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Headscratchers / Yggdra Union

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We love Yggdra Union, but sometimes its plot points make you scratch your head.

  • As much as the Magnificent Bastard Nessiah is, he probably could have gotten the Gran Centurio (or at least had some chance of getting it) had he just politely asked Yggdra to return the Gran Centurio to him instead of playing people puppets and making the Royal Army mad as hell.
    • Seriously, here's an example of how it could have turned out.
      Nessiah: I am the angel who gave the Gran Centurio to your ancestor long time ago. I have been working to see that Fantasinia carries out the justice lying in the sword.
      Yggdra: Ah, that's why you have been helping us.
      Nessiah: Now that the justice is carried out, will you please return the sword to me?
      Yggdra: Alright.
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    • The problem with this situation, though, is that the Gran Centurio hadn't been fully powered up yet at that point. Nessiah would still have had to run around killing people with it, which would have drawn the Royal Army's attention anyway. Kiyudzuki does make a good case of how he could have made it so that Yggdra couldn't wait to get rid of the thing in one of her Omake 4koma.
    • Once Nessiah has it, he just needs to go somewhere and kill some bandits, which will be more than enough as Kylier's soul was all it needed to reach the full power. At least Nessiah would have the Gran Centurio in his hands so the Royal Army won't be much of a problem.
      • This is still hard to do, considering that the Royal Army has by this time slaughtered even the Card Carrying Villains, so that nothing "evil" is currently left—and Nessiah doesn't have the patience to wait until more crops up. The point he actually got hit with the Idiot Ball was Battlefield 18, when he killed himself instead of siding with the Royal Army. The only semi-logical explanation for this is that Love Makes You Dumb—and that's if the fangirls are to be believed.
      • It doesn't matter whether people killed by the blade are evil or not - Nessiah just needs to kill someone and the Royal Army without the blade seem to be good enough sacrifices. In fact, he could have just resurrected somebody like Eudy instead of someone personally close to the Royal Army.
      • The thing is that since the only people around are the Royal Army, he'd have to pick a fight with all of them or resurrect someone they'd fought, which would still traumatize them (see Battlefield 33). Nessiah's a Game-Breaker, sure, but fighting an entire army in his weakened condition and the Gran Centurio not at full power? There's also the fact that he seems to have cared about the Imperial Army at least a little bit, so that resurrecting one of them would have hurt him just as much. And if he went around killing someone who wasn't evil, he'd have the Royal Army after him anyway. I stand by his having gotten Idiot Ball'd in Battlefield 18; everything would have been way easier for him if he'd joined them then.
      • Nessiah probably care a little for the Imperial Army and the reason why he didnt use them for the last part and instead revive a friend of the Royal Army was because he was upset of the death of is friend, even a little, and wanted some kind of revenge.
  • Why, why, WHY did the Imperial Army have to kill Monica and Canaan's militia? At this point they're strong as all hell, and the militia consisted of merely civilians. Milanor even stated that it felt more like a slaughter. So, being as strong as they are, couldn't they have merely subdued them? Knock them out, disarm them, break their arms, tie them up, SOMETHING.
    • As weak as the militia is, it can still stall the Imperial Army long enough for strong empire soldiers to arrive if left unchecked. Note that Emilia arrived just few moments after the militia is annihilated. Even if you tie them up or disarm them, the Imperial Army still needs someone to check on them and that's a liability that the Imperial Army can't afford.
    • Yggdra also didn't expect the Royal Army to actually have to kill the kids—the going theory was that Monica and company were inspired by Bronquian propaganda instead of real nationalism and loyalty to Gulcasa, and would scatter once they saw what battle was like. The path to Flarewerk is bottlenecked so that any army must go through Bardot and Drominos to get there, and given that Monica and Canaan would continue to attack them if left ignored, they didn't have much choice. Yggdra was probably also too proud to turn back after having shot her mouth off to Kylier in front of everyone else—and then there's also the fact that Monica is enough of a rallying point to the people that she would have become very dangerous if left alone. There are loads of reasons that the Royal Army had to go through with it, even though none of those reasons really justify killing half-trained villagers who only want to protect their Emperor and their lands.
  • Why didn't Russell tell ANYONE about the existance of Luciana? ESPECIALLY after Aegina got an arrow to the eye from Elena and then Luciana shows up, posing as Aegina, and the entire Royal Army is freaked out by the fact that she isn't damaged at all.
    • Who said Russell knew at all? I don't recall Russell explicitly fighting alongside the Valkyries at any point in the story, so he'd have no reason to know.
    • This makes sense, and even if he did know the truth, according to Yggdra Unison he can't tell them apart, so he might still have thought that it was always Aegina.
  • Has anyone ever wondered about the other unit members, and what their stories are? Especially ones like Yggdra's unit, since Yggdra supposedly was the only one who was found by Milanor, and she's supposedly one of the only ones that could travel into the holy land, but her unit is allowed to follow her in.
    • Good question, and yeah, it's a bit odd. Probably just Gameplay and Story Segregation, though. I've read at least one fanfic where her troop specifically were used as minor characters, but haven't seen anyone try to explain that odd bit in the holy land.
  • Kylier's death. The first one, specifically. Why didn't she just kill Eudy instead of blowing up the Arc of Triumph? I recall the Fantasinians turning another magic cannon to their own use earlier in the game, so it just seemed like a waste to me. Then again, maybe I just resent the game for taking away such a useful unit.
    • Probably because the gate itself still would have been there to break through otherwise, and it's so well-fortified that even during the Bronquian revolution, Gulcasa chose to bypass the problem of breaking it down by making friends with the general in charge of keeping him out and getting the guy to just let him through. The method most conducive to keeping Milanor alive would be to take out the gate itself, not just the bombardment crew on top. (Also of note is that the cannons the Royal Army usually commandeers are ordinary ones, and the cannon in this instance is magical. The character attacking isn't a magic-user and might not have been able to work it.)
  • How in the world did Nessiah manage to revive/recreate Kylier? I remember him trolling Yggdra and co. about the number of corpses and "spare body parts" they had left behind, but he would have needed at least a bit of Kylier—the head, most likely—to start with, and the character in question died in an explosion that obliterated a fairly large stone structure. There couldn't have been much for him to work with.
  • Call me crazy or something, but why did Gulcasa invade Fantasinia in the first place anyway? Nessiah's manipulation or something?
    • Please refer to Blaze Union. It may also help to remember that Gulcasa has more than one ally who might have been egging him on in Fantasinia's case.
    • Can anyone give some explaination then? I don't know Japanese, so I can't understand BU. Plus, from what I gather, there's just really nothing Fantasinia do that should actually provoke Bronquia in the canon route (A). B is not canon.
      • Fantasinia's nobility is corrupt, its rulers have a long history of using brute force to solve everything, and they've been oppressing the indigenous people since the country was established. Even well-meaning Fantasinian royals like Ordene and Yggdra are under the impression that "diplomacy" means "ask nicely, then resort to genocide if that fails". This much is revealed in-game in Yggdra Union. Blaze Union establishes that Gulcasa's motives for conquering other countries is the desire to save the common people from their oppressive rulers, and change society from the ground up to prevent further injustice. The information about the twins' backstory revealed in route B of Blaze Union is in fact canon across all routes (you can find out a little about it in a sub-event in Yggdra Union itself if you visit certain villages in Battlefields 16 and 17), and explains why they would direct Gulcasa towards fighting Fantasinia.
      • The problem I see is that: 1) it's not adequately explained in-game 2) B route of Blaze is the only route that has actual adequate reason for Bronquia to invade, and it's not canon. And let's not get into the things Bronquia has done in the first half of the game to try to win the war...


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