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Adventure Time

  • Like many fics, Tower, Tower pairs Princess Bubblegum (candy person) with Marceline (half-demon vampire), but adds a twist at the very end when Bubblegum becomes a ghost.

Ah! My Goddess

Alice, Girl from the Future

  • There are many fanfics, the most prominent one being Earth – Fiks Travel Route, where Alice falls in love with and marries the Third Captain. She is a human and he is an alien who looks generally humanoid, but with three legs and six arms and used to lighter gravity than that on Earth.
  • There are also fanfics, the longest one being The Murders in Ursa Minor, in which Alice is shipped with Rat, a shapeshifting alien whose default form resembles a scorpion (though he spends most of the time in canon in human shape).

Attack on Titan

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

  • Fail Better:
    • Lucia and the first William Adama. She's a goddess, he's a dead human, they meet in the underworld, get married, become the "parents" of generations as ancestor and step-ancestress respectively and "live" happily forever. After some complications.
    • Selene and Billy too. Apparently, falling in love with humans runs in the family.



  • The Bolt Chronicles: The love relationship between Bolt (a dog) and Mittens (a cat) in later stories of the series, from “The Ship” onward, is an example of this trope. Its unusual nature is played straight in universe, often acknowledged as such.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Calvin and Hobbes

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

  • Chip (chipmunk) and Gadget (mouse) are a popular choice of a couple, ranging from letting the actual romance grow by itself (for example Fly to the Light) or leaving one or both heartbroken because they Cannot Spit It Out and putting one or both through the wringer before their deserved First Kiss (for example Rhyme and Reason, Of Mice and Mayhem, half the Midnightverse).
  • Next to Dale & Foxglove and Chip & Gadget, The Midnightverse hints at something growing between Sparky (rat) and Lahwhinie/LaWahini (mouse). Diamonds In The Desert reintroduces Clarice from the Chip and Dale cartoon short "Two Chips and a Miss" who plays with the two 'munks, but who also is the crush of a mouse. It also introduces a third rat who looks a lot like Rat Capone and Francis (they're brothers in this 'verse), and who hits on Gadget a lot.



  • A Force of Four: Kara —a Kryptonian— is dating Andrew Vinson —a human. And Lyta —half human, half Amazon— and Hector Hall —Thanagarian— are lovers.
  • A number of them in Hellsister Trilogy. Clark Kent (Kryptonian) and Lois Lane (human), Brainiac 5 (Coluan) and Laurel Kent (Kyptonian/human hybrid), Lightning Lad (Winathian) and Saturn Girl (Titanian), Mordru (Zeroxian) and Satan Girl (Kryptonian)...
  • In Kara of Rokyn, Clark Kent (Kryptonian) and Lois Lane (human) get married after the final battle between Superman and Lex Luthor. At the end of the fic, they are expecting a baby.
  • In the backstory of Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation, Superman had a son with Lois Lane (and it's hinted that he was in a relationship with Wonder Woman after his wife's death), and Supergirl hooked up with an unnamed Earthman, their offspring mingled with the Earth population for five centuries, and in present day the current Superman Klar Kent is married to human woman Lyla.
  • In the Our Own League novels, Conner (half Kryptonian, half human clone) and Donna (half Amazon, half demigoddess) are love interests. There is also Ship Tease between Jaime, a human, and M'gann, a Martian, after she joins the Titans.
  • With this Ring... (Green Lantern): John Stewart (Earth human) and Katma Tui (Korugaran alien) are a married couple.
  • Man of Steel story Daughter of Fire and Steel has Clark Kent and Lois Lane. When General Zod's partisans hear about Kal-El befriending a human named "Lois Lane" they express disgust at the idea of a Kryptonian "mating" with humans.

Death Note


Dragon Age

  • All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird has Mahanon (Dalish elf) and Cassandra (human noblewoman). There's also, in the backstory of the setting, Darrian (city elf) and Morrigan (human mage), as well as a couple of the pairings carried over from the source material.
  • Walking in Circles has Evelyn (ex-noble human mage) and Solas (ancient Elven god). Between the two of them, Solas was the one who paid more attention to the nature of their relationship, as he had to overcome the feeling of betrayal toward his brethren by falling in love with a shemlen before having the courage to confess his love to her.
  • The central pairing in Beyond Heroes: Of Sunshine and Red Lyrium is Varric Tethras (dwarf) and Inquisitor Bethany Hawke (human). There are also a few background pairings which fit the trope.

Final Fantasy

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In Blood Ties, Roy is a dhampyr who's dating a human. Roy and Riza began dating when Roy was still human, but he was turned into a dhampyr during the war. He tried to run off after turning, but Riza tracked him down herself and refused to leave him. Later, Riza is turned into a dhampyr and they start getting close again.

Harry Potter

  • Deserving has Crabbe shagging a house elf, thankfully off-screen.

Haruhi Suzumiya

Hey Arnold!

  • In Arnold's Vampire, Helga is a Dhampyr who ends up bonded to Arnold after she drinks his blood, and ends up falling in love with him.

How to Train Your Dragon

  • A lot of fanfics ship Hiccup and Toothless together, sometimes giving the latter the ability to speak and sometimes not. What You Meant To Me is one example.

Invader Zim

  • In Science Knows No Bounds, Professor Membrane takes in Almighty Tallest Miyuki after she crash-lands in his backyard, and eventually falls in love with her after working with her for several years. Heartbreakingly, the relationship never goes anywhere, as by the time Membrane realises he loves Miyuki, she dies of old age.
  • The Smeet Series has a few examples:
    • A major component of the series is the romance between Ilk (an Irken) and Blue (a Kryvtor). The third story, Indokani, is even built around the lead-up to their wedding.
    • Indoknai also reveals that Zim (an Irken) and Gaz (a human) hooked up at some point offscreen.
    • During his training to become an Indokani, Purple (an Irken) develops a Fire Forged Friendship with Akkono (a Kryvtor), which by the end of the story has developed into a budding mutual attraction.

Kill la Kill

Kim Possible

Kung Fu Panda

  • The Vow is about the tragic love between Lord Shen (peacock) and Lady Lianne (swan). They have in the epilogue a child that's a peacock with some traits from a swan. There is also affection born between Zhan the Wolf Boss (wolf) and Jade (dhole).

The Lion King (1994)

  • Before And Beyond The Beginning is a Perspective Flip focusing on the hyenas that includes a Scar/Shenzi pairing. It explains that even though Shenzi finds the idea utterly revolting, exactly why Scar (in his growing insanity) might start thinking it over time.
    Scar: That’s what I like about you, Shenzi. All Sarabi and Zazu ever do is whine, whine, whine about every little complication, as if they can't do a single thing by themselves. You never bring me any bad news.

Loonatics Unleashed

Marvel Universe

  • Prince of Asgard has Loki (Jotun) and Tony Stark (human).
  • Beyond Death has Thanos crash-land on Earth and meet a young woman, whom he temporarily moves in with. While he plans to kill her once he's recovered his strength (the only reason he doesn't is because she gets fused with the Tessarect), he ends up falling in love with her and vice-versa.
  • A Prize for Three Empires has Carol Danvers (human, since this was written before she was retconned into being half-Kree) and Gladiator (Shi'ar).

Mass Effect

  • The Uplifted trilogy has Joachim Hoch and Hanala Jarva vas Devoas, an SS officer and Quarian Captain, and the affair between Erwin Rommel and Admiral Utala Falan. In the next series, it's revealed that although some mxed species couples try to make it work, few relationships last. Even the Jarva-Hoch family is strained with the difficulties of mixed species family, with John Hoch's newly discovered daughter flat out rejecting any kinship the quarian side of her father's family has. Which is understandable considering she is noted unrepentant quarian killing Commando Otto Skorzeny's Granddaughter and raised by an equally xenophobic mother
  • Interspecies Romance is the norm in Mass Effect, so the fanfic Ghost Ghost I Know You Live Within Me brought this Up to Eleven by having Turian/Human ghost.
  • The sentient dinosaurs in Mesozoic Effect are firm believers in this, which is unsurprising considering the sheer number of sapient dinosaur species. Children from such parings are normally Designer Babies created by the dinosaurs' extremely advanced genetic engineering. When they awake from cryonic suspension, the dinosaurs see no particular reason why the humans who now control Earth wouldn't also make suitable mates. This eventually leads to several anatomically confusing pairings. For example, Ashley Williams' mother is revealed to be a Cetiosaurus, while her grandmother is a T-Rex. Both her father and grandfather are human. Careful reading reveals reference to Ashley's egg, suggesting that all this mixed parentage has had a serious impact on her eventual species.

Monster Musume

  • In Daily Odd Life with Monster Girls, dragon-girl Kishimura is in a relationship with the human Erika, while the protagonist Shirou is the love interest of Naki the zombie, Yukiko the yeti and Eleanor the long-legged Arachne.

Monsters, Inc.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • The fandom is filled with tons of human/pony romance stories, many of them the "human male from the real world enters Equestria", falls in love with a main character" variety, if not an outright Self-Insert Fic. A common joke about the fandom is that they're all into bestiality.
    • They're so common A Night With Lyra was able to successfully Meta Twist the reader by having this not be the case. Just check the comments: every single one points this out.
    • Teased in The Commander Of Shepherds between (female) Commander Shepard and Luna. The potential pony/human squick factor is lessened by Luna being a shapeshifter.
    • Blissful Dream is a love story about a pony and a human.
    • Twi and Me has human male and female pony (Twilight Sparkle).
    • Xenophilia involves Rainbow Dash getting a human boyfriend. Despite being a Lemon the fic spends a fair amount of time discussing differences between humans and ponies as come to sex and gender relations. It mostly treats the human as the alien partner (talking about his Exotic Equipment, for instance).
    • Sophistication and Betrayal involves one between the unnamed human protagonist and Rarity.
    • The Mixed-Up Life of Brad has this between Brad the human, and Twilight the unicorn. Subverted a bit, as Brad fell in love with Twilight when she was transformed into a human, and now that she's back in her pony form he finds her physical appearance unappealing. It is noted that they cannot ever be truly happy together, being so different from each other.
    • The same author's A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies gives Danny (from G1 My Little Pony), an eleven-year-old human, a crush on Surprise the pegasus (who is an adult at the time by pony standards). Nothing comes out of it, and he still has bad memories years later. It's hinted that it's all because he was still a young kid at the time, confused by his budding sexuality.
    • Mating Customs of Species Equus parvus explores this a bit: Humans have a tendency for seeking exotic partners, an evolutionary trait which used to help them reduce inbreeding by encouraging them to find partners in other communities. As a side-effect, it makes them prone to Interspecies Romance with other sapient races—which, however, do not share this trait, so such infatuations are pretty much always one-sided (and result in the unlucky human suitor laughed off).
    • Arddun Lleuad and its sequel, Chwe Goleadau, has the romance between the human protagonist and Luna as one of its main themes. They have some anguish over just how far are they going to take their relationship. At the very end, the point becomes moot, as the protagonist gets castrated by the villain.
    • In All-American Girl, there are close relations between Earth and Equestria, and pony-human relationships or couples are not unheard of—the protagonist herself is a pony married to a human. That said, the setting also has temporary species-transformation magic available for the spouses, allowing such couples to actually have children together.
    • A Voice Among the Strangers has the human protagonist Jessica realising that Iron Will, a minotaur is attracted to her, and immediately turns him down. Played straight in later chapters with Bastion (pegasus) and Minder (changeling).
    • In Equestria's First Human, a socially awkward teenager falls in love with Fluttershy. It is averted later on when his spirit is brought back to Equestria, he chooses to be reborn as a pony, since he could love Fluttershy more easily that way.
    • Averted in The Rise of Darth Vulcan. Due to changeling custom and instinct, since Vulcan beat Chrysalis in a fight, she becomes enamored with, and dedicated to him. Vulcan, however, is completely disgusted with both the concept of this trope, and Chrysalis herself. So, he uses her for information and experience, but refuses all her advances.
  • In Summer Days and Evening Flames, Gilda (a griffin) eventually starts dating her guard captain Iron Bulwark (a pony). She's justifiably worried that dating him could make others look down on him, considering his best friend is very racist to griffins.
  • Kalash93 wrote Racer And The Geek, which makes Zecora one of the protagonist's primary love interests, if not his main one, and Welcome to the Brothel and Relax, both about a pony soldier and a zebra sex worker. This is only a borderline example, however, as canon isn't really clear whether zebras are a separate species to unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies or just another ethnic group.
  • A pair of recurring background characters in Cadence in a Minor are a stallion/griffon couple, who are also soldiers on the opposite side of a tense border. Despite everything stacked against them, they make a pretty cute couple, all told. And of course the whole plot of the fic revolves around the fact that Shining Armour was a victim of Interspecies Rape By Deception.
  • The Reading Rainbowverse has the typical Gilda/pony romance... but mixes it up by having a cat crush on Gilda too. Not an anthropomorphic cat... a normal housecat.
  • The Pony POV Series:
    • Strife, the Draconequus of Natural Selection, is Happily Married to Mortis, the Alicorn of Death, and they have kids.
    • Anarchy, the Draconequus of Freedom and Rebellion, is married to Nightmare Legion, an Alicorn formed from millions of Shadows of Existence.
    • Dark World!Derpy has feelings for the Doctor, which is part of her motivation for wanting to destroy the Valeyard and force him to regenerate back into the Doctor. She succeeds and ends up marrying him after Nightmare Eclipse's defeat, though he's using a Fob Watch.
    • Dark World!Rarity and Dark World!Spike become an Official Couple and become Happily Married after defeating Eclipse. Rarity also becomes an Alicorn.
    • Celestia and Discord were once in love, but the latter's Sociopathy and sadism ended that.
    • Minuette and Captive Audience, as the former is actually a Time Lord. Though it's a bit ambiguous after Minuette destroys the Master if she's still one or not.
  • TD ends up in one with Cheerilee in the main continuity of The Non-Bronyverse. In the alternative-continuity AU story where he gets accidentally turned into an alicorn, he eventually strikes one up with Celestia.
  • Rarity and an aged-up Spike in The Dear Sweetie Belle Continuity, as far as they know the first pony/dragon couple in Equestria's history.
  • Discussed Trope in Romance and the Fate of Equestria. Iron Will tries to take his friendship with Fluttershy to the next level; Fluttershy politely declines and later consults her friends as to their thoughts about interspecies dating. When they all view it as a non-issue, this leads Fluttershy to think she's bigoted for only being attracted to ponies. When it's further explained that this is because she wants to have children, Rainbow Dash labels her a "breeder", and assures her that it's perfectly normal.
  • Just Before the Dawn features one between Celestia and Tercio.
  • Zestar Apple Flambe involves Spike and Apple Bloom falling in love with other, and having a child together.
  • Bride of Discord centers around Fluttershy and Discord. It is also hinted, that Discord had unresolved feelings for Celestia.
    • There is also a major subplot between Spike,note  Rarity, and Applejack of all ponies. Applejack and Spike end up together. This is Lamp Shaded, when Spike points out that Discord and Fluttershy aren't even the same species, only for Applejack to point out the hypocrisy.
    • The sequel also has one between Discord and Fluttershy's daughter Screwball and Mothball, who is a changeling.
    • Yet another sequel in the series, has one between Iron Will and a changeling named Bellatrix.
  • The Palaververse: Throughout Wedding March, a mutual attraction develops between the mule Alloy and the ibex doe Tundra. At the end, Tundra musters the courage to ask Alloy on a date, and he accepts.
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • The first story features Swift-Pad the wolf with Maxilla the changeling, who is seeking to become a female wolf permanently in order to stay with him. By the time the story's done, Maxilla has achieved his/her goal; they get married early in the third story.
    • Diplomat at Large introduces Sky Beak the hippogriff-turned-seapony, who is married to Ocean Flow the seapony. It also kicks off the romance between Princess Luna of Equestria and Prince Pharynx the changelings; they get married in the third story.
    • Diplomat at Large also kicks off a romance between Queen Scolopidia of the changelings and the pony duo of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody, who make it official late in that story.
    • In chapter 12 of ''Diplomacy Through Schooling, it turns out Daring Do and Teomitl (her old foe, formerly known just by his species name of Ahuizotl before his real name was given in the second story) have become a couple.


  • Quite a number of stories pair up Naruto(a human) with Kurama(a demon fox). Though, most cases feature Kurama as a female demon fox, who also has a human form.

Once Upon a Time


  • A fanfic pairing an Author Avatar and his Gardevoir. Smut ensues.
  • Another Gardevoir related fanfic. This one is about a boy growing up with a female Ralts. Due to some genetics, the Ralts, then Kirlia, becomes more and more human as she spends time with the boy and their relationships develops.
  • Subverted here. It opens with a great big monologue about human and pokemon being intimate — even having offspring — is supposedly very common. The titular character has had two inter-species relationships: One with Tera, a pelipper, the other with Henry, a human. Neither of which was intimate. Tera just wants to be a dad, while she Henry just gets a kick out of tricking people into thinking they're a couple.
  • In Revisit, Ash becomes romantically involved with Arceus.
  • Pairing Ash with the Latias from the fifth movie is a somewhat popular ship, known as "AltoShipping". The better fics in this category will point out that this kind of thing is frowned upon, and have the characters take a while to work through it. The others? Not so much.


  • Roar of the LION: Leon, a human, and Naomi, a fox Faunus, end up together over the course of the fic.

Ready Jet Go!


  • Old West: The canonical example of Rango and Beans, with him being a chameleon and her being a desert iguana. While they're both lizards, their species are quite different. The main focus is on a similar example between Rattlesnake Jake and Grace Glossy, who are a rattlesnake and a glossy snake, respectively. Also, Grace used to have this kind of a relationship with the father of her son Teddy, Benjamin Hares, who's a gopher snake.

Real-Person Fic

  • Very one-sided in With Strings Attached. Shag, a “lizardy, birdy” alien, is clearly in love with the (usually human) four, but it's strictly from a distance, and they certainly do not love her.

Sgt. Frog

  • Yin and Yang Series: Let's see... There's Mahihi and Daisy, Romama and Aya, Fujuju and Botan, Rokiki and Mora, Haruki and Lavi, Porara and Mois, and even Kirere and Hiroshi, for one story.


Slightly Damned

  • Blizzard Storm features the main pairing of original character, Eric, with Sakido. A human and a demon
  • A Different Medius has Toby's unrequited feelings towards Sam explored at length.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • A New Life Era: From this gallery page, A New Life Era, and Moe and BIOS birthday party, there is heavy speculation about this between between Amy Jr. and Moe. The Recovery Part 2 shows there MIGHT be some romantic love between the two. However, they're both very young, and may not be each other's soul mates. For all we know, Bertha might be Moe's soul mate, although The Hacker probably wouldn't be too happy about that.
  • Sweet Sorrow goes into depth on Elise's relationship with Sonic in Sonic 2006. Sonic is a hedgehog while Elise is a human.
  • Single Parents Night:
    • Amy's parents are a male hedgehog and a female elephant.
    • Vanilla is a rabbit and her wife is a bird.
  • Sonic the Comic – Online!: Tekno the Canary has Ship Tease with Shorty the Squirrel. Despite this, the Distant Finale heavily implies she ends up with Amy (a hedgehog).


  • A currently unfinished fanfic series which pairs up the characters of Patricia (a platypus) and Peri (not known for sure, mostly assumed to be a cuttlefish/squirrel hybrid).

Star Trek

  • The Kirk (human) and Spock (half-human half-Vulcan) pairing from many a fanfiction deserves mention by being the Trope Namer for Slash Fic.
  • Bait and Switch has one between a couple of Mauve Shirts from the USS Bajor's security department, Ensign Kate McMillan (human female) and Lieutenant (JG) K'lak (Klingon male). They're stated to have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for the last couple of months, but decide to go exclusive in chapter nine.
  • In Red Fire, Red Planet Lieutenant Commander Brokosh, a Lethean mercenary, is Happily Married to Klingon noblewoman Ba'woV, daughter of N'Gara, of the House of Chel'toK, a Klingon. Brokosh signed with the Klingon Defense Force when their son was conceived, since Chel'toK is fairly impoverished.
  • From Bajor to the Black has Kanril Eleya, a Bajoran, date a human Starfleet Academy cadet exclusively for about a year, to the point of her starting to talk about Bajoran betrothal rituals. This ends badly when Jerrod Dalton is offered early graduation and skips town for the USS Planck in the middle of the night.
  • Remembrance of the Fallen has Tiana Lanstar visit the gravesite of her deceased wife Sobaru, a Bajoran.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Steven Universe

Super Mario Bros.

  • In The Rose, Luigi (a human) and Prince Peasley (a Bean person) fall in love with each other.


  • There are many fanfics where Dean falls in love with Castiel. This is one of them.

Sword Art Online

The Sword in the Stone

  • In one 4chan copypasta fic King Arthur in a Peggy Sue scenario decides that he's better off in making that squirrel (who actually loved him and he has Merlin change into a human form) his Queen instead of Guinevere.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teen Titans

  • New Tamaran:
    • Robin and Starfire and Oracle/Flamebird
    • Aqualad (Atlantean) and Bumblebee (augmented human)
    • Jason Sandsmark (human, formerly known as Red X) and Terra (Stratan).
    • Supergirl admits to having romantic feelings for Jimmy Olsen, and would happily give up her promiscuity if he wanted to become an official couple with her. ( This implies that she becomes his Lost Lenore, though.)
    • While off-planet, Wonder Woman had several such romances both in and out of the Justice League, while her husband President Trevor fell in love with Mera. Diana happily accepts them both when she returns.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


  • In something rich and strange, Tintin is a merman who was accidentally fished out of the sea by Captain Haddock's crew, and falls in love with Haddock while recovering from the injuries he received when he was caught.

Tolkien's Legendarium

Touhou Project


  • Several fanfics pair Starscream with Alexis - here's one such example.
  • In Is Something Wrong With Love?, Chase is in love with Chief Burns, but is reluctant to admit it due to Kade's homophobia.
  • In Swarm, Wasp is a hornet who falls in love with Bumblebee the honeybee (Bumblebee being a nickname he has due to his klutziness).
  • Following the release of Bumblebee, several fanfics have been released pairing him with Charlie Watson - here's one such example.
  • In the What Makes A Monster series, Jazz and Richochet are in romantic relationships with Prowl and Smokescreen, who happen to be beastformers (the Cybertronian equivalent of a werewolf). Later in the series, fellow beastformers Barricade and Bluestreak fall in love with Bumblebee (a Spark Eater) and both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker (selkies), respectively. Also, Inferno is a mortal in a relationship with Red Alert, who happens to be a vampire.

Transformers: Prime

  • Multiple mentioned in Beauty of the Beast, back in the Golden Age of Cybertron. The two important to the series are June and Megatron and Miko and Bumblebee.


Warhammer 40,000

Wolf's Rain

  • The Reason is a Song Fic that ships Leara, a human girl, with Toboe, a wolf pup that can make human illusions.

World of Warcraft

  • The Sirens of Azeroth suggests that the many species of Azeroth don't have a huge amount of trouble with, at least, casual interspecies romance/intercourse, demonstrating among others a Dwarf/Draenei (seven-foot faun-like blue alien) relationship, a Troll/Blood elf lesbian couple with an open relationship, and a pair of tiny gnomes talking about how their favorite types of 'men' are Tauren (huge minotaurs), though they could just be making that up.

Young Justice

  • In With This Ring, Ferdinand the minotaur chef at the Themysciran Embassy has a relationship with Leslie Anderson. There's also M'gann and Kon, but that was canon already.
  • Assimilation has a mutual Rescue Romance between Starfire (an alien whose species evolved from cats) and Machina (formerly human but got eaten by nanites so basically a cyborg).


  • Zootopia/0 (still in production) introduced one of its first characters, Hazel Dodge, as the skunk who contributed to the famous rug. Though neither describes their relationship as romantic, Nick does concede that they were "Close enough to let her shave my butt."

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