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  • Angst? What Angst?: Remember all those Flunkies he had following him around? Ever wonder what happened to them? According to Word of God, they were slaughtered to a man over the course of Chapter 1. And Milanor doesn't bat an eyelid.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: On the subject of Nessiah: Now that his relationship with Gulcasa (which has been very vague and subtextual up until now) has finally been made canon in Blaze Union, some people believe it to help humanize him (as his distressed indecision and eventual suicide in BF18 imply that he might have fully reciprocated Gulcasa's feelings), while others think that his taking advantage of their closeness to manipulate Bronquia makes him seem even more callous.
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  • "Blind Idiot" Translation/Woolseyism: Atlus' localization of the game strays from the original script in a number of places. The translators owned up to changing one of Durant's lines in the tutorials because they felt it was an Out-of-Character Moment; some lines, such as Yggdra's "Solving swords with problems?" at the end of Chapter 8, do not exist in the Japanese script at all; the entirety of Gulcasa's characterization was altered, his diction made more formalized and haughty than in Japanese and a lot of his Pet the Dog moments (such as his marked reluctance to fight Elena in Chapter 5) removed. A number of the translations, such as Gulcasa's title ("Entei", or "Blazing Emperor") and the name of the war between the Royal Army and Asgard ("Shinkaisensou") were changed ("Emperor of Carnage") or just flat-out wrong ("Ragnarok"), creating a number of plot holes. Compare both language versions of any battlefield's dialogue and they probably won't match up too well. In all fairness to the English localization team, the schedule Atlus set up for the GBA localization left them very little time and the interface required a lot of heavy editing, as a lot of images required editing to replace the Japanese text with English, so they were most likely very rushed with production. However, most of the mistakes remain in the PSP version. Some people are very unhappy with this. Other fans could care less.
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  • Complete Monster: Nessiah, formerly known as Aries, is a fallen Grim Angel that was cast down to Asgard and put into a weaker body. Wanting revenge against the gods, Nessiah creates the Tactic Cards and the Grand Centurio, a sword empowered by negative emotions. Giving the sword to the first royal ruler of Fantasinia, Nessiah starts to manipulate conflicts in order to fuel the sword until it becomes strong enough to break the seal of his real body. Seducing an Undine to get the Transmigragem, an item that allows them to reincarnate, Nessiah frames the humans to start a war that leads the Undine to near-extinction. Working for the Bronquian Empire, Nessiah uses an army of resurrected corpses in eternal pain to fight the Royal Army and allows the heroes live in order to fuel the conflict while killing his own soldiers for opposing it. After the island containing his real body emerges from the ocean, Nessiah politely asks the heroine for the Grand Centurio; when she refuses, Nessiah summons another army, including the resurrected corpse of one of her friends, intending to kill her and all the Royal Army.
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  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Milanor is a comical example of this, having a female seiyuu despite being seventeen-years-old.
  • Die for Our Ship: Every now and then the Ship-to-Ship Combat between Milanor/Yggdra fans and Milanor/Kylier ones gets ugly. With Milanor/Elena also being fairly popular, Kylier seems to get this treatment the most often.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Gulcasa and Nessiah, who by themselves can slaughter the player's full Union and do it with ease.
    • Yggdra becomes one after her Awesome Moment of Crowning, which allows her to use the incredibly busted Crusade and maxes out both her Gen and Attack. Her Luck is still awful, but it's hardly important as long as you don't let her deal the killing blow to someone with an item you want.
    • Milanor's statisticsnote  ensure that if he's leveled up diligently enough, he can become one as well.
    • Provided you use a few stat boosting items on her to maximize her early small star gain, Mistel absolutely murders everything. The primary reason being that her weapon is a scythe.
    • For cards, four of them stand out. Gravity Chaos for inflicting the insanely powerful curse, Shield Barrier for complete immunity to all card attacks not named Genocide, Bloody Claw for assassinating the enemy leader (and providing a bonus to morale damage if they're saved for last), and Crusade for instantly killing anything it's used on.
  • Foe Yay: Yggdra and Gulcasa, in spades. Complete with Innocent Innuendo commentary from Emilia towards the end of Chapter 4.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The beginning of Battlefield 42.
    • When Eudy says goodbye to Baldus in Battlefield 39.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Zilva and Elena.
    • Pamela's obsession with Nietzsche, which is the entire reason you recruit her.
  • Inferred Holocaust: The best (A) ending, though this is only apparent if you've played the other games and realize exactly who Nessiah was trying to kill with his atrocities.
  • Iron Woobie: Gulcasa.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Roswell, thanks mostly to the Unwanted Harem.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Leon. Big emphasis on jerkass, since you only learn about him thanks to his much nicer sister.
  • Memetic Badass: For whatever reason, Monica is this in the Japanese fandom. As in Monica, the character you encounter in chapter five that has stats that are weak for chapter one.
  • Memetic Mutation: From one particular what-were-they-thinking change to the English script, Japan gives us あいいえええええぇぇぇ.
      "The phrase 'come near me and I'll kill you' is a little misleading. You might think that as long as you don't come near me you won't get killed, but even if you stay away, I'll still kill you!"
      Mai Nakahara, ad-libbing in character about 寄らば、斬ります! in the radio segment of the same name
    • "How about attacking at night?"
    • Japan seems to be of the opinion that the English translation of the game is laughable. (Most English-speaking fans agree.) Their favorite line to make fun of is the way that every female scream is changed from your standard "AAAAAAAAA" to "Aiiieeeeee!", most famously in the scene where Yggdra is fired upon by Eudy. Just about every fan site in existence has made some crack at it, and on Pixiv, there are several pictures of Yggdra that are either titled or captioned "あいいいいえええええぇぇぇ".
    • Also, TOUCH ME AND I'LL CUT YOU (or, in the English version, "Come near me and I shall strike you down"), a fan favorite of Yggdra's lines from early in the game. Sting Entertainment is well aware that it's a fan favorite, and it's used much more often in Yggdra Unison; the online radio show hosted by Yggdra and Kylier's voice actresses even had a segment named after the line.
  • Moe: Yggdra, Nietzsche, Pamela, Emilia, Nessiah, and #367. Just to name a few.
  • Player Punch: Battlefield 33 exists solely for the purpose of rubbing the player's nose in the events of Battlefield 10. And then there's Battlefield 46.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Cutscenes "eating" cards by removing your turn after you choose a card, forcing you to choose a new card.
    • The amount of time it takes to unlock core concepts like unions and skills. Instead of one per map to ease you into it, there are multiple maps between unlocking new mechanics.
    • You're unable to control allied units in combat. This means no card skills and no passive/aggressive modes, which means they will lose easy fights.
  • Talking to Himself: There are a number of examples, as the cast of characters is far larger than the cast of voice actors. One of the more amusing examples would be Kaneko Hidehiko, who voices both Roswell and Leon.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: There is no way to make Russel a better combatant than Yggdra. You generally don't want to use more than one character with the same weapon, unless they're staff users. So most people don't use him at all. His signature card isn't any better, being actively detrimental if you use it, since breaking items is worse than using Steal or getting a character with a Luck stat higher than the opponent to deal the killing blow.
    • Cruz. While he does have a bonus during the day and is immune to being countered, he suffers from the same thing Russel does: Elena is a better bow user than Cruz could ever be. There's even a great card that's exclusively for use by her, leaving even less reason to use Cruz.
    • Rosary. Her Dump Stat is Attack, leading to her losing many battles that her counterpart Roswell could easily win without using food items on her. Even disregarding that, Roswell has teleport movement at night (required to get a number of things spaced many maps apart) that can only be obtained through a single item that only lasts two maps. Additionally, you have to fight either Rosary or Roswell in Chapter 5 with just Yggdra depending on who you recruited. Taking Rosary puts you at a huge disadvantage because Yggdra is weak to Roswell's shadow element. Rosary's advantages (fire immunity, can summon golems instead of skeletons) either don't matter because of her weak attack or are insignificant.
  • That One Boss: Gulcasa, who practically requires you either use Gravity Chaos (which is thankfully obtained before fighting him the first time) to curse him, a sufficiently leveled Rosary who can take advantage of the brief period his attacks are fire element, Mistel, or Crusade. Nothing else is consistently viable.
  • That One Sidequest: Mjollnir. Also, the Glittering Ash and Good Luck Charm.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Nessiah and the generic Necromancer units were widely (and now infamously) mistaken for women on one of the boards. This led to much amusement and Stupid Sexy Flanders, although none of the in-game characters have trouble telling that the characters in question are male.
  • Word of God: Sting actually published a book (Dept. Heaven World Guidance) to clear up things that were left vague in Yggdra Union, Riviera: The Promised Land, and Knights in the Nightmare (such as Nessiah's backstory).


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