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Yui Sakakibara is a choreographer, dancer, singer, songwriter, and voice actress. This multitalented lady was born in 1980, and is signed to LOVEXTRAX OFFICE; she is often called "Yui-nyan" or "Princess" by fans. She has starred in a number of games and anime, and sometimes uses the pseudonym "Mayo Hinano" and "Maria" (though she is one of the few seiyuu willing to perform under her given name in adult games).

Especially when acting in high-pitched roles, her voice has a nasal quality that can take some getting used to for people who have never heard her act before. And those who are only familiar with her career as a voice actress may be quite surprised to hear the set of pipes she's got when she performs the Do It Yourself Theme Tunes of some of the works she's in, sometimes with her singing voice's pitch contrasting her voice acting's pitch in said work, ranging from high-pitched cute J-Pop to hardcore metal.

She is currently the voice source for Voiceroids Aoi and Akane Kotonoha. She even managed to do a Kansai accent as Akane.

In 2018, to commemorate her 20 years in the industry, she announced a Visual Novel project, Kimi to Tsunagaru Mirai Chizu, headed by her own studio.

Roles performed by Yui Sakakibara: