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The cast of Yggdra Union. Contains massive spoilers. As a notice to editors, please double-check tropes to make sure they really fit before they're added here.

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The Royal Army
The heroes of the story, led by the eponymous Princess Yggdra.

The army itself is formed at the same time the mantle of main charactership shifts from Milanor to Yggdra, and starts off as more of a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits than anything else, picking up new commanders here and there along their journey through the continental world. However, over the course of the story they become much more cohesive, and are eventually depicted as on their way towards becoming a true Badass Army.

Yggdra is the commander-in-chief; Milanor is her deputy and Durant is her advisor. There are a few instances in which Milanor is forced to take the reins on a temporary basis when Yggdra is unavailable to lead.

In the image to the right, Yggdra is front and center with Milanor behind her; from the top down, the left side depicts Gordon, Elena, Roswell, Cruz, and Nietzsche. The right side displays Kylier and Al, Rosary, Milanor's Flunky, and Durant. Russell, Mistel, and Pamela are not pictured.


    Royal Army Members 

Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz

...A world controlled by power is cruel and empty. Power is defined by those who wield it. My parents' deaths still seethe within me, but... I mustn't let those feelings control my power. I have sworn to use my power to protect the people.

The seventeen-year-old princess of Fantasinia, whose life is turned upside down when her country is invaded by Bronquia and her parents killed in battle against its Emperor, Gulcasa. She escapes the castle with her family's ancient sword, the Gran Centurio, and slowly gathers allies from her own country and others to take her kingdom back (and bloodily slaughter Gulcasa and his allies for killing her parents). She is beloved by her people, and generally comes off to others as a kindhearted girl who can be both naive about the way the world works and a voice of authority. However, she is also revealed to be highly immature and holds a vendetta against Gulcasa for her parents' deaths. Over the course of the war, Yggdra slowly loses her childish idealism and becomes a wise and loving ruler, seeking peace because she understands the true cost of battle and that conflicts are never black and white.

Yggdra loves strawberries and hates mushrooms, and her birthday is June 2. Her blood type is AB, and she's 157 cm tall and weighs 45 kg. She's voiced by Mai Nakahara in the PSP version.

  • Ahoge: Although she's naive rather than stupid, and her naivete doesn't last too long.
  • Ancestral Weapon: The Gran Centurio has been passed down the Artwaltz line for over a thousand years, and has always been used by the King or Queen of Fantasinia.
  • Asleep for Days: She slept precisely for a week between chapters four and five.
  • Does Not Like Spam: Her loathing of mushrooms.
  • Digital Bikini: In the Japanese release of the PSP version, Yggdra is inexplicably covered in a thin sheet-like towel during her bath scene.
  • Heroic BSoD: She starts to have an emotional breakdown when Gulcasa (suffering his own) tells her where she can stick her orders for him to surrender. Kylier and Milanor convince her to save it for later.
  • Omniscient Morality License: Deconstructed. Yggdra believes that the Gran Centurio gives her one, as it's a symbol of justice, and when she finally realizes she may be doing others genuine wrong despite that, she takes it hard.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: The infamous "Problems solving swords?" line, which is not in the game's original Japanese script at all, but rather something Atlus threw in. There are a number of these in the English track of the PSP version, but those at least can be blamed on really bad acting. And/or directing.note 
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: She's 157 cm tall. Justified because the Gran Centurio's magic makes it feel as though it's the same weight as a badminton birdie to the Artwaltz family, but the enemy still has to deal with getting hit with its full weight and mass.
  • Spoiled Sweet: The single richest girl in the continental world, and as Luciana and Aegina would be quick to point out, had a very pampered upbringing. But Yggdra is still one of the nicest and most idealistic members of the cast.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Of a sort—her hose are actually garters, so she gets this whenever she gets an upskirt. Mysteriously, this happens quite a bit in the spinoff manga.


Ah, give her a break. We're fighting a bunch of commoners. It was easy to fight when she was a rebel against an army. Here, the ones she's killing are parents... lovers... people. I think she's realized that things aren't like they were.

A seventeen-year-old thief who resides in Norn Valley, a Fantasinian territory. After fighting with Imperial soldiers a few times, he comes across Princess Yggdra and agrees to help her raise an army to free Fantasinia—in exchange for her castle. He's rough-natured and claims to always act in his own best interests, but he has a large group of loyal followers. He's very friendly with Yggdra and her followers, much to the chagrin of his best friend and right-hand lady rogue, Kylier. Milanor also matures over the course of the plot, going from being the comic relief to one of Yggdra's major sources of support. It's implied in certain extras that Milanor is the hereditary king of the Vanir, and would indeed be their leader if their nation hadn't been destroyed by Fantasinia; this never comes up in-game. Milanor is the player character during certain parts of the game, and is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the PSP version.

  • Catchphrase: なかなかいい〇〇ねーな...note 


Yours isn't the only justice in the entire world! You think your Kingdom has been here forever? If your precious justice is an absolute, what's to stop the people here from carrying out their own?

Seventeen years of age and a griffon breeder, Kylier is Milanor's longtime friend and supporter, and an honorary member of his band of thieves. While she's ordinarily a kind and cheerful girl, noticing that Milanor has taken up with Yggdra causes her to be rude, crude, and suspicious at levels that approach the most hardcore Tsundere's tsuntsun. Although Milanor doesn't understand why, it's revealed to the player that Kylier acts like this because she's in love with him, has jumped to conclusions that he loves Yggdra, and is incredibly jealous.

Kylier's reasons for hating Yggdra go deeper than that, though—it turns out that Yggdra's family were responsible for destroying the civilization of the Vanir, Kylier's race, and exiled them to the barren wastes of Lost Aries. While over the course of the game, Kylier grows to like Yggdra as a person, their conflicting ideas on war and Kylier's bitterness towards Yggdra prevents her from permanently joining up with the Royal Army. In the end, Kylier sacrifices herself to allow the Royal Army to move forward in their conquest of Bronquia, which impacts Milanor deeply (and causes him to realize his own feelings for her).

Kylier loves griffons and is a vegetarian. She's voiced by Yui Sakakibara in the PSP version.

  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: The priest who runs the orphanage where she grew up probably counts, since he's happy to recount her having been a "holy terror" (and apparently a bed-wetter) when she was a toddler even though she's already an adult making her way in the world.
  • Book-Ends: Her second appearance in the game sees her rescuing the party from Eudy's cannon bombardment, as does her second-to-last.
  • Cuteness Proximity: If you head by the griffon stables in Lost Aries at night, Kylier spends quite a while squeeing over how adorable they look when they're asleep.
  • Final Speech: And it's quite a speech, setting up The Reveal in the next battlefield and beginning to establish Nessiah as a more sympathetic character. Perhaps it's due to the fact that she didn't get one the first time around.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Kylier is controllable for short periods of time in chapters 3, 4, 5, and 7.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero Found Underwear: And for all that Kylier laughs at herself for trying to make off with pieces of Yggdra's wardrobe during a battle, the dress in question is still added to your inventory.
  • Picky Eater: The reason she became a vegetarian would be because other people consider griffons edible. Kylier did not approve.
  • Team Pet: Her griffon Al (Adlerauge Luftgrief) is generally seen as the Royal Army's mascot.


I am a humble Royal Knight at your service, my Queen!

The twenty-four-year-old captain of the former Royal Army's third cavalry unit, Durant becomes the first tactician of Yggdra's liberation army. He's a traditional knight in many ways, believing in honor and chivalry deeply to the point where he can be seen as stiff or old-fashioned. He is incredibly devoted to Yggdra, however, and teaches her and Milanor the intricacies of mass combat. Durant is implied to have feelings for Yggdra and is always worrying about her well-being. He's voiced by Atsushi Kisaichi in the PSP version.

  • Dragon Rider: If the player bothers to get his optional class change, he becomes a scythe wielding dragon knight for the next few maps.


She said she went all the way to Embellia, didn't she? It must've been so hard by herself, with no friends... I feel sorry for her. Nietzsche'll look after her, so let's take her with us.

The youngest member of the Royal Army, Nietzsche is a twelve-year-old Undine who has been exiled from her home country, Embellia. Her older sister was manipulated by Nessiah into stealing the Undines' Transmigragem, the artifact which allows them to survive as a race; although Nietzsche's sister killed herself out of remorse, her crimes were apparently enough to condemn Nietzsche, as well. Nietzsche joins up with the Royal Army as they pass through Embellia, explaining to them why the country is in an uproar. Despite being part of the deconstruction of her own country's government, Nietzsche remains hopeful and happy. She loves fish and strange small objects, and always refers to herself in the third person. She's voiced by Ai Maeda in the PSP version.

Roswell Branthèse

Perhaps it's time to research healing magic instead...

The twenty-one-year-old lord of Branthèse (or the House of the Black Rose), the northeastern part of Verlaine. He's a fiercely intelligent and downright pretty young necromancer, and known to his people as a kind ruler; when the Royal Army meets him, though, he's feuding with his distant cousin Rosary over a pair of magical artifacts known as Ankhs. And said feud has just erupted into civil war, as Rosary attacks him. He retaliates, of course, and the only way the Royal Army can prevent Verlaine from being destroyed in a bloodbath is by killing either Roswell or Rosary. If Rosary is killed, Roswell joins the Royal Army shortly afterward.

Unabashedly something of a geek when it comes to all things magical (he's the Mr. Exposition of arcane things and supplies the player with lots of Magi Babble), Roswell is fond of intellectual material, getting even—and bananas. Who knows why. Through his sub-event and battle dialogue, it is revealed that he matures greatly over the course of the game, becoming a wise and gentle individual. He is voiced by Hidehiko Kaneko in the PSP version.

  • Distress Ball: While he's competent during the main part of the story, the events where Roswell joins the Royal Army involve them rescuing him several times. Poor guy.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Implied in a conversation with Ortega. Roswell's reaction is being disgusted and an Unstoppable Rage. (Likely because he's highly unamused by the implications of what Ortega says...)

Rosary Esmeralda

Why, power like this is the heart's desire of any magician. And of course, I have my domain to protect as well. Roswell is my rival... Naturally, I can't back down.

Nineteen years of age, Rosary is the lady of Esmeralda (or the House of the White Rose), the southwestern part of Verlaine. She's considerably less bookish and dignified than Roswell, and is playful and rather arrogant. She is stated to be seeking the Ankhs for the sake of the power she'll obtain through them (surpassing her and Roswell's ancestor Valois, the founder of Verlaine—or so she says), and she also appears to set off the blood feud by attacking Roswell's villages with golems. When Roswell retaliates, however, the player is able to see her in a brief moment of vulnerability and realize that she does, in fact, care for her people. As she and Roswell both refuse to compromise, the Royal Army must kill one of them to end their war. If Roswell dies, Rosary joins the Royal Army afterward.

Rosary likes her hat and things that seem to be related to bondage or torture. She does not like being given orders, which causes Milanor and Durant some worry if she's recruited. She's voiced by Akemi Sato in the PSP version.

  • Magic Wand: She uses both these and broomsticks as weapons.
  • Nice Hat: Rosary is in fact incapable of equipping most hats because she refuses to take off her own.


My! You're such a cute girl! I just love that dress you're wearing. Is it tailor-made?

The granddaughter of Bly, a famous tactician who once served Yggdra's father and grandfather, Mistel is cheery, hardheaded, and "sheltered" according to Bly himself. She joins the Royal Army in her grandfather's place after they seek him out for help, and is revealed to actually possess a fair bit of Bly's tactical skills. She has a bit of a unique way of looking at things; despite the fact that she grew up in her family's hermitage in the Lenessey Mountains, she's surprisingly powerful (because she does all the farming and housework!!) and wields a scythe.

Mistel refers to herself as a housewife, although according to the side materials her fiancé ran off before they could get married, and shamelessly flirts with Durant and Roswell. At twenty-eight, she's the oldest member of the Royal Army. She is voiced by Kozue Kamada, and is a PSP-exclusive character.

  • Ma'am Shock: Being called Oba-san is about the closest thing Mistel has to a getting offended.
  • Verbal Tic: Mistel ends most of her sentences with "~desu wa".


I owe you for saving my fiancée. I won't ask you to forgive me... What's done is done. But, if you can trust me, I'd like to fight beside you.

Initially introduced as one of Gulcasa's top five generals, twenty-five-year-old "Astral Fencer" Russell is a swordsman who shows honor and chivalry towards both his allies and his enemies. He is revealed in the fourth chapter to have been enlisted in the Imperial Army by force—he was once part of the original Royal Army, but when Gulcasa captured Russell's home (Castle Karona, sitting right on the border of Bronquia) he was impressed by the swordsman's abilities and spirit and asked Russell to join the Imperial Army so that Gulcasa wouldn't have to kill him. Russell refused, but rather than lose such a strong fighter, Gulcasa imprisoned Russell's fiancée, Flone, with a promise to let her go once the war ended. If the player rescues Flone, Russell can be recruited, but otherwise he dies in the Royal Army's attack on Karona.

Although otherwise appearing mature, Russell actually hates and refuses to eat all forms of dairy. He is voiced by Takehiko Watanabe in the PSP version.

  • Stay in the Kitchen: He repeats over and over that he dislikes fighting women, and encourages Emilia to stay out of harm's way. No one is amused.

Cruz Cruppo Crulielle

Works for me. Hey, can I join? The Empire's killed off my men. With you guys, I can teach those Imperials a lesson!

Despite being twenty-two years old, Cruz is one of the sillier characters of the cast. He appears and can be recruited in an optional battlefield in Marduk Forest (though in the PSP version, he's briefly seen asking Bly for advice in the optional Lenessey battlefields); he's noted by Durant to be the leader of a guerilla-style resistance against the Empire, and a former Karonan soldier. He's displayed as a form of mild comic relief, and is not above trading insults with Emilia (he usually loses in those exchanges, and seems hurt when she accuses him of being an "immature nincompoop"). He's voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma in the PSP version.

  • Magikarp Power: Most players never use Cruz because of his mediocre stats and the ridiculously crappy equipment he comes with, but with the right items (and if you've done enough Level Grinding with Thunderbolt), he can be one of the best characters.


Hee hee. Your name is Nietzsche, right? I need to log your looks and traits.. memo memo... Tail length... breast size... shape of the face. Fascinating!

A strange young witch who seems obsessed with Undines, Pamela only had a brief appearance in the GBA version, but can be recruited on Hard Mode of the PSP remake. Her age is listed as "unknown" in most of the extras, but the official website states her to be fifteen years old. While little was shown about her in the original game, her role is explained in more detail when she joins the Royal Army—Pamela is on a quest to obtain eternal life (and eternal youth), and is studying the Undines to see how they use the Transmigragem to reincarnate. The extras reveal that she is one of the Yumel, a race of Sprites who live in a parallel dimension known as Yumira. Over a thousand years ago, they sheltered and supported Nessiah when they found out who and what he was, and helped him to master the Power of Words in exchange for one of his eyes. Pamela's quest for immortality is implied to be inspired by her people's memories of Nessiah's tragic fate.

Pamela is incredibly childish and has an extremely unrealistic view of the events around her, and tries to buy Nietzsche from the Royal Army when her attempt at stalking them fails—then proceeds to cry and throw a temper tantrum when they refuse to sell their companion. After Roswell or Rosary points out that Pamela has rare powers and Nietzsche says that she feels sorry for Pamela, Milanor and Durant reluctantly let her join up. Pamela loves all things to do with Undines and strange objects, and doesn't get along with Rosary. She, like many women of the party, occasionally flirts with Roswell. She's voiced by Ai Nonaka in the PSP version.


I understand. I know what it means to betray someone...

Sixteen years of age and originally a member of the Imperial Special Forces (assassins), Elena is introduced as a minor character—Zilva's protégée, who seems new to combat and is occasionally reluctant to do battle. She is eventually revealed to be "Black Knight" Leon's younger sister, who realized what a horrible person war had made him and joined the Imperial Army herself to first observe him—then kill him herself when she realized he couldn't change back. She eventually betrays the Imperial Army, and tries to fight Leon and Emilia on her own; she joins up with the Royal Army first temporarily (to defeat Leon), then permanently (after she has had time to bury her brother and resolve herself to her new path in life). Durant is initially very suspicious of her, and Elena despises herself for being a traitor, no matter what the circumstances are.

Elena is shown to have a strong attachment to and empathy for her former comrades, and likes items once owned by Imperial commanders; like Kylier, she's a vegetarian. Despite her roots, she feels a great loyalty for the Royal Army, who accept her as she is. Elena is implied to be bisexual, as she appears to have feelings for Zilva and possibly a mild crush on Milanor. She's voiced by Yuki Makishima in the PSP version.

  • Highly Visible Ninja: Bright blue hair and a hot pink scarf is not very stealthy outfit for a ninja.
  • Honorifics: Elena calls EVERYONE with -sama. Milanor tries to make her stop; after a lot of protesting, she drops to -sanjust with him.


His Eminence and the Princess are in grave danger! Lady Kylier, please, go warn them of this threat!

Only appearing in chapter 5, the twenty-eight-year-old Gordon is a loyal Temple Knight serving under Pope Joachim's sect of the Meria religion. He joins up with the Royal Army temporarily to assist in clearing out the corrupt members of the church and get Yggdra crowned so that she may combat the Imperial Army's next move. It is possible to have Gordon die permanently in Battlefield 32, while fighting Gulcasa—though it is just as possible for him to survive. He's voiced by Takehiko Watanabe in the PSP version.

The Imperial Army
The primary antagonists, led by Emperor Gulcasa.

As a band of True Companions who happen to be three years past that awkward puppy stage, Gulcasa and his men are a Badass Army powerful enough to strike fear into the hearts of the rest of the continental world—especially after defeating Fantasinia, the country always thought to be the dominant world power. Aside from new addition Russell and the mercenary Inzaghi, they are all patriots united by their belief in Gulcasa and love of their homeland; most of them have some form of Red Baron.

As one may guess by this description, they're Not So Different from the Royal Army, and are in fact heroic enough to get their own game.


From left to right, pictured here are Eudy, Zilva, Emilia, Leon, Gulcasa, Aegina, Baldus, Russell, and Nessiah.

See also Blaze Union.

    Imperial Army Members 


Heh... Foolish to the end... You and I... Our souls may remain distant for eternity... But your heart, that beat so strong as to crush our will... That... we will... never forget...

The young Emperor of Bronquia, Gulcasa wrested leadership of his country from a loathed predecessor in a bloody coup d'état and, at the age of twenty, is a terrifying threat to his enemies and a beloved sovereign to his own people. After stabilizing Bronquia, he launched an invasion and conquest of Fantasinia that went nearly perfectly—the only snarl in the plan was that Yggdra escaped her parents' fate. The two of them clash multiple times over the course of the story; Yggdra gradually goes from seeing him as an evil dictator and murderer to perceiving him as a ruler who is much the same as she is. Gulcasa is a shrewd ruler, but can be brash and ignore his own condition once he loses his temper, which gives him some trouble after his Deadly Upgrade.

Gulcasa is eventually revealed to be a distant descendant of the dragon Brongaa. Once he and his army are driven from Fantasinia by the Royal Army, he takes drastic action to provide himself a trump card, should the Royal Army ever invade Bronquia: He captures Yggdra and uses her to facilitate the Rite of Soul Unbinding, where he accepts Brongaa's soul into his own body. While this does grant him inhuman strength, the true purpose of the ritual is to give Gulcasa the ability to resurrect Brongaa at the cost of his own life, after which he believes his ancestor will save his people and destroy all others. At the end of the war, when he has lost everyone important to him, Gulcasa tries to do this; if he succeeds, it leads to the game's Nonstandard Game Over.

Although he is the main antagonist, Gulcasa is portrayed in a somewhat messianic light towards the end of the game, as Yggdra's counterpart. He's voiced by Hiroaki Miura in the PSP version.

  • The Chosen One: At least in the eyes of his people, anyway—Gulcasa was the first person of pure Imperial blood (meaning Brongaa's descendants) to appear in hundreds of years.
  • Death by Irony: Killed by revolutionaries after attempting to start a continental revolution.
  • The Emperor: Gulcasa first looks like a stereotypical example, but is eventually revealed to be the exceedingly rare benevolent type. ...Where his own people are concerned, at least.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The beginning of BF42, which is the player's only chance to see how Gulcasa acts when he's not on the battlefield.
  • Heroic BSoD: As Gulcasa... er, does not handle losing people well, he's under subtle but considerable stress from the end of Chapter 3 onwards. The full breakdown hits during Chapter 8.
  • Heroic RRoD: Twice. The first time, it's from abusing his Deadly Upgrade, and Emilia saves him. The second time runs from the end of Battlefield 44 through Battlefield 45, and it kills Gulcasa no matter how the BF ends.
  • Made of Iron: Just to list one example, he's able to withstand Yggdra's attempt at Extreme Mêlée Revenge while already injured... and then just shrugs it off when his soldiers spring their trap.
  • Mark of the Beast: When he goes berserk, the black slashes under his eyes thicken noticeably and merge with the shadows on his face, which become stylized black; his skin tone also becomes much darker.
  • Neutrality Backlash: At least part of the reason for the invasion behind Fantasinia, which stood there and watched as Bronquia was held under the tyrannical grip of Emperor Soltier and left to rot while next door to the most prosperous kingdom in the setting.
  • Nice to the Waiter: There are a lot of scenes where messengers come to deliver him news that ranges from unpleasant to awful, but Gulcasa never once takes it out on them. Even when said bad news is that his beloved sister is dead, Gulcasa dismisses the messenger politely and waits to break down until she's left.
  • Pet the Dog: Long before we find out his actual disposition, he is extremely reluctant to fight Elena, despite her defection having cost Leon's life and Aegina's eye.

Nessiah Aries Artwaltz

"Just"?! I've spent my life working for this! Hundreds of years! I suppose I shouldn't expect humans to understand that... Anyway, as I said, I am that sword's rightful owner. It's time you gave me back the Gran Centurio!

First appearing at Machina Bridge, Nessiah is one of Gulcasa's Five Dragon Generals as well as Gulcasa's main strategist. The two of them are on First-Name Basis and appear to be fairly close. The extras list his age as "unknown", but the official site states him to be nineteen years old, at least in appearance. Although he seems to be a loyal member of the Imperial Army, he betrays them after Gulcasa captures Yggdra, killing all his men and informing Milanor of where Gulcasa is taking Yggdra before killing himself. However, he appears again a few battlefields later to scold Milanor and the Royal Army for not moving quickly enough.

Nessiah is actually a fallen angel, and the creator of the Gran Centurio. When he lived in Asgard, he went by the name "Aries". Blinded, stripped of his wings, and bound by the Chains of Conviction—which force him to exist eternally, without being able to age or die—Nessiah was cast down to Yggdra's world; as soon as he regained himself from the trauma, he gave the Gran Centurio to Yggdra's family, and whenever the human world became too peaceful, he provoked conflicts that turned into wars. The Gran Centurio would gain power from battle—enough to break his chains—and after that, Nessiah planned to take it back and use it to destroy the system that had made his life so miserable. The wars in Yggdra's generation finally gave the Gran Centurio its necessary power, and after Gulcasa's defeat, Nessiah tried to begin his vengeance. Yggdra and the Royal Army, furious with him for his penchant for reviving the dead to mess with them/get them to power up his sword and fearing for what might happen to their world, refused to hand over the Gran Centurio—leading to an epic battle.

In addition to the Gran Centurio, Nessiah is also the creator of Roswell and Rosary's Ankhs and the Tactics Cards. He constantly carries a golden spellbook known as the Revelation of the Gods, which appears to be his most treasured possession. He's voiced by Junichi Miyake in the PSP version.

  • All There in the Manual: Every one of the Dragon Generals has his or her own title; Nessiah's, while never brought up in-game, is yogensha, or "The Prophet". Not much of his backstory is mentioned in-game, either.
  • Image Song: Hahen (Total Destruction) and patria, the game's two themes, are considered to be his due to their content, which really can't be from the perspective of any other characters.
  • Offstage Villainy: Makes up most of his in-game characterization, as you can just barely track him if you pay very close attention to local villagers. The ways that he manipulates Fantasinia's various allies into convenient civil wars to keep them out of Gulcasa's hair go a long way to show what Nessiah has come to expect of people.
  • Resurrective Immortality: Reincarnating is supposed to be hellishly painful and leaves him weak, but he will inevitably reincarnate no matter what. It overlaps with Immortality Inducer (and to some extent The Ageless, as he no longer ages), and by the time of Yggdra Union he's spent over a thousand years trying to destroy what forces him to stay alive.
  • Combat Pragmatist: The Tactical Pragmatist in Combat. Sabotaging Verlaine and Embellia was an excellent way to make sure Bronquia wouldn't get wiped out trying to attack Fantasinia, and it also ensured that Yggdra wouldn't have any convenient allies that would take over the fighting for her. Which made it brilliant. It was also absolutely ruthless.
  • The Un-Reveal: Only a very abbreviated version of his backstory is explained in-game. The dialogue never goes into what he was like before he was made a Grim Angel against his will, nor is it ever mentioned how he was involved with Brongaa's defeat or Lost Aries. ...The fact that he's Aries was casually stated in the PSP version's game guide, caused a lot of confusion, and was explained in a bit more detail only in the Dept. Heaven Episodes World Guidance book.

Luciana Rune Artwaltz & Aegina Eine Artwaltz

Luciana: We'll show that damn princess she's come to a dead end. While we're at it, we'll make them pay for your right eye.
Aegina: Look at her... A loving family, a palace for a home... Never knowing of how close we came to being killed...

A pair of twin Valkyries that hound the Royal Army for most of the game, both eighteen years of age. They alternate attacks, though the Royal Army can't figure out how she replenishes troops so quickly and even recovers from losing an eye until they see both of them together (even the player is held to this—the game goes as far as labeling both twins as 'Aegina' every time you see them and avoiding names being spoken around Luciana. The only differences between the two are mannerisms and subtle differences in their dialogue portraits). The twins are heavily implied to be Yggdra's illegitimate older sisters, exiled at a young age. Aegina is generally calmer and more level-headed than her sister, though both have a grudge against Fantasinia.

Both twins are voiced by Tomoko Fujino in the PSP version.

  • Demoted to Extra: Although Luciana is the first of the twins to appear and the one who makes the most appearances in the GBA version (which was made more even in the remake), she is never pictured in any promotional art due to the fact that her existence is considered too much of a spoiler.
  • Eye Scream: Non-graphic example of eye injury. When Aegina is sniped, she screams in pain and it's noted flat-out where she's been hit. She's seen later with bandages over that part of her face and a metaphorical axe to grind.
  • Happily Adopted: Still pretty messed-up from how their real parents threw them away, but the two of them were very happy with their adopted family, and later surrounded by the Imperial Army.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: Twins with different hairstyles, different clothing colors, different dominant hands, and different behavior. They still look similar enough that it's very rare for anyone to figure it out before The Reveal unless they're specifically spoiled for it.
  • Twin Switch: Subverted. The Royal Army are the only ones who don't know which twin is which (or even that there are two Elusive Valkyries).
  • The Un-Reveal: There's a lot done to build up the mystery of their background, but the closest thing to an actual "reveal" is being given their full names (i.e. confirmation that they're Artwaltzes) and an easily-missed NPC conversation in Battlefields 16 and 17.


D-did you call me... a kid...?! ...That's it! I've had it with being treated like a child! And, I'm going to take it all out on YOU!

Gulcasa's younger sister, "Scarlet Princess" Emilia is one of his Five Dragon Generals at only fourteen years old. She's incredibly powerful despite her youth, and is braver than most people twice her age; unfortunately, many of her own allies (with the notable exceptions of Gulcasa, Baldus, and Leon) tend to indicate that she should keep away from the battlefield due to her age. Because of this, Emilia is given to insisting (loudly) that she's not a child anymore, and is prone to fits of rage when anyone in the Royal Army calls her a kid. Ironically, her preference for Goth-Loli clothing makes her look much younger than she is... Still, Emilia takes to the battlefield more than any other member of the Imperial Army, and rescues her brother on many occasions.

Because the extras reveal that she and Gulcasa are only half-siblings (they had the same father), it used to be hotly debated by fans whether or not Emilia is also a descendant of Brongaa—there seems to be no conclusive answer, as her ears are covered by her bonnet (so it's impossible to tell whether she's concealing jigokumimi like Gulcasa or if hers are normal), but Blaze Union seems to have cleared things up a bitnote . She is voiced by Ai Nonaka in the PSP version.

  • Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are: Towards the end of Chapter 5, while searching for Joachim. It doesn't come off as threatening mostly because Emilia still is so young; if you let her go on for long enough, she starts reciting traditional kids' hide-and-seek rhymes ("Olly olly oxenfree!" in the English version).
  • Dub Name Change: In the Japanese version of the game, her name is "Emilio"; since this is seen as a boy's name in Western culture, it was changed to "Emilia".


...I have many fond memories of this land. The way you surely must of Paltina. There is nothing sweeter than to die defending one's home!

The oldest member of the Imperial Army, "God of War" Baldus is a grizzled and experienced veteran of fifty-five. He is a native of Ishnad and is incredibly loyal to Gulcasa, and serves as the Imperial defensive strategist. Although he is first encountered either in Lenessey or the battle for Castle Paltina (depending on whether the player completes the alternate Lenessey battlefields or not), his default post seems to be defending Fort Ishnad, the only entrance to Bronquia; this gives him the nickname "Bronquia's Shield". Baldus is well-liked and respected by everyone in the Imperial Army, and treats even his enemies with courtesy.

In the alternate Lenessey battlefields, Baldus is revealed to have been Bly's rival when he was a young captain. He's voiced by Tetsu Inada in the PSP version.


Come one, come all! We've got a special on bloody murder today!

One of Gulcasa's Five Dragon Generals, "Black Knight" Leon is merciless, bloodthirsty, and sadistic. He appears several times in the early part of the story, and attacks the Royal Army ferociously. Everyone seems to dislike him but his own men, but Roswell in particular hates Leon for betraying him and trying to kill him (effectively hitting him in the head with the Distress Ball) at Verlaine Hills. His sister Elena, six years younger, explains to the Royal Army that he wasn't always so despicable, but that whatever he's been through in the war has turned him into a downright evil man who kills everything in his path and likes to torture civilians. Elena joined the Imperial Army to observe him, and kill him if she had to.

In the side materials, it's revealed that Leon started to lose his mind when Gulcasa's predecessor executed his and Elena's parents on suspicion of treason. He's voiced by Hidehiko Kaneko in the PSP version.

  • Not So Different: Although he wasn't happy that Gulcasa killed the previous Emperor before he could get the chance, Leon figured that they wanted to do so for similar enough reasons that he could deal with it.


Elena... Sympathy has no place in war. Our duty is to carry out our missions perfectly.

Master of the Imperial assassins, the twenty-year-old Zilva leads Gulcasa's Special Forces. She is shown to have perfect control over her emotions, and is usually more-or-less expressionless, speaking in flat tones. Zilva is very dutiful and shows absolute loyalty to Gulcasa, and often handles discreet missions or is dispatched to support one of the Five Dragon Generals. She and her women adhere to a very strict code. She isn't completely emotionless, however; she has taken Leon's younger sister Elena as a special protégée and seems close with her. Once Elena defects and joins the Royal Army, for instance, Zilva shows marked hesitance to do battle with her, despite the fact that the Imperial assassins' code states that betrayal can only be punished with death.

Zilva is implied to have feelings for Elena. She's voiced by Mariko Suzuki in the PSP version.


Emilia's unit is down! The Royal Army's headed this way! Someone tell me the cannon is ready now!

Both the leader of the Imperial witches and the master of Imperial ballistics, Eudy comes off as calm, collected, and in control—until she's given a cannon to fire. Then she starts cackling like a maniac and squeeing about bombarding her enemies, and it gets pretty obvious that she's a pyromaniac. There's only one battlefield over the entire game where she fights without having a cannon to fire; her cannons often make battlefields a hassle, and as such she becomes a character that many players love to hate. Eudy is one of only four Imperial officers who survive until Chapter 8, and is killed when Kylier destroys the Arc of Triumph.

Like many other women in the cast, Eudy is often seen flirting shamelessly with Roswell. She and Mistel have many similarities, down to being the same age, which Mistel lampshades by asking brightly if Eudy is a housewife, too. (Eudy does not comment.) She's voiced by Ai Maeda in the PSP version.


What? Oh, it's just the thieves we ran into yesterday... We're after a noblewoman and her troops... Not those dirty vagabonds. Forget 'em! You want another ass-whooping like yesterday?

A mercenary hired by Gulcasa to give Bronquia some extra muscle, Inzaghi is an incredibly lazy slacker and tends to take a lot of abuse from his superiors (whoever they may be) for it. He does seem to consider himself to be Milanor's rival, though, and is fond of declaring that "I'll get you this time, you damn thief!"; he also ridicules Yggdra at first for the size of her sword as compared to her physique (and regrets it very quickly afterward). Inzaghi is killed in Russell's Heel–Face Turn, less than halfway through the game. He's voiced by Katsuya Fujiwara in the PSP version.


We're through talking, Royals. We've said all we need to say! We'll never let you take our beloved Bronquia... If you want to pass, you'll do it over our dead bodies!

A sixteen-year-old Bronquian peasant, Monica and her childhood friend Canaan gather the youths of their village, Bardot, and form a militia to try to stop the Royal Army's invasion. As they don't know much about combat, though, Monica and her forces are unable to stand up to Yggdra's army, and are killed trying to defend their homeland; Emilia, the only Imperial commander available, tries to save them but doesn't make it in time. The game's extras reveal that Monica is a pious follower of the Meria religion, and decided to fight because of divine inspiration; her character is comparable to Yggdra's at the beginning of the game. She's voiced by Yui Sakakibara in the PSP version.


It's too late to play the innocent, Princess! We were born and raised on this land! Would you just surrender your homeland to outsiders? Would you just sit and watch your countrymen suffer?! You killed them all... Monica... You monsters!

Monica's childhood friend, the seventeen-year-old Canaan is the co-commander of the Bardot militia. Enraged over Monica's death, he stubbornly refuses to surrender to the Royal Army and despite a rescue attempt by Emilia, he is defeated by Yggdra's army much the same way Monica was. His character is comparable to Milanor's after Kylier's death (and can be seen as foreshadowing that event); he seems to have feelings for Monica. He's voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma in the PSP version.


Representatives of Asgard.



...That sword you carry... The Gran Centurio, the "Holy Sword" that Nessiah created... That blade has been the cause of all strife on Earth. Have you come to brandish such an evil weapon in Asgard?

Only appearing in the last battlefield (or second-to-last, depending on which ending the player chooses), Marietta is a beautiful and imposing archangel, and the designated guardian angel of Heaven's Gate. While her age is never officially given, she is stated to seem as though she's in her twenties. Marietta jumps to conclusions that Yggdra and her army have arrived in Heaven's Gate to make war on Asgard, and orders them to give up the Gran Centurio or die. If Yggdra complies, this results in the game's best ending; if not, the Royal Army is presented with the herculean task of defeating her.

Marietta appears to be wise and given to kindness when she's not in Knight Templar mode, and gives Yggdra a scepter to replace the Gran Centurio in ending A. She is a recurring character in the Dept. Heaven series, and her story is continued in Knights in the Nightmare. She's voiced by Mariko Suzuki in the PSP version.


My mission is complete. I must return home now. ............ But I won't forget you. Those with strong hearts... Hearts that stopped beating so... abruptly.

A meek and submissive test subject whose name is never revealed, this young angel is only referred to as "#367". She only appears in Battlefield 49, and is implied to be an early result of Hector's process to artificially create Grim Angels. Hector's Servants sic her on the Royal Army, and the High Servant enhances her synchronization with her synthetic Diviner when it appears that she might lose. After this, #367's personality changes drastically; she becomes about as psychotic and bloodthirsty as Leon. The extras state that she was raised in Hector's laboratories, and that she is about fifteen years old. She's voiced by Mariko Suzuki, and is a PSP-exclusive character.

Minor Characters

Everyone else.

    Everyone Else 


Silence! Selfish humans... Do not interfere, or you will be next!

Queen Emelone's right-hand woman, and a warrior of Embellia. Ishiene blames her race's misfortunes on humankind in general, and not simply the man who seduced Nietzsche's sister; she's zealously unforgiving of what she considers "treachery against Undines" and protective of her queen. They appear to be close and, as Ishiene is twenty-five, are only a year apart in age. She dies trying to defend Embellia's capital against the Royal Army. Ishiene is voiced by Kozue Kamada in the PSP version.


A leader has a duty, a sacred trust... to protect one's people, no matter the cost.

The queen of Embellia and technically of all Undines, twenty-six years of age. Before the Transmigragem was stolen, she was allied with Yggdra's father, Ordene. In comparison to her troops, who often come across as angry zealots blaming all humans for their misfortunes, Emelone is portrayed as calm, level-headed, and wise. When Yggdra asks her to call off the attacks on humans, Emelone replies that while she also doesn't think it's a solution to the Undines' problems, she is obligated to do whatever she can to protect them as their queen. Taking this refusal to surrender as unforgivable, Yggdra and her army battle and kill Emelone's forces, but are left confused as to whether they did the right thing.

Although her role is brief, Emelone is actually the first to introduce the concept that every nation has its own unique concept of justice, which becomes the Arc Words of chapters seven and eight. She's voiced by Yuki Makishima in the PSP version.


Hmph... Can't a man loot a village in peace anymore?

Leader of a gang of bandits whose base sits halfway up the only path through the Lenessey Mountains; one of Milanor's rivals (despite being much, much older than him at thirty-two). Ortega and his men first appear taking advantage of Embellia's civil war to harass its citizens, and return as an obstacle to the Royal Army's progress. Like many bandit organizations, Ortega is interested in the prospect of capturing Yggdra for the bounty Bronquia places on her (he also seems to be interested in making Rosary "his"... and/or raping Roswell, killing him... and then selling his clothes). Despite the fact that he preys on innocents, Ortega has a loyal following who react badly when he's killed by the Royal Army. He's voiced by Masaya Takatsuka in the PSP version.

  • Black Comedy Rape: Ortega's unsavory intentions for Roswell and Rosary (and probably Yggdra) are played for laughs, probably because he never gets the chance to follow through on them.


You're not getting away, my little meal ticket!

A twenty-one-year-old bounty hunter who harries the Royal Army several times throughout the game in an attempt to capture Yggdra. (He's also shown once pursuing the bounty on Cruz.) His persistence is noted by several characters (Milanor jokes that Mizer probably has a crush on her), but Mizer is known to act cautiously and retreat once he's taken a certain amount of damage. He's also known for spending all the money he wins from bounties on shoes—which is such a Camp Gay stereotype that it leads many to wonder about his sexuality. And for becoming ridiculously difficult to fight in the remake, when he was something of a gag character in the original.

Mizer is the only enemy character who ultimately survives confronting the Royal Army, as he eventually just gives up. He's voiced by Junichi Miyake in the PSP version.


Howdy, Princess! I'm Dort, and this here's my turf!

Leader of a group of desert bandits, thirty-eight years of age. Dort and his bandits take advantage of the absence of Meria-sanctioned knights protecting the trade routes to attack travelers in Nyllard—and thus come across the Royal Army. Like Ortega and Mizer, Dort finds the bounty on Yggdra too good to pass up. He and his men have a hideout deep in the desert, and believe themselves to be invincible due to the protection of their fake Crystal Dragon Jesus, a giant golem. Yggdra and company prove just how wrong they are. Dort is voiced by Tetsu Inada in the PSP version.

  • Nice Hat: Wears something on his head. Not a very nice one, though. As the game puts it, an "eyesore of a turban".


M-Mardym! Are you sure about this?!

Forty-nine years of age; a cardinal of the Meria religion and head of its elitist new sect. He is revealed to be an extreme coward, and tries ineffectually to plead for his life, denying his involvement in the movement to overthrow the Pope. It doesn't work. His soldiers are devoted to him, sometimes mindlessly, as in the case of his chief assassin, Amareus. He's voiced by Kouji Haramaki in the PSP version.


Never mind God, Cardinal; trust in me.

First appearing to be Juvelon's subordinate, Mardym is an archbishop of Meria, and is twenty-nine years old. It turns out that he's simply manipulating Juvelon and intends to betray him in order to control Lombardia and the Meria religion. Mardym is heavily implied to be an atheist who is involved in religion for its power and luxuries, and is said to be taking payments from Bronquia to keep Juvelon in line and sabotage Joachim. He's voiced by Katsuya Fujiwara in the PSP version.


Hmph... How cute.

Twentysomething assassin who's one of the head Meriants. On the official website, her age is actually written as "2?", perhaps because she wears an Islamic-looking khimār that obscures her face. Amareus is mindlessly devoted to Juvelon, which... has some, uh, interesting implications in her backstory. If Juvelon is defeated in battle before she is, Amareus kills herself on the spot. She's voiced by Akemi Sato in the PSP version.


With practice, man can utilize the skills he was born with. But eventually, he must accept what talents he lacks! Now, scram!

A crotchety old hermit living in the Lenessey mountains with his granddaughter, Mistel. Bly was once a famous tactician in the employ of Yggdra's grandfather and then her father, but he was exiled after a court scandal. Despite the fact that he and his family were thrown out of Fantasinia and supposed to have been killed simply because he spoke honestly as to his intentions should Ordene become corrupt, Bly still seems to look on Ordene fondly and shows regret that he couldn't support the king. He still considers Baldus his rival, as the two often fought on opposite sides of wars in their youth and Baldus was the only man who could ever see through Bly's plans.

Bly is the first character to speak to Yggdra objectively about the situation before the war, and is the only character not from Bronquia who acknowledges that Gulcasa saved his people from a hated tyrant. He's voiced by Kouji Haramaki and is a PSP-exclusive character.


I am Russell's fiancée. We're originally from the Kingdom.

Russell's twenty-three-year-old fiancée, imprisoned before the war by Gulcasa in order to get him to fight for Bronquia. If the Royal Army rescues her, and reunites the two of them, Russell joins them. She's voiced by Mai Nakahara in the PSP version.

  • Beta Couple: Imperial interference aside, she and Russell seem to have a very stable relationship, particularly as compared to not-quite-couples such as Milanor and Kylier.

Joachim Lia Blaucent

What is the matter? Why do you hesitate? You are of royal blood. You have a duty to the people. Who else can bear the responsibility of the crown?

The 47th pope of the Meria religion, sixty-four years of age. Joachim is the leader of the traditional sect of Meria, and commands the Temple Knights; he and his following are attacked by the Imperial Army in an attempt to keep him from crowning Yggdra. Joachim appears to be a wise and kindly old man, but he is quite harsh with Yggdra when she becomes unsure about whether her actions are just, telling her that rule is a duty she cannot escape and must stand up to. When Luciana attempts to kill Yggdra at her coronation, Joachim pushes her out of the way and takes the blow. He is the one to reveal to Yggdra that Gulcasa has the capability to summon Brongaa. He's voiced by Masaya Takatsuka in the PSP version.


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