCall (the Tellygunge character) crosses it in Davina's House Party Episode 6 along with her fictional nephew by tricking Sarah Jane Mee to be dunked in mud, while claiming that the nephew is doing it as part of a charity kickoff, when he supposedly has a fractured arm. Neither get punished for this.
  • In Hell Hath No Fury, Cersei is so disgusted by the fact her firstborn child by Robert Baratheon is a "useless" girl she outright poisons the infant. The baby girl is tough enough to live, but Jaime is so horrified he loses any feeling of romantic love he ever had towards Cersei.
  • In SyxxFox's Rogue Fox series, the titular character of this entire fan favorite video game franchise, Fox McCloud, goes down this path after a Despair Event Horizon caused by Krystal leaving him at the end of the Anglar Blitz causes him to become everyone's worst nightmare as he leaves behind death in his wake. Even after he was in the drive of things and is initially defeated by Krystal; Fox plans to betray her and his old teammates when the search and rescue missions he is assigned to ends, with no intention of staying as a lapdog nor redeeming himself, but to kill and maim them for his own losses. Then go after his father to seal his fate.


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