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A Mythology Is True

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Yugi: So let me get this straight: According to this show, the Egyptian Gods are real.
Shadi: Yes.
Yugi: But, doesn't that mean that all other religions are wrong? And the hokey Ancient Egypt religion is the only real one?
Shadi: Yes.
Yugi: Huh. Didn't see THAT one coming.
Shadi: I did!

A fantasy setting with a premise that one particular mythology is an approximation of the truth, usually with some plot-relevant differences. This is often a mythology associated with a mainstream religion.

If this is done to more than one mythology in one setting, then it is a Crossover Cosmology. If all of the stories are right, you have a Fantasy Kitchen Sink and All Myths Are True.


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  • In Rowan Atkinson's "Welcome to Hell" he plays the Devil organizing new arrivals. As he splits them off to different groups, he announces "Christians. Ah yes, I'm sorry, I'm afraid the Jews were right."

    Comic Books 

  • Uchibi Sasuke includes what seems to be traditional Asian mythology, as seen through the lens of the game Ōkami.

    Films — Live-Action 


    Live Action TV 
  • Supernatural is an interesting case which can't decide whether it's this trope or All Myths Are True. Earlier seasons seem to imply the latter, with the characters explicitly stating that "almost all cultures" have lore of some kind about the Monster of the Week, with only slight variations. However, later seasons seem to run on the basis of Christianity (with God, angels, and Lucifer).
    • A season 5 episode even addresses this issue with a gathering of gods from other/more ancient religions being mad that the Judeo-Christian apocalypse is going to end the world instead of their own religion's version of the apocalypse.
      • However, the fact that Lucifer promptly slaughters them seems to suggest that Christianity still comes out on top.
    • It seems that neither the angels nor demons nor pagan gods are truly "gods" but rather creatures that have been worshiped as such over time. Some angels mentioned that they came from elsewhere and took over from the old gods; Death claims to be as old as God.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The New World of Darkness actually discusses this in "Inferno", a splatbook about demons. It's up to the Storyteller which religion is true in regard to the myth of demons, as long as the players are cool with it. This is a considerable improvement compared to Demon: The Fallen, which says that "demons are based on Christian lore, but the Christian lore of OWOD is not the Christian lore of Real Life".
  • Scion normally assumes All Myths Are True; however, the campaign in Scion: Ragnarok assumes a setting in which only Norse Mythology is real.

    Video Games 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • South Park combines this with All Myths Are True. Every god of every religion exists in the setting, but Mormonism is the only faith that gets you into Heaven. Everyone else goes straight to Hell, though it seems only real sinners actually get punished and everyone else is more or less left alone.
    • In the episode "Best Friends Forever", that changed when they needed more soldiers to join in the battle against Satan's legion of Hell, and Mormons aren't fighters. Considering that it's South Park, things went back to the way they were, not that soldiers aren't needed.