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Fanfic / Ill Met by Moonlight

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Ill Met By Moonlight is a Steven Universe fanfic written by CompletelyDifferent, Swordtheguy, and airamcg (or under the joint FF account 0TheCluster0).

In the shadows, between the cracks of society, lives a world humanity can only dimly imagine. A world of magic and curses. Where wars have been fought and the very course of civilization is dictation. In this world, magicians conjure rituals behind closed doors, restless spirits roam graveyards, supernatural wolves howl at the moon, and monsters may stalk you in the dead of night.


This is a world that Steven Universe barely knows. Born as a Dhampyr, between his full blooded vampire mother and his human father, Steven is still trying to figure out his place in the world. But even with the firm guidance of his mother, Steven's future, even to the most talented of Seers, remains largely unknown...

Set in an AU within the How I Wonder What You Are multiverse, Steven's mother a vampire incarnation of Blue Diamond and the Crystal Gems other supernatural creatures. Can be read on Archive of Our Own and


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