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The character sheet for Blaze Union. See also Yggdra Union. There are spoilers, so take caution.

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Main Party

    Gram Blaze 

Garlot / Gulcasa
"We'll show you the fire of our spirit. To burn the madness out of this world, and change the Empire!"

The protagonist of the story, the seventeen-year-old leader of the Blaze Justice Corps., later renamed to Gram Blaze. A citizen of Tiera, Garlot was raised by his abusive father in the slums, and is a firsthand witness to the plague of corruption that is currently threatening to kill Bronquia. It is this, along with the desire to grow stronger first instilled in him by his father's mistreatment, which gives Garlot his powerful sense of justice and his dream to save his country by whatever means necessary.

Despite his upbringing, Garlot is a remarkably sweet, kindhearted, and empathetic boy, short temper aside. His friends often scold him for his tendency to rush into things lance-first without thinking, or even considering his own safety. Still, it's Garlot's earnest nature that helps him draw so many allies to Gram Blaze, many of whom happen to be attracted to him. (Not that Garlot realizes this.)
...and after.
As the story progresses, Garlot is revealed to be a descendant of the original Imperial family of Bronquia, who were contractors with the demon god Brongaa, Dragon of Purgatory. However, while even the current Imperial family's blood is so diluted with time that they're barely more than ordinary humans, Garlot is a pureblooded descendant of Brongaa, the likes of which haven't been seen in centuries. The shock of this realization is softened somewhat by the fact that Garlot has been reunited with Eimi, his very long-lost little sister.

While Garlot remains the player character and primary protagonist throughout all routes, the A route in particular (often referred to as the "Garlot Route", "Gulcasa Route", or "True Route") focuses on his character development and tests his strength of spirit. As tensions in Bronquia escalate, Garlot is dealt a terrible emotional blow with the death of his first friend and surrogate mother, Siskier—and it just gets worse from there. So as not to allow the same thing to happen ever again, Garlot decides to embrace his full powers and unseal his demon blood, giving him lifesaving but costly new abilities and exposing him to Brongaa's soul-warping influence. At this time, he also begins to wear his hair down and starts calling himself by his birth name, Gulcasa. During his struggle to wrest control of Bronquia from Emperor Soltier, Gulcasa simultaneously has to deal with desertions and betrayals from friends and allies who fear he is becoming a monster. Refusing to let this break him, Gulcasa just presses forward in Siskier's name, trying to make the peaceful world they dreamed of as children a reality.

Garlot is 5'8" and likes grilled food, particularly fish. He hates milk. He's voiced by Kosuke Toriumi in this game rather than his old seiyuu in Yggdra Union, Hiroaki Miura.

"I told you, it's fine. Garlot will take care of you."

Garlot's first and best friend, a very cheerful girl who also grew up in the slums of Tiera. Although Garlot doesn't realize it, Siskier has a crush on him; she is always watching over him, and does her best to pick his spirits up when he gets discouraged. When they were kids, she always dragged Garlot and Jenon around to play phantom thieves together (this seems to be how she's so good at stealing in the present day); Garlot remarks once that back then, Siskier was the leader, while he and Jenon were just members of her following.

While not the protagonist, Siskier is a driving force behind Gram Blaze in her own right. She tends to react to things emotionally rather than thinking, although she's still less reckless than Garlot; she also prefers to speak her mind, not making any bones about her distaste for nobles when the Blaze Justice Corps. are first approached by Velleman and even insulting Soltier to his face when they first meet. Her enthusiasm and caring enable her to make fast friends with Zilva after the latter is rescued by Gram Blaze.

There is no particular route where Siskier takes a leading role. In the A route, she dies near the climax of the story, spurring Garlot's transformation into the harsher and more driven Gulcasa; in the B route, she lives, but simply helps support Garlot and Aegina as Gram Blaze moves out against Fantasinia. In the C route, Siskier survives and is implied to win Garlot's heart at last, but is also forced to suffer through the trauma of losing Jenon, which nearly breaks her.

Siskier is in many ways a typical seventeen-year-old girl; she collects Four Leaf Clovers, has a keen interest in love, fashion, and sweets, and is not above taking a hot springs break in the middle of battle. Her one weakness is her fear of heights (she tries to force through it with bravado). She is implied to be an orphan. Siskier is 5'3" and her favorite food is salad. She is voiced by Yui Horie.

"Sure, I'll lend you my strength. Of course, I'll let you use my knowledge, too."

Childhood friend to Garlot and Siskier and the brains to round out their Power Trio, Jenon is an amiable and intelligent young fencer with a bit of a weakness for the ladies. He's usually the subject of lots of affectionate teasing from the rest of the group for this, along with his penchant for the dramatic ("Besides, showing up when the heroes are in a pinch is much cooler." "You idiot, there aren't any pretty girls standing around, so who are you trying to impress?!" "Th-that's true..."). Before Nessiah joins the party, Jenon serves as the main tactician for Gram Blaze.

Like Siskier, Jenon is a supporting character in all routes, although his fate varies between them. In route A, Jenon leaves the continent with Medoute after the latter betrays and tries to kill Gulcasa; in route B, he remains with the rest of the party as they settle down in Fantasinia. In route C, Jenon disappears after a seeming Heroic Sacrifice, only to return the next day as a reanimated corpse. Once freed, he thanks his comrades and is able to pass away peacefully without needing a Mercy Kill in the truest sense.

Although it's never brought up in-story, conversations with NPCs reveal that Jenon ran away from home in order to fight alongside Garlot and Siskier, and seems to be estranged from his parents. While Jenon winds up with Medoute in route A, the C route reveals that Siskier was his first love, and he still has feelings for her.

Jenon is 5'10" and loves milk. He is voiced by Shinji Kawada.

"Sorry to say, but whenever I see some jerk running around, I start wanting to punch him out. Must be my youthful disposition."

A twenty-one-year-old nomad who runs into Garlot and company in the midst of Walking the Earth and decides to help them fight off David rather than keep watching due to her own sense of justice. Though this would normally be a sign of the Idiot Hero, Medoute follows this rescue with a searing lecture on how stupid their Honor Before Reason philosophy is. She then cooperates to help them fence in David and deal with him for good, and winds up joining their cause out of approval of Garlot's decision to get the strength to back up his ideals.

From this point on, Medoute acts as the experienced big sister to the rest of the team, doling out affectionate guidance and the occasional not-so-affectionate "don't be an idiot". She can be seen as a kind of secondary protagonist, and tends to take the slot of leader whenever Garlot is otherwise occupied.

Her background, like Garlot's, is gradually explored as the narrative continues. Despite the fact that she has traveled the world, Medoute actually hails from Lost Aries, and is the last descendant of Gill the Dragonslayer—making her this generation's dragonslayer, and the natural enemy of Soltier, Garlot, and Eimi. In the B route bad ending, Medoute is the one to break it to the others that Emilia is beyond saving and must be killed, and in the A route, her knowledge of Brongaa's lore and suspicion of the changes in Gulcasa's behavior drive her to attack and try to kill him. Medoute hates her ancestry and does not like to put too much stock in destiny, always resenting her grandfather (the hermit in Lost Aries) for being so proud of the family legacy. The events of all the routes force her to come to terms with her dragonslayer blood, and whether or not she goes back to Walking the Earth depends on the individual ending.

Medoute is 5'6" and can eat just about anything. She is voiced by Rie Tanaka.

  • Ambiguously Brown
  • An Axe to Grind
  • Beta Couple: With Jenon.
  • Boobs of Steel: Given the size of the axe she has, she qualifies.
  • Character Filibuster: Okay, having to explain her background in each route seems understandable. Explaining it in exactly the same terms—to the letter—not so much. She's the default character for delivering An Aesop, too, because of her Mentor and Cool Big Sis status.
  • The Conscience: Aspires to be this for Garlot.
  • Cool Big Sis
  • Detect Evil: More properly, it's "detect active demonic blood", but since Medoute treats that as evil, well...
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Turns on Gulcasa in route A.
  • Fantastic Racism
    • Fantastic Homophobia
    • Idiot Ball: Her racism against demons has her scoring a touchdown with the thing at the end of the A route.
      • Selective Obliviousness: So you're spying on a conversation between the resident Fallen Angel and recently-awakened demon. The need for Human Sacrifice comes up; Gulcasa balks, but is forced into it by Nessiah because he will die otherwise. Afterward, when Gulcasa is strung out on the use of his powers, Nessiah suggests embarking on further wars; Gulcasa agrees absentmindedly. Obviously the person who's up to no good and must be stopped in this situation is Gulcasa. Obviously.
  • Heroic Lineage
  • The Lad-ette: Not to say that she doesn't act stereotypically "girly" sometimes—it's just that, as noted by the rest of the women in the party, the things she gets "girly" over are extremely unladylike (shiny weapons, rations at 60% off). Values Dissonance applies.
  • Lamarck Was Right: She seems to have inherited not just her dragonslaying powers from Gill, but some sort of genetic memory of Nessiah.
  • Leitmotif: "Powerful Conviction"
  • Mr. Exposition: Just as much as Jenon and Nessiah, thanks to her having been there and done that already.
  • No Sympathy: Pretty much makes an art out of this. Possibly deconstructed—Medoute's way of dealing with emotionally distressing things is to distance herself from them and treat them coldly so as to protect herself. The problem is that she expects others to act in the same way, and is absolutely brutal to Gulcasa and Siskier in the A and C routes respectively while their grief over lost loved ones is making it hard for them to even function.
  • Not So Above It All: When she and the Tiera trio get the chance to play with Pandra's cannon in an early battlefield. Lampshaded by Siskier.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Medoute really does want to help advise Gram Blaze, but because she doesn't know the amount of emotional trauma Garlot has suffered through, she doesn't fully understand him and is often much too harsh with him. This is also a contributing factor to their parting of the ways in the A route—since Medoute never knew just what Siskier really meant to Gulcasa, she doesn't realize how terrible a blow it was for him to lose her.
  • Pre Ass Kicking One Liner
  • Sexy Mentor
  • Spoiler Opening / Fridge Brilliance: Not that anyone pays it much mind other than a moment of confusion when they first see it, but her first appearance in the OP has her fighting a dragon.
  • Stripperiffic
  • Walking the Earth: Route B bad ending. Also what she was doing before she joins the party.
  • You Can't Fight Fate
  • You Keep Telling Yourself That: Tries to argue this at the end of the A route, though she doesn't do a very good job.

Aegina Eine Artwaltz
"Nothing is decided by fate! Only we can decide how we live and die!"

A fifteen-year-old girl being targeted by the Blessed Papal Army, an organization of assassins. Aegina and her older twin sister Luciana were abandoned children, adopted by a noble named Marquis Albelt and raised in seclusion in his city. However, after Albelt's death, the two of them lost their protection, and were nearly killed by the Blessed Papal Army before Garlot and company intervened. Velleman pressed the girls to join Gram Blaze, so that they would have the army's protection and he would be granted temporary control of their father's lands.

Aegina joins Gram Blaze as an active member, and supports Garlot and the others whole-heartedly with all her strength. She doesn't have a particularly prominent role in the A and C routes, although Eudy and Zilva's scenarios reveal that she has some form of grudge against the Kingdom of Fantasinia. However, she is the lead character of the B route (often called the "Aegina Route"), which explores her background and follows her quest for revenge.

In the B route, Luciana is killed by the Blessed Papal Army; Aegina rushes madly into Fantasinia, trying to find the culprit who ordered their assassination, and Gram Blaze decides to support her. Aegina reveals that she and Luciana were born as the princesses of Fantasinia, but an order to assassinate them came right after they were born. A soldier managed to smuggle them out of the country, after which they were adopted by Albelt, but obviously the assassination attempts didn't end. Aegina was told that she and Luciana were abandoned because of the old superstition that twins were bad luck, and the two of them spent their lives learning to fight so that they could one day kill the father who abandoned them as well as Yggdra, the younger sister who replaced them. During her quest for revenge, Aegina discovers that Ordene was actually deceived by the true murderer, and after killing the culprit, is welcomed back into Fantasinia by Yggdra and their mother. She decides to remain there in both endings to her route, although she loses Yggdra in the bad ending.

Aegina is usually quiet and serious, in comparison to her more fun-loving sister. However, once angered, she tends to refuse to hear reason and reveals herself as extremely passionate. Her favorite food is mushrooms. She is voiced by Mai Nakahara in this game, replacing Tomoko Fujino, who plays her in the rest of the series.

Nessiah Aries Artwaltz
"My wisdom and experience are the greatest in this world. Of that, you can rest assured."

A blind prophet who lives in seclusion in the Kred forest. Halfway through the game, Velleman sends Garlot and company to go find him and see if he'll join up with them to be their strategist, as his powers of foresight (regardless of whether he can actually read the future or not) will make him a powerful ally. When they find Nessiah, he welcomes them, informs them that they've kept him waiting, and splits hairs with Jenon about prophecy for a while before declaring that if Garlot wants him to join Gram Blaze, they're going to have to defeat him while he's holding back. When they do, Nessiah expresses his approval and agrees to accompany them back to their base.

Oh, and he's sort-of-subtly flirting with Garlot all through this exchange.

From this point on, Nessiah is in charge of Gram Blaze's strategies, and he proves to be extremely adept at manipulating any and every situation to the party's benefit. Aside from Jenon, who considers Nessiah a rival who has taken his place (though Jenon still handles tactics), Gram Blaze as a whole tends to consider Nessiah to be trustworthy and nice enough, despite his occasional bouts of snarkiness and the fact that he's a little bit... okay, extremely strange. Nessiah tends to employ rather ruthless tactics, believing that that one cannot let one's emotions influence one's strategies in battle; he keeps Gram Blaze together in high-stress situations like the battle for Tiera.

Depending on the route, the role that Nessiah plays in Chapter 6 is completely different. In route A, Nessiah is the one to suggest pulling the revolution back together, as well as unsealing Garlot's blood; from the point Gulcasa assumes his real name and full powers onward, the two of them are rarely seen apart. Nessiah takes Siskier's place as Gulcasa's confidant and source of support, and is shown to be helping Gulcasa deal with the physical stress of having released Brongaa's blood, essentially keeping Gulcasa alive. However, Nessiah does take advantage of their closeness to suggest invading other countries at a time when Gulcasa is so out of it that he can't consider questioning what Nessiah is telling him.note 

In route B, Nessiah assumes Velleman's former position as Gram Blaze's voice of reason, and makes Garlot and Aegina slow down and reconsolidate their confused forces before the attack on Fantasinia. His role is not as big as in the other two routes, but he stays a benevolent guardian throughout the remainder of the story.

However, in route C, Nessiah is the main antagonist. Due to a combination of impatience and apparent Sanity Slippage, means Nessiah decides that Soltier would be better for causing trouble than Gram Blaze, and uses the curse-removing surgery as an opportunity to place the Emperor under mind control. When outed by Baretreenu and her very convenient psychic dreams, Nessiah explains this quite frankly rather than risk her proposed Mind Rape, apologizes for being unable to stay with Garlot longer, and attacks Gram Blaze. He is killed. It doesn't stick. Not particularly minding this, Nessiah continues on with his plans, is killed many more times, and attempts to finish Gram Blaze off by using Jenon's corpse to do so. When that doesn't work, Nessiah retreats and tries it again with lots and lots of soldiers while the heroes are trying to seal away the Gran Centurio. This does not work either. Medoute breaks the Gran Centurio, Nessiah has a very big Villainous BSoD, and he loses the ability to maintain his current body. Exactly why he takes these actions is never really explained, with the only hints dropped being that he's a Fallen Angel trying to use the Gran Centurio for revenge of some sort.note 

Nessiah appears to be a boy in his late teens, but is roughly a thousand years older than he looks. His original name was Aries, and he is a Grim Angel who was thrown out of Asgard and punished with immortality for refusing his orders to fight in Ragnarok, not that this is explained anywhere other than the supplementary materials. Because his real body is sealed in the Great Temple on the (currently underwater) island of Ancardia, Nessiah uses a form of transmigration to maintain the daily-use body we see him in. The Gran Centurio is meant to free him from the aforementioned seal, and he is able to reincarnate faster when drawing on its power (it is not what allows him to reincarnate in the first place, though). More information about Nessiah's motives, methods, and backstory can be found in Yggdra Union, its artbook, and the Dept. Heaven World Guidance series sourcebook.

Ordinarily polite, sweet, and a stealth troll, Nessiah is indifferent to humans who do not belong to Gram Blaze (if he doesn't like them, they're just chess pieces), mortal peril (dying doesn't mean much if it doesn't kill you), and food (he doesn't really need it) other than bananas. He is voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga in this game, who replaces his former seiyuu, Junichi Miyake.

Eimi / Emilia
"Hey, Captain-oniichan. Is it okay if I come with?"

An eleven-year-old orphan girl who is traveling Bronquia in search of her long-lost older brother, Gulcasa. Eimi is the second named character to appear, and makes her entrance as the victim of an attempted kidnapping, which gives Garlot and Siskier all the excuse they need to attack Norn. Eimi introduces herself in the next battlefield, and there parts ways with the heroes, not to be seen again until Chapter 4. When Gram Blaze travels to the forest of Kred to see if Nessiah is a legitimate prophet or not, they find Eimi with him; upon hearing that there was "an awesome prophet who knows everything", she made the trek to pay Nessiah a visit and ask him for help finding her brother, and had been staying with him since. Nessiah tells Eimi that she can't find Gulcasa because of the seal on his blood, but that if she goes with Gram Blaze she will be able to meet him faster. Upon hearing this, Eimi begs her way into Gram Blaze.

Eimi is a strange combination of worldly and naive; she's been eyewitness to a number of harsh realities on her journey, but remains cheerful and innocent, nicknaming Garlot "Captain-oniichan" because she doesn't realize at first that "Captain" is a title and not a name. Throughout Chapter 5, Eimi stays in the base with Luciana and Elena, watching the house while nobody's there and apparently helping Luciana play pranks on anyone with the bad luck to run foul of them.

While Eimi's background is not dealt with in the C route, the A and B routes reveal that she is a descendant of Brongaa, although unlike Gulcasa, she isn't pureblooded and thus not quite as strong as he is. Baretreenu sealed Eimi's powers and gave her the name she uses ordinarily; her real name is Emilia. Because she knows her true name, Emilia is capable of breaking the seal on her powers if it is weakened enough beforehand.

In the A route, Emilia reveals her true name after Garlot breaks his own seal and reveals his true identity. She voices anxiety at the thought that she and Gulcasa might be separated now that she's found him, and worries about being able to help him fight, but in this route, her concerns are allayed by the reassurances of the people around her.

In the B route, however, Eimi first sees Luciana get killed in front of her and is unable to do anything, after which she develops intense Survivor Guilt and feelings of worthlessness. As Gram Blaze moves out to help Aegina, she repeatedly begs the others to let her fight, but Siskier forces her to remain on the sidelines out of well-intentioned but badly-informed ageism. This subjects her to intense amounts of stress, eventually pushing her over the edge and causing her to break the seal on her powers. She then goes on to shock both Gram Blaze and the soldiers who had previously been boxing them in with her sheer power and cheerful lust for blood. Emilia believes that only in battle is she able to stand at the rest of the party's level, and if the player consistently deploys her in every battle after she joins the party, the fear that she'll go back to being worthless if the war ends causes her mind to break down completely, beginning the B route's bad end. In order to make the fighting start again and stay useful, Emilia murders Yggdra and goes completely berserk, forcing Gram Blaze to take her down in one of the most difficult boss battles in all of the Ancardia games.

Eimi has a peculiar speech pattern, a penchant for all things cute, a love for milk and mushrooms, and the most effective creeperface in all of Ancardia. She is voiced by Ai Nonaka (Playing Against Type here), and is one of the markedly few characters in Blaze Union to keep her usual seiyuu.

"Byff will answer your question. Byff came from the north! Na~ntsutte~"

"Ohmygawd, he's so fluffy. Can we keep him?"
—Siskier, speaking for us all

A hulking humanoid white tiger, the familiar of a magician who lives in a far northern country covered in snow. Byff is in Bronquia in search of a certain book (actually Nessiah's treasured Revelation of the Gods), but it's been slow going, since Byff has been stopping and investigating just about every book to see if it might be the right one. He may not be the smartest familiar out there, but Byff is cheerful and devoted—as well as easily tempted to join Gram Blaze with the promise of being able to look through Velleman's personal library. Hilarity Ensues. The official website bills Byff as a nice guy prone to both making and being subject to oyaji gags.

Byff's favorite food is marshmallows. He is voiced by Tsuguo Mogami.

"Hmm? Is there something wrong with being barefoot? ...Hey, you guys are pretty rude."

"...This guy has got to be the world's most talented at running away."
—A very frustrated Garlot, on the subject of Mizer.

An eighteen-year-old sort-of bounty hunter who tends to act like a sugar-rushing ten-year-old most of the time. He is known as "Mizer the Barefoot" for his notable habit of eschewing all footwear.

Something of a noble thief who steals from the rich and the nobility and gives part of what he steals to his fellow lower-class citizens, Mizer hails from Drominos Marsh. Gram Blaze is first sent after him because one of Mizer's subordinates happened to steal an important keepsake of Velleman's. When first caught, Mizer agrees to lead the army to his secret base, but once they draw near, he gives the army the slip and tries to shake them off in the forest. After a long string of battles that largely involve Garlot chasing him, finding him, beating him up, and Mizer escaping at the last second, he is finally captured by Gram Blaze for good. However, once captured, Mizer pleads with the army to only kill him, and spare his men.

Mizer makes it his personal policy not to wear shoes, although he likes them a lot. When he was a little boy, his family was so poor that they couldn't afford shoes for him, and so for as long as the country is oppressing the poor, Mizer has sworn to go barefoot in order not to forget their pain. Once he finds and returns Velleman's treasure, Mizer joins Gram Blaze. His favorite food is rice balls. He is voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga in this game, who replaces his old seiyuu, Junichi Miyake.

"...Hic. Whew, that hitsh the spot."

A 23-year-old member of a colony of sea-dwelling Undines who were captured by a noble's ship to be used as a tribute to Soltier. After the long voyage back to Bronquia and the brutal treatment that the Undines received at the hands of their traffickers, Sleip was the only survivor by the time Garlot led Gram Blaze in an attack against the ship. While the party is horrified at the senselessness of the slaughter, Medoute points out that Undines who live in the sea are so rare that even dead, they would be worth far more than conventional treasure. Since Sleip sees no point in returning home to the sea now that no one is left, Garlot decides to adopt her into Gram Blaze.

Sleip's way of dealing with the trauma of watching everyone die is by never spending one second sober. While she still expresses sadness over the loss of her clan, she remains functional (if extremely sloshed) and slurs and hiccups her way through everything, including battle. While not drinking or beating enemies senseless, Sleip can be found flirting with the boys and occasionally narrowly avoiding ruining a few poor souls' clothes. Her favorite "food" is alcohol, and she hates mushrooms. Sleip is voiced by Asako Dodo.

"Whoa~! It looks like some big nuisances have showed up!!"

A very strange but very powerful young witch who is traveling the world in search of Undines. She attacks Garlot's party and the couriers during the mission you recruit Sleip, intending to get to the courier ship's cargo before anyone else. Pamela is said to appear to be fifteen years old, but due to her powers making her seem ageless, she's likely older than that. Not that you could tell at first glance. Pamela only joins the party in Blaze Union if one has Yggdra Union save data on their Memory Card. She is voiced by Ai Nonaka.

"Then, let us go! In order to sublimate the arts with the destructive melody of my artillery!"

A twenty-five-year-old prodigy who despite being at the top of her class was thrown out of her magic academy just before she was supposed to graduate. Ever since then, Eudy has been living as a hermit in the Elruc mountains, doing her research there. In addition to traditional magic, Eudy is well-acquainted with ballistics and is a sort of Gadgeteer Genius of everything pertaining to cannons. Her unorthodox interests are implied to be why she is considered an outcast by her peers.

Eudy joins the party when Velleman sends Garlot and company to go recruit her, but are ambushed and cornered by the Blessed Papal Army instead. After rescuing them, Eudy agrees to go with them if they'll first help her on a Fetch Quest wherein they will steal a valuable mineral from Fantasinian couriers in order to further her research. When they are caught by Alanjame, Eudy proves herself to be a quick thinker and smooth talker under fire, and rescues Gram Blaze yet again. From then on, she is a loyal member of the team, appearing not to mind if they find her strange as long as she's being included.

In battle, Eudy provides trivia on cannons, and occasionally cooperates with Nessiah in magical planning. When excited, she often expresses the desire to shoot off a round on her cannon battery. Her favorite food is pickles. In this game, Eudy is voiced by Eimi Okada, who replaces Ai Maeda, her former seiyuu from Yggdra Union.

Both female (left) and male (right) personalities.
"Oh, that's quite a nice approach! By the way, would you happen to be strong?"
—Eater's female personality

"Awright! My blood's heating up! Uuuooooooooooooooohhhhh!!"
—Eater's male personality

A cutesy young lady who calls herself a minstrel, and claims to be on a journey to find "wonderful gentlemen" whose exploits she can memorialize in her lyrics. Given that she starts literally drooling over the thought of said wonderful gentlemen, however, she is probably not being a hundred percent forthright about her motives. Eater first appears while the women of the party are fighting off a group of gangsters who are harassing them, investigates said gangsters to see if they are wonderful enough gentlemen, and then promptly declares that they stink and people who don't take baths are no good. Hilarity Ensues.

Eater has a split personality that switches based on the time of day; the daytime half is an overly saccharine Proper Lady, and the nighttime half is a thuggish, Hot-Blooded boy. Both sides have plenty of appeal for the demographic of the opposite sex, though.

However, there is more to Eater than fanservice and general insanity; she appears to hail from Asgard, and is strongly implied to be a Fallen Angel—Eater seems to know Nessiah, or at the very least, recognizes what he really is right away. Unlike him, though, she's very interested in humans. (Perhaps a little too interested.)

Eater is voiced by Minori Chihara.

"Do not let those sisters escape. ...You absolutely can't."

A seventeen-year-old assassin in the employ of the Blessed Papal Army. Zilva first appears as the commander in charge of dispatching Luciana and Aegina, and the party as a whole is unnerved by her emotionless behavior.

This is all the player sees of her unless a specific course of events is taken, which unlocks Zilva's personal subplot. In it, Zilva continually attacks Gram Blaze attempting to complete her mission, but after a number of failures, she is cut out of the Blessed Papal Army, which turns on her and tries to hunt her down. When the party sees this, Aegina asks that they rescue Zilva; Siskier encourages her to try to find a new way to live instead. Zilva explains that she has belonged to the Blessed Papal Army all her life, and has been trained in assassination since she was a little girl. Fighting is all she knows, and she doesn't even understand such concepts as friendship.

If the player chooses to follow through on Zilva's subquest, she eventually joins Gram Blaze, wanting to know more about the bonds between comrades. In all routes, she remains a loyal member of Garlot's army, and is especially attached to Siskier and the twins. Despite her general attitude, Zilva is a sweet tooth and likes cute things; her favorite food is fish. She is voiced by Rie Tanaka, replacing Mariko Suzuki, who voiced her in Yggdra Union.

"C'mon, everyone aim your lances! Kill 'em! Are you ready?!"

A nineteen-year-old knight with a violent, gruff personality. The party first encounters Leon when Velleman sends them to go get someone to oversee their military drills and help them become organized, but seeing how harshly he treats his soldiers if they make even one mistake, Garlot decides that they can't ask him to join them. Leon, however, decides to challenge them to fight, and after losing to Garlot, becomes obsessed with defeating him and resigns from the Imperial Army.

Leon's little sister Elena explains that Leon used to be a guard assigned to the Imperial Capital, but after their parents were executed for a breach in discipline by Soltier, Leon was also sacked from his post and made a patrol officer instead. The scar on his forehead is from being branded by the Imperial soldiers who forced him out of Flarewerk. Ever since this has happened, Leon became violent and wary, unable to trust in others.

Leon reemerges in Chapter 5, having been hired by Pandra to give his resistance new direction. However, their relationship is extremely rocky, which eventually leads Pandra to use Leon as bait to keep Gram Blaze occupied during the sacking of Tiera. Disillusioned by Pandra's ill-treatment of both Leon and their men, Leon challenges Garlot to a final battle, then finally admits defeat. Afterward, he admits to having lost his way after the deaths of his parents, and decided to refocus himself by hating Garlot.

Following this, Leon's storyline comes to a climax when he begs to be given enough time to rescue Elena from Pandra, which would have been a suicide mission if Elena hadn't asked Gram Blaze to save her brother. Garlot rescues him, then scolds Leon for not being willing to live for Elena's sake and protect her himself. The two of them join forces to defeat Pandra, and Leon is able to find faith in Garlot, becoming a permanent member of Gram Blaze.

In all three routes, Leon's loyalty to Garlot never wavers, though what he chooses to do after the war varies. Like Garlot, he hates milk; his favorite food is apples. Leon is voiced by Takuya Sato, who replaces his seiyuu from Yggdra Union, Hidehiko Kaneko.

"Come, young one! You won't defeat Baldus, the Shield of Bronquia, so easily!"

The most famous general in the Imperial Army, Baldus is a grizzled veteran of fifty-two who commands the respect of his soldiers and superiors alike. He is known as the God of War (a title handed down to the most powerful soldier in the Imperial Army) and Bronquia's Shield, and is usually found stationed in either Flarewerk or Ishnad.

Baldus is serious, earnest, and values fair play, unlike many of the other corrupt commanders in the army. His first major storyline appearance is during a military examination in Flarewerk, where Soltier tests nobles' armies and other independent factions by pitting them against his own troops in order to see which can be brought into the Imperial Army and which need to be pegged as possible rebels. Matched up against Garlot's forces, Baldus finds himself enjoying the chance to duel with a Worthy Opponent and comes to respect Garlot a great deal.

Exactly what happens to Baldus over the course of the story changes based on each route. On the A path, Baldus' troops are the ones sent to preemptively attack Gram Blaze when the plans to rebel are leaked, and later into the game, he is persuaded to join Gram Blaze if the player follows Nessiah's instructions. On the B path, Baldus is sent by Soltier and Velleman to stop Gram Blaze from causing chaos in Fantasinia for fear of the repercussions on Bronquia, and is killed in battle. In the C route, he is also an opponent, ordered by Soltier to keep Gram Blaze from entering Ishnad while he fights Ordene, but he is eventually persuaded by Lapis to disobey orders for Soltier's own good, and survives. Baldus is voiced by Daichi Endou in this game, replacing Tetsu Inada, his former voice actor.


NPC Allies

    Their Allies 

"No matter what lofty ideals you have, unless you can realize them, they have no meaning!"

The 36-year-old landgrave who controls the city of Tiera. Toward the end of the first chapter, Velleman approaches Garlot, Siskier, and Jenon with an offer of work as his private soldiers after he sees them defeat David. In return, he promises that he will give them the power that they desire. Velleman claims to be attempting to change the Empire from within, explaining that with all the problems that Bronquia has, if it is left to its own devices, it will collapse soon. To that end, he is gathering political power and assuming control over numerous cities in one way or another to give himself the power to take whatever actions he can. Jenon notes that this behavior has caused Velleman to gain a number of enemies amongst the old nobility, and Velleman explains that attacks from these enemies are why he needs his own army. He renames Garlot's party Gram Blaze when Garlot accepts his offer, and gives them lodging in his personal base, located just north of Tiera's walls.

Velleman remains an NPC throughout the story, and gives Gram Blaze choices of missions to go on, usually involving recruiting extra help, discreetly amassing power in politics and arms, or helping to restore public order. Although initially there are conflicts caused by Garlot rushing off emotionally and not following Velleman's orders or Garlot feeling that Velleman is too manipulative and should trust him more, eventually Garlot accepts Velleman as something of a surrogate father figure, and Velleman lets Garlot's Hot Blood influence him more and more.

At the end of chapter 5, Velleman enters a mysterious conference with mysterious guests, and after Gram Blaze protects this conference from an attack by assassins, he reveals their new situation, which is different in every route. During the A route, the conference is about the new nobility forming a rebellion, with Garlot nominated as the commanding general; the B route has the government beginning to trust Gram Blaze with helping to protect the people (and things going as normal); in the C route, the conference is actually a plea for Velleman's help in saving Soltier, without whom Bronquia will collapse completely.

In the A route, Velleman grows paranoid over the fear that Garlot will stop listening to him, and betrays Gram Blaze, holding Siskier hostage and demanding that they kill Garlot to save her life. When Siskier kills herself to prevent this, Garlot's rage and grief nearly undoes the seal on his powers, and Gram Blaze kills Velleman. Despite being a traitor, Velleman is portrayed sympathetically as a man who had lived in a world of deceit for so long that he lost his ability to trust. In the B route, Velleman orders Gram Blaze not to go after Aegina when she rushes off to attack Fantasinia, and after they disobey him and go anyway, he never makes another appearance; aside from his ordering Baldus to stop them, Velleman is no longer an important character in that route. The C route sees Velleman actually accompanying Gram Blaze for the rest of the game, and when Soltier abdicates the throne, he tells Velleman to take his place as Bronquia's first Prime Minister.

Velleman is six feet tall and likes cheese. An optional mission reveals that he was once married and has a young daughter, but that he and his wife divorced six years ago. Velleman still has a pendant with his daughter's portrait, which is his most precious possession. He is voiced by Go Shinomiya.

  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: C ending.
  • Broken Pedestal: A route.
  • The Comically Serious
  • Control Freak: An optional battlefield in chapter 3 shows that he cares more about Garlot disobeying him in chapter 2 than the fact that Garlot's disobedience won him new soldiers and control over a whole new city.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Backstabs you in the A route.
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Mistaken for Pedophile: Instantly tarred as a paedophile when the "treasure" he thought Mizer stole turns out to be a locket with a picture of a ten-year-old girl inside. While everyone is staring in disbelief, Velleman completely flips out and tries to change the subject—then eventually gives in and explains that it's his daughter. Of course, this being Velleman, it's hysterical.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: A route. Using Siskier as his hostage was a dumb, dumb idea with way too many chances of backfiring; predictably, it blew up in his face.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: To Pandra.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Usually.
  • Rousing Speech
  • Simple Staff / Magic Wand
  • The Stoic: Never smiles, only smirks. Always deadpans.
    • Not So Stoic: When the picture of his daughter gets stolen.
  • Team Dad
  • Unscrupulous Hero: Generally on the side of good, but sees no problem with breaking the law for a good reason/if he can get away with it (smuggles weapons), has connections with the Blessed Papal Army (in case you were wondering why they know where the base is, and why they come attacking when Gram Blaze is conveniently away in route B), and then there is A route. He even tries to blame the information leak and Baldus' attack on Nessiah (Word of God clarifies that Velleman was behind everything). Although his desire to reform the empire is genuine and Garlot is a good influence on him, Velleman is still a selfish, oily, paranoid politician at heart.

Luciana Rune Artwaltz
"Anyhow, I'm begging you! Save my little sister... save Aegina!"

A fifteen-year-old girl being targeted by the Blessed Papal Army, and Aegina's older twin sister. Luciana tends to be the voice of authority between the two of them, but due to a leg injury, she is unable to fight and usually stays in the base with Eimi and Elena. There are a few situations, though—like tax collection in her home city, and deciding on a whim to travel to Sharminel to use the hot spring—where she winds up joining the rest of the party on the battlefield.

In the A and C routes, Luciana remains a background character, and stays with Garlot and company, but in the B route, she is killed by the Blessed Papal Army, triggering Aegina's Sanity Slippage and Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Her last words to Aegina are a command for her sister to live however she decides to, even if that means abandoning their revenge.

Luciana is more cheerful and lighthearted than Aegina, and more prone to joking around. From conversations that Aegina and Siskier have, she also appears to be quite the prankster, cooperating with Eimi to cause trouble whenever they get angry. However, she is also a very responsible girl, and does her best to look after Aegina and the children. So as not to draw too much attention with her real surname, Luciana uses the fake name "Luciana Art Albelt", borrowing her adoptive father's name. Like Aegina, she is voiced by Mai Nakahara in this game instead of Tomoko Fujino.

"After all, I can't leave Nii-san alone any longer."

Leon's thirteen-year-old little sister and only remaining family, who has been with him ever since the deaths of their parents. Elena understands her brother better than anyone else, and tries to explain his circumstances to others so that they won't hate him for the way he is. Elena is very mature for her age and extremely responsible, but because she can do little to nothing to keep Leon from going out of control, she tends to seem very downcast and worried. She is voiced by Mai Goto.


    The Imperial Army 

"My twin swords exist to crush you, and drink your blood!"

The current Emperor of Bronquia, and as such, a contractor with the demon god Brongaa. Soltier inherited from his younger brother Ike, who took over after their father's reign, and is in the process of trying to re-militarize the country after said younger brother laid off most of the military. Between the drafts, the taxing, the already-degenerate state of the Empire, and the fact that Soltier is not very good at politics (a fact to which he readily admits), he is not a popular sovereign. What he lacks as a politician, he makes up for as a military leader; Soltier is a shrewd commander with good battlefield sense and great skill with his two swords.

Soltier first encounters the party during chapter 2, when he and Lapis interrupt Gram Blaze's battle with Cerica. During this encounter, Garlot gets his attention by refusing to name himself when asked, and the two of them trade a few insults before Soltier and Lapis go on their way. The next time he crosses paths with Gram Blaze during chapter 5, Soltier has taken to calling Garlot "Redhead" and is becoming more and more curious about Garlot's power, which he senses something unusual about. By comparing proverbial notes with Lapis and Baldus, both of whom wind up fighting Garlot in practice battles, Soltier concludes that while Garlot is recognized by all as a competent knight with potential, he's the only one who can sense Garlot's hidden strength. As Garlot's demon blood is sealed, only other people with connections to Brongaa or extremely powerful magicians can sense it.

As route B moves Gram Blaze into Fantasinia, Soltier does not feature as a main character there, but he continues to appear in the other two paths. During the A route, Soltier is the primary antagonist, and he and Lapis fight Gulcasa to the death at the end of his revolution. Soltier tells Gulcasa that although he may not have realized it yet, the fact that he has embraced his demon blood makes them the same, which Gulcasa is not amused to hear.

Conversely, the C route has Soltier fall suddenly and deathly ill because of complications brought on by his contract with Brongaa, and because he has no heir—meaning the country will fall into chaos if he dies—Gram Blaze must find a way to keep him alive. Thanks to emergency curse-extraction surgery by Baretreenu and Nessiah, Soltier survives, but for whatever reason, Nessiah decides to try using Soltier to cause a war, puts him under mind control, and has him attempt to kill Ordene and steal the Gran Centurio. Gram Blaze, aided by Lapis, rescues Ordene and then tries to figure out a way to break the mind control while Soltier himself tries to fight it off. Even when this works, Soltier pretends that he's still under Nessiah's control for a little longer to try to figure out what Nessiah is after, then turns on him. In the discussion that follows, Soltier offers to abdicate his throne and make Velleman the Prime Minister instead in order to get Ordene more willing to let the Gran Centurio be sealed. The last scene of the C route, taking place right before Velleman is about to be inducted, shows Soltier to be on quite friendly terms with Garlot and company.

While the C route ostensibly focuses on Nessiah, Soltier's importance to its plot leads some fans to consider that path the "Soltier Route" instead. He is 36 years old and his favorite food is hard-boiled eggs. Soltier is voiced by Masayuki Katou.

"I am the captain of His Majesty the Emperor's personal guard. To disobey me is the same as committing treason."

The captain of the Imperial Guard, and in essence Soltier's chief bodyguard, Lapis is rarely seen anywhere other than his side. She has sworn to serve Soltier and is perfectly loyal to him, doing whatever he asks (and patiently enduring the occasional prank from him). Serving in place of a chief advisor, Lapis also serves in the role of Soltier's consultant, and the two of them talk candidly about his plans, demonstrating how much he really trusts her while also providing helpful exposition for the audience.

Lapis first appears alongside Soltier in chapter 2, and tends to show up whenever he does. She is very strict about rules being followed, and while generally impassive, will overreact drastically to any perceived insult to Soltier. When sent to bring Velleman and Gram Blaze in for an audience with Soltier, she does not understand at first why they consider defending Tiera to be more important, and is left at a loss by their zeal. She is heavily implied (Eater even remarks on it directly) to have feelings for Soltier.

In the A route, Lapis vows to defend Soltier from Gulcasa's forces at all costs, and nearly dies doing so before Soltier throws their plans out the window to come rescue her. Both of them are killed by Gulcasa and his fellow rebels. In the C route, however, Lapis winds up traveling with Gram Blaze for a short time in order to save Soltier. Having been put on leave for proposing that Soltier wait to meet with Ordene to give himself more time to recover from his recent surgery, Lapis collaborates with Velleman, fearing that something must be amiss. She helps Gram Blaze to persuade Baldus to help them, and is able to confirm that Soltier still has some control of himself; she is instrumental in rescuing him. At the end of the route, she and Soltier are shown to be living peacefully together with Gram Blaze as advisors to Velleman.

Lapis is 28 years old, and her favorite food is honey. She is voiced by Minori Chihara.

    The Royal Army 

Ordene Artwaltz
"So our country is made of this sword? Nay, it is the people; a country is made by its people."

The 31st king of Fantasinia, and the father of Luciana, Aegina, and Yggdra. Ordene is said by other characters to have the Honor Before Reason philosophy of a knight, and as per Fantasinia's creeds, he fights for the justice he believes in, wielding the Gran Centurio. Ordene's creeds are so strict that he will willingly walk into dangerous situations because it is what courtesy expects of him, and the way he ignores the possibility that other people may not play as fairly as he does makes him extremely easy to manipulate. Despite his shortcomings (and he is aware of them, often lamenting that he didn't listen to the people trying to help him), Ordene is still well-meaning. He meets with Soltier every few years in a heads-of-state conference, and having seen how ineffectual Soltier tends to be as Emperor, seems to be considering offering Soltier some help in getting Bronquia under control.

Ordene only appears in the B and C routes. In the B route, which focuses on Aegina, he is one of the main antagonists, who attempts to defend his country from Gram Blaze's attack only to realize too late that Aegina is the daughter he thought died years ago, and he has been manipulated for the past twenty years by Alanjame. In the C route, Ordene ignores Gram Blaze's warnings and walks right into the Brainwashed and Crazy Soltier's trap, nearly getting killed before Siskier and Jenon come to rescue him. When Soltier decides to abdicate and hand Bronquia over to Velleman, Ordene decides that he will reciprocate by allowing the Gran Centurio to be sealed, meaning that neither country will be relying on its ancestral powers any longer. Ordene is voiced by Tomoyuki Higuchi, who is also the narrator.

According to the sourcebook, Ordene is in his 40s.

"I'll try to stop them somehow. If they overtake us here, Karona will become a battlefield."

A twenty-three-year-old Royal captain assigned to border duty at Castle Karona, Russell is just beginning to earn fame under the nickname of "Astral Fencer". He is in love with his superior officer's daughter, Flone. Russell only appears in the B route, where his forces attempt to stop Aegina from crossing the border, and eventually are wiped out by Emilia's counterattack when they catch up to Gram Blaze on the road to the capital.

Russell is voiced by Satoshi Koizumi in Blaze Union, replacing Takehiko Watanabe, who plays him in the rest of the series.

"As a courtier, I, Alanjame, cannot stand idly by and let this happen!"

An elderly Fantasinian cardinal who is one of Ordene's close advisors, as well as the commander of the Blessed Papal Army. Alanjame is attempting to seize control of Fantasinia by eliminating all of the Royal Family except for Yggdra, who he says is too spoiled and sheltered to realize he's using her as his figurehead. To this end, Alanjame decided to have Luciana and Aegina assassinated when they were born, because he didn't like the possibility that someday a civil war might start over which one of them should be the heir.

When Gram Blaze attacks Castle Paltina, Alanjame removes most of the castle guards in the hopes that Aegina's army and Ordene will finish each other off for him. When this turns out not to be the case, he moves in and tries to attack Ordene anyway, which does not end well for him when he is faced with the enraged Aegina and her very pissed-off forces.

Alanjame only appears in Eudy's scenario and the B route, and is in his 40s. He is voiced by Naomi Kusumi.

    Other Enemies 

"That is what it means to carry the demon god's blood."

A priestess in her forties who lives in Lost Aries, doing research on Brongaa. Baretreenu only appears in the A and C routes, and is revealed in the A route to be Garlot's Missing Mom. When Gulcasa was a little boy, he showed signs of being a descendant of Brongaa with exceptionally powerful demonic blood; worried that this would cause her son to be unhappy in the future, Baretreenu placed a powerful seal on his powers, and closed the barrier by changing his name to Garlot. Still, because there was a chance that the seal might break in the future, Baretreenu abandoned her family in order to do more research and find a way to seal her child's demon blood permanently. She never went back, either, not even when she heard that he was being abused by his father.

In the A route, Garlot and company run across Baretreenu in Lost Aries while trying to find a way to break the seal. Baretreenu reveals her identity and explains why she's been gone, but tells Garlot that if he wants his blood unsealed, then he must fight her to the death, because as the one who placed the seal, she has a duty to defend it. Even after being defeated once, she insists that Garlot must kill her, because his mercy is a sign that he is not ready to discard his humanity. Once fatally wounded, Baretreenu breaks the seal willingly by telling Garlot his real name.

In the C route, Baretreenu is called by Velleman as a specialist on Brongaa's blood when Soltier falls deathly ill due to complications with his powers. She joins the party, but does not tell Garlot who she is. Baretreenu is able to guess that Nessiah did something or other after they performed surgery on Soltier to save him despite collapsing from fatigue because of a recurring dream. She is also instrumental in freeing Soltier from Nessiah's control. Baretreenu is voiced by Asako Dodo.

"Fine, come and get it. I'll teach you brats how the world works."

A gruff, self-serving mercenary in the employ of Norn. When Garlot and company try to extort the money Norn stole back out of him, however, David has Norn sniped, saying that he and his men already took all Norn's goods on the assumption that he was dead. As he explains to Garlot, David's philosophy is to survive however he can, and surviving means being as unfair as you possibly can.

Shortly after, David is killed by Garlot, Siskier, and Jenon, but he continues to be an important figure in the plot as motivation for Cerica, whom he raised, to keep chasing after Garlot. He is about 30 years old, loves tea, and is voiced by Kousuke Takaguchi.

"You just called Cerica an idiot again, didn't you?!!"

A nineteen-year-old mercenary who is a part of David's following. Cerica speaks in the third person, is extremely persistent, and tends to go on at length about the value of pincer attacks a lot, which leads people observing her to call her an idiot. Which Cerica absolutely cannot stand.

While her first appearance in the game is relatively lighthearted, Cerica's role becomes more emotional after David's death; as he was the one who raised her, she becomes obsessed with getting revenge on Gram Blaze by killing Garlot—which she attempts to do several times but obviously never quite succeeds at. Even Garlot feels sorry for her, much to her chagrin.

In most routes, Cerica drops quietly out of the story after chapter 5, but depending on Road Cone, her subplot can be given closure via (in an optional chapter 5 fight) a botched attack on Gram Blaze that leads to Garlot rescuing her and their talking things out, or (in route C) one last attempted attack on Garlot and a sharp Breaking Speech courtesy of Baretreenu. This would imply that Cerica survives every route, as in the other two, Garlot is put permanently out of her reach in one way or another. Her favorite food is cherries. She is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.

"Whoa, whoa, looks like a scuffle. Seems like a chance to do my job!"

An eighteen-year-old mercenary who appears various times throughout the game, hired by various employers. Medoute claims to have heard of Inzaghi before, and that he's reputed to be willing to do anything for money. Depending on the player's mission choices in chapter 3, Inzaghi first appears either in that chapter as an emissary to incite rebellion in the city Luciana and Aegina's foster fother ruled, or as Cerica's hired help in Chapter 4.

Inzaghi is extremely lazy and tends to try to get away with as much slacking as he can while still maintaining a paycheck. Extremely hedonistic, he tends not to understand why Garlot and company get so worked up over things, even the sacking of their own city. In all routes, Inzaghi's last appearance is during chapter 5, where Garlot chases him off during the attack on Tiera. He seems to like hats, as all his equipment happens to be headgear.

Inzaghi's favorite food is onions. He is voiced by Atsushi Abe, who replaces his former seiyuu in Yggdra Union, Katsuya Fujiwara.

"How about it? Come crush the Empire with us!"

The leader of a resistance army trying to overthrow Soltier. Pandra and his men first appear in chapter 3, on a misson where Velleman takes Gram Blaze to see if Pandra would be a useful ally for them. However, Pandra is lazy, corrupt, and something of a coward, preferring to make his men do everything while he takes the path of least risk; he despises Garlot for deciding to become a noble's pet, and their forces wind up fighting.

Of course, Pandra does not give up because of this; he recruits the disgraced Leon, who helps to give the resistance new direction, and they gather soldiers and begin taking over various cities; in the end, Pandra and Leon attack Tiera, which ends in a huge failure—Leon becomes disillusioned with Pandra, and Pandra himself is chased away by Garlot and Gram Blaze. Directly after this, their forces have another battle when Garlot comes to Leon's aid in rescuing Elena from the resistance. Although Gram Blaze corners Pandra in the mountains, he makes a daring impromptu escape by sliding down the rock face. In most routes, this is the last time Pandra appears, and his fate is left uncertain; on the C path, however, Pandra appears one last time to attack Flarewerk during Soltier's operation, and displays a more serious attitude. He is finally killed in this battle.

During an optional mission, Pandra explains that he used to be a member of the Imperial Army when Soltier's father was on the throne, but he was sacked when Soltier's little brother became Emperor and started reducing the army. When the taxes went up and army drafts reappeared during Soltier's reign, Pandra decided he had had enough of the government and decided to rebel. Garlot speculates that Pandra must have started out much like him, but gradually fell from grace until he was completely corrupt.

Pandra is in his 20s and likes meat. He is voiced by Tsuguo Mogami.


"Are you disobeying me?!"

A noble who has been exploiting the poor of Tiera. At the start of the story, Garlot and his friends have been chasing him for half a year, and Garlot is more than ready to settle things once and for all. After Norn tries to kidnap Eimi (presumably to sell her as some form of slave or do worse things to her), Garlot and company attack him, and are able to capture him and convince him to give back all the money he took. However, Norn is killed by David shortly afterward.

Norn is about 50 years old and is voiced by Naomi Kusumi.


Other NPCs


Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz
"Then they should be judged. Just like the Holy Sword's teachings dictate..."

The beloved daughter of King Ordene, and the princess of Fantasinia. She is fourteen years old in this game. Because Ordene has no sons, Yggdra is being groomed to succeed the throne. As she is very sheltered, Yggdra is rather naive and tends to believe whatever her father and other trusted authority figures tell her, but she is also brave and steadfast, and will not flinch from danger. While Yggdra is aware that she had older sisters once, she was told that they died long ago, and believes this to be the truth.

Yggdra is an important side character in the B route, where Alanjame tries to implement a plan to usurp the sovereignty of Fantasinia while using her as his figurehead. After the death of her father, Yggdra is able to reconcile with Aegina and welcome her back to her rightful place as a princess, but in the bad ending to the route, she is murdered by Emilia after the latter loses control of her demon blood and goes insane.

In Dept. Heaven canon, three years after the conclusion of the A route, Yggdra becomes the protagonist of her own story, Yggdra Union. She is voiced by Mai Nakahara.


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